Stargazing — Week of May 20th through May 27th, 2018

Stargazing — Week of May 20th through May 27th, 2018

The Sun moves into Gemini for a month on Sunday May 20th. This helps you open to new ideas, explore new opportunities, or activate your restless, need to know more side. A special trine brings you hope for the future and offsets any minor upsets this week. However, be careful of your words mid week as Mercury opposes Jupiter mid-week. Remember Loose lips sink ships.

Tend to all the little details of your life Monday through Thursday as a Virgo moon is good for organizing, cleaning, and being more efficient. This is the week to bring ideas into reality through networking and social media.

Tuesday is good for mental and intellectual ideas and conversations as long as you do not overdo and fry your brain.

The moon finishes out the workweek in social Libra so enjoy the company of others. Pay attention to your dreams on Friday morning. This day brings one of the highlights of the year as Jupiter trines Neptune. This is a very positive aspect because the energy brings in an abundance of luck, generosity, and compassion. However, don’t shoot for the moon or ask for the impossible, just proceed in a step-by-step manner and watch the doors open for you. Be sure to keep both feet on the ground as you reach for your stars. Begin now because there is another luck trine in August.

Saturday requires a level of focus as the Moon moves through emotionally intense Scorpio. Delve into subjects that interest you on a deeper level. Remember, Scorpio can bring in needed lessons in love, finances, and self-esteem.

The USA Memorial Day holiday celebrated on the weekend and Monday, May 28th is generally uneventful and will run smoothly this year. The social and conversation pace is stronger in the evening if you out enjoying a party.

STARGAZING — Week of May 14th through May 20th, 2018

STARGAZING — Week of May 14th through May 20th, 2018

This is the most important week of 2018 because Uranus changes signs, moving into Taurus on the 15th. This energy creates a possible seven year global crisis, especially regarding money and finances, and welcomes in the terrible 2020’s. (The last time this occurred was 1935-1942)

The New Moon in Taurus is on Tuesday the 15th is at 25 degrees Taurus. This is an important new moon because inventive Uranus moves into Taurus for the first time in about 84 years at the same time. Technology changes our production of goods and services in the next seven years, and that means robotics taking over jobs, using new technology to deal with money, and even how we learn music, to name just a few. There are heavy changes coming with our technology, financial institutions, the world markets, science as well as our wonderful Mother Earth.

A Taurus New Moon asks you to check in with what you value and that which no longer holds interest. It’s time for cleaning out closets, basements and attics and having a yard sale, be it physical or emotional. Taurus helps you manifest your needs and desires, but the price is hard work.

Also on the same day as this New Moon is ambitious Mars moving into idealistic Aquarius, and making a disruptive and possibly dangerous challenge to Uranus. This brings earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, and quick, unexpected weather changes. (See my 2018 predictions)

Mars remains in Aquarius for six months, because it retrogrades, and therefore will square Uranus three times; May 17 – 18; AUG. 2. 3; — Sept. 20-21. This is know as “a play in three acts, and will bring about a conclusion that begins in May. This is something you may have been hanging onto and needed to release since around 2011. This brings about surprises, shocking scientific changes, more knowledge about our Universe, and of course forced adaption’s and change. Also Queen Elizabeth will be stepping down and Prince Charles will take over the British Monarchy.

The bad side could be drastic weather, bringing serious accidents, especially in aviation. Don’t force issues or machinery now because things break under this energy. Do take action to open to innovative ways to live your life, and that includes learning new technology. As a side note, Mars turns retrograde in Aquarius in late June through August, so the next several weeks gives you hints about changes you will need to make before autumn.

We won’t have long to wait because the first square happens on Wednesday, May 16th —so when you wake up on May 17th the events could be all over the news. By Thursday evening things should have calmed down, as the Moon moves into nourishing Cancer.

Friday has a nurturing Cancer moon, so that should help reduce some of the high nervous energy that came from the energy of the New Moon. Friday morning is highly productive for mental work and serious conversations, so get your work done early on Friday so you can have a more playful weekend.

Venus moves into Cancer on Saturday for about three weeks, so food, nutrition, family, and home beautification are all good things to do.

The Sun moves into Gemini through mid-June on Sunday. This helps you open to new ideas, explore new opportunities, or activate your restless, need to know more side. So create a blog, plan some travel, begin to meditate, and above all, finish what you start.


STARGAZING — Week of May 7th through May 13th, 2018

STARGAZING — Week of May 7th through May 13th, 2018


May opened gently with a significant weather change, We went from 40 degrees to 90 degrees within days. Let’s hope the chill is off. This week promises to pick up the pace. The Moon moves through Aquarius from Sunday through dinnertime Wednesday, and things could get tricky. This energy is good for casual friendships or those activities where you know people only by their first name.

Monday brings challenges to how you think and communicate. Mercury squares Pluto quite early on Monday morning, and this could manifest as nothing more than disjointed dreams. Remember, Pluto represents secrets and possible deceit. There could be secretive conversations and manipulation involved. Then Venus squares Neptune in the late afternoon. This energy brings up the possibility of deceit and illusions in social and financial matters. Avoid assuming that you and someone else are on the same page; instead take the time to clarify. Monday afternoon is not a good time to have relationship conversations or discussions about money.

By Tuesday evening, the Sun is opposite Jupiter to give you the larger perspective on who you are, but it can also have you wondering if you are taking on too much! This energy brings a struggle to pull off something big. The obstacles in achieving this are over-enthusiasm, too much pride or ego, and trying to get far beyond your reach.

The saving grace is that Friday afternoon has the Sun making harmony with Pluto. This brings in a positive change to help bring your desires into physical manifestation. If you have been wanted to let go of something, someone, or some belief/behavior, this is a good day for it. The moon is in Aries on Friday and Saturday, so avoid impatience.

Saturday morning has the type of challenge where your brain wants to get busy with your “to do” list, but your body doesn’t want to keep up. It gets easier as the day goes on.

Sunday is Mother’s Day and brings a quick Mercury Uranus harmony that strengthens your intuition but can make you feel a bit nervous and jittery. Watch your coffee and alcohol intake. The energy slows down in the evening as Mercury moves into Taurus, puts on the breaks and moves over to the slow lane for the next two weeks. Instead of using words to convince or make your point, you may have to use a hands on approach or video.

Enjoy this active week as we all prepare for Uranus to dart into Taurus next Tuesday.

Stargazing — Week of April 30th through May 6th, 2018

Stargazing — Week of April 30th through May 6th, 2018



Saturday brings The Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo, so light the grill and bring out the margaritas. There should be luck with your horse betting as well as the lottery.

Up in the sky is the new space mission launch called Insight to begin to study Mar’s deep red interior. The goal is to find out how our planets originated and took shape. Take some time to go within and ask that of yourself? Where did my Soul originate and how did it take shape? You could realize some surprising answers.

The Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus is on Sunday the 29t. It is known as the Wesak Moon when the Buddha is honored as he returns to help humanity. Scorpio helps you release your fears, taking you to deep emotional depths. Taurus helps you manifest your goals and desires, after Scorpio has removed any self-defeating behavior or beliefs.

There is a challenge at this full moon and it has been going on for several days already. Mars aligns with Pluto and that can have dangerous and rude results. Avoid angry people, road rage, and walking on the shady side of town after dark.

The Moon continues in Scorpio all day Monday. Projects that require concentration are favored, so find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and get focused.

The positive view is to take action to transform the very foundation of your life for your long-term good. Mercury is out of the shadow of the retrograde cycle that ended on April 15th, so it will be easier to get moving in a forward thinking direction.

Stargazing — April 23rd through April 29th, 2018

Stargazing — April 23rd through April 29th, 2018



This promises to be an intense week, with a splash of lightness inter-mixed. A harmonious Sun trine helps to lighten the load.

The healing planet Chiron only tests the water of Aries over the summer and then goes backward into Pisces to help you finish old business since 2011. Consider where you can take half-steps towards future goals, knowing that it is likely to be 2019 before those projects really get moving.

Venus moves into Gemini on the 24th to bring relief and create more playful activities.

Earth Day, today – April 22nd, has transforming Pluto turning retrograde until September 30th. It is normal for the outer planets to spend a long time each year appearing to move backwards. However, on the days they change direction, it is good to honor them.

What (or who) are your ready to release? Pluto helps you burn your bridges behind you. That can be as simple as a yard sale or trip to the Goodwill box, or letting aspects of your life go that no longer hold energy for you.

On Tuesday the 24th, Venus enters Gemini for three weeks. This is a fun energy where you can plan some travels, open to new ideas, new friendships, and even try out potential relationships, be they personal or business. However, this is not a commitment energy so it is better for exploring. Being smart and flirtatious becomes the new attractive energy for the next few weeks. This combination is excellent for healing and bringing greater beauty into your life. Venus in Gemini is associated with healing with the guidance of the Archangels.

Prepare for a dip on Wednesday when communications can become harsh and fear based as Mercury squares Saturn. Wednesday afternoon has minor mental challenges, so it’s best to avoid difficult conversations or perhaps take a quick cat nap.

On Thursday, Mars aligns with Pluto to help you assert yourself with power. This is a potentially dangerous energy and you really have to watch your step. This conjunction brings aggression and violence and you need to avoid dark or dangerous people, places and things such as sharp instruments, drugs and food. Just make certain your ego is in a healthy place so you do not attempt to force your way on others who are not prepared to go there. This combination symbolizes a powerful energy that should be respected, not ignored, because it will “bite” you hard if given half a chance.

The Moon is in Libra for most of the weekend. Social events are generally favored but you may want to call it an early evening on Saturday.

The Scorpio Full Moon on Sunday carries a forceful, and sometimes harsh energy but this month it's mostly focused on healing and transformation. Expect a change in circumstance and perhaps in a way of living. This is a day to clean out the basement, garage, or closets and recycle what you no longer need.

Take the time to look deep within, plan carefully, and get a lot of work you have put off done. New beginnings come about once the clutter is cleared and we welcome May next week.

STARGAZING — Week of April 16th through April 22nd, 2018

STARGAZING — Week of April 16th through April 22nd, 2018



This week brings new opportunities and along with some releasing and letting go. Venus opposes Jupiter on Wednesday, Mercury went direct and Saturn retrogrades, and the Sun enters Taurus on Thursday.

Mercury ended his three-week retrograde cycle on Sunday, April 15th, so that adds to the energy of rethinking your life and priorities. Go back to plans laid out before March 16th to bring in some success. Also check your Mercury retrograde journal to see what dreams and inspirations you can begin now, on this New Moon ins Aries energy.

Know that wounded healer Chiron is moving into Aries on the Tuesday the 17th, beginning a new seven year plan. It’s time to take initial steps to pioneer a new path or project, but do not carve it into concrete just yet. The next few months supports the initial testing of ideas and projects that will get more attention next year.

Give your sensual pleasures a treat on Monday and Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean you need to blow the budget to treat yourself well. Flowers, a massage, a cup of Elizabeth Elixir tea and some quality chocolate are good options for a Taurus Moon. Venus in Taurus adds to the love and sensual pleasures.

Also on Tuesday, Saturn begins his retrograde cycle until early September. You may feel sluggish, but it is equally true that many people will not feel this subtle shift at all. This Saturn retrograde time can be a rewarding time offering you some great insights and wisdom if you go within and reflect on the areas of your life that need repair or seem to be unfinished. Tend to your inner needs over the next several months so you a have a more solid foundation to move forward come September.

Wednesday is the day you just have to allow your inner, eccentric weirdo out of the closet to dance into the sunlight for you. The Sun aligns with Uranus precisely on Wednesday morning so you just have to do something different than normal. This conjunction can bring you luck, or nervous tension. This is the last time the Sun will conjunct Uranus until 2094 and is a very unpredictable, action without warning energy, surprises, either for good or for ill along with disturbing weather; earthquakes, avalanches, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, tsunamis, violent storms, and hurricanes.

It all settles down the next day when the Sun moves into stable Taurus.

The weekend is under the influence of a nurturing Cancer moon. Have a home cooked meal with family or close friends, beautify your home, sit out on the patio and enjoy the warmth of the day and share with your loved ones on an emotional level.

Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn on Sunday for the next five months, but its energy is subtle. Pluto has the energy for large social movements to bring change. It also brings up old hurts and resentments in order for you to see, release, and let go of whatever is not relevant in your life today.

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