STARGAZING — May 25th through May 31st, 2020

STARGAZING — May 25th through May 31st, 2020

This promises to be a quiet holiday week. The celebrated Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th brings a watery trine with the Moon and Mars that focuses on your family and people who are needy. The trine offers intuitive courage to make the first move to get what you want.

vThis year’s Memorial Day holiday has the moon in Cancer, great for all those early season barbeques. Cancer is associated with food, families and home, making for a good close to home holiday.

On Thursday, mental Mercury moves into feeling-oriented Cancer, the sign he will be in during the next retrograde cycle beginning on June 17th. Time to communicate your emotions and begin quick home improvement projects. Mercury in Cancer is known for its intuition energy as well as emotional feelings. Instead of being in your head, as in Mercury in Gemini, your feelings and communication will be coming from your Solar Plexux and heart center. This style on communication will continue into August because of the planet retrograding in June for three weeks.  The down side is pouting, tears, and passive-aggressive silence. Be careful not to fall into that trap.

Friday morning will have you feeling sluggish, but that will improve by late afternoon. Moon in Virgo on Saturday supports yard sales, cleaning-up clutter, and healthy eating.

Ease into Sunday morning as the moon moves into graceful and luxury-loving Libra. Sleep late and enjoy a great meal with your loved ones.

Stargazing – Week of May 18th through May 24, 2020

Stargazing – Week of May 18th through May 24, 2020

Gemini the Grand Dame of Mind Games headlines both the Sun and the Moon in this week’s forecast.

Monday is a high energy day with the Moon in athletic Aries and the life-giving Sun making a harmonious trine to “I want more” Jupiter. Get moving but don’t over extend yourself.

The Sun moves into Gemini on Wednesday the 20th and this logical and outgoing energy focuses less on the practical side and more on the mind as well as those people who are near and dear to you. Gatherings and games of all sorts, local news, short trips, new classes, siblings, cousins, your oldest son as well as neighbors will all seem more important that usual over this next month.

Expect to be busier than usual because the Twins represent energy going in two directions at once,  This energy brings multitasking, cramming, chattering, activity and diversity.

A few hours after the Sun enters quick-witted Gemini on Wednesday May 20th, Venus makes a challenge to Neptune. Get your work done earlier so you can be quiet as the afternoon progresses. If you must have relationship conversations, make sure that the person you are talking to actually hear what you thought you said to avoid misunderstanding.

Enjoy a quiet day on Thursday to prepare for a busy Friday.

The shining star is the New Moon is on Friday May 22nd at 3 degrees Gemini.  Every New Moon has all the right elements for making any type of new beginning, At the darkest and calmest part of May it’s time to take short trips, perhaps for the Memorial Day weekend as well as keeping up with the latest tweets, begin a new class, or initiate new conversations with siblings, cousins, and neighbors.

The air element is exceedingly strong now, creating a highly restless feeling. This is a good time for opening to new ideas, sharing with friends who fell to the wayside during the virus.

Talkative Mercury aligns with Venus, who is currently in her retrograde cycle between May 13th and June 24th. This supports conversations about your relationship and finance needs. Because Venus is retrograde, stay adaptable and know that not all of the ideas that come to the surface will manifest, and those that do manifest will need to adapt and shift after the Summer Solstice. This New Moon makes harmony to practical Saturn in Aquarius, helping you to bring your ideas down to earth. Aquarius creates a win-win environment for the good of all, so develop innovative ideas that help the group consciousness.

Saturday is a relatively quiet day that is suitable for quick errands, short conversations, and quick projects. The Moon aligns with Venus Saturday evening, great for romance with someone you are already comfortable being around.

The Moon changes signs and is void-of-course Sunday until late afternoon, suggesting that you finish old projects or do some household chores. The annual Mercury-Venus conjunction makes this a good week for bargaining and negotiating peaceful settlements.

Stargazing — Week of May 11th through May 17th, 2020

Stargazing — Week of May 11th through May 17th, 2020

There are numerous energetic shifts this week, so expect to hear some good news.

When Mercury moves into Gemini on Monday, May 11th, it brings a positive energy and uplifting news over the next three weeks. This is an excellent time for negotiations because the energy of Gemini brings in a good communication flow. Pay attention to your feelings on Monday as well. Slow Saturn is stopping in the sky to turn retrograde until late September.  However, quick Mercury moving into equally quick Gemini feels like your brain going 100 miles per hour while your physical body is standing still

Tuesday is good for serious thinking and communications, but not a good day for initiating important new actions. It’s like turning off your phone and telling everyone to go away while you focus on preparing your taxes or other activity that requires quiet attention.

By the time you wake up on Wednesday the 13th, warrior Mars will have moved into psychic Pisces until June 27 while graceful Venus turns retrograde until June 24. Venus going retrograde brings us forty days in which to review our finances and love life.  Love and commitment are important but so is Venus-ruled finances and your creative projects that may need to be renegotiated from a different angle or new approach.  Venus has you opening to new ideas for relationships and finances. The love and money goddess will have many people working on finances and budgets given the challenged economy.

On that same day Mars slips into Pisces which indicates some stormy weather with your energy for the next month. Pisces energy dampens your willpower, dampens your energetic fire, and may leave you not knowing which way to go. Try to find a charity or exciting event to pour your energy into which can avoid a depress state of mind or some sort of mind escape. Remember, Gemini likes things that are short and quick, and that can include picking up short projects to get your mind  more active as well as produce a little extra income.

As if that is not enough for one week, expansive Jupiter turns retrograde on Thursday until September 12th. Jupiter will be retrograde for the next four months, which gives you a nice length of time to do some soul searching about your inner talents and your desire for success.  Thais activity in the heavens means that the three planets that are aligning this year in Capricorn, are all moving backwards until early October. The likely interpretation is that everyone will spend the next several months adjusting and healing their life from the disruptive events happening worldwide earlier this year.

Two Sun trines bring a positive note to the end of the week. Early Friday, may 15th, the Sun-Pluto trine is a powerful force and brings out several hidden issues that will move you towards transformation, and on Sunday, May 17th, the Sun-Jupiter trine makes for a very lucky day or two.


STARGAZING _ Week of May 4th through May 10th, 2020

STARGAZING _ Week of May 4th through May 10th, 2020

There are two major shift in the sky occurring this month. The spiritual destiny nodes of the moon move into Gemini and Sagittarius May 4th for 1 1/2 years as a part of an 18 1/2 year cycle), and relationship planet Venus turns retrograde in Gemini. They are not planetary bodies; rather, they are mathematical points that take into account the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of our birth.

The nodes are leaving Cancer and Capricorn where they have been since November 2018. These exiting water and earth signs tended to be security oriented and create grooves which became ruts for many people. Gemini and Sagittarius represent a breath of fresh air and passionate fire elements. Air and fire are ready to open to new ideas that bring forth their passions. It represents a time where we must adapt our way of thinking and communicating. Old traditional ways no longer work. It will be difficult to keep people in virus lock down because this combination will increase cabin fever. 

In regards to the May 13th Venus retrograde cycle, relationships and finances are ready for review and revision. Ambitious Mars moves into Pisces on the 13th until late June, presenting an opportunity to bring out your spiritual warrior. On another note, the three planets involved in this year’s triple alignment in Capricorn are turning retrograde (Pluto on April 25th, Saturn on May 11th, and Jupiter on May 14th). There are different ways of interpreting this. My hope is that the world is getting the virus under control by the time they all move forward in early October.

Monday, May 4 th the Sun merges with Mercury, which  is an ideal time to close a deal, send important messages,  or to buy and sell. It’s a  talkative day under a social and diplomatic Libra Moon, while the Sun aligns with quick-witted Mercury. This energy continues into Tuesday - Cinco de Mayo for quick, festive celebrations.

Also, The nodes of the Moon move into Gemini and Sagittarius on the 4th until January 2022. Sagittarius speaks higher truth and Gemini translates it into a language that all can understand. Many are getting restless as summer approaches. People will definitely want to travel, take/teach classes, move, and meet new people. Since Gemini is associated with short trips, it will be curious if more people choose to travel within their region rather than get on an airplane. Restlessness, upsets and change is in the air.

Be aware with these intense energies that temptation is at it’s highest peak so be sure to avoid any risky, or uncertain situations as well as unsafe neighborhoods or situations this week.

On Thursday, May 7th the Scorpio Full Moon will be fully illuminated by the Taurus Sun, bringing us another Super Moon. This powerful Moon represents endings and completions. Hopefully it will include the devastation of this virus effect on the world. The goal of Scorpio is to transform, albeit sometimes painfully. It is often a time of crisis because secrets, negative past actions, and hidden desires tend to slip out of the darkness into the Light.

Sunday brings us Mother’s Day and finding the right card or the right words may be easier with Mercury trining both Jupiter and Pluto. That evening Saturn turns retrograde, easing up its force until mid-September. It’s time to review exactly where you are in life, and seriously look at what needs to change. It’s time for a performance review, to see how well you’ve done with work and family, paid attention to your responsibilities, and dealt with loss, depression and these difficult and changing times. 

Stargazing—Week of April 27th through May 3rd, 2020

Stargazing—Week of April 27th through May 3rd, 2020

Mercury starts the energy moving this week on Monday, April 27th as it moves into Taurus. This shift is sure to slow things down a bit as it focuses on communication and practical matters for most of the month. If you have something to say, or negotiate a contract this week, the roughest day is Tuesday, because that’s when Mercury squares Saturn in Aquarius, bringing in negative or silent communications which can lead to misunderstandings. Also, the Sun aligns with Uranus and that is the kind of energy that jolts you awake. Write down any brilliant ideas now, because they will be gone before you know it. Bring your ideas down to earth to manifest and they will help you produce in tangible ways.

Actually, there is a lot of mental Mercury energy all week, so expect lots of talk and chatter. As usual, don’t believe everything you hear. Mercury challenges Saturn, which can manifests either as a tired feeling, or as a need to get grounded in your ideas and communications. If you have something important to discuss or communicate, it’s best to wait until Thursday, April 30th.

Mercury aligns with innovative Uranus to end the month. This can bring some shocking and scandalous news to the forefront. The energy continues to support new ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and willingness to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. This is your chance to get super-creative and inspired and to say the right thing - at the right time - in the right way.

On Friday, May 1st brings us an important day in ancient tradition, May Day. It marks the half-way point between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice.  Over the weekend Venus, still in Gemini, is getting ready to slow down and turn retrograde mid-month.


May brings a time to review your love and money, among other things. Esoterically, Venus in Gemini has a lot to do with healing, which seems timely due to the virus.  Things may begin to level off and calm down as we begin to carefully return to normal life, whatever that is for us. Stay healthy and stay safe.

STARGAZING — Week of April 13th through April 19th, 2020

STARGAZING — Week of April 13th through April 19th, 2020


The biggest action of the week is on Tuesday April 14th and Wednesday, April 15th when the sun makes a challenging square to Pluto and Jupiter. This energy will have some far-reaching consequences because is represents a massive power struggle. Now, most of us are not operating on a national or worldwide level, we still could be trying to accomplish something that is giving us a bit of resistance.

Know that you cannot force square pegs into round holes under this energy, but you can let go of limiting beliefs. If you’re trying to accomplish something early in the week, don’t use force (Pluto) or over reach your goals (Jupiter). The atmosphere calms down bit on Sunday as the son leaves the fire sign of Aries and moves into Taurus. Chin up – Taurus is an earth sign, and one of the most creative and powerful signs of the zodiac. It creates an atmosphere of peaceful composure and determination to be productive and accomplish. Taurus can also be stubborn and possessive, so watch your step.

Be aware that external things such as the Corona virus cannot take away your prosperity consciousness unless you allow it. However, you may need to adjust the way you do things or expand your belief system to deal with the many outer world changes.

As the Sun moves through Taurus over the next few weeks it’s time for spring, flowers, and to focus on creating, building and perhaps accumulating items of personal value, such as art, music, gems, gardening, redecorating to give your heart and eyes some beauty.

It is a gentle weekend under a Pisces moon. Friday has Mercury making harmony with Venus, a great combination to have relationship or money conversations. On Saturday, Mercury makes a quiet harmony to Mars, which is a great time to get out to exercise.


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