Stargazing — Week of October 9th through October 15th, 2017

Stargazing — Week of October 9th through October 15th, 2017

Conflicting planet line-ups and two planets changing signs this week lead to stress and confusion, especially if you’re not in the mood for changes.

Monday is a bit challenging in that both the life giving Sun and Mercury are squaring Pluto. This is part two for the duo because the first one occurred last Spring. Avoid pushing your way through, or dealing with people who think they know better than anyone else under this obsessive and forceful combination. Intense power struggles are at the top of the addenda. A positive way to handle Pluto challenges is to release that which you are done with- stay in your power but know when you need to fish or cut bait.

On Tuesday, Jupiter moves into Scorpio for a year. Jupiter helps you do projects in a much bigger way. It is associated with publishing, travel, spirituality, belief systems, coaching, ministers, import-export businesses, and taking a risk on bringing your big ideas into manifestation. This is a big change of focus from Jupiter traveling through Libra. In Scorpio, Jupiter’s quest is to dive deep and dig up the dark, hidden secrets including subjects of sex, death, and other people’s money. Scorpio also rules over taxes, so the tax codes could change over the course of 2018, including the IRS codes and state taxes. The rest of 2017 and 2018 will bring lucky times to anyone with the sign of Scorpio strong in their charts. Scorpio helps you focus your intent like a laser beam, but you must be passionate about where you put your energy. Scorpio energy will help you heal old wounds and release self-defeating behaviors.

Mars squares Saturn early on Wednesday, October 11th, and that can mean mechanical problems on the highways, or those annoying things that break around the house. Allow extra time for whatever you do on Wednesday morning under this hurry up and wait energy. Patience will be needed and this energy is a repeat of the square that occurred last January.

Thursday evening supports pleasant conversations. The Moon is in Leo to start the weekend and that means open your heart and have some fun.

On Saturday, Venus enters one of her favorite signs, Libra until November 7th. This is a great cycle for improving or creating relationships. Because we tend to be more diplomatic and idealistic while Venus is in Libra, there is a danger we may gloss over the disappointing and troublesome parts of a relationship. Try to add, “No, I’m uncomfortable with that,” to your “Yes, I’d love to,” and you’ll have smooth sailing in your love life during this time. Practice your diplomacy in difficult conversations under this graceful energy.

Sunday ends the week in an uncomfortable manner because the Mercury-Uranus opposition can overload your circuits. Too much to do and there’s only a certain amount of time in a day. This is a one time only transit, which can also bring some new and unusual insights.

Jupiter transforms belief systems and Scorpio takes you down to the emotional depths of your being, that vulnerable place. Scorpio will also having you make some big choices in the coming year, and not all of them easy!

STARGAZING — Week of October 2nd through October 8th, 2017

STARGAZING — Week of October 2nd through October 8th, 2017

The big news of October is Jupiter enters emotionally intense Scorpio for a year, beginning on the 10th. Because there are other major planets shifting into new signs Saturn into Capricorn on December 19th at the New Moon and more planets change signs in 2018, you can look at Jupiter’s shift as the opening sign of bigger changes to come. Jupiter transforms belief systems and Scorpio takes you down into the emotional depths of your being; that shaky, vulnerable place. Scorpio also has you make some big choices in the coming year, and not all of them will be easy! The first thirteen days of October has both Venus and Mars in Virgo. If you are willing to do a little extra work now, it will pay off.

Venus is the star attraction of this week, along with a powerful Full Moon. Venus makes a harmonious trine to Pluto on Tuesday, so that helps you transform your relationships. Love relationships are under scrutiny, as Jupiter completes its passage through Libra, the relationship sign. This energy favors long-term commitments and give the opportunity to get positive and dive deep. Use this energy well, especially to repair any broken relationships. This chance won’t come around again for another twelve years. This energy is also good for releasing anything that gets in the way of expressing a healthy prosperity consciousness.

The Moon enters physical-centered Aries on Wednesday afternoon to build up to the Full Moon on the 5th. Wake up before sunrise this week and see Venus and Mars very close to each other in the morning sky.

The Harvest Full Moon is on Thursday the 5th which is the first Full Moon after the fall Equinox. This is Sukkot, the Jewish festival of harvest. This is the Moon where you can balance individual needs with partnership needs. Adding emphasis to this power moon is the conjunction of relationship planets Venus and Mars in purifying Virgo. In fact, you could call it a double alignment in that they are aligned both vertically and horizontally.

Relationship issues could come to a head on Sunday, October 8th because it’s the final Venus-Saturn square of the year. Couples would do well to make certain they are “on the same page” with their goals under this “get your house in order” combination. Single people get more active in seeking someone to curl up with by the fire for the winter.

There are two challenges to accomplishing this. The relationship planets are strongly challenged by Saturn. The god of boundaries advises that you must work diligently towards your goals over the long term, not just expecting the right relationship or financial opportunity to come waltzing in the door without effort required. 1) Loyalty and responsibility are more important than looks or what the outer world sees. 2) To truly love someone else, you must love yourself first.

The other challenge comes from the karmic “Let go and let God” Pluto stimulating you to release beliefs and behaviors that get in the way. Both your soul and your personality must be aligned for this to work at its best level. Lastly, the cardinal, action-oriented signs of Libra, Aries, Capricorn are emphasized now; so strap in and get ready for a great ride. This is truly a superior time with unlimited possibilities flowing through the planetary energy circuits.

The Moon moves into sensual Taurus late on Friday afternoon, and makes gentle and pleasant emotional aspects to other planets through Saturday night. Spend time with people with whom you are already comfortable.

Sunday morning is slow going as Venus squares Saturn, so it’s best not to schedule anything in the morning that requires you to hustle. Stretch a bit, and turn over for an extra hour’s sleep. The pace does pick up on Sunday afternoon when the Sun and Mercury align. That means lots of talk and/or running around doing a lot of quick errands.

Stargazing – Week of September 25 to October 1, 2017

Stargazing – Week of September 25 to October 1, 2017

On Monday, the Moon is in enthusiastic Sagittarius. However, Monday morning holds a challenge between quick Mercury and patient Saturn. Don’t allow yourself to fall into a minor depression. Try to get out into the sunshine, or buy yourself some pretty flowers. This feeling is like the one you have in 

stop and go traffic. Hurry up but take your time. I want to move forward, but feel so blocked.

The Moon moves into in serious Capricorn Wednesday through Friday, so you will enjoy the weekend more if you get your work accomplished.

Thursday the 28th brings another annual Uranus-Jupiter opposition. It’s time to do your thing and not follow the crowd. Pluto turns direct on Thursday as well as bringing back some people from the past as well as perhaps a lost opportunity.

Friday Venus (Virgo) makes its annual opposition to Neptune (Pisces). This is a highly idealistic few days and a bit dreamy eyed too. It can cause confusion with money, relationships and your values. Keep your feet on the ground, take no chances, and don’t do anything you could later regret.

On Friday evening, know the difference between romance and fantasy, with both love and get rich quick schemes. Mercury moves into Libra for three weeks on Friday night. With Mercury moving through the sign of love, communication may be far from decisive, but buy far more - charming than usual. Positive communications are favored for the next three weeks.

The Moon moves into Aquarius on Saturday, which favors friendship and social activities.

On Sunday, October 1st, Pluto trines Mars. Use this powerful energy well because it doesn’t get any better than this — as energetic Mars harmonizes with Pluto’s ambition.

October Preview:

Jupiter exits from the loving relationship sign Libra and moves into emotionally intense Scorpio for the next year on the 10th. It’s time to make some choices, and they are not always the easy choices. Hidden matters from relationships to your state of health, come to the surface. You can focus on projects that require deep concentration. The best Halloween party time is actually the weekend before the 31st. Get ready to receive some good vibrations.

STARGAZING — Week of Sept. 18th through Sept. 24th, 2017

STARGAZING — Week of Sept. 18th through Sept. 24th, 2017

There is a Grand Earth Trine at the Fall Equinox that brings in the autumn season. That energy is excellent for bringing tangible projects to fruition if you are willing to make a plan and work the plan with no winging it — see what happens! Success should arrive.

Venus will poke that same sensitive spot in the days leading up to the September 19th New Moon. There are four planets in Virgo at this time, and one leaving the sign. Neptune in Pisces comes under attack this week, so make sure you’re not deluding yourself or being lied too. Also, check on your medications. Be very cautious there.

Venus enters Virgo the same day as the New Moon, and becomes a little stiff and practical. The energy is focused, not dreamy eyed and romantic. Don’t allow yourself to get off-balance by being critical, over-worried and asking for perfection. Remember, perfection is only a concept or point of view. Also, open your heart to welcome new people in your life.

The up-side to Venus in Virgo is your physical body and health. Work with expanding your exercise, eating sensibly, and becoming more trim and energetic. The next few weeks are prime for initiating a diet, making healthier life choices, releasing your addictions, and creating a more peaceful and balanced lifestyle.

This New Moon in Virgo on the 19th is the time to celebrate the harvest and give thanks for the blessings in your life. It is also the time to get organized for the changing season. The full moon opposes wounded healer Chiron, a famous centaur who taught healing techniques in spite of being mortally wounded himself. Consider where you can take step to heal yourself or others now. Because Chiron was an immortal god who was mortally wounded, the only way out of his suffering was to surrender his immortality; he was then rewarded by being placed in the constellations for eternity.

Is there some attitude, belief or thing you are ready to release? If you are feeling caught between worlds, decide to be okay with being caught between worlds. Take half steps towards your goal rather than trying to get there all at once. Venus enters Virgo for the next three weeks as well. Do something for your personal spiritual purification in the weeks ahead. Simplify your relationships.

On Wednesday, the final opposition between Jupiter and Uranus takes place. This has been going on for months. Jupiter represents higher philosophy and religion and Uranus wants revolution now. We have seen that going on in extremist beliefs and behavior in politics and religion. On the personal level, take a risk on yourself to create greater freedom in your life. At the same time, Mercury opposes Neptune, where you can miss some important details. Be aware, and try to be as clear as possible with all of your communications.

The planet Jupiter near the end of his year long journey through Libra at the Fall Equinox on the 22nd. Look back on your relationships (and lack of relationships) of all types since last September. Have you completed any shifts that need to take place, or is there some more work to do before Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10th?

The moon is in Scorpio at the Equinox, so that will provide a hint of the emotional shifts and release that is ahead. Relationship planets Venus and Mars are moving towards alignment early next month, so that adds extra emphasis in getting your relationships in order. Because they are in Virgo, keep it simple and know the difference between service and sacrifice. You can communicate on deeper levels now, or do projects that require deep thinking or research. Release old thought patterns and communicate with renewed power.

The Moon continues in emotional Scorpio on Saturday, suggesting that you spend time with people you can share with at a deeper level. Saturday is a pleasant day overall, so make yourself available to the world of people who can live at a more meaningful level of life-not those superficial conversations.

Sunday brings a tricky opposition of Mars and Neptune. Don’t be surprised if some deeply held secrets come to the surface. The energy can become a mirror revealing deception and hidden motives for secretive actions. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition. They could help you solve any mysteries or puzzles.

STARGAZING — Week of Sept. 11th through Sept. 17th, 2017

STARGAZING — Week of Sept. 11th through Sept. 17th, 2017

Monday brings us a day of reverence and remembrance, as we bow our heads and reflect on the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

Tuesday is a good business day when money planet Venus makes harmony with long-term Saturn. Venus is in Leo, which brings a good time to make a dramatic commitment. Communicate your creative ideas and cooperate with others for ideas that will produce over the long term. Leo loves drama, and is the drama queen of the Zodiac.

Wednesday, Sept. 13th is the day when the Sun makes its T-Square to Saturn. This can bring frustrations and delays. You can try to work around these blocks, but perhaps it’s best to wait it all out for a few days. Do those “must do” projects in the morning. By early evening, the sun is making its “I’m tired” square to Saturn. It is not the right energy to force your way; best to take a break.

Friday is the day to take a playful lunch. Venus wants to share with others and the goddess makes harmony to generous Jupiter. That is the combination where both people want to pick up the check!

Horoscope for LeoThe Moon is in Leo on Saturday and that combines well with Mercury and Mars. This gives energy to health, service, and pets. Plan on short projects or activities where your heart and creative side is engaged will work well on Saturday. If your heart is not into it, or you’re working on a project that drags on, you had better wait for another day or so.

Sunday is perfect for meeting new friends. You’re feeling a bit of a energy spark, so you could rekindle old relationships. Sunday is playful all day, but keep things light and easy. Share with friends but avoid difficult or disappointing topics or future commitments that cannot be changed. The work for this time is freedom: Freedom from the past, from old, warn out habits or relationships, and freedom from your own pattern of self destruction.

The Venus/Uranus glory may come at the next trine and final one for 2017, on the night of the Winter Equinox, December 20th. Until then, work on the issues but keep on trucking!

STARGAZING—Week of September 3rd through September 10th, 2017

STARGAZING—Week of September 3rd through September 10th, 2017

Although this will be a busy week, not much is happening in the Cosmos. Everyone is getting back to work or school, so there’s lots of activity and traffic as well.

For the USA Labor Day holiday on September 4th, the Moon continues in social and friendly Aquarius. It would be wise to end your social or other activities by late afternoon Monday because the Moon makes minor challenges-the kind where you don’t want to be in traffic or having to talk too much. As the evening progresses, the Sun opposes Neptune, and that means your energetic life force wants to pull back and perhaps fall asleep on the couch watching a move. This is a daydreaming time, so you could have some vivid dreams.

For those who must return to work on Tuesday, allow extra time in traffic because Mercury is ending his retrograde cycle (since August 12th) At the same time, ambitious Mars is moving into hard working Virgo until October 22nd. Mars send a message as it changes signs that summer is over and it’s time to get to work.

Make the most of this sluggish time because on Wednesday the mood changes. The Full Moon in Pisces marks the conclusion of this last lunar month. The Full Moon is on Wednesday the 6th just after midnight (14 degrees Pisces/Virgo).

The Full Moon is aligned with Neptune, so there is a certain dreamy or fantasy-loving tone to your emotions. That’s great for romance or a vision quest, as long as you know the difference between fantasy and reality.  At the same time, the Sun in Virgo wants to produce something tangible and useful. Ideally, you can bring a higher vision into practical service in the world. It’s time to finish up your projects and manifest those creative ideas into the world.

Both the fire and earth elements are strong now, so there is a lot of help in bringing your creative ideas into form. Be patient and adaptable with your ideas because communications planet Mercury just ended his three-week retrograde cycle on the 5th, and it normally takes about ten days to come out of its storm and get back up to normal speed. With Mars in Virgo for six weeks, there is help is building and creating if you are willing to get assertive with working towards your goals.

Love Yourself through Change Candle/Heart GraphicThe Moon moves into Aries on Thursday and Friday. Projects that require physical effort are favored, as is exercise. The thing about Aries is that their attention can shift quickly. It is best to pick projects that keep you moving and do not get bogged down in problems that require patience. Then take a deep breath and a time-out. Roll up your sleeves for the activities on Saturday.

Saturday the 9th is a day to focus, meditate and strengthen your purpose. This will propel you to accomplish your long-term goals. It’s a good yard sale day because the Sun is making harmony to “Let go and let God” Pluto.   Time to clear and clean out your “stuff” and make some money from it under a make-money Taurus Moon. Mercury re-enters Virgo on Saturday evening, the sign it started its retrograde cycle in last month. This helps you get organized and tend to details through the end of the month, and into October as well. Mercury is ruled by Virgo, and brings you precise thinking, excellent craftsmanship, and perfect timing.

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