My NEW Path is Illuminated by the Light of Truth.
I can see my destiny unfolding.

As we all experience this cosmic rebirth,
a new path and a new life begins!

Meditation for APRIL 2024

Now withdraw into the center of your heart. Meditate on the perfect lilies. This beautiful spring flower lies at the temple of your heart. Its petals are opening to the Sun – every petal gleaming and glowing with the Light. There is an ineffable light in the heart of the lilies.

Become enfolded within these petals, in a soft pearly light. You are within the temple of the lily, the Sun pours down into the heart…opening up the doorway to all empowering, unconditional Love. You are a part of this radiance and one with all of humanity, within the heart of the Spring Lily.

Think of Spirit, and meditate on the pink and white Lily, one of the first flowers of Spring. You are looking at this Lily from afar, as something outside of you. But it is within your heart, as is Spirit, always!  There is a Light within the heart as well music coming to you from the Lily, the flower of Hope and Promise. The light from above and the light from within the Lily blend as one…as you swoon into the bliss of Divine Love.

May God grant me Health, Protection and Guidance.


The SUN has entered AIRES

Symbolized by the Ram, Aries initiates the energies following the Vernal Spring Equinox. Regardless of your personal Sun-sign, play the role of the pioneer and chieftain, the leader in unknown waters, as Aries represents. Imagine yourself to be a seed in the ground of Spring, sprouting as a dynamic vessel of life, reaching upward to absorb the powerful rays of the sun. Spontaneity, assertion, and a great love of adventure are natural expressions of Aries. However, steer clear of immaturity, selfishness, and reckless pursuits. Aries is the first of the three Fire Signs, with a flair for the dramatic, but fatigue and rushed energies can extinguish even the strongest flame. Remember that energy and persistence and a progressive spirit can unlock the magical creativity of your mind.

The good news, Aries, is this will be a good but life-changing year. Unfortunately, it may take until year’s end for everything to come together, which is sure to try your limited patience. The career path you make this year will continue to influence your life and stay with you for many years to come. This effort will reach its peak seven to ten years from now.

 With the dawning of the 2024 Spring Equinox, we all have begun a new path. Pluto has moved into Aquarius and is known as the death/transformation planet; The full solar eclipse comes to us on April 8th, and appears across the United States from the Mexican Rivera, across, and over the North East onto Canada.

Also, in April, Uranus energy is electric, sudden and quick and comes together with Jupiter on April 20th. Rarely does life remain the same once this lucky transit is complete. The effects seem to be irreversible. It pushes people too in some way, cut ties with the past and move on to new endeavors. 

This is what the energies are asking you through the spring months. Although some of you could experience a layoff, releasing you to move on to a greater career after that experience, for the most part, you will feel a secure background of energy strengthening your position for significant achievements. If you want to try out for a reality show on TV, this is the year to do it!  These energetic, positive planetary lineups will never again happen for you in this lifetime!  Anything goes.

Chance encounters and networking can trigger romantic opportunities. If you are looking for a new partner or to strengthening an ongoing relationship, 2024 promises to be a year to remember. The more you pay attention to subtle comments and shifts, the better prepared you’ll be able to act when the time is right!



INGUZ — FERTILITY—New Beginnings—The Hero

This Rune is akin to the moon, to the yin, the intuitive energy with its urge toward harmonizing and adjusting the sphere of personal relationships. It embodies the need to share, the yearning to be desired, a search after similarities.

The completion of beginnings is what Inguz requires. It may mark a time of joyous deliverance, of new life, a new path. A Rune of great power, Inguz indicates that the force is available to achieve completion, resolution, from which becomes a new beginning. It may be timely that you complete a project now. If so, make that your first priority. Perhaps a difficult state of mind can be resolved, clarified, turned around. The appearance of this Rune in the month of April, 2024, indicates that one must fertilize the ground for one’s own deliverance.

All things change and we cannot live permanently amid obstructions. With deliverance comes the release from tensions and uncertainty. As you resolve and clear away the old, you will experience a release. The period at or just prior to birth is often a dangerous one. Now it is time to enter the delivery room. Movement involves danger, and yet movement that is timely leads us out of danger. The Rune Inguz signals your emergence from a closed, chrysalis state. Prior to “breaking out” you may be required to free yourself from a rut, habit or relationship, a deep cultural pattern or some activity that was quite proper to the self you are leaving behind.

Inguz counsels preparation. Being centered and grounded, your space cleared of all unwanted influences, and seeing the humor, you are indeed prepared to open to the Will of Heaven, and can await your deliverance with a calm certainty.

Don’t be afraid to make the leap or take the chance.


CRYSTAL: Diamond – Clear Quartz

  Diamond: Enhances brain functions. (Aries rules the head). Aids alignment of cranial bones. Breaks up blockages in Crown Chakra, as well as the personality. Master Healer! Dispels negativity. Purifies physical and the etheric bodies. Reflects will and the power aspects of God. Enhances full spectrum of energies in mind/body/spirit. Alignment to the Higher Self. Creates abundance, innocence, purity, faithfulness.

  Clear Quartz:  Enhances the crystalline properties of the blood, body and mind. Activates and enhances the pineal and pituitary glands and stimulates brain functions. Creates emotional balance. Amplifies thought forms. Has a full spectrum of energy and activates all levels of consciousness. Dispels negativity in the energy field within the environment. Receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy. Excellent for Meditation. Enhances Higher Self and inter-dimensional communications with Spirit




From: Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson, published by Bear & Co.


The Elk

Your antlers reach for the Sun,
Show me that strength,
And stamina are one.

Elk wandered through the forest looking for a partner. The mating season was in full swing, and the bucks that usually traveled with the other males had dispersed to find mates for the season. As Elk bellowed his mating call through the forest, his bugling alerted Mountain Lion that a feast could be in the making.

Mountain Lion circled Elk, getting closer to his prey moment by moment. Elk sensed the impending danger when the forest grew suddenly silent. He broke for the high country when he spotted his pursuer, but Mountain Lion was not far behind. As Elk made a running leap for the timberline, Mountain Lion gained on him, but Elk continued to run onward, displaying tremendous stamina. Finally Mountain Lion gave up, having spent his energy in spurts, as he tried to jump over boulders to reach Elk. Elk paced himself, making headway as he climbed skyward toward the high country. Elk had no other defense except for his ability to go the distance, setting a pace that allowed him to utilize his stamina and energy to the fullest.

Elk medicine teaches that pacing yourself will increase your stamina. Elk medicine people may not be the first ones to arrive at a goal, but they always arrive without getting burned out. If you have taken on too much recently, it might be a good idea to look at how you plan to finish what you have started without ending up in the hospital.

Elk have a curious kind of warrior energy because, except at mating time, they honor the company of their own gender. They can call on the medicine of brotherhood or sisterhood. In discovering the strength which is gained from loving the gender that is your own, you will feel the comradeship that arises from the similarity of experience. This is a special medicine that allows the friendship of others of your same sex to overcome potential competition or jealousy.

Elk has arrived on the scene for April, 2024. It may be telling you to seek to company of your own gender for awhile. You may need a support group to realign yourself with the stamina of the warrior/ warrioress that you are a part of. This communication with others of your own sex allows you to air your feelings in safety and to get feedback from others who have had the same experiences. You may need a new sense of community, which brings communication in unity.

Elk could be telling you to look at how you are holding up physically to the stresses in your life, and to pace yourself so that you maintain an equilibrium of energy over the distance you plan to cover. Vitamins or high-energy foods may be one source of strength, along with some personal quiet time and meditation for replenishment. You might be forcing yourself and stretching yourself thin, like a rubber band, to the breaking point. Be careful of undue stress levels, or you might just create an illness to force you to take a very necessary break. The Spring Season brings a stress of its own, so this could be double trouble if you are not careful.

On the other hand you may not be honoring your desire for companionship with the opposite sex, and you may have forgotten the excitement of the mating season. If this is the case, you may find that your best option is to invite friends of the opposite sex over for dinner, or an afternoon outing. This is not to say that you would be sexually interested in these friends, it is merely a suggestion that an exchange of opposite energies could be rewarding.

If you are in a relationship or marriage, it may be that the “honeymoon” is waning and that you need to stir up some excitement. Persistently creating a “change of pace” is the kind of stamina needed for any relationship to last.

In all cases, Elk is telling you to look at how you choose to create your present pathway, and how you intend to perpetuate it to reach your goal. Your best weapon is the same as Elk’s. Stop when you need to, persist when you need to, and allow room for change and the exchange of energies.




This is the section for Healing Requests. We ask that you give a daily prayer for one minute concerning the current situation in America and for a quick resolution of these issues. Through the power of group prayers, healing take place spontaneously. You can be of help to many others, as well as your loved ones, with one minute of silence at 7:30 pm EST every Sunday evening anywhere in the world, with a prayer for the recovery of health to any and all who send in their prayer request to this web-site. What is needed is the name and birthdate of the ill person, along with a diagnosis , if possible. When you email your request to be placed in the Healing Circle of Light, please put in the subject line – Healing Request – and you will see positive results!

We have had thousands of responses.
Keep the Prayers going for all concerned!


present and future


The April 8th New Moon full Solar Eclipse in Aries brings a shakeup, leading to breakthrough with health care and personal healing. There is no better time than now to reach out to estranged loved ones.

The April 23rd Full Moon in Scorpio brings a time to be sure not to allow others to control you or discourage you. It may be better to leave a group rather than allow others to keep you down.

ARIES: Polarity: MASCULINE  Sign: CARDINAL – Element: FIRE – Planetary Rule: 1st House /Mars – Head and Face and Brain – FOCUS: I want!

The Personal Signs:

ramARIES (3/21-4/20)

Mercury retrogrades April 1st through the 25th, so expect a lot of communication mix-ups. The workplace gets busy. Expect to spend time correcting mistakes. If you’re single, with Venus is Aries, you could think about tying the knot mid-month. With the Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 8th, you could marry the love of your life. A working project could have some disappointment and delays now. Best wait until May to follow up. A work promotion offer could come at month’s end.

 TAURUS (4/21-5/21)

As April opens, prepare for the first Mercury retrograde of 2024. The New Moon Eclipse on the 8th asks you to check your diet and health routines. A hidden family matter comes up for your attention. A colleague asks you to lunch mid-month and wants your help and expertise with an urgent matter. You butt heads with a professional who gets a bit nasty at month’s end. Get to the bottom of the problem before it becomes a legal problem.

 GEMINI (5/21-6/20)

Mercury retrogrades on April 1st so don’t hurry to sign any legal or important documents. At the Solar Eclipse on the 8th you could begin in anew direction relating to membership in an organization. You may be discussing financial strategies with your banker or financial advisor. Your neighbor kids sports team need uniforms and new equipment. You decide to make a substantial donation and enjoy attending a game where they show off their new outfits at month’s end.

crabCANCER (6/21-7/22)

Mercury retrogrades on April 1st, advising you to double-check your facts and figures before mailing out your taxes. Limit travel plans and go with the flow when scheduling business meetings that have sparse attendance. The Solar Eclipse on the 8th makes you particularly vulnerable to romance and love. Watch your step! Your career shines with center-stage attention at month’s end.

lion LEO (7/23-8/22)

Expect confusing communication from far off places when Mercury retrogrades on April 1st.Best to put your plans on hold until after the 25th when the communications planet goes direct. Expect to make travel plans to meet up with someone who has been out of touch in recent years at the April 8th Solar Eclipse in Aries. There’s tension at the home base at the Scorpio Full Moon on the 25th, when family members demonstrate petty annoyances. Don’t play into the hands of one who may have a bigger axe to grind.

virgin VIRGO (8/23-9/22)

Mercury retrogrades on April 1st and it won’t be to your advantage to start a new project, sign contracts, or purchase a new car. Get to know more about a new romantic prospect this month, Virgo. Discover their favorite haunts and make dinner reservations for the two of you. Vacation planning dominates priorities at the Scorpio Full Moon. Your dilemma is whether to book domestic travel or go out of the country.

scalesLIBRA (9/23-10/22)

April brings Mercury retrograde in your 7th House of partnerships. People, partners and potential enemies occupy your mind and time. It’s not really funny when a lot of mix-ups happen. With the Solar Eclipse on April 8th, load up on self-confidence and take advantage of several career opportunities that could lead to a significant raise. By the end of the month you could hear that someone wants you to fill that opening.

eagle SCORPIO (10/23-11/22)

The Aries New Moon Eclipse on April 8th focuses on daily routines, work environment, your health, and pets. Give some thought to making friends with a new co=worker. Somehow, this could lead to meeting a new romantic interest. A sibling may talk to you about your parent’s estate matters. If you don’t have answers, suggest that you both sit with your parents and help them make a plan. You get news of performance bonus at month’s end, allowing you to move forward with some necessary house renovations.

archer SAGITTARIUS (11/23-12/21)

Mercury retrogrades on April 1st. It’s best to slow down a bit by finishing assignments you’ve been working on and waiting until it turns back direct on the 25th before signing any documents, starting new projects, or taking a vacation. A gathering of relatives takes place for the Easter Holiday You may be sharing interest quotes from your banker for an investment or home repair loan. You take an interest in your local community and attend some important town meetings at month’s end.

goat CAPRICORN (12/22-1/19)

Mercury retrogrades on April 1st, in the middle of you yard-planning negotiations. You could also be planning the sale if your home. At the New Moon Aries Eclipse you ay neglect to add some important wording to a contract. Be aware! Table spending mid-month, no matter how important it seems. Work issues could exhaust you this month. You find time for some rest at month’s end.

water-bearer  AQUARIUS (1/20-2/18)

You could find yourself in some confusing dialogue when Mercury retrogrades on April 1st. It won’t really be an April Fool. Keep a low profile at work, spending time doing mundane tasks until Mercury turns back direct on the 25th. Cherish time you spend with siblings mid-month when you take time to catch up on family news and the health of older relatives. There is tension at work when unclear works are confusing in an important report at month’s end. Work with the best team of troubleshooters you have to restore integrity.

fishesPISCES (2/19-3/20)

Mercury retrogrades on April 1st through the 25th in your 2nd House of finances and values. You may not benefit from signing any loan papers or buying a car at this time. However, doing some comparative shopping can be extremely helpful for any May purchases. Obey the rules of the road and watch your traffic signals during Mercury retrograde. A possible upgrade and new job opening arrives at month’s end.

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