STARGAZING–Week of April 24th through 30th, 2017

STARGAZING–Week of April 24th through 30th, 2017

We can all expect a highly active start to the work week. Mercury makes a happy trine to Saturn on Monday. This helps you to communicate tangible plans, healthy boundaries, and put your ideas into action. Remember that Mercury is retrograde until May 3, so ideas and plans will shift over the next month. Be flexible to change.

Full Reading with Follow UpCommunication and Love are the stars for this week because Venus has turned direct and Mercury teams up with Uranus. Monday Mercury trines Saturn, both in fire signs. Review and Renew are the words to heed when Mercury is retrograde, and as this is the 2nd team up with Saturn, you can go over what happened at this last aspect – and get it right this time. This is the chance to make it good, follow through, or get it right. That way you can avoid any kind of cosmic shake up by Saturn.

Wednesday we have the success of double Taurus energy, plus a New Moon. Earthy Taurus is ready to accomplish something in the up-coming month. It’s the kind of activities and projects that you can point to with pride (like publishing my book that was supposed to be completed in December, 2016!). The Taurus New Moon is the one where you roll up your sleeves and get to work in order to manifest your needs and desires in a very tangible way.

In esoteric astrology, Taurus is associated with the phrase “harmony through conflict.” This suggests that you must find your inner center and not get sucked into the fears and chaos of the outer world. This New Moon is free of conflict and promises to help you start something long-lasting and beautiful over the next few weeks.

Perhaps you can use this New Moon to see beyond social boundaries that separate people, be it Republican vs. Democrat, Christian vs. Muslim, or skin color. Goddess Venus is at the last degree of the zodiac now in Pisces. The last degree of the last sign represents an ending. It’s over, so what are you ready to release?

You do need to try new things, meet new people, and explore new possibilities- in other words, step out of your comfort zone to see what is available. Re-frame your thinking so that you are not mentally locked into preconceived notions.

Mercury aligns with Uranus on Friday, suggesting you get out of your normal routine. This is a good combination for friendships, exploring new places and groups, or inventing something the world needs (and with all the earthy energy right now, create something the world is willing to pay for.)

As Mercury aligns with Uranus, also in a fire sign, it gives an extra push to this harmonious triangle. Combine the Taurus New Moon with this practical revolutionary energy, and you have the ability to make money or otherwise manifest your desires.

Venus begins her second tour through Aries on Friday, which could prove to be difficult. This is a challenging time for relationships and finances. Mercury stirs the pot with its Uranus meet up on the same day. When you combine the problems of a Mercury retrograde with the erratic energy of Uranus this is certainly a time to remember the old adage, “If anything can go wrong, it will, and at the worst possible moment.” Expect major disruptions with transportation, commerce, computers, and communication of all sorts.

Saturday morning is better for running errands or tending to quick tasks. Saturday evening wants comfort and nurturing.

April ends under a nurturing Cancer moon and happy planet aspects until evening. Share a meal with those who you feel closest to. By evening, you want to curl up and for life to be quiet.

As May opens – remember - Work on future projects now, but do allow room for changes after both Mercury and Venus leave the shadow of their retrograde cycle after mid-May.

STARGAZING — Week of April 17th through April 23rd, 2017

STARGAZING — Week of April 17th through April 23rd, 2017

Adding to the Capricorn Moon energy on Monday is the Sun making a harmonious trine to Saturn. Both Capricorn and Saturn are associated with taxes, so it would not be a surprise to see many people doing their taxes at the last minute.

You can expect a few changes this week because both the Sun and Mars move into a new sign. The Sun moves into Taurus and Mars into Gemini. Also, Pluto retrogrades and Venus makes another square to Saturn on Monday. This can create a crashing breakthrough effect, but a nice one with a Saturn (Sag.) Sun (Aries) trine. You can look forward to the manifestation or result of this in mid-August.

The Sun enters practical Taurus on Wednesday and also aligns with Mercury retrograde. This alignment represents the halfway point in the current Mercury retrograde cycle, so it is time to start looking forward to future projects. You don’t necessarily make hard commitments or carve plans into stone, but you do begin to create a general plan to move forward in May and June. The gifts of Taurus bring stability, determination, commitment, and longevity. Be careful however, because the drawbacks can ne stubbornness, and possessiveness. For the next six week you should start to see the projects and plans you have made during the month of Aries begin to take root.

On Thursday, Mercury moves backwards from Taurus into Aries. Taurus had you looking at your values, desires and finances. Mercury now retrograde in Aries has you making a behind the scenes action plan for the future. It would also be good to begin or improve your exercise routine, or whatever you do to keep your blood circulating. Consider new ideas or methods to improve your material world and bring in some cash once Mercury moves forward in Taurus in the middle of May.

Pluto turns retrograde on Thursday morning, April 20th, until September 28th. This slow cycle can be almost unseen, but it helps you release whatever is getting in your way so that you are a more powerful person. This is a deeply rooted retrograde period where you will dig deeply into your subconscious and auric field and clear away things that are poisoning your mind/body/and spirit. Avoid obsessive behaviors or controlling people.

Yet another shift this week on Friday is fast Mars moving into quick Gemini until June 4th. Put action into new ideas and be willing to test and try new activities. This fast-moving energy, coming from Gemini’s love of new situations, new contacts, and new fascinations is the fuel that will keep you going, in a fun and easy way, for the next six weeks.

For the third time this year, and the second time this month, Venus and Saturn square off. The difference this time is that although Saturn is still retrograde, Venus has moved forward. This takes your thoughts and ideas and begins to move them into action. Could bring new housing or a new lover. This energy also rules money and finances, as well as your self-esteem. This is the year many of us will have to work overtime in order to stay in the status-quo of our daily routine. Be careful of promising too much. The final square is in October, settling us into our new lives and routines.

The Moon moves into Pisces Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. This is a gentle and fantasy filled weekend, great for movies, music, being by the water, and meditation.

STARGAZING—Week of April 10th through April 16th, 2017

STARGAZING—Week of April 10th through April 16th, 2017

Late Sunday evening, the moon moves into Libra as it gathers energy for the Full Moon on Tuesday. Mercury begins it retrograde cycle Sunday afternoon, lasting through May 3. The celestial weather shifts into a more sunny and spring-like atmosphere as the bright light of Tuesday’s Full Moon beings a time of finishing up projects and completions. These next two weeks are the best days to bring things to their natural conclusion as well as to end some negative habits.

Although Libra represents balance and harmony, it’s under the influence of a Uranus opposition, which means all of us need to get ready for some surprising and challenging changes.

The Grand Cross that has been pulling you apart to put you back together in a better way for the past two months has this full moon landing directly on it. This heightens the action under the signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. You want to pioneer your own unique path, yet have happy relationships. You want to nurture yourself and those who are near and dear to your heart, yet you want to serve the larger good of humanity.

Don’t pack your schedule too tightly on the days surrounding this Full Moon, because unexpected tasks or activities are sure to pop up. Also pay attention to the budget because the Full Moon aligned with optimistic Jupiter can produce emotional purchases. Jupiter believes in doing it bigger- more is better and it’s not a great time to go to an all you can eat buffet!

However, this Full Moon can help you integrate all the various aspects of your life if you don’t mind a somewhat messy renovation and realignment of your priorities. Remember that Mercury just turned retrograde for the next three weeks, so review and revise how you put all the pieces of your life into a working whole and be sure not to ignore something important.

The week flows smoothly until Thursday when the Sun begins to align with revolutionary Uranus. You just have to step out of your normal routine on the 13th. Be eccentric and try something new. Go somewhere to be around people that are not in your normal lifestyle to gain a different perspective.

The need for change and progressive action is emphasized as early as Friday the 14th when the Sun and Uranus meet up for their once a year merger. Venus, the ruling planet for Libra, is in good shape on Saturday, as the planet stations and goes direct. This energy of forward movement releases the restrictions on setting wedding dates.

The Moon moves into Sagittarius for the weekend. This supports visiting nature, parties, and philosophical pursuits. Venus ends her retrograde cycle on Saturday, so the weeks ahead will help you move forward with shifts toward your love and money goals.

All this cosmic action comes with a bit of an overlap with Venus, which is retrograde until Saturday the 15th. Your current values and the way you think about what is important to you are changing — don’t fight it — allow it!

The normal retrograde patterns are still operative as they are fixing or improving communications and transportation devices is called for as is keeping an adaptable schedule. However, this Venus and Mercury retrograde combination also helps you realign your relationships and shift your values to new ideas, and meeting new people to help get you there.

Many will enjoy Easter Sunday at week’s end. This year Easter is blessed by the creative inspiration of a Sun-Moon fire trine. As the nice weather arrives, enjoy the warmth and closeness of family and friends.

STARGAZING — Week of April 3rd through April 9th, 2017

STARGAZING — Week of April 3rd through April 9th, 2017

As our current weather on the East Coast this week, the Stargazing forecast is cloudy with limited rays of sunshine.
On Tuesday, April 4th Venus backs into Pisces for most of this month. Open your intuition and give yourself some daydream or fantasy time. Perhaps a creating a vision board is in order to help you prepare for pioneering the next step in life. (See Ascension—Accessing the 5th Dimension)

Half-Hour Psychic ReadingOn Wednesday, April 5th, Saturn turns retrograde until August 25th, so go easy a couple days before and after. This energy begins Impatience will get you in trouble. Between now and August, you benefit by looking at the core structure of how you live your life. Consider how you would like that to change over the summer months – Do you need to: move, remodel, insert more playtime, pay off outstanding bills, enter/exit a personal or business relationship (or just improve your boundaries), have a dream or project manifest, etc.

Late Wednesday afternoon Saturn makes a productive trine to Pluto. This energy, through hard work, can put you on the road to success. The good news about Saturn turning retrograde is that you can enjoy success and accomplishments as long as you are willing to buckle down, tackle anything that is thrown you way, and get the job done.  Take action to release that which must go under this helpful, transforming energy.

Although outer planets spend months retrograde, their effects are usually easier to see when they are changing direction. The keywords for Saturn in Sagittarius are “cautious expansion and conservative risk taking.” Look at your boundaries and make the necessary adjustments. Also take a prophetic look into 2018 now, because Saturn is soon to be moving into its next sign, Capricorn, its ruling sign, and favorite position. You can peek into the next 2 years of your life (starting in late December), but then you need to go back and finish old business over the summer.

With Saturn retrograde for the next five months, this is not a good time to try to change the status quo. Remember Saturn rules authority figures, like your boss, teacher, the law, and male creative force. Take note that Saturn stops in the sky in October 2017, near the end of its Sagittarius journey, where it has been since the fall of 2015. Also on Wednesday, aggressive Mars in Taurus makes a happy trine to Pluto in Capricorn.

Get your work done early on Friday April 7th, because the Sun is on the opposite side of the sky from Jupiter, a combination that wants a lot of space. No cubicles allowed! This restless energy occurs once a year, creating a general feeling op optimism. It can also open the door to travel, and broadening your perspective through foreign cultures and higher education.

The dark side of this energy can be living in a dream world, and overextending yourself and your finances. Be careful!

Saturday morning is best for whatever you want to do this weekend, because the late afternoon and evening are not good for social interaction.

April 8th is another dark day when Venus makes her second of four squares to Saturn. The difference from this one and the first square last January is that both planets are retrograde, bringing a double negative for your self-esteem, love, and your finances. Feelings of security are few and far between.

More storms roll in late Saturday afternoon as the Aries Sun squares Pluto in Capricorn. Your desires can clash with more important matters, and you can get mixed up in an intense power struggle.

Sunday, April 9th brings communication and travel problems. This is the time when Mercury stops in the sky, preparing to go into its three week retrograde on Monday. The Sun Ray is this: Mercury retrograde brings delays, lost luggage, and traffic jams, as well as being unfavorable for signing contracts, moving and beginning new projects. However, it’s perfect for cleaning out drawers, closets, and the garage, as well as reviewing the past, claiming the reality of the present, and researching the steps you can take to build your future.

A Stargazing side note: At its point of retrograde – on April 5th Saturn stops in the sky at 28 degrees of Sagittarius, exactly where the Milky Way Galactic Center is located. Restructuring Saturn aligns with G.C. this month of April 2017 - and again in December, Saturn initiates people into a higher order. Although this alignment is a bit abstract, tune in to see if you can find personal meaning to this alignment. It only happens every 29 years. The last time was in the last half of 1988, when Saturn aligned with the aerospace planet Uranus. That is when space shuttle flights resumed after the Challenger shuttle was destroyed. Look within to determine if there are any similarities to the year 1988 in your life now, in 2017.                                       — from Mark Dodich

STARGAZING — Week of March 27th through April 2nd, 2017

STARGAZING — Week of March 27th through April 2nd, 2017

There are two sign changes this week, as we enter into the month of April. The fire element is very strong now (Aries, Sagittarius), and that means we are all busy, busy, busy with our passion and creativity. There is a heavy action emphasis, not the energy to sit quietly and meditate. It’s time to shake off the winter blahs, prepare your garden, and think about Spring. Do anything you can to move your body.

The New Moon in Aries is on Monday the 27th opens the week, with an excitement and drive as the first day of spring. The only real caution is not to allow that excessive fire energy to get caught up in shiny daydreams that can lead to a string of half-finished projects. If you’re planning to begin something new for this year, this is the time to begin, before Mercury turns retrograde on the 9th.

It is time to explore new opportunities and have the courage to try out new activities and meet new people. Ambitious Mars is now moving towards alignment with dwarf planet Ceres. She was the goddess who was a healer and brought the harvest to market, so let’s do a bit of business together, healer goddess.

Use this time in April to put energy into new business projects or activities that produce tangible results. Since this combination is also making harmony to transforming Pluto, it is important to quietly stand in your power and not play second fiddle to anyone.

Wednesday March 29th brings inspiration and professionalism to any project. It’s a great day for a business lunch or to share ideas for future projects. You can use Wednesday to communicate where your boundaries are, too.

Thursday the 30th has Jupiter squaring Pluto. These two planets have been dancing together for a couple months. Things can get a little complicated, which may bring you an important legal decision or create a moral dilemma. There will be a return to these same issues at the August eclipse as well as another Jupiter-Pluto square.

On Sunday, April 2nd Venus backs out of Aries into Pisces. This can bring a sigh of relief as we can feel the masculine pressure of Aries easing off from the inner turmoil that has been going on since mid-February.

Venus continues moving retrograde until the 15th, but moving into compassionate Pisces can bring forth a new vision. There is an overlap here as Mercury turns retrograde on April 9th -May 3rd It will be a changeable spring, adding lots of twists, turns and surprises, without a doubt. So as we welcome April at the end of this week, be sure to roll up your sleeves and get busy as you move toward your personal success.

STARGAZING—Week of March 20th through March 26th, 2017

STARGAZING—Week of March 20th through March 26th, 2017

For Spring Equinox on the 20th, there is an abundance of action signs in the fire element. Spring is finally here. It’s up to you to seize the day. It’s one of two days of the year when day and night are equal. This reminds us to look at our lives and make sure they are in balance and on the right road. Four planets, along with the Moon, are in Fire Signs and that makes for a fast and busy spring so prepare to jump on the roller coaster! Prepare for adventure, plan to take risks, and new experiences to explode along the way.

Passions will be heightened, be it in your personal life or in politics! Between March 23-26, communications planet Mercury is making several challenging aspects to outer planets, so allow room in your schedule for changing energies (and Mercury is also in the preparatory shadow before turning retrograde on April 9). Prepare for politics to explode out of control. We can also get burned by higher temperatures, gas price increases, and perhaps our romantic liaisons bringing more stress. Also, a strange and hot, hot summer is on the way.

The next three months shows the warm moon aligned with cold Saturn causing emotions run hot and cold until summer. For some, this will manifest as home and/or family responsibility. A planetary pattern called a Grand Cross has been operating in Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer for a few months now, and it continues causing stress for the next three months. It brings the feeling that one thing sets off another which then sets off another, like a cascading effect. Or it can feel like you are being pulled apart in several directions at the same time.

Some people will continue this “pulling you apart” action, and others will be ready to start to reintegrate the new you. Understand, this newness will most likely be after June 9th when Jupiter ends his retrograde period that matters begin to settle down. Some people will feel it earlier after Venus and Mercury are done being retrograde on May 3rd. Basically, you are balancing your sharing needs with your independent needs, your nurturing needs with your practical responsibilities.

Mercury will be highly active March 23-26. It hits all of the points in the Grand Cross listed in spring equinox above. Avoid forcing your opinion on Thursday and give extra space to verbally obsessive people. Positively, you are challenged to communicate on a kinder and deeper level. Early on Friday morning, Mercury opposes Jupiter. Communicate your higher ideas in a way people can understand them, and do not be involved with gossip or with superficial chit-chat.

On Friday night and Saturday, Venus aligns with the Sun, indicating the halfway point in her retrograde cycle (March 4-April 15). Venus is also changing from being an evening star to a morning star, a more aggressive position for the Venus energies in asserting needs and desires. She moves from being an evening star, to being invisible in the sky, to becoming a morning star. During that time Venus has her annul meet up with the Sun in Aries, where she is challenged. Not only is she invisible at that time, but she is more into the me first attitude rather than the you. Luckily this energy only lasts about a week or so.

Perhaps it’s time to clean house. The housework of the Soul, where you begin to act on your internal decisions regarding who and what is in your life now; time for some changes?

With the Moon in soft and dreamy Pisces, Saturday and Sunday support romance, movies, graceful music, and acts of compassion.

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