Stargazing—Week of Nov. 18th though Nov. 24th, 2019

Stargazing—Week of Nov. 18th though Nov. 24th, 2019

This is a week to stay sharp because the Sun and Mars change signs, and Mercury ends his retrograde cycle. Even though Venus aligns with Jupiter, Uranus poses a threat.

On Monday, warrior Mars moves into one of his two favorite signs, Scorpio, until January 3rd. This allows Mars to become more intense and powerful. Scorpio is one of two signs where Mars is active, powerful, and stronger than at any other time. The other sign is Aries. The trick here I that Mars can be passive, aggressive and the way to solve problems, especially legal, is by an indirect means and avoid any direct confrontations.

This is excellent for working on your ambitions or doing detective-research work. Scorpio is really good at doing projects that it is intensely passionate about, but not so good at doing things it feels lukewarm about.

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle on Wednesday the 20th. Allow extra time in traffic and keep a loose schedule in the days surrounding this change of direction. Even though Mercury is still in Scorpio until December 9th, communications, travel, and written contracts will begin to return to a normal phase. So you can get out those Christmas Cards over Thanksgiving weekend.

Friday, November 22nd,  the Sun changes its dark intensity for the happy-go-lucky view as it moves out of Scorpio into Sagittarius. This energy is fiery and energetic as well as flexible. You will experience many different things, as it’s time to look at the big picture and plan for the coming new decade of the 2020’s. The Sagittarian energy brings in the Holiday Season; it’s hopeful, calls on us to be joyful, express our faith, and show charity for those less fortunate.

Friday and Saturday are great for a party as the Sun moves into enthusiastic Sagittarius and the Moon moves through social Libra. The weekend brings in two very different messages. First, Venus connects with Jupiter in Sagittarius, giving us the traditional energy of good luck and happiness.

A dangerous storm brews Saturday night as Mars opposes Uranus for the only time in 2019. This energy between Mars and Uranus is military and unpredictable increasing the potential for accidents, violence, and major, serious and disturbing weather patterns. 

We are all reminded that everything may not be okay and the boundless optimism and who-cares attitude of Sagittarius needs some grounding along with common sense.

A lucky Venus-Jupiter conjunction occurs Sunday morning, (Nov. 24th) so buy yourself a Saturday and Monday lottery ticket.



Stargazing—Week of Nov. 11th through Nov, 17, 2019

Stargazing—Week of Nov. 11th through Nov, 17, 2019

Besides the honoring of Veteran’s Day, Monday the 11th marks the halfway point in the current Mercury retrograde cycle. This brings in a rare transit when this small planet can be seen as a black dot crossing over the face of the Sun. You can see this event in North America but you will need to use a telescope. On average, there are about thirteen special transit of Mercury in each century. The next one will be in 2032. This transit may not effect people directly, but it signifies important information that can include warnings of dangerous and upsetting weather disasters and disturbing and disruptive travel plans. Things could beome more complicated because Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio, which carries a dangerous mixture of misunderstandings and crises.

The tone shifts from cleaning up the past to doing behind the scenes preparation for coming projects, possibly including upcoming holiday travelAn uncommon astronomical event will be Mercury transiting across the face of the sun. Although there is not a big astrological thing to say about this, there is help in communicating who you are to the world.

This transit preludes the Full Moon is on Tuesday November 12th at 20 degrees Scorpio. This is a time when the unconscious come to light and makes the next two weeks a time to wind down artistic projects, complete your fall planting for sprig flowers, consolidate your savings and review and restructure your portfolio.

Where do you need to strengthen and persevere in your life, and what needs to be released? Time for a Little Bit of Luck as love and money Venus is moving into alignment with lucky and expansive Jupiter, and is exact on November 24th. This is a buy a lottery ticket combination. Remember that luck comes in many different ways; and in the case of a lottery ticket, if it is your lucky day then one is enough.

Wednesday is a great day to gather with friends or associates to communicate your ideals and higher vision. Watch your dreams as they could carry some important messages.

The weekend is under the influence of a Cancer Moon, great for planning your Thanksgiving weekend and  tending to home and family issues.


Stargazing—Week of Nov. 4th through Nov. 10th, 2019

An Aquarius Moon on Monday is excellent for meeting with friends and opening to new ideas for the greater good. Late Monday-early

Tuesday, Mars is square Pluto, a rude planetary combination. Election Day could be tricky with this difficult square dominating the skies. You can rely on the Sun and Mercury, who are standing in the wings offering help. The results of the voting at the polls could become a battleground. Expect difficult confrontations and power struggles. Watch for breaking news all wee as to how this conflict plays out and effects all elections this year. Avoid forcing issues and give angry people a wide berth. This squaring energy is a warning to stay away from trouble spots and avoid confrontations.

The positive side is to take action to transform your life and let something go, be it stuff, people, or attitudes and behaviors. The rest of this week flows easily so you can get in a groove and just keep going.

Friday and Saturday have pleasant social planetary combinations, and the Moon will be in Aries, which helps you get moving in a physical way. The Sun trines Neptune on Friday, Nov. 8th, activating your imagination and creativity.

This aspect is tempered by a call for law and order, because the Sun makes a sextile to rule-loving Saturn that same day. This is the last Saturn-Neptune sextile of 2019, which brings the potential for the material and spiritual worlds to unite. This is empowering to Monday’s 11/11 because the next time these two planets meet up at this angle again will be 2031.

Finally, this aspect could bring warnings of large-scale weather disasters and disturbances to your travel plans. When you add Mercury Retrograde to the mix, expect delays as well.

STARGAZING—Week of October 28th through November  2nd, 2019

STARGAZING—Week of October 28th through November 2nd, 2019

Time moves backward this week bringing a slow down along with three weeks of blocks and confusion.  Mercury retrogrades on Halloween, Thursday, October 31st through November 20th. Then, on Sunday we turn the cocks back from Daylight Savings to Standard Time. At least we gain an hour of sleep. A positive sign shift for Venus, making a nice connection with Mercury will ease some of the pressures.

The sun opposes Uranus on Monday as part of the energy from Sunday’s New Moon. This can disrupt sleep patterns or just give you too much to think about when you should be sleeping. 

On Cabbage Night or Goosey Night, October 30th, Mercury and Venus join together for their swan song of 2019. This combination has a brief but positive impact on real estate because the energy favors buying and selling.

There is an abundance of planets in the fixed signs, which means that endurance is good but flexibility and adaptability are difficult. Add to that an emphasis on the water element, and you can bet that deep, hidden emotions are coming to the surface. It is important to pay attention to those irrational emotions because they are attempting to cleanse and heal that which has been stuck in a hidden place far too long.

Wednesday is good for communicating in relationships as talkative Mercury aligns with relationship planet Venus. However, you don’t want to make carved in stone decisions now because Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio on the next day.

With Mercury turning retrograde on Thursday, October 31st, hidden emotions rise to the surface, and that can include other things coming to the surface as well. The secret’s out and the jig is up. Boo!! Happy Halloween.

This is the time to take a “time out” and evaluate your growth, successes, and failures over this past year. It’s also a time when old friends, lost objects, or missed opportunities can show up again.

Mercury is retrograde in private Scorpio until the 20th. It is good to communicate your deeper emotions and look at your financial plan as the communications planet moves backwards in the sign of sex, death, other people’s money, and taxes.

The downside of Mercury retrograde is confusion with all communication, information, probems with your devises and any electrical appliances, along with changes in your travel plans. Also, it’s never a time to sign important documents or contracts without checking out all of the fine print.

There is always a sigh of relief when we reach All Saints Day on Friday, November 1st, especially when Venus leaves intense Scorpio and moves into Sagittarius. This sign shift almost brings in the lightness of the Holiday Season, bringing a not of optimism and confidence to both your relationships and finances as well as a desire to take risks and push boundaries.

Saturday night — Sunday morning is a time to “fall back” because Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 am on November 3rd. The days get shorter and the nights get longer until next March.

Stargazing—Week of October 21st through October 27th, 2019

Stargazing—Week of October 21st through October 27th, 2019

The week starts on a comfortable note, but the energy gets more difficult as we move toward a challenging New Moon on the weekend.  The moon in nurturing Cancer on Sunday, Oct. 20th. Adding to this is loving Venus making harmony with spiritual Neptune on Monday. It’s a perfect time to focus on romance and creativity. Enjoy this time because by Wednesday you’ll be singing a different tune when the Sun moves from Libra to Scorpio, the sign connected to upsets, crisis, and transformation.

Tend to you “to do” list Wednesday afternoon through Thursday under an efficient, hard-working Virgo Moon. The sun also moves into Scorpio on Wednesday, adding a bit of emotional intensity to the purifying Virgo moon. This shift marks the time of year when the earth prepares for shorter days and longer nights with the colder weather pulling our life force downward, along with the falling autumn leaves.

On a spiritual level, it’s time to go within and get rid of your physical, emotional, and spiritual dead leaves; release and let go. Prepare yourself to be ready to move forward with your personal and beautiful focus in the springtime in 2020. Just remember that through crisis we can get rid of the waste clinging to our minds and bodies. Natural healing treatments and therapy offer some marvelous options. Whatever way you choose to heal and let go, Scorpio’s goal is always ascension and self-transformation.

Make time to play on Friday and Saturday under a social Libra Moon. Friday evening is the better day for sharing because Saturday brings in some minor emotional bumps.

The New Moon is on Sunday October 27th at 5 degrees Scorpio. There is no telling how this intense Scorpio New Moon will play out because it is on the opposite side of the sky from “expect the unexpected” Uranus in Taurus. There is an abundance of planets in the fixed signs, which means that endurance is good but flexibility and adaptability are difficult. Add to that an emphasis on the water element, with deep, hidden emotions are coming to the surface.

The first challenge is a frustrating square from warring Mars to strict and disciplined Saturn which means that you have to work harder than ever to manifest what you want. This energy is followed by a Sun-Uranus opposition in Scorpio/Taurus, which can bring anything from nervous tension and separation to exciting encounters and unexpected surprises. It is important to pay attention to any irrational emotions because they are attempting to cleanse and heal that which has been stuck in a deep inside your hidden place for far too long.

The dark silence of the Scorpio New Moon is the best time of year to use this crisis energy to transform yourself by clearing out any person, possession, attitude, bad habit, judgment, or job that no longer has a value in your life. This always opens the door of unlimited realities to set an intention and establish new beginnings.

Sunday morning brings in another challenge between action oriented Mars and slow-but-sure Saturn. Part of you wants to get moving and another part of you cannot get your energy going to catch up with your fast-moving mind. With Mercury turning retrograde on October 31st through November 20th, hidden emotions rise to the surface to be faced off and dealt with. This can include other things coming to the surface in the outer world as well. (Think politics).

STARGAZING — Week of Oct. 14th through Oct. 20, 2019

STARGAZING — Week of Oct. 14th through Oct. 20, 2019

There is an abundance of action planets now in Cardinal Signs, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. Yesterday’s Full Moon in Aries represents individuality and independence. It is where you must pull yourself up by the proverbial bootstraps and pioneer a new path.

At the same time, the Sun in Libra seeks comfort through sharing and relationships. Ideally, you balance your need for self-expression and partnership. The challenge comes from “let go and let God” Pluto and boundary-setting Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn has you looking at the long-term future and Pluto is asking you to release that which is not going to the future with you. Don’t feel like something is wrong if you are feeling pulled apart at the seams; it’s just the Universe helping you to realign yourself.

All this push-pull energy sets up a power struggle. Bringing possibilities of backbiting, arguments, hidden secrets, and manipulations that could involve your parents, the higher-ups, or a spouse. This energy comes from someone who has or has had power over you. Even though this is the last force coming from this mix, it could get very ugly. Be careful and curb your temper, especially if matters become legal.

The Moon moves into hard working Taurus Monday until early evening Wednesday, urging you to get something productive accomplished. Your imagination will soar and your energy level is turned on high. The only challenge to this is Mercury making harmony to visionary Neptune on Tuesday afternoon. Write an outline of something you want to create, write, or film, because these ideas could come into form in 2020. Communicate your higher vision or allow time for visualizations to bring you some inspiring ideas.

The Moon moves into Gemini on Thursday and Friday. That’s great for short, quick projects, conversations, or activities that do not require much focus. Pick up a pad and pen, doodle with your writing skills and see what comes forward.

Saturday is quietly pleasant under a nurturing Cancer moon. Begin to plan for Halloween with your kids, or Thanksgiving Dinner with the family. The evening brings a time for comfort food and sharing with your family.

Sunday brings a grounding sextile between Venus and Saturn. This brings in a foundation to commit to your relationship or a financial project/purchase.

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