STARGAZING — Week of June 19th — June 25th, 2017

STARGAZING — Week of June 19th — June 25th, 2017

This week brings us several lucky influences, as well as a season change; the Summer Solstice brings us the first day of Summer. Mercury changes signs, we have a New Moon in Cancer, a Venus/Pluto, trine and Jupiter/Mars square. Whew!

Sunday-June 18th, Father’s Day, is under the influence of an Aries moon, and that supports physical activity like swimming, a walk, or exercise. It’s a fire sign, so that could also indicate a BBQ. On one hand, the Sun is making a friendly relationship to eccentric Uranus urging you to do something out of the norm on Sunday. At the same time, mental Mercury is thinking about all the things you “should” do, but don’t really want to. Keep activities light and friendly, and don’t feel like you need to drag things out. A quick brunch with Dad would be enough.

By Monday afternoon, the Moon moves into productive Taurus to set the stage for Wednesday’s Summer Solstice.

Summer Solstice is on Wednesday the 21st at 12:24:30 am (Eastern). The coming three months brings us a T-Square pattern; this represents a challenge to put things together that do not comfortably fit together. The base leg of the “T” shaped pattern holds Jupiter in relationship oriented Libra. It wants you to expand your relationships to new levels, either with the people in your life now, or giving motivation to open to new relationships of all types. At the top of the “T”, impatient Mars is in watery Cancer. That’s great for home repair projects and family vacation activities, but action and emotions can get all mixed up, mushy, and emotional.

On the other side of the top of the “T” is the marriage goddess Venus and let go and let God, Pluto. This helps good relationships get better and bad relationships to transform. Smoothing out this challenge is gentle Venus and romance-oriented Moon aligning in Taurus. This combination seeks pleasure, comfort, and luxury, but it also knows you need to work hard to manifest your desires and needs. Both make harmony to Pluto, so you get help in improving or transforming relationships. Overall, there is a mixture of energies this summer so find your pleasure where you can and know that there are also some responsibilities calling.

Wednesday brings a lot of talk, and is a good day to communicate your emotions. The Summer Solstice coincides with the Sun entering Cancer and is the longest day of the year. After the Summer Solstice, the days grow shorter at about the rate of two minutes a day. The Cancer Sun highlights emotions, families, housing, homeland security, pregnancies, and women. Mercury conjuncts the Sun that day as well, bringing a time when communication is logical and objective. As the sun sets on Wednesday evening, Mercury moves into Cancer, a sign he is not comfortable in. Communications and your interactions will be based on your gut feelings and the unspoken word.

Thursday morning brings pleasant conversations but the afternoon has you moving to a quieter state of mind.

The New Moon is on Friday the 23rd at three degrees Cancer. Five of the ten planets we use in astrology are in the water element, and that means emotions are heightened. Cancer is the sign of nurturing on the worldly level, and nourishing the spirit on the spiritual level. The action of the Cardinal signs of Caner, Capricorn, Libra and Aries are also emphasized, so the pace is going to pick up considerably now. This doubles the Cancer energy and brings new beginnings, new homes, a family move, or special emphasis on home safety and security. If you’re anxious to buy a new home or a restaurant, the next few weeks are a prime time to do so.

Of course, Cancer likes to spend time with loved ones, fix up the house, or share a meal with people who are in your inner circle. Action planet Mars is making harmony with spiritual Neptune, brings a perfect time to spend on visualizing and planning your higher purpose. That can be a simple as taking a quiet walk in peaceful woods or on a secluded beach. 

Put constructive action into that which nourishes your spirit, because assertive Mars makes a challenge to god of abundance Jupiter. This benefits you when you take action towards your next goal. Just get something started and don’t feel you need to complete it right now because there are plenty of other distractions taking your attention away right now. For example, Jupiter is associated with the publishing business and long distance travel. You could create the outline for the book you want to write or begin to research your next world trip. That way, when you are ready to seriously get started, you will already have the early steps established.

On another level, this new moon helps you have those emotional conversations that take you to a deeper level and/or require you to go to a vulnerable place within.

The Moon continues in Cancer on Saturday, as Venus in Taurus makes a trine to sensual Pluto in Capricorn for the first time in 2017. Venus is at her sensual best, and Pluto means business. At best you can expect and enjoy some powerful love scenes, with some serious relationship decisions coming out as well.

The next day, Sunday, Mars squares Jupiter, which can mean that all bets are off and you must remain cautions, even though you may be feeling some deep emotions. This is a time when it’s easier to say “Yes” than a proper “No”. You could experience some minor ups and downs all day, but nothing you can’t handle as long as you keep moving from one thing to the next.

Mars makes a helpful trine to Neptune on Sunday evening. You have been feeling this for several days now. This is your memo to kick back, meditate a bit, and follow your intuition. Listen to your inner voice and amazing things can happen.

STARGAZING—Week of June 12th through June 18th, 2017

STARGAZING—Week of June 12th through June 18th, 2017

This week promises to keep you busy running from here and there. Mercury makes two different alignments on Monday and psychic Neptune is also active.

Tuesday is a mental day with the morning giving you brilliant ideas and the ability to “sell them” to someone. Mercury trines Jupiter for the second time in 2017, which is perfect for manifesting your dreams and goals. Then the communications planet squares Neptune. Don’t trust what you hear, just go slow and wait it out. Tuesday evening has more of that mental burnout feeling, so earlier Tuesday is best for communicating with people.

The Aquarius moon on Tuesday and Wednesday does support reaching out to people but active Mercury suggests you keep it quick, like meeting for lunch, a cup of coffee or maybe an ice cream soda.

Things can get serious and heavy in Thursday, the 15th, with a Sun-Saturn opposition. Check your feelings on Thursday and Friday when the moon moves into sensitive Pisces. The Sun is opposite Saturn early on Thursday, and Neptune is slowing down to turn retrograde on Friday morning. This is the only time this year that the Sun opposes Saturn, and the result is that you must face and fulfill your responsibilities. You need to learn your karmic lessons as well as learn to accept authority figures and decisions. All of that can have you feeling tired or wanting to retreat from the harsh world. Meditate of go on retreat.

As Neptune retrogrades on Friday for the next five months, know that you can either create and manifest your desires, or choose to create an unending nightmare as you confront your inner demons.

See a movie or meditate and hold off important activities that require energy and a clear mental mind. The moon moves into energetic Aries on Saturday, and that gets you moving more quickly.

Bottom line, consider the next few months as your computer is off-line and it’s time to begin floating down your personal river of denial and clearing out the mud, blockages, and debris

STARGAZING —Week of June 5th through June 11th,2017

STARGAZING —Week of June 5th through June 11th,2017

On Sunday morning, the energetic Sun challenges spiritual Neptune. On one level, you are stimulated to open your intuition. On another level, you may want to sleep in. Also on Sunday, Mars moves into Cancer until July 20. This is a bit of an uncomfortable combination, but it can help you with home projects. Planning a trip to the beach is great with this aspect. Mars in Cancer can have you feeling grouchy and persnickety, so please try to practice patience with family members.

The early workweek is under a focused Scorpio moon. You can accomplish a lot if you put your mind to it. Tuesday is the shifting day this week. Venus enters Taurus for the rest of the month. Taurus likes sensual pleasures and manifesting its needs and desires. Some go in an artistic direction; others go in a “make money” direction for the rest of this month. Get ready to make plans and move ahead with projects, because Venus and Juno together can bring you many blessings.
Mercury enters one of his favorite signs, Gemini, until June 21st. Get a massage! Mercury in Gemini goes from one quick project to the next. This fast paced energy shines a light on business, social connections, communications and travel through the Summer Solstice.

The Full Moon is on Friday at 19 degrees Sagittarius. It forms a pattern called a T-Square, where you are challenged to put contradictory things together. The full moon is at the top of the “T” shaped pattern and lands very close to Donald Trump’s Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon, making him a good person to watch to see how the energies manifest. Things can get a little tricky at this Full Moon because Saturn can put a damper on Sagittarius’ luck. Usually this energy brings completions to projects, but with Saturn’s presence, you can expect slow downs, obstacles and delays.

Ideally, Gemini wants projects to move quickly and Sagittarius wants to do them in a big way. But the energy is preparing for the late August eclipse, which sweeps across the United States, so expect delays and re-alignments before that time. Remember,, patience and persistence conquers all things!

You can make progress on big projects now if you are willing to break them down into smaller, more manageable pieces. Neptune serves as the base leg of the “T” square, challenging you to open to a higher vision. Neptune bursts illusions and opens your intuition to spiritual truth, or it can have you doing escapist behavior. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to sneak away for a short trip, even if it is just a day trip into nature. Expansive Jupiter ends his retrograde cycle this week. Lucky Jupiter turning direct brings a time for your hopes and dreams to come out of the shadows of your mind and enter the world for the first time since February. In the weeks ahead, the pace will increase and projects and plans put on hold will begin to move faster. This change could also bring you travel abroad or a new partnership from foreign lands.

On Saturday, the moon moves into Capricorn, asking you to accomplish something tangible. In the early afternoon the Moon makes a harmonious trine to Venus, bringing a soft and gentle energy. Work in the morning and treat yourself to something sensual or luxurious in the afternoon.

Sunday’s Capricorn Moon tends to be serious and responsible, but there is always room for Capricorn’s dry humor. Meditate or do something for your spiritual well being Sunday morning while psychic Neptune is active. You could also have some pre-cognitive dreams so be sure to keep a journal.

STARGAZING – Week of May 29th through June 4th, 2017

STARGAZING – Week of May 29th through June 4th, 2017

This week is like going out to a diner, it has a little bit of every sign, and that’s not all. The squares, oppositions, trines, and conjunctions are also on the menu. The first thing this week offers is to clean up and clear away the “old,” whatever was left in the Mar’s Saturn opposition from this month. We are also opening a new month, June, on Thursday.

May closes with a Mercury/Pluto trine in Earth. Time to make plans, set your focus, and discuss important matters, from business to close relationships.

June begins with the moon in hard-working Virgo, and Venus makes a nice trine to Saturn. That is a good business combination where you can accomplish a great deal. Being focused and committed is your new path to love, although you could feel a bit wobbly when Venus conjuncts Uranus on Saturday. This combined energy can bring exciting, unusual relationships that breaks down all barriers, while bringing powerful sparks to the flames. Be careful not to burn this out too quickly.

This support continues through Friday morning, and then get ready for a social weekend with the moon in romance oriented Libra. Friday and Saturday are also good for reaching out to new friends or groups.

With Venus aligning with Uranus early Saturday morning, you can step beyond your comfort zone to try something new and different. At the same time, the Sun makes a happy trine to expansive Jupiter. This supports writing, philosophical pursuits, or being in nature.

Sunday brings in a bit of confusion, but after all this powerful energy, is it no wonder? Mars moves into Cancer that same day, so things can go from hot and steamy to emotional and yucky. This may be a day to relax on the patio, or by the poolside. Don’t make any big plans.

Jupiter ends his retrograde cycle next week on the 9th (since early February), so the stuck energy of spring will get moving at a faster pace in the days ahead. Combine that with a variety of Mercury aspects all month and you have a formula for a bunch of short projects and activities that keep you on the move all month. So roll up your sleeves and let’s begin.

STARGAZING — Week of May 22nd to May 28th, 2017

STARGAZING — Week of May 22nd to May 28th, 2017

An Aries moon wakes you early on Sunday to exercise or get off to a fast start to the day. This continues into Monday when the moon is very active. On a day that the moon activates a lot of other planets, you just need to flow from one project or person to the next, not getting hung up in any one place. It’s one step forward and two steps back this week with a new Moon in Gemini, who wants to know everything, along with a Venus square and a nasty Mars-Saturn opposition on the 27th.

The early week’s activities is setting us up for Thursday, May 25th, as Venus squares Pluto. This is a rough patch for love and finances, as it involves obsession, dangerous power-plays and relationships ending in a negative and aggressive way. Watch North Korea and the Stock Market. This is a prelude to the effects of the late August full eclipse in Leo.

Recommenced BooksAccomplish practical tasks on Tuesday and Wednesday, especially where you are finishing up projects started last month. Get it done!

The Gemini New Moon is on May 25 at 12:44 PM PDT. (5 degrees Gemini). There is an abundance of mutable signs now ( adapting with flexible- Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces). Gemini is a curious sign, suggesting it is time to get out and explore new possibilities. Time to Double Down, (the Twins) and start not one but two new projects because this New Moon moves in for a lucky trine with Jupiter. If you grab this energy by the tail, focus, and move forward, you’re sure to roar with fulfillment and success. Step out of your comfortable rut to meet new people and try new activities.

There is a challenge between “I want it now Mars,” and be patient Saturn; there is also a challenge between love and money Venus wanting new opportunities quickly, and Pluto advising that you must clean up the past first. This brings the need to dramatically move forward without being exactly certain where you are going, while going at a slow-but-sure turtle speed. Check to verify that your values are on the same page as the people you are working with rather than making assumptions now. Although it feels a little like you are being jerked back and forth, know that it is just the universe multi-tasking.

On a more abstract note: the spiritual destiny nodes that moved into Leo and Aquarius earlier in the month are at the same degree of Leo as the total solar eclipse coming in August. Write in your journal about activities and thoughts that are going on within you now. In August, go back and read what you wrote in your journal this week, to see if there is a connection between now and then.

Friday is an active day, so put on your good walking shoes and keep on the move. Saturday has the Moon moving into Cancer for a nurturing weekend. Food and family are favored as we go into the USA Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Sunday has Mars opposite Saturn producing a fly in the ointment. This face-off can bring roadblocks, obstacles, and delays. Cheer up because this energy lasts for only a few days and then we’re done with it. This brings a bit of a hurry up and wait feeling, because you can experience this as a fast action pulling you apart at one time and collapsing and going into a couch potato after that.

If all doesn’t work out for you now, have patience, pull back, and give it a go once June opens.

STARGAZING – Week of May 15th through May 21st, 2017

STARGAZING – Week of May 15th through May 21st, 2017

The moon is in responsible Capricorn to begin the week. On Monday evening, Mercury re-enters Taurus and moves out of the shadow of its retrograde cycle by the weekend. This combination helps you bring your ideas down to earth and put constructive action to them through early June. Along with Mercury, the Sun moves into Gemini over this next weekend.

Blame Mercury if you feel your week is getting a slow start, because Taurus is known to plod along. You can expect to think things through and have a focused instead of a scattered mindset over the next three weeks.

Step away from your normal routine on Wednesday. Get out and meet new people or try out a new organization under a friendly Aquarius moon.

On Thursday, Saturn makes a trine to Uranus. This happy combination has been going on from December 2016 until late November 2017. Saturn wants stability and long-term growth. Uranus wants freedom, excitement and something totally new. Combine these energies to open to new possibilities, yet make them work in the mundane world. It’s great for story writers or inventors. Uranus rules technology and Saturn can rule the older generation, a surprise invention could be something focused on elderly care and maintenance.

On Friday evening, Venus is opposite Jupiter. This is not a difficult combination, but brings out temptation. Do be careful of overindulging in sensual pleasures. These are the two beneficial planets in our solar system, so the most they can do is have you over spend on your home, or perhaps conceive twins or more. Don’t take any risks, no matter how much fun you think it may be.

Saturday, the Sun leaves serious Taurus into Airy and fickle Gemini. The focus switches from your body and the physical world good use of mind and a social whirlwind. Careful now, as there could be an unrelenting need to find out about everything and everyone. See if you can stay in one place long enough to process all of your new data.

The moon is in Pisces all weekend, so see a good movie, have some fantasy romance or visit a watery location to meditate.

An Aries moon wakes you early on Sunday to exercise or get off to a fast start to the day. You have an entire month to enjoy all of the Sun in Gemini’s intellectual stimulation, social interaction, and all that comes with it. Graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and vacations by the sea.

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