STARGAZING — Week of Aug. 3rd through Aug. 9th, 2020

STARGAZING — Week of Aug. 3rd through Aug. 9th, 2020

There is a primary theme beginning this month that will take us into mid-January. Mars in Aries makes a challenging “square” to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This occurs on August 4, 13 and 24 and repeats itself in two more sets of three into January. This makes the energy a bit choppy, but you can still maneuver through the month without problems as long as you pace yourself.

This week opens on a high note with a Full Moon in Aquarius at 12 degrees, and will be brightly lit up by the Leo Sun.. The Full Moon on August 3rd is challenged by revolutionary Uranus. Every Full Moon is at its highest cycle  and it signals a time of completions and endings linked to friends, organizations, unions, societies and clubs, including sports clubs. If something isn’t working out for you in any of these areas, it’s best to wrap it up and brings things to a happy ending.

Unfortunately , part of this energy may bring in some negative or depressing communication because the only Mercury-Saturn opposition of the year is slapping you in the face on the same day.

However, the Aquarian Full Moon’s energy brings a need for freedom and independence because you can use this energy in a constructive way by stepping outside of your normal routine. Even people who have practiced isolation these past few months will feel the need to run out of the house seeking freedom and change. This can help you find a way out of Saturn’s downbeat influence,

At the same time, this can be challenging for the demonstrations that have been going on because Uranus is anything but peaceful.

However, because the Moon in Aquarius supports participating in groups, friends and organizations- even if that means through Aquarius-ruled internet (such as Zoom) it can help to settle things down a bit.

A Leo Sun wants to open hearts, remember the child within, and play. Uranus in Taurus is the wild card that disrupts the status quo. In Taurus, it tells everyone that their values and material world needs are changing, and that “old school” thinking is now a part of the past. A higher power is always in charge of the timing. Mercury will move out of Saturn’s glare later on Tuesday as it moves into Leo. This brings a style of communication change from timid and humble to boldly expressing your personal opinion, no matter what anyone else thinks.

Impatient Mars is making a challenge to do-it-big Jupiter, meaning that you need to be patient as life changes are implemented. This energy brings luck, strength, and courage, as long as you don’t go completely wild. Find a way to feel comfortable with the unfolding changes, and that means trusting your inner connection to your inner Spirit to guide you along your highest path forward.

Do not force yourself to go faster or take on more than is reasonable. Do something physical to dissipate this forceful energy, but don’t overdo it.

The Moon is in Pisces on Wednesday and Thursday, which will help calm the world down. Watch a movie, get quiet to allow new thoughts to flow, or meditate.

On Friday, the Moon moves into Aries, so exercise, dance or do yoga. Venus enters Cancer until September 6. This supports home projects, family, and improvements to your diet. Friday, This energy can also bring a backdrop of secrets, which will come out into the open in mid-September.  Aug. 7th the evening is good for pleasant conversations. Venus ends her four-month stay in Gemini and moves into the feminine and family sign of Cancer. With Venus in the sign on the Crab, you may find yourself a bit more private, homebound, and less social over the next month.

Emotional and homeland security is crucial when Venus is in Cancer. Expect the next four weeks to be a time of cautious and protective behavior about relationships, finances, income, home, and loved ones.




Stargazing — Week of July 27th through Aug. 2, 2020

Stargazing — Week of July 27th through Aug. 2, 2020

Mercury is playing the trickster this week with two oppositions and a cloudy trine, which gets August off to an uncertain and volatile energy. If you must buy, sell, or negotiate a contract this week be sure to watch out for deceit and manipulations. Expect verbal abuse and force at its worst.

Monday has Jupiter sextile Neptune in the morning, which supports sharing your higher spiritual vision, or at least dreams from the night before. There are 

minor challenges to communicating values and ideas in relationships, so you may want to hold off on those difficult topics until later this week.

On Thursday morning, allow extra time to get moving if you are an early riser. Mercury sits opposite Jupiter, which means that Jupiter’s positive energy can bring over optimism and embellishment that can make any deal seem sweeter than it really is. There is ease and flow to communications if you wait until after the lunch hour.

August does not have the big astrological planetary shifts of previous months, so that should take some pressure off if you would like to take a break from world intensity. The only concern is that aggressive Mars in Aries makes challenges to the three outer planets in Capricorn that have been associated with the COVID virus and George Floyd-police demonstrations.

The Mercury-Pluto opposition on Saturday, August 1st, can bring on a temptation to try to lie, cheat, or manipulate to get your way. Pluto’s obsessive-compulsive nature makes is super difficult to let go of the object of your focus, and you may end up with a person or focus that you didn’t want.

Because the last week in July is a week when what you say is not necessarily going to get you what you want, try saying as little as possible.

The Sun-Uranus square on Sunday, August 2nd, brings a restless tension that can result in surprising changes, unpredictable behavior, and even accidents.

The low side of this energy could be angry outbreaks or a challenging fire season. The high side can be taking right action to correct injustices by restructuring the way we do and react to circumstances. Remember, August brings in the "dog days of summer."


Stargazing—Week of July 20th through July 26th, 2020

Stargazing—Week of July 20th through July 26th, 2020

The New Moon is on Monday July 20th, at 29 degrees Cancer. The June New Moon at the Summer Solstice was at one degree Cancer. This is an extremely rare celestial event. When this occurs it usually means that the universe is offering you a second chance for whatever you missed or messed up the first time around.

However, this second chance is different. It’s not really a second chance Moon, and the reason is because of the heavy hand of Saturn in Capricorn opposing it. Also, the June Moon was embedded in an intense solar eclipse, which held some dark energy, making it unfavorable to make a new start in any area affected by Cancer; like home, family, nurturing, or women’s issues.

Because this New Moon is opposed by responsible Saturn, One part of you wants to curl up and be nurtured and the other part is reviewing your responsibilities out in the world. Ideally, you will find the proper balance between the two.

When it’s at its opposition, Saturn is at its biggest, strongest, and brightest because it’s retrograding back, closer to the Earth. Unfortunately, this also brings the tests of Saturn in with a heavy hand; obstacles, challenges, frustrations, and hard work. The fears and pessimism that shadow Saturn makes this an unfavorable time to make a new start with the home, family, or related emotional issues.

This year represents an entry into a new decade, the transformational twenties. July’s Cancer New Moon at the critical degree pf 29 degrees is a time to be patient, keep your feet on the ground  and focus on ascension, love, and upliftment, not the fear, which is always easier said that done.

The sacred Sabian Symbol for this new moon is “A Greek muse weighing newborn twins in golden scales.”  Meditate on this symbol for personal meaning. Astrologer Dane Rudhyar suggests it is the intuitive weighing of options. “Golden” is usually a symbol of connecting to Great Spirit by whatever name you call it. Twins is often a symbol of balancing the feminine and masculine, and newborn suggests new projects or developments.

On a lighter note, the Sun leaves Cancer and moves into Leo on Wednesday, July 22nd bringing in a month that focuses on individuality and your children. This will give you time to relax, play and enjoy your family, and to really strut your stuff.

At the same time, talkative Mercury is making a challenge to assertive Mars and wounded healer Chiron in impatient Aries. Watch for verbal abuse in politics as the conventions gather, or angry words because the protests are still going on. The saving grace is that compassionate Neptune is making a harmonious trine aspect to the New Moon. This supports introspective activities and taping in to your empathic and intuitive side.

Love Yourself through Change Candle/Heart GraphicWednesday is a friendly day as Mercury is in harmony with eclectic friendship planet Uranus. Explore innovative ideas and meet people who are not in your normal friendship range (or maybe you are the weirdo in their circle!). The Sun is entering Leo and the Moon is ending its 2 1/2 day run through Leo, so hearts will be open. Leo is the sign of a leader, so use this energy to seek out the limelight on shine it on YOU.

Accomplish items on your “to do” list on Thursday and Friday under a productive Virgo moon. This helps you feel good and relaxed about being social on Saturday when the Moon moves through harmony-seeking Libra.

Sunday is another social day with some possible but minor emotional bumps, so let minor irritants roll off you like water off a ducks back. Then shake yourself off while leisurely laying out in the Sun to dry.


Stargazing — Week of July 13th through July 20th, 2020

Stargazing — Week of July 13th through July 20th, 2020

Mercury ended his retrograde cycle on Sunday. The action this week falls on Tuesday when Jupiter in Capricorn oppose the Sun in Cancer. This opposition can open the door to opportunity if you keep in mind the tendency to over-extend with Jupiter energies. Jupiter is closest to the Earth at this time, so go out and look at the night sky to enjoy the beauty of this benevolent planet. Watch the tendency to feel over-optimistic, impractical, and highly self-indulgent.

Monday evening there is a dreamy aspect between the Sun and Neptune.  Meditate, watch a movie, or sit by the water while gazing up at the planet Jupiter.

Tuesday and Wednesday has the Cancer Sun opposing Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. It’s not a good time to push your philosophy or obsess on world events, but it is a good time for an introspective review of what is getting in the way of creating your goals (and external world situations are not what gets in the way, it’s your inner emotions. Try to open your belief system). Even though Pluto is closest to the Earth at this time, it’s too far away to be seen. This aspect is never easy because Pluto’s function is to seek, destroy all negativity, and transform your deeply buried internal conflicts.

With these two face-offs in play, your best bet this week is to go within, dig down deep inside and try not to exaggerate or over-react.

The Moon moves through Gemini on Thursday and Friday, great for quick social appearances or catching up on communications now that Mercury is moving forward again.

Stay close to home on Sunday as the Moon is in home and family Cancer. Prepare a family dinner for everyone, like we did in the old days. Share your feelings around the dinner table.


Stargazing — Week of July 6th through July 12th, 2020

Stargazing — Week of July 6th through July 12th, 2020


July 4th and 5th brought the final Capricorn lunar eclipse for several years. Look at the balance of your mundane needs and nurturing needs. This is also a good week to decide what needs to be finished with from either the last 1 1/2 year, or since December 2017, as we are moving towards new energy in 2021.

Although the Mercury retrograde phase ends on July 12th, it get involved with Mars on its way out. On early Wednesday, July 8thMar’s lack of impulse, control, and aggression energy is at its strongest. A Mercury/Mars square is no friend to communications, messages, or retail marketing because this short fuse that’s created can make you jump to the wrong conclusions or say the wrong thing. These three days of energy is a time to avoid arguments, disagreements as well as road rage. Relief comes along on July 12th.

Communications planet Mercury continues to be retrograde in Cancer until Sunday, but has now entered the second half of this cycle that brings delays, changes and annoying little problems that remind you that the universe is in charge of the timing, not you. During the second half of a retrograde cycle, it is time to start looking towards future projects, but keep plans flexible so you can make any adjustments after the retrograde cycle ends.

Venus has recently ended her retrograde cycle, so there is help starting in areas of relationships and money based upon re-evaluating your priorities during her review period (May 13-June 24).

Ambitious Mars in now in pioneering Aries into early January 2021, an unusually long time due to his coming retrograde cycle in September. This adds to the need to complete old business to make room for new projects in the new year. It may seem like its too early to talk about 2021, but there will be a significant energy shift next year when Saturn moves into Aquarius for the next 2 ½ years, so it’s time to think ahead. 

After the lunar eclipse, the Moon aligns with Jupiter and Pluto on Sunday. This can powerfully take you to deep levels, be it for sharing your philosophy or healing emotions. Or it can simply be a quiet end to the USA holiday weekend. The moon moves into friendly Aquarius to start the workweek. It would be good to allow extra time in your schedule as Aquarius needs freedom and activities that are not boring. Ideally, take a couple days off after the USA holiday. On Wednesday morning, as most of the USA is waking up, retrograde Mercury squares Mars. Allow extra time in morning traffic, give others a wide berth, and avoid verbal road rage.

T0hursday and Friday are much mellower under a psychic Pisces moon. Thursday is the friendlier day and Friday is the better day for romance. Saturday tells you to move faster, exercise or do projects that are physical.

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle early on Sunday and a Sun/Neptune trine brings us a softer energy. Neptune softens, Mars energizes, Saturn consolidates, and Jupiter amplifies.

Mercury’s change of direction means that communications will be easier, contracts will be executed without incident, electronics will be purchased without buyers remorse and projects left on the back burner can now be brought forward. Mercury moving forward again also means the end of travel problems, general upsets and delays, and technical difficulties,

There is a dreamy aspect between the Sun and Neptune. This aspect increases sensitivity, sympathy, and compassion. Because willpower is easily swayed by Neptune’s charisma and creative imagination, you may find yourself in an unimaginable situation with matters of the heart along with work and play. If you’re inclined to reach out and help others, this is the time to donate items or write a check to those less fortunate, or your favorite charity.

Sunday evening, take time to meditate, watch a movie, or sit by the water and watch the moonbeams play on the shore.



Stargazing – Week of June 29th through July 5th,, 2020

Stargazing – Week of June 29th through July 5th,, 2020

The week opens on a high note, but could end with a bang instead of fireworks.

On Monday morning and early afternoon, focus on existing projects or humble tasks during the void-of-course Moon.

June 30 brings the second of three conjunctions of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, between April and November. The virus went global at the first conjunction in April, so it will be interesting to see if this presents a calming influence on its path to the third conjunction in November or if the virus expands.

On the plus side, Tuesday signals large-scale achievements. Because both Pluto and Jupiter are retrograde, the focus is on your achievements from the past.

Pluto’s deep intensity plus Jupiter’s good luck along with attention to strong morals and ethics has the energy and strength to make something really big happen. The Pluto/Jupiter conjunction is rare because they only happen about every thirteen years.  What did you accomplish in 2007?

On a personal level, this is the halfway point of an eight month cycle that is helping you let go of old ways so you can expand your belief system to be successful in a globally changing world.

On this last day of June, Mercury is at the halfway point of its retrograde cycle (June 17-July 12). It’s time to start forward thinking, but allow room for changes and adjustments.

July 4/5 brings the last eclipse from the last 1 1/2 year in Capricorn and Cancer until 2027. Serious Saturn ends his brief test in Aquarius (since late March) and now moves backwards into Capricorn until mid-December to help you finish up any old business since he moved into Capricorn in December 2017.

Expect the fireworks to be hot and heavy this year on Saturday, July 4th, when our nation’s birthday coincides with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in early Cancer. At the highest energy point of thid lunar cycle, it’s traditional time to complete business projects and work out legalities or issues with authority figures.

A Lunar Eclipse on Independence Day is an indication of an ending that will affect the presidential race. I feel that Trump may drop out at the Republican Convention.

The intensity of this eclipse is an unfavorable time to schedule important events or sign any life-changing documents. Wait until after July 12th when the energies ebb and Mercury turns direct.

If your birthday falls between July 1st and July 7th, 2020/21 with be a life-changing time for you.

Mercury continues to be retrograde in Cancer until July 12th, and Venus has just ended her retrograde cycle and she is starting to move forward again, bringing activity in Real Estate and home renovations.



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