Stargazing—Week of February 17th through February 23rd, 2020

Stargazing—Week of February 17th through February 23rd, 2020

Ambitious Mars moves into hard-working Capricorn Sunday morning for six weeks.This is a build for the future combination and rewards are available for hard work and long-term planning. Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces on the 16th until March 9, so allow room for adjustment as plans change.

There’s an energy shift on February 18th when the Sun moves into the emotional sign of Pisces through March 20th. This fish lives exclusively under water, meaning it can drown in emotions. The Cancer Crab and Scorpion can also live on land. Remember, Pisces is a duel sign and has two different sides. Many Pisces are tender-hearted Souls with artistic and musical talents along with a romantic and compassionate nature. However, the other side is fiercely trying to escape reality through addictions, compulsion, and dependencies. As you pass through these energies you could reflect a bit of both sides. The extreme sensitivity and emotions may make things a bit more difficult.

As an interesting coincidence, the Moon moves into Capricorn on Tuesday and Wednesday as the Sun moves into Pisces. Use all this Pisces-Capricorn energy to open to a higher vision that can come down to earth for mundane use in your life. This is a perfect to meditate and manifest a dream into a reality.

Keep a close watch on your health this next month because all of these emotional ups and downs can weaken an already delicate immune system.

Thursday and Friday are good days to step out of your regular routine. Get together with friends and try something new, be it a new restaurant or activity. The Aquarius moon is great for exploring new groups and innovative ideas. Sparks can fly on Friday, February 21st when Mars in Capricorn trines Uranus. There’s a lot of uncontrolled physical energy available and if you can channel it, this weekend is an excellent time to make something unique happen.

The Moon moves into Pisces on Saturday, just before it is new on the 23rd. Watch a good movie or listen to music on a quiet Saturday.

The big day this week is Sunday the 23rd, with the New Moon in Pisces. This New Moon nearly alignes with communications planet Mercury retrograde. Give yourself some sacred space to “feel” if your path needs to be adjusted, and what that might look like.

The February New Moon is the darkest and calmest point this month, holding all the right stuff for making any type of new beginning, The Pisces New Moon has a double blasé of Pisces energy and offers you a once-a-year chance to meditate, use your inner vision, inspiration, and compassion to release old habits, addictions, or dependencies and begin a new routine that will benefit your health and spiritual path.

Pisces is associated with intuitive abilities, so it needs the time and inner space to allow the vision to come to you, That can be difficult with the outer world pushing you with too many things to do. However, take the time.

There is an abundance of planets in action and adapting signs, so expect to be constantly shifting while on the move. Love and money Venus is challenging you to move much faster on a new path, while Jupiter is urging cautious expansion. It is important to open to new possibilities now, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately drop that which is working for you in the here and now.

As you can tell, there is a bit of a balancing act as you go beyond the veils of the material world into the other realms, and must still deal with it. Persevere because you’re building your personal stairway to the stars!

Stargazing—Week of February 10th through February 16th, 2020

Stargazing—Week of February 10th through February 16th, 2020

The Moon is in efficient Virgo until Tuesday afternoon. This helps you work on all those things on your “to do” list as well as getting your IRS Tax information organized. You can accomplish a great deal of practical tasks early in the week, and then the tone becomes more social. Because Mercury is now slowing down to turn retrograde on the 16th, the mid-week is a good time to catch up on all your calls, texts, and emails.

Capricorn continues to have a strong influence on the world with South Node, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all in Capricorn. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is separating but still is active with the powers of business and government bodies expanding (Jupiter) and transforming (Pluto) as they try to work through their own countries karma (Saturn).

Those born under the sign of Capricorn must watch out for health issues related to overworking. They are workaholics with this combination. The balance between work and family can be stressed if they don’t go home and balance family life with work life.

scorpio horoscopeBeginning late afternoon on Thursday the 13th, the moon moves into emotionally intense Scorpio through Saturday morning, including Valentine’s Day. Be prepared for conversations that can take you to deep and potentially vulnerable levels. Not to worry as there are happy lunar aspects all day on the 14th to go along with Scorpio’s desire to keep it very real. Scorpio has a well-developed B.S. detector –and knows when you’re dishing out malarkey, so tell the truth even if it is something others don’t want to hear. (but always be kind).

Saturday is a better day for loud parties and outdoor activities when the Moon moves into adventurous Sagittarius.

Mars moves into Capricorn on Sunday, February 16th adding more intense energy to a sign that needs some peace of mind at this point. The Capricorn goat wants to reach the top of the mountain and has all the energy and power to do this over the next 6 weeks.

Mercury retrogrades in Pisces on the 16th. After his challenging retrograde in Scorpio in November of 2019, we may feel some anxiety over his backpedaling in another Water sign. During the next three weeks, it’s important to take an intuitive approach to matters. Logic may fail and reason may hide unreasonable assumptions, but our internal compasses will be more on target. Of course, intuition can fail as well as reason, so the advice for this time -- is to go slowly. Get lost in the caverns of your inner vision, and take some time off from pressing forward.

Stargazing — Week of Feb. 3rd through Feb. 9th, 2020

Stargazing — Week of Feb. 3rd through Feb. 9th, 2020

February should settle down after last month’s lunar eclipse activating the same area of Capricorn as the triple alignment planets Pluto (death & rebirth), Saturn (restructuring) and Jupiter (expansion of belief systems); But please do remember that those three life-changing planets will be working close together all year.

Communications get more emotional this week because Mercury moves into Pisces on Monday. Feb. 3rd for two months, because it retrogrades through half of February and part of March. It’s difficult for this logical planet to move through the emotional sign of Pisces, and it may seem as if you’ve lost your common sense.  The plus side is that Mercury brings vivid imagination and creativity, which is great for writers, researchers, and film makers.

Although Mercury can inspire you to live your dreams, it can also help you to be a convincing liar and perhaps abuse drugs and alcohol. This planet turns retrograde in Pisces on February 16th and then will go back into Aquarius before the cycle ends on March 9th.

The Love and money planet Venus, moves into Aries on Friday, Feb. 7th shortly before the Leo Full Moon on the 8th. This is a time when the Lovers planet focuses on it’s own needs instead of those of others. If you are a giver more than a taker, this passage will bring you some lessons for the next four weeks. The Aries energy should give you the “fire” to get moving by opening your heart and pioneering a new path. It also asks you to balance your relationship needs with you independent needs. Perhaps it is time to pioneer a new path in strengthening relationships or get out to meet new people. Map out a plan to come up with new ideas to make money.

The big, bright Full Moon in Leo late Saturday night, Feb. 8th is strongly illuminated by the opposing Aquarius Sun, providing us the best time of the year to bring leadership issues to a head as well as personal, creative projects and/or anything to do with children to a successful and positive conclusion.

Rest up on Sunday as the moon is in its quiet, introspective “void of course” phase. Journal your plans for next week and into the coming Spring Equinox in mid-March. Plan ahead!


Stargazing — Week of January 27th through February 2nd, 2020

Stargazing — Week of January 27th through February 2nd, 2020

Relationship planets Venus and Mars are active early in the week. Venus kicks it off when it catches up to Neptune in Pisces on Monday, January 27th. February is heart month and it also brings us Valentine’s Day. This energy can bring you la new romantic love or more compassion toward the one you already love. However, you need to be careful about those rose colored glasses because Neptune is famous for illusion and showing you something that’s not really there.

Be aware that Venus turns retrograde in May and Mars turns retrograde in September, it is useful to pay attention now for any hints of things to come later this year.  Keep a journal because those people you meet now could become more significant in your life in the fall months.

Clean your desk and exercise on Thursday. It’s time to get organized and move around a little bit

The month ends with the moon in its quiet void-of-course phase until it moves into Taurus on Sunday afternoon, February 2nd.

In February thoughts and communications become more emotional as mercury moves into Pisces. It’s difficult for the most logical planet to keep its common sense with the Pisces sea of emotions swirling around. Your values, relationships, and ambitions are being tested now to decide what is real and what is an illusion.

Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces and will move back into Aquarius beginning on the 16th while Mars moves into Capricorn the following day, helping to put physical effort into that which you want to create .

Stargazing—Week of Jan. 20th through Jan. 26th, 2020

Stargazing—Week of Jan. 20th through Jan. 26th, 2020

The Sun moves into Aquarius on Monday, January 20th and if you can take off the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday, do so. The Moon is in Sagittarius seeking an adventure, and the Sun makes its annual move into a new sign which is an air sign and wants freedom along with something out of the ordinary.

Aquarius’ focus is on groups and brings in people of a brilliant mind, which is why Aquarians make good scientists and researchers, along with good astrologers. This sign brings us the outsider, the rebel or black sheep of the family and is known for going against the flow.

This coming month of Aquarian energy won’t be warm and fuzzy energy, but it’s excellent for being practical and using your head, pushing boundaries, and making the big changes you have worked for and desire, at last!

Wednesday has a fairly quick challenge as the Sun squares Uranus. It’s certainly not the day for “my way or the highway” ultimatums. This square with Uranus produces a restless and out-of-sorts type of energy. Remember that you cannot force change but must be in harmony with the universe to make changes when they appear and are supported.

Thursday morning is a better time when loving Venus makes a gentle harmony to generous Jupiter. Where a person may tell you “no,” regarding some idea on Wednesday, they are more likely to say “yes,” on Thursday. It’s time for us to step out of our comfort zone and the energy builds toward Friday’s New Moon. As the Chinese New Year approaches, make this week the best time of your year by breaking away from the old and creating the new. This is the New Year of the Rat and brings with a continual moveable feast of planet aspects throughout 2020.

The New Moon is on Friday, January 24th. This is an excellent New Moon to reach out to old friends as well as exploring new groups, friends and organizations. Although it’s not the most beloved of animals, the Rat can “eat” its way through anything, has fabulous, sharp instincts, and sharp wittedness. The Rat is ranked first in the Chinese Zodiac for its strong spirit, awareness, shrewdness, flexibility, and vitality.

A sacred Sabian Symbol reflects this: “A council of ancestors is seen implementing the efforts of a young leader.” Meditate on this symbol for personal meaning in the month ahead. A message could be that it is important to take ancient wisdom and apply it in the modern world in a way that is compatible with planetary evolution. It’s time to open to new ideas and find a way to bring them into the mundane world. Although that may be uncomfortable, there is help available from an ongoing emphasis from wise and reliable Capricorn learning to blend with innovative Aquarius. Perhaps it’s time for a revolution.

Strategic planner Pallas is making a harmonious trine to revolutionary Uranus, so make a plan to bring that revolution into your life without completely disrupting it. Perhaps a friend or family member is moving in. At the same time, Venus is aligned with Neptune, making this a great time for intuition, compassion and romance and is exact on the 27th. However, this combination can get lost in fantasy and illusion, so pay attention to what is real and what is illusion. This begins the Chinese Year of the Rat, an industrious year ahead.


Stargazing — Week of Jan. 13th through Jan. 19, 2020

Stargazing — Week of Jan. 13th through Jan. 19, 2020

On Monday, Jan. 13th, the Sun approaches the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that occurred on Sunday, deepening the tension to any serious issues of the moment.  Later that afternoon, relationship planet Venus moves out of Aquarius into gentle Pisces until February 7th where it will feel natural to be more compassionate than usual. This is great for romance and spirituality, but illusions and fantasies are also a possibility. Don’t misjudge your tolerance with alcohol and medication.

Wednesday is the best day of the week because the Sun and Moon are in balance and harmony in Capricorn and Virgo.

Thursday things are social under a Libra moon. Idea planet Mercury moves into inventive Aquarius from January 16th to February 3rd. The mind is super-sensitive with Mercury in Aquarius and thoughts are moving through you quickly and communications between brilliant to off center as well as bizarre. This is great for sharing your ideas and opening up to new groups, friends, and organizations. Deep emotions are present over the weekend under a secretive and private Scorpio moon.

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