Why Believe in Past Lives and Future Lives? — Explaining Your KARMA

Why Believe in Past Lives and Future Lives? — Explaining Your KARMA

As some of you may know, I am able to write out some of your life Karma for you. Although I don't go into future lives, I remind everyone that we set up our future lives by the way we choose to live this one. A Karma Reading is also a wonderful, insightful gift to others, and can open the Spiritual Heart to knowledge and a deeper understanding of how this Universe works. Below I have tried to explain karma, reincarnation, and what we experience in the afterlife. This information came from my out-of-body experience on the island of Maui, Hawaii in the late 1980's. You can read the details in my latest book, Unlimited Realities.

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Belief in Reincarnation

Most of us do not reach the State of Being in one lifetime. Through reincarnation the soul is allowed to be born again, through multiple times, until it finally reaches The State of Being. Each lifetime brings with it lessons and challenges for the Soul to experience so it can repair its transgressions, and heal. This is the only way we can improve our character and life quality.

Belief in Reincarnation is necessary to,

1. Lead a life based on what we need to learn and experience to bring strength to the Soul, allowing it to ascend by changing it vibration levels.

2. Attain The State of Being


When we are leading a life based on the Laws of Karma, we often realize that people who are leading an abandoned life have a better standard of living. This is paradoxical because we are taught that God should reward us and punish sinners. However, the belief in Reincarnation enables us to explain this paradox. We can suppose that we have committed sins and made karmic mistakes in our past life, and the sinners, enjoying a better standard of living, comes from their past-life karma bank. If they could realize that living a life walking the spiritual path would enable them to create better living for the welfare of the society, they could choose whether to waste their good energy and not carelessly throw it away in their current lifetime. By throwing away their Karma earned, the next lifetime promises to be event more difficult and possibly tragic for them.

The State of Being — and Belief in Reincarnation:

Whenever our life is ruined beyond repair the best option is to start a new life. However, to attain The State of Being we must not make even small changes in our life style unless the opportunity is presented by Divine forces. The belief in Karma and Reincarnation enables us to work from within concerning the fluctuations in our life. We can block fluctuations in our current life with imaginary successes and failures in our past life and allow unemotional thoughts to enter our conscious mind. Absence of changes in life would enable us to discard the voluntary force needed to deal with a change; thinking, talking, and action. This would enable us to lead a life with pure involuntary force, by being "in the flow" and accepting the energies of the current moment or whatever the day brings to us — which is meant by living in the Flow with your Blessed Higher Self.

Reincarnation is real because when a person die's he she or it will be taken from the dead body and put into a new Light body. The you ascend to either the level you departed from or a higher or lower vibration. "In my House are many mansions." At the end of this lifetime you will withdraw your energy from the physical body, and the soul returns to its "pod school." (That place from where it came at birth.)  Then, with your invisible guides and teachers, you go through a life review and assimilation process in preparation for your next round of learning by choosing to create another physical existence. You will, while in your Soul School, choose where, when, and in what kind of situation you need for what you choose to learn. These are your karmic energy choices based on whatever you could not learn or master in your current past life. This will build you new character traits. We all are born with character traits and that is the only thing we take with us when we drop the body, or pass into our new existence. This includes choosing your parents. This process will continue until you have reached the State of Being on the Earth plane, where all experiences, how they occur, and what they mean, are understood. When you can realize and hold the State of Being on the Earth plane, you will have no further use for a physical body or the subconscious mind to recreate your desires or store the accumulated understandings. This is what Jesus taught and accomplished. You can as well. The number of lifetimes it takes is unknown. 
Reincarnation — becoming  flesh again after death in this  world, is a very essential part of belief in God. The concept of reincarnation is important because some people say that this life is the only life there is, and are not open to any sort of discussion about past and future lives. However, as Shirley MacLaine says, "80 or 90 years are way too short for the Soul to learn and  process all that it needs to." Some people believe that after we die, that we are reincarnated -which means that our souls are born again into another body. There are many ideas and theories regarding reincarnation.
It's very presumptuous but there are proofs of reincarnation. It's our denial state of mind that doesn't accept this reincarnation theory. I read books authored by Dr. Brian L. Weiss and it changed my perspective and upgraded me with the knowledge of reincarnation...conscious...unconscious. (Many Lives, Many Masters) Edgar Cayce wrote about and recorded may examples of reincarnation. (Reincarnation and Family Karma)
There are those people/religions that will say that they have been re-incarnated or believe in it but there has never been any real proof. However proof and evidence are totally different concepts. Circumstantial evidence does exist in the form of carefully documented unusual childhood experiences. Recently a three year old girl firmly said to her mother, "Don't you remember that I used to be your Mother is our past life?"
The Spirit only reincarnates, not the body, so you would not look like who "you" once were. Hardly ever does a spirit actually remember who it was as a person in a past life. Upon reincarnating the spirit gets a new body, and because of the physical realities of life, it develops a new personality and can even be a different sex. There have been some rare past-life regression information that has proven to be true, through ancestry research. (The Search For Bridie Murphy - 1956)
The July 12th Solar Eclipse – In Cancer/Capricorn

The July 12th Solar Eclipse – In Cancer/Capricorn

Solar Eclipse (New Moon), July 12 at  21 degrees Cancer
Eclipses generally work in the same polarity of zodiac signs for about 1 1/2 year and then appear again in about 9 years. This is the first solar eclipse in Cancer since 2011, so it is the harbinger of changes that will be bigger next year. The year 2019's eclipses are in Cancer/Capricorn, bringing us some reversals and changes to our way of living. Many of the comforts we have enjoyed as a nation, state, or community will possibly be removed and we will have ti begin all over again.
Cancer is associated with children and we have already has a taste of this energy in the news. Our children have been in the news due to immigration policy, the boys trapped in a cave, and by challenging adults to deal with gun laws.
Eclipses tend to be emotional, and Cancer being a water sign, has abundant emotions. Through daily meditation and connection to the invisible but helpful energies, creating balance between being in touch with and expressing your emotions you can avoid getting lost in emotional drama. Pluto, the planet of Death and Rebirth  is opposite this eclipse. This will effect the area in your chart that rules Capricorn, causing you to go to deep, deep into your emotional depths to heal and release old wounds or to deal with challenging emotional topics.
On the personal level, it would be great to nurture yourself now. Some people will be fixing up their home while others will be buying or selling a home in order to create the next level of nurturing and security. Cancer is associated with family and food, so this summer is great for family gatherings. The soul destiny nodes move into Cancer and Capricorn in November, so this is just the early appetizer of shifts to come. Housing and construction will be in demand, food prices may rise, but we could also begin to feed the poor and hungry will new innovations as we move along. Expect to see a reformation of how lunches are served in school. and the deterioration of fast food chains and the public becomes more aware of their dangers to the human body.
A Solar Eclipse usually represents new beginnings that come from connecting to and accessing your deeper, spiritual levels. Step aside from your ego and/or fear based-demands to really get in touch with what your soul needs and wants. Ask yourself if what used to nurture you still does, or is it time for shifting values and priorities to find something new.
Watch for news under the path of this eclipse in Antarctica, Tasmania, and southern New Zealand.
If you'd like to set up a time to set up your personal meditation practice, or know how these energies will effect your life, contact Elizabeth Joyce.
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My Accurate Predictions  For 2017

My Accurate Predictions For 2017

Accurate predictions from 2017 – written in Sept. 2016

There is conflict with China, Russia, and the US as the satellite computers are hacked, using a new, far reaching technology. – began in Spring 2017

Japan initiates an arms race in the Far East – predicated by North Korea and China
Began in October 2017

Kim Jong falls from power in late 2017 in N Korea – soon to happen within ranks of his own people

2017 will be a good year for the Stock Market in the US - for the most part - until the end of August. (IT'S GONE TO THE HIGHEST POINTS IN STOCK MARKET HISTORY)
Right on!

The UK is seen as a safe haven as the pound (Brexit) strengthens. Great Britain, India, and Australia join forces and for a positive economic alliance. (Brexit, a term coined in 2012 before becoming mainstream political currency last year.) Happening through the fall months of 2017

The Euro Dollar’s value will drop below the US Dollar in 2017.
Happened in Spring 2017

The new US Dollars ($20 and $5 bills) will be rejected by the public. People protest over the Andrew Jackson prejudice as America shifts away from being politically correct.
They are now removing Jackson’s likeness on the $20 bill

The first war conflict Donald Trump has in in the South Pacific with China and the Philippines. They will pair with Russia to straighten out the situation. Right on!

Several people will resign from Trump’s staff within the first 3 months -- because they want to hang on to the "status quo." However, mid 2017 will be a really good time for investments as the economy takes off again and regains a lot of ground due to new investment opportunities, more jobs, and economic growth. (IT'S BEEN LIKE A REVOLVING DOOR IN WASHINGTON DC) HaHaHa!!!

2017 shapes and creates new legislation this year. Trump tries to close down the United Nations, creating some much needed changes at to how they function.
The new income tax forms for 2018 eliminated the 1040 form. Right on – happening now.

International legislation bans plastic water and juice bottle since they do not disintegrate, threaten our plant and animal life, and turn to poison when left in the heat. In the fall months of 2017 comes a flu outbreak that attacks and destroys the immune system. Thousands will perish, especially in third world nations. India just passed this law.

February brings a time when major secrets will be revealed over the next four months. Triggered by the first of the 2017 eclipses. – The sex scandals

New laws are placed – that seem drastic. (Came true in Jan. ’17 – more to come)

People are becoming more self-reliant and the Do It Yourself movement will build over the next year, so Home Depot and Lowes, as well as your local hardware stores, will boom. Also, classes in DIY techniques. Is happening and continues into 2018.

We can expect flooding – storms – catastrophic water storms
More earth eruptions in Iceland and Italy — Both volcanic and earthquakes Right on!

Powerful new technologies are about to come forth in medicine, energy, robots, and many other ways. (2018 will be a year of drones everywhere and becomes dangerously annoying,)

Another Supreme Court Justice passes away, bringing another appointee from Donald Trump. There will be lots of fighting and arguments about this matter, splitting the country far and wide. Expect public demonstrations and riots. Happening now.

President Trump has provided the path for many new patents to be produced, which will help with disease and human mobility. This is a great step in the health and wellness department. (True – happened in late August)

Cellular regeneration will become available and affordable, and the average life span will move to 110-120 years. (True – research is continuing)

Education: The battle over full funding of K-12 in our public education schools, and how to pay for it, will keep the Legislature in session through multiple special sessions during the summer months. (Still continuing into 2018)

Water, water, water continues. Flooding, lands disappearing, mud slides and beaches being wiped out. Continued rainstorms make people get out of control. Also - fires on the West Coast and in some cities are very destructive. Storms come with howling winds. Expect the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers to come together as one, erasing large, built up areas. (Houston, Corpus Christi, Memphis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Jackson, etc.) WOW!

With Donald Trump - his office suffers tragedy. Expect many major world shake ups - North Korea, the Middle East, Germany and France. There will be violence, anger, poor communication and power plays in leadership

Expect another rainy month. Also some shocks in the entertainment industry.

Hurricane season is devastating in the US as well as the islands in the Atlantic. To say the least.

Stock Market will be up – but stays well placed until the August eclipse.
America’s West Coast and South suffers a hot, hot, hot summer again, causing horrid fires; lots of rain in the Mid-West and East Coast. Oh my

Pacific Basin fills up with warships and arms from the USA. Done

Immediate deportation of ALL illegal aliens that are involved with gangs or convicted of serious crimes.

Automatic jail sentences for anyone caught entering the US illegally two or more times.

A serious threat between India and China over the northern border of Kashmir – Pakistan may become involved and this could happen within weeks. (Predicted in my Sept. predictions and is in process.)

Clearstream the IBS (International Bridge Settlement) system for the central securities of dozens of countries does the crossover to a new no delay ETF (Electronic Transfer of Funds) which will then be the international linkage between any two central banks. (The beginning of a worldwide virtual money system.) (Done – more on this in 2018)

More secrets are revealed about our leaders around the world-causing a change in leadership. (Senators and Congressmen stepping down because of sexual scandal – after all Jupiter is in Scorpio)

Donald Trump needs to watch his health. (Between now and the State of the Union address in Jan. 2018)

Dec. 2017 – a new flu epidemic – almost as serious as the AIDS virus. (Happening now and throughout the winter of 2018)

Because of strong and intense weather changes - Some people may get migraines or sneezing fits. (Happening now – from the Hurricanes and germs coming from stagnate water)


Between the 18th and the Winter Solstice-Dec. 21st - brings deep rumblings underground and underwater and deep within the mind itself. Earthquakes - major shifts - and inner awakenings.

As we come into the last month of 2017 - the energies begin to set for next year. 2018 is a monumental fated year. It will be the year of earthquakes, major shifts in government and Spiritual Awakenings around the world. I am writing my 2018 predictions now, and will post them on New Year's Day - as usual. Spiritually people will feel the need to be connected. Many groups and cults will emerge. It's time for others to learn about the intangible - and let go of their sense of fear and dread.

A Look At December 2017

A Look At December 2017

There are two big things to talk about this month. Mercury will be retrograde in Sagittarius from December 2/3 to the 22nd. This communications breakdown cycle calls for adaptability, especially in your upcoming holiday travel plans. It is also good to do some behind the scenes preparation for future projects.Be sure to re-confirm all travel reservations. This is the year when you may not be able to get "just the right gift," unless you shopped in November. Perhaps is just won't fit, or isn't right and will have to be returned. The exchange days right after Christmas will be very busy, if not next to impossible. It's best to was and make the exchange just after the New Year.

Mercury is retrograde over an energetic point called Galactic Center, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. This represents something desired in the future, as well as aliens from throughout the Universe and scientific discoveries.  “Long term goal” Saturn also travels over this point from late November into early December. A possible meaning for this uncommon alignment is that it is time ta align yourself with a higher purpose for the New Year. Sagittarius always takes the high road and makes big plans. Perhaps it is time to teach something new, travel or publish.

The second big event of the month is Saturn moving into Capricorn for two years beginning on December 19th. This involves the very structure of your life. In the world, it has to do with taxes, infrastructure, corporations, government, boundaries, prejudice and the law.

On the personal level, it is time to step into your wise elder authority figure. (Saturn represents the hand of the Father.) Take responsibility for something larger than your personal self. Establish healthy boundaries and be willing to restructure the core foundation of your life. If you are a Capricorn or have a Capricorn rising, it is best to get your 2018 reading with Elizabeth Joyce so you can plan for what's ahead.

Winter Solstice on the 21st is under a social and friendly Aquarius moon.That's good because Aquarius is calm and neutral. Since Saturn changes signs just before this year's solstice, it promises to pack some kind of a punch. 

At the winter solstice, the Sun’s path has reached its southernmost position. The next day, the path will advance northward. However, a few days before and after the winter solstice, the change is so slight that the Sun’s path seems to stay the same, or stand still. The Sun is directly overhead at “high-noon” on Winter Solstice at the latitude called the Tropic of Capricorn.

Some winter solstice rituals include lighting the Yule log and the ringing of bells. The feast associated with the winter solstice includes the favorite foods of the family with a cake or pie with a sun image on it to represent the rising of the sun out of darkness.

Saturn in Capricorn brings us the results of decisions made recently as well as decades ago.  In the same way, today’s decisions, whether left or right, good or bad, will manifest decades from now. We are about to enter the "terrible twenties" and the healing thirties and forties, much like the 20th Century endured. Not only will the weather be crazier and colder, but there will be food, medical, and comfort shortages as well.

What can we do as people today?  Educate ourselves, believe in ourselves.  begin your meditation practice and rely on that which comes from within.  Let go of thinking that someone other than your self will make your life better.  Let go of thinking that an elected official controls the quality of your own life. In the next ten years you will see thousands of people moving "off the grid" and living a more simple life closer to the Earth.

Allow yourself to entertain the real idea that there may be more to life than just a physical existence.  Ask the spiritual world to come forth for the purpose of helping.  Entertain the idea that Spirit is “a better friend” to us than we’ve imagined. Spirit is willing to give the very best energy to help those who welcome the energies in.  Set up your meditation practice as a gift to yourself this Holiday Season. Remember, Spiritual help that goes unused or untried, accomplishes nothing.  Spiritual help only becomes practical – only works in helping us with our lives on the Earth – if it is practiced and put to practical use in our lives – by applying our Spiritual principles to the different parts of our everyday lives for the goodwill and benefit of others and ourselves. This is true balance. Who could ever imagine the Divine messages and guidance given to each individual who walks with their personal Divine connection? The healing, comfort. and peace it brigs? This is a huge step towards World Peace.

The Moon is in talkative Gemini for New Year’s Eve, making for parties, fun gatherings, and sharing your ideas. Just don’t believe everything you hear! We are moving into a stronger, serious atmosphere over the next two years. Many changes and realignments await us, some will not be easy. Enjoy your New Year's eve.


I Am Safe — It’s Only Change

I Am Safe — It’s Only Change

Change is coming as we approach the 2017 Holiday Season. Not only is Mercury retrograde through most of December, but Saturn moves from a free-flowing fire sign into a hard-core earth sign. On the darkest and longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice, Saturn moves into it’s ruling sign, Capricorn, for more that two years. Capricorn represents governments, corporations, businesses, and institutions.

As we enter this new cycle, notice what’s going on in the world; struggles with high officials, our planetary safety, and worldwide financial struggles are everywhere. Old conditions and habits are coming out into the open to be destroyed and eliminated, especially in the entertainment and political areas.

When Saturn moves into Capricorn, it joins unrelenting Pluto, and together, until 2020, will ultimately disrupt and restructure the foundation upon which we and other countries have built our culture. Other astrologers are saying that we are about to enter the terrible twenties. That is because drastic change and restructuring can be painful at best.

2018 will bring us some significant events that have already begun. There is a saying in astrology, “the energy happens before the action.” Many of the new changes approaching us as we close out this year and enter 2018, are big enough to change everything around us, our community, and the world at large.

As 2017 draws to a close, some of our well-known leaders will be exiting the planet. We begin with George Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, the underground leader/boss Soros, and perhaps Queen Elizabeth to name a few.

People will be coming together to support common causes and their distress with them. The Me Too example of women who have been emotionally and sexually abused is one step towards uncovering some dark secrets. Remember, Pluto rules sex, transformation, and death.

The Uranus/Pluto Square that has been going on since 2012 plays a part in the upcoming changes as well. Aries is fast and revolutionary and Capricorn is slow and methodical. Once again, the Sun and Venus move into this square range the last few days of 2017. On New Year’s Eve we begin 2018 with a Scorpio Moon, digging out the truth, along with this revolutionary and evolutionary square, which will set the tone for the entire year of 2018.

Let’s begin with what lies ahead of us this winter season in the Northern Hemisphere. Even though the influence of El Nino is present, there will be colder weather, as has already begun in November. There will be extra high-powered winds, and more snow and rain than usual, bringing mudslides with towns and property all but disappearing.

Disease will flair up as well, from past weather conditions. There is stagnant water in lower Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the islands affected by the hurricanes. These waters are poisonous and will be spreading a new type of influenza. The flu season will be intense, beginning in mid-December. This infection is fast moving and affects the lungs. Please begin to send prayers for healing of this condition.

After November 17th things heat up across the world. With weather it’s tornadoes, earthquakes, natural disasters, winds, and unrelenting storms.

The economy is on an upswing until mid-2019. However, gas prices will rise again this next Spring to around $6 a gallon.

We are entering an internal time of awakening. We will be given the opportunity to change from within. We must come out of this hate, judgment and anger phase that has led to mass murders and harming others.

With Jupiter in Scorpio along with the Moon on New Year’s Day, 2018 brings us a great awakening and shake up to get to the truth. People will not play along with the social rules and politically correct agenda. Scorpio digs deep to get to the truth, and bring in a higher clarity. The young people bring us a new awakening, and new ways of dealing with Earth’s pollution. As we look into our inner selves, we discover some amazing insights that bring forth new and stunning high tech ideas for advancement.

Actions and matters will be exposed in government that have never come out into the open before. There will be a breakdown in the government system as this occurs, as well as a review of history. In the early Spring, a group will try to impeach President Trump without success. Hillary Clinton will face criminal charges and her foundation comes to a close.

North Korea’s threats calm down after a major crisis. This is FATED. Matters must come to a head in order to have a healing. North and South Korea will finally unite in peace and live well among each other. The North Korean population will have to be re-educated in order to know that others don’t need to have punishment, only love, compassion, tolerance, and understanding.

The softer, feminine side will begin to emerge. More compromise as people come together. Women’s issues are brought to the light as well as more women coming into power. Also more films, music, and TV Shows that represent the feelings of people. This will establish a higher consciousness.

Love Yourself through Change Candle/Heart GraphicPeople will sense a feeling of unity and oneness. If I do it to them, I am doing it to myself. People will no longer feel separate. This can generate cults or groups with a sense of purpose.

As we go into the summer months, the year 2018 will have a very hot summer. This can be a very dangerous time for the world. With a major breakdown in government and some major issues with leaders, anger and aggression can get out of control. This can cause violence, anger and some major difficulties, especially in the cities.

By the fall of 2018 – people will be calling for a sense of peace and security based on current events.

September 2017 Predictions — The month of major changes and tears

September 2017 Predictions — The month of major changes and tears


2017 — The Year of Transition

Today Mercury ends his retrograde cycle, and tomorrow is the Annual Full Moon in Pisces. America just passed through a Full Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo, the degree of final endings. This powerful energy will take us to a deeper level within. At the same time you can make great strides to accomplish anything you desire as long as you are willing to get to work. The first part of September brings all a highly productive combination of energies.

Because the Full Moon tomorrow, September 6th, is conjuncting Neptune at 13 degrees Pisces, be willing to allow your mind to go beyond the veil of this material world, and visualize to bring your desires into manifestation. Through meditation and using your intuition, you can bring new insights into the real world for the use of mankind.

The nodes are changing on the 9th, and they represent security and protection. The energy has changed after the eclipse and this energy will change the future of this planet.

September 2017 is a fated month - and will be recorded in the history books. The weather becomes colder, with high winds, storms, hurricanes, and rain, rain, rain. Expect at least three more storms after Irma, hitting Miami, South Carolina and new Orleans. Many of the islands will be under water as well.

On the 16th the Serpent's head rises in the cosmos bringing in two week of upsets and disturbances. Expect breakdowns of governments, and leadership problems world wide. This is a huge year for our leaders of government.

Finally, in America there could be a change at the top of government because Trump becomes ill and incapacitated. The Queen announces that Charles will not be given the throne, and the title is passed on to Prince William. Kim Jong is removed from power --- and many more leadership upsets and changes.



The 25th of September or thereabouts is a day to remember as well. Something with computers, hurricanes, and storms. There also could be a death of a famous leader.

So buckle down and be prepared. Remember that September is a fated month - but please keep the prayers going. They are positive and always help the Universe stay in balance.

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