Stargazing — Week of July 15th through July 21st, 2019

This promises to be a confusing week at best. There is a partial Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday, July 16th at25 degrees Capricorn. Venus is under attack and Mercury is still retrograde.  It’s a day to draw the blinds, sit down and play some inspiring music. Meditate and focus to see if you get any prophetic hints about what is coming in early 2020. This full moon is located in the same area of Capricorn as the rare and major triple alignment of planets will be in January and early 2020. Think about how you are balancing your responsibilities and your nurturing needs. God of the underworld Pluto takes you to the very depths of your being to help you release anything that gets between you and the One Source of all that is.

Think of Archangel Michael using his sword to clear the path for you so that when you use your power, you are using it while directly connected to Creation’s energy without clutter or mind worries getting in the way. This eclipse will have a strong effect on your career as well as businesses and corporations. Luckily, the shadow of this eclipse does not fall over the United States.

There are an abundance of planets in action signs now, and that is great for doing all that you need to accomplish. However, the air element is weak, so focus on communication and practice healthy speaking habits and be open to new ideas.


The Moon moves into friendly Aquarius on Wednesday and Thursday, so get out to participate with groups, friends and organizations. Things can become more complicated as Venus makes a difficult opposition to Saturn on Wednesday as well. Avoid taking any risks with relationships or finances because this energy can bring disappointment, jealousy and crisis.

On Thursday, relationship planet Venus is making harmony with spiritual Neptune. This supports you into tapping into relationships based on a spiritual connection. This energy is sensitive and beautiful and may introduce you to the perfect lover, or you could become involved in a selfless relationship by helping others less fortunate.

Caution! Remember that just because looks good does not mean that it’s real. Several planets are still retrograde. Think clearly and strive to make good choices on Friday the 19th, because That’s when Mercury moves out of Leo and  back into Cancer. The energy brings an emotional and defensive element to an already complicated situation.

The weekend has an emotional tone to it, as the Moon moves into psychic Pisces while Mercury retrograde is back in the sign of  Cancer. Communicate your emotions. It will be important to go to the more vulnerable side of your emotions on Saturday night.

Wake up early Sunday morning as Mercury retrograde aligns with the Sun. This is the halfway point in the retrograde cycle that started back on July 7th. It is time to start thinking and doing behind the scenes preparation for future projects but don’t carve anything into stone just yet.


STARGAZING — Week of June 24th through June 30th, 2019

STARGAZING — Week of June 24th through June 30th, 2019

Communications and your self-identity are the focus this week, as Mercury enters its storm to go retrograde in July. A Venus-Neptune square on Monday can signal some uncomfortable moments with love, and anxiety about your self-esteem. If you feel as if no one likes you, or you’ve succumbed to addictive behavior, you could be way off base with your thoughts. Luckily this conflict or confusion won’t hang around too long, and is just a glitch on the screen.  Be aware, slow down, and relax daytime Monday. You are getting ready for an active mid-week as the Moon moves into action sign Aries.

Horoscope for LeoThe always restless Mercury changes signs on Wednesday evening and moves into Leo. It asks you to review where your heart is engaged in what you do, and what adjustments will be needed to spark your fun-loving and passionate side. You may feel as if you’re going nowhere fast. The upcoming retrograde in July makes sure that communications will be complicated this summer because Mercury spends it time dancing between fiery Leo and emotionally defensive Cancer.

Do something out of the ordinary on Thursday as eclectic Uranus aligns with the life-giving Sun, and wants to do anything but humdrum activities. The Moon moves into Gemini Saturday afternoon and Sunday, which is a great time for running errands and talking to a lot of people.

There are two eclipses in July. A solar eclipse on July 2nd in Cancer has you looking at home and family needs and issues. The lunar eclipse in Capricorn and Cancer on July 16th has you looking at responsibilities and nurturing needs.

While Mercury is traveling through the sign of royalty, Leo, for the next three weeks, beginning on July 7th, you might choose words and language that is overly dramatic and try to override any opinion that’s not your own. Don’t be self-centered, remember to be humble, and don’t lock up your heart.

Stargazing—Week of June 17th through June 23rd, 2019

Stargazing—Week of June 17th through June 23rd, 2019

This week brings us the Summer Solstice, a highly sensitive Full Moon, a potentially dangerous encounter between Mars and Pluto, a retrograde for Neptune while Venus and Jupiter make harmony together. It promises to be an active and emotional week, for sure. The Full Moon is on Monday June 17th at 26 degrees of Sagittarius. It is closely aligned with the Galactic Center. This center point of the Milky Way Galaxy was very important in the Mayan Calendar conversations in 2012. Although abstract, perhaps this is an opportunity to align yourself with higher purpose. It is time to take a risk on yourself to go to a higher level of self-expression, but you must open your belief system to allow the expansion that is waiting for you. Sagittarius transforms belief systems to help you open to a larger vision.

As the Full Moon lights up the sky, it reminds us that it’s time to finish up whatever has been left undone this month, especially in areas of traveling, learning, teaching, and sports as well as possible spats with family members.

Also, be careful, especially with taking any kind of risk because unstable Neptune changes direction as it increases sensitivity and heightens a desire to take chances. Please note there is a higher risk of infection on the physical level and of being drawn into dangerous situations in general.

On Tuesday there is a big challenge in that quick Mercury and aggressive warrior Mars are opposing “let go of the past” Pluto and “slow but sure” Saturn. You do need to take action, but don’t force things or try to go too fast. Between June 14th-19th there is a string of challenging planetary combinations, and you will need to adapt and adjust as needed. Go slow, have patience, and breathe.

Wednesday the 19th is a good day to keep a low profile. In other words, don’t force things and avoid angry or impatient people. The Mars/Pluto opposition does have a sliver lining – sort of – because the energy is not up to its full potential. Mar’s fire power is weakened because it’s in the water sign of Cancer while Pluto in Capricorn is retrograde. In addition, it’s the only time in 2019 that these planets will oppose each other.

Thursday and Friday are more friendly under and Aquarius moon. The energy softens as we say good-bye to Spring and welcome in the Summer months.

On Friday, June 21st, the Summer Solstice is a bit complicated this year. Mental Mercury and assertive Mars continue to challenge Saturn and Pluto in a “hurry up and wait” pace. At the same time, the softer planets, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, are in a complicated dance called a T-Square- think of the three-legged races when you were young. This energy brings opportunities to open up to new relationships and/or enhancing existing relationships. However, Neptune asks you to look for the spiritual side of people and to know the difference between fantasy and illusion. Because this energy is in the summer solstice chart, it will be with us through the July eclipses up until the Fall Equinox.

Saturday calms down as the Moon moves into Pisces, a good day to go to a watery place, meditate, or watch a good movie. Mercury is now moving into the shadow of its coming retrograde cycle, July 7th through 31st. Pay attention to your communications, transportation, and communications equipment, or other activities and schedules that will need adjustment next month. Something is going to change, for sure!

Sunday brings a T-square between Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune. With this trio of planets, it’s easy to over-do anything, from romance to over-spending. Have fun, but keep a tight watch on your cash flow. Don’t go so far off budget that you’ll wind up regretting it. Be gentle with yourself on Sunday and daytime Monday. Rest, relax and know that you’re getting ready for an active mid-week as the moon moves into action sign Aries.


Stargazing — Week of June 3rd through June 9th, 2019

Stargazing — Week of June 3rd through June 9th, 2019

June brings us a mixture of contradictory energies. Mars is in nurturing Cancer all month, and mental Mercury moves through emotional Cancer from June 4th through the 26th. Mars and Mercury are not overly comfortable in emotional signs, and you may need to find a way to deal with some new emotions this month.  At the same time relationship planet Venus moves through multi-tasking Gemini from June 4th to July 3rd. The easy way to talk about this is to ask you to get your head and heart working together. The other way to say it is that your emotions want an easy month and your intellect is too busy to slow down.  Venus in Gemini has a lot to do with healing and bringing greater beauty into the world. Be aware June is also the month before the July eclipses, expect some surprising emotions to be coming to the surface.

Becoming Masters of the Planet

The week begins under a quick-paced Gemini moon. Avoid people and activities that try to bog you down now, as it is time to keep on the move. Venus makes harmony with Pluto on Sunday evening, so you can have those deep conversations about relationships and/or finances.

The Gemini New Moon is on Monday June 3rd at 13 degrees Gemini. A sacred Sabian Symbol for this new moon is ” a famous pianist giving a concert performance.”Meditate on this symbol for personal meaning. Is it time for you to come out of hiding to show your unique talents?

The weekly energies shows that everything around you will seem to be on the move. Monday brings us the Gemini New Moon as well as two planets changing signs. The energy rises to a restless tone, bringing impatience to plant the seeds of something new. Both the Sun and Moon are in Gemini; the new beginnings are focused on communications, learning something new, planning a short trip, getting in touch with siblings or close friends and basic running around to get errands done. With Virgo being the missing adaptable sign you will need to practice flexibility.

The communications planet Mercury and action planet Mars are in a condition called “out of bounds.” That means you can go to extremes- too much talk and activities, changing into not wanting to talk to anyone or do anything. It is important to manage the balance between these two poles or you will find yourself bouncing around like a pinball.

On Tuesday afternoon, mental Mercury moves into emotional Cancer.Normally, this would just go on until June 26th when then it moves into Leo. But Mercury turns retrograde in July and will move back into Cancer during the latter half of July and early August-an extra long time for this normally quick messenger planet. You will need to communicate your emotional needs as well as listen to the feelings of others. Home and family issues come to the forefront in the weeks ahead. You can count on it.

This week both Mercury and Venus leave the safety of their comfort signs and move into completely different energy fields. With Mercury in Cancer, communications move to a much more serious and emotional level for the next few weeks. There is a tendency to take things more personally and you could feel a bit crabby as well.

Friday morning has Mercury making harmony to freedom-loving Uranus, so you may want to take the day off, start late, have breakfast with a friend, or just let your eccentric side express itself.

On Saturday, Venus moves from the safety of Taurus into flighty Gemini until July 3rd. This can be a fun and flirty energy, or leave you feeling scattered. Esoterically, Venus in Gemini is associated with healing. It is a good time to heal and bring greater beauty in your life in the weeks ahead.

This switch of both planets from the earth element into air lightens attitudes towards love and money for the next month, but can also make us unfocused. Gemini always brings in new opportunities, so you need to decide which possibility is the best for you, and then stick to it.

The Sun squares Neptune on Sunday, June 9th,which can bring fogginess, low energy, and a desire to escape from the cares of the world. Stretch, turn over, and get some extra sleep. Enjoy your dreams!


Stargazing — Week of May 27th through June 2nd, 2019

Stargazing — Week of May 27th through June 2nd, 2019

This week brings in two tricky planet alignments that could be important turning points in your life. Mercury, now in Gemini, starts things off mid-week as it clashes with Neptune and Jupiter, causing a T square of action.

The Moon is in gentle Pisces on Sunday and for the USA Memorial Day holiday on Monday. This is a great time to be at the shore or near a lake. Sit by a watery place, meditate, and daydream the days away. Visualize your future and begin the energy of making your dreams come true. We actualize what we visualize. The Moon moves into energetic Aries on Tuesday.

Quick paced Mercury makes some challenges on Wednesday and Thursday. This combative energy could take you off your path and you may not even know it! Remember Jupiter can ignore the bad and exaggerate the good. Be sure to allow space between meetings or activities in case things don’t go quite as planned.

However, it may just be mental overload and your brain wants to shut down for awhile. It isn’t all negative, since harmonizing Venus is in play on Thursday and Friday, providing a bit of a buffer zone for too much thinking. This brings you the time to focus on a reality check before you do or say anything!

There is a bit of a mixture of contradictory energies In June. Mars is in nurturing Cancer all month, and mental Mercury moves through emotional Cancer June 4th -26th. Mars and Mercury are not overly comfortable in emotional signs, so find a way to deal with emotional needs this month. At the same time relationship planet Venus moves through multi-tasking Gemini from June 4th to July 3rd.

The easy way to talk about this is to ask you to get your head and heart working together. The other way to explain it is that your emotions want an easy month and your intellect is too busy to slow down. On the esoteric level, Venus in Gemini has a lot to do with healing and bringing greater beauty into the world. Because this is also the month before July eclipses, expect emotions to be coming strongly to the surface.

Saturday is a relatively quiet day with nice lunar relationships all day. The Moon in Taurus likes to accomplish something tangible and then get a reward for the effort. The Moon enters the quiet void-of-course phase Saturday afternoon, so it is best to be finished with outer world activities or important actions or purchases before then. Don’t purchase any big ticked items or sign important contracts.

Sunday, June 2ndbrings a quick-paced Gemini Moon. Avoid people and activities that try to bog you down now, as it is time to keep on the move towards your goals. Venus makes harmony with Pluto on Sunday evening, so you can have those deep conversations about relationships and/or finances.

Be on guard if you begin a new relationship over this trine time, as this is a passionate, earthy trine. There may be something about it that results in a long-term impact, based on Pluto, even of the relationship doesn’t last. This attraction impact could extend beyond the norm, perhaps into your future lifetimes.

Stargazing — Week of May 20th through May 27, 2019

Stargazing — Week of May 20th through May 27, 2019

The Moon moves through Sagittarius on Monday, perfect for philosophical conversations or a trip into the great outdoors. If you’ve been itching to move forward with your projects this could bee your week. The action begins on Tuesday, when the Sun leaves slow moving Taurus and moves into Gemini, where the Sun brings extra energy to your personal power and strength, lighting up the path for you to move into the “fast lane.”

Tuesday, May 21st, both the Sun and Mercury align with each other as they move into Gemini. Gemini, rules Mercury, the planet of communication.  The pace quickens and it’s a great time for learning new skills, socializing, and shopping for new technology devices. it is best to do a lot of short, quick projects and activities for the next four weeks, rather than an activity that requires deep focus. You can meet some exciting, new people, learn new viewpoints, and enjoy the advantage of becoming deeply curious.

If you can step out of your routine on Wednesday morning, you will make eccentric Uranus very happy. Wednesday is definitely not the morning to go into some humdrum job. The tendency is to move fast from subject to subject rather that engage in some deep, profound discussions. This is a time to brainstorm, network, and consider some new choices to bring into your life. Gemini travels at lightening speed, is full of Sun energy, but can be very fickle.

The Moon moves into friendly Aquarius on Thursday through Saturday. It’s a time to meet up with new or old friends. Aquarius wants to begin the USA Memorial Day holiday weekend doing something different than normal. The Moon is in its quiet void-of-course phase on Saturday, so make sure you can exchange anything important that you purchase- better still, hold off on important actions and purchases.


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