STARGAZING — Week of March 30th through April 5th, 2020

STARGAZING — Week of March 30th through April 5th, 2020

The Moon is in her quiet void-of-course phase Monday, so important starts and decisions are not favored. Also on Monday, Mars moves into idealistic Aquarius until mid-May. Try as it may to get things moving on Monday there are upsets and delays. This supports stepping out of your normal routine, inventing something new, technology, and meeting friends or making new friends.

Tuesday is a bit serious as Mars aligns with practical Saturn in Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius represents electrical Uranus, bringing a sudden upsurge in a radical, new direction. Tend to business because forward progress is blocked for now. The harder you try, the worse it can get. This energy lasts throughout the week.

Venus enters Gemini on April 3rd, and Saturn has something to say about that. Venus will retrograde in Gemini so it will remain in this chatty, social sign longer than usual. This represents a year when it may be harder than usual to commit to one relationship. This Air Sign prefers diversity vs security and she will be retrograde from May 13th through June 24th, giving you a hint of what is shifting in terms of love, money and your values.

Just to mix things up a bit more, there is a Venus-Saturn trine on Saturday  so it’s best to stay with “the Devil you know” now and wait until mid-next week to explore any other options.

After the major worries and concerns over the Corona Virus Saturday, April 4th brings us a bit of luck and relief. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, lines up with serious and focused Saturn. This is one of the major alignments of the year because it brings us large-scale achievements. (Hopefully a cure for the virus) This is the first of threee alignments of Jupiter with Pluto and the focus is our morals and ethics. Let’s hope it brings us the right stuff to make something big, helpful, healing and wonderful happen.

Ambitious Mars aligns with the triple alignment planets in Capricorn this month, adding to an already intense year. Perhaps it will help governments with the health decisions and economy problems we all have been facing lately.

Stargazing — Week of March 23rd to March 29th, 2020

Stargazing — Week of March 23rd to March 29th, 2020

Saturn temporarily moves into Aquarius on March 21st until July 1st to give you a hint about what is coming in 2021, when the restructuring planet fully moves into the sign of higher ideals and revolutions.

Sunday through Tuesday - Mars aligned with Pluto is very assertive and powerful, but you don’t want to be walking on the bad side of town late at night under this combination.

The New Moon in Aries is on Tuesday the 24th (5 degrees Aries). Similar to the recent spring equinox, all of the planets are packed tightly within one-third of the sky. You benefit by focusing your energy on that which is most important to you- and that means what you really want to do, not what you “have” to do. This strong blast of energy offers the best chance of the year to make a new start and meet any challenges with confidence and courage. If you take advantage of this energy now, it can make all the difference for the rest of 2020.

The new moon is aligned with the planetoid, Chiron, the wounded-healer. This famous healer released his suffering from a mortal wound by giving his immortality to Prometheus on a rock. Chiron then died immediately, only to be put into the constellations for eternity without the suffering. (From Mark Dodich, Astrologer-Portland, OR.)

Is there something you are ready to release?  An Aries new moon is ready to courageously pioneer a new path. However, if you are half-horse and half-human like the centaur, you may need to work on those new goals in stages. A sacred Sabian Symbol for the degree of the new moon is “A triangle with wings.” You may have two or three things pulling at you at the same time.  Meditate, think deeply, and be aware that you have the freedom of choice here. Find your own personal meaning for the month ahead.

One suggestion is to tap into the trinity, to transcend your current situation by raising your energetic frequency above the vibratory level that first created the situation.

The rest of the week flows smoothly. Relationship planet Venus is making harmony to Jupiter and Pluto at the end of the week. Friday, Venus trines Jupiter and together they radiate happiness and good luck. This is a generous and transformative opportunity to open to relationships on a deeper level.

On the weekend, Venus trines Pluto making it easy to focus on something that will grow into a success. Let’s begin to get things going!


STARGAZING—Week of March 16th through March 22nd, 2020

STARGAZING—Week of March 16th through March 22nd, 2020

This is a surprising and action-packed week, with Spring opening her doors. We have two sign changes, and two different conjunctions that will send our energy flying off in different directions.

Five planets are in earthy Capricorn and Taurus.  Get practical and tend to projects where you can gain tangible results. An interesting shift is coming throughout the world as Saturn temporarily moves into Aquarius on March 21st until July 1st to give you a hint about what is coming in 2021. That is when Saturn, the restructuring planet, fully moves into the sign of Aquarius, the sign of higher ideals and revolutions.

Mercury returns to Pisces on Tuesday after briefly moving retrograde into Aquarius. Sort through ideas that you had during the recent Mercury retrograde cycle to decide which ones you want to work on and which ones were fantasy driven and need to be released. St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday is under a serious Capricorn moon. Celebrations are still pleasant, but likely more subdue this year. They may not have the New York City Parade because of the virus concerns.

The Spring Equinox is on Thursday March 19. All of the planets are bundled up in less than one-third of the sky. A chart cast for the next three months under such a concentration suggests that you are best served by focusing your energy on a limited number of projects or activities that really call to you. The Sun moves into Aries bringing a generous amount of energy and excitement as we enjoy the first day of Spring, with the Spring Equinox. This “bundled” energy is extremely good at doing what it’s focused on, but not so good at doing those things that have to be done but you really don’t want to do them. Also, there will be less travel or reservations for travel.

Use this powerful day to do some checks and balances with your life. These certainly are troubled times, and on the day the Earth becomes balanced it a perfect time to “tune in to that energy” and bring balance to yourself. Although these needs may contradict each other, make an effort to balance the mundane projects with the need to get out of your rut.

Next month, the virus threat should lift a bit and you’ll have a surplus of courage, an adventurous spirit along with thrills and excitement with some positive new beginnings. Take the lead, even if you don’t usually do that.

Because the moon is at the last quarter phase, the challenge is to consolidate your energy so that you are not running around unfocused all over the place. There is a combination of being practical with the need to explore new options.

Get out of bed early on Friday morning and get moving. This can range from exercise to ambitious projects. Mars and Jupiter are aligned, and that means taking action and making it big.

Saturday has boundary-setting Saturn moving into “I don’t want any sort of boundaries," Aquarius temporarily through June. This gives you a hint or teaser about what will come when Saturn changes signs starting in December 2020 and throughout 2021, when Aquarius energy increases. It’s an especially important time for those born between 1990 and 1992 because it’s their first Saturn return (age 28-29) – and always impacts one with a major change in their lives.

Saturn returns to Capricorn in July, as it retrogrades, and re-enters Aquarius in December for 2 ½ years.

Mars – also in Capricorn makes two major conjunctions this week that promises to have very different effects. A positive Mars/Jupiter conjunction on Friday, March 20thbrings confidence, enthusiasm with courage, making it easy to start something new. Upgrade your technology, learn a new software program, explore new groups and organizations, and come up with ideas that will give you more flexibility and freedom.

Stargazing—Week of March 9th through March 15, 2020

Stargazing—Week of March 9th through March 15, 2020

Pay attention to your dreams on Sunday morning as the energetic Sun aligns with psychic Neptune. On one level, this visionary energy opens you to a higher view of the universe. On another level, you may have to adjust your internal routine system after changing your clocks ahead  to Daylight Savings Time. Venus aligns with Uranus on Sunday, so it is a good time to share with friends and participate in group activities.
The Super Moon Full Moon is on Monday, March 9th at20 degrees Virgo. Ruled by Mercury, this bright planet represents completions and endings.

A supermoon is a full moon or a new moon that nearly coincides with perigee—the closest that the Moon comes to the Earth in its elliptic orb.

This moon is favorably connected to Jupiter and Pluto. This supports opening your belief system to bigger ideas, and then making a plan to bring them into operation in your daily world. However, this energy is nothing to mess with. Treat these days and this planetary combination with care and respect because unexpected problems can emerge out of nowhere and can cause some pain and regrets. Somehow, the past can come back to bite you. It’s a tine to face facts, get realistic about your circumstances, and release your stringent standards of perfection or “how it should be.”

Later in the day on March 9th, communications planet Mercury is ending his retrograde cycle that began back on February 16th. Emotions are likely to go through phases now, so just get in the flow and keep moving. Take a deep breath of relief as mercury comes back and is fully functioning. As it moves forward again communications will be easier, contracts can be signed, and your electronics will be back in good working order. Your projects that have been in hold can now proceed to successful conclusions. Also, it’s the end of travel snags and confusion and technical difficulties. Let’s hope that it’s also the end on the Corona Virus scare.

At the same time, the moon makes a harmonious trine to the asteroid Vesta. This heart goddess wants to spend time off in her sacred temple, sacrificing lower order activities for higher awareness and service. It’s is also a good time to re-connect with old friends or to reach out to meet new people or explore new groups.

On Tuesday morning, the moon moves into social Libra until mid-day Thursday. This happy energy is amplified Wednesday morning as the sun joins with generous and optimistic Jupiter. It would be a great morning to meet a friend for breakfast. Do something that makes you feel like the world is all right. 

Friday brings pleasant lunar aspects under a Scorpio moon. The moon brings feel-good connections that want to share on deeper, emotional levels.

Saturday is an energetic day. Get out in nature or go to a party. Be with people you can laugh with and enjoy the moment.

Sunday, March 15th brings us the Ides-of-March under a Scorpio Moon. This energy can unveil some of your darkest, deepest desires. Meditate on them to see if you can manifest them into reality. The results could be quite surprising

Stargazing — Week of March 2nd through March 8th, 2020

Stargazing — Week of March 2nd through March 8th, 2020

March comes in like a Lion! In the first days of March you have Pluto running square the Sun and Mercury. If you feel situations are too demanding emotionally, it’s the pull from these planets energy. Be aware and use your wisdom to keep clear of getting too emotionally involved. Pluto brings us our karma and we begin to take things seriously. Try to lighten up.

Be slightly careful about worry and anxiety in the first two for vivid visualizations in positive environments, but fear and anxiety in negative situations.

Mercury is still retrograde and will be zigzagging between Pisces and Aquarius as the month unfolds. On the 4th, while it’s still retrograde, it will backslide into Aquarius and challenge your deepest values and philosophies. Chin up, only a few more days to go.

Venus squares Saturn on Tuesday, March 3rd. This will stress out relationships that may already be under fire. It may be easier to work out any issues on Wednesday.  Mercury moves back into rational Aquarius on March 4th for the next two weeks, moving out of emotional Pisces. The logical messenger relates well in the air sign of Aquarius.  Communication gets better. The Sun and Mercury are in harmony making you intellectual and inquisitive. Use the time to review your projects and get the details in order.

Venus moves into Taurus on Friday, which means that love and values move into harmony for the next month. Before Venus gets too comfortable, it meets up with Uranus on Sunday for a bit of a bumpy day. This energy is sure to bring you a surprise, either with your relationships or financial matters. Whenever Uranus comes to visit, it’s always best to be prepared.

Mars is solidly placed in Aries right now. That is excellent for getting jobs done. Mars is beneficially working with Uranus and Pluto for the next two weeks. Use the extra potent energy powerfully.

This weekend is the time to “spring ahead.” Daylight savings time begins at 2 am on Sunday morning, Mach 8th timed with a Sun-Neptune conjunction. The dreamy nature of this event can help make up for the hour of sleep we’re losing. Keep your dream journal handy.


Stargazing — Week of February 24th through March 1st, 2020

Stargazing — Week of February 24th through March 1st, 2020

Mercury turned retrograde in Pisces on February 16th, and will go back into Aquarius before the cycle ends on March 9th. Love and money Venus moves into Aries shortly before the Leo Full Moon on March 8th. That should give you the “fiery energy” to get moving by opening your creativity and intuition to pioneer a new path. This energy also asks you to balance your relationship needs with you independent needs. Perhaps it is time to begin a new path in relationships and/or come up with new ideas to make money.

It’s a great time to pull back from the world, meditate and tune into your higher vision. Give yourself sacred space to “feel” if your path needs to be adjusted, and what that might look like. Pisces is associated with intuitive abilities, so it needs to access the inner space often to allow the vision to come to you, This can be difficult - with the outer world pushing you creating too many things to do. However, in doing so you will be more focused and achieve success on a higher level.

There is an abundance of planets creating action and activity, so expect to be constantly shifting while on the move. Love and money Venus is challenging you to move much faster on a new path, while Jupiter is supporting your efforts while urging cautious expansion. It is important to open to new possibilities now, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately drop that which is working for you in the present moment. There is always a bit of a balancing act as you go beyond the veils and limits of the material world and these issues must still deal with it.

Monday has nice planetary aspects with the feeling oriented Moon still in Pisces, bringing you support for gentle assertiveness and/or exercise.

 This physical and quietly ambitious energy continues on Mardi Gras Tuesday and Ash Wednesday as the Moon moves into more aggressive and athletic Aries. If you’re planning to go to Mardi Gras on Tuesday, it could be quite a fantasy run as the Sun merges with a retrograde Mercury in dreamy Pisces.

Ash Wednesday brings in the season of Lent, a time to fast, cut back, lean on Spirit, and prepare for the Easter and Spring season.

Friday morning brings some minor relationship challenges, so don’t force issues or get into any heavy discussions. Friday evening is much more supportive for communications and exploring a new and perhaps out of your routine activity.

The Taurus Moon on Friday asks you to do something productive and then reward yourself. However. There is also a Venus-Pluto square that can intensify relationships by bringing up hidden issues and secret disturbances.

Saturday brings us the extra day if the year. February 29th, known as “Sadie Hawkins Day”, is a day when the female takes charge and proposes. This could be anything from a marriage to a fabulous business merger.

If we didn’t add this extra day every four years, the calendar would be off by twenty-four days. Leap Year, traditionally the day of role reversals, has been around for thousands of years and always falls in the presidential election year for the United States.

Although this tradition may not carry much weight in the new millennium there are still power struggles going on between genders as evidenced by the current “Me Too” movement.

Sunday brings us March 1st so here is a rundown of what’s coning in on the astral plane.

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle on Monday, March 9th after briefly dipping back into Aquarius. Take action and move energy Mars is in productive Capricorn until the end of the month. He pushes the three planets in this year’s Capricorn alignment, Saturn-Pluto- and Jupiter between March 20th-31st, so expect action along with some extra hard work.

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