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Chinese Astrology 2018

Chinese Astrology Chinese New Year 4718, or 2021 in the Western calendar, is the Year of the Wood Ox. The year of the Wood OX begins on February 8, 2021   The next Chinese New Year will begin on February 12, 2021. That year will be the Year of the Ox – for the...

My Accurate Predictions  For 2017

My Accurate Predictions For 2017

Accurate predictions from 2017 – written in Sept. 2016 There is conflict with China, Russia, and the US as the satellite computers are hacked, using a new, far reaching technology. – began in Spring 2017 Japan initiates an arms race in the Far East – predicated by...

A Look At December 2017

A Look At December 2017

There are two big things to talk about this month. Mercury will be retrograde in Sagittarius from December 2/3 to the 22nd. This communications breakdown cycle calls for adaptability, especially in your upcoming holiday travel plans. It is also good to do some behind...

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