The July 12th Solar Eclipse – In Cancer/Capricorn

Jul 10, 2018 | Special Messages

Solar Eclipse (New Moon), July 12 at  21 degrees Cancer
Eclipses generally work in the same polarity of zodiac signs for about 1 1/2 year and then appear again in about 9 years. This is the first solar eclipse in Cancer since 2011, so it is the harbinger of changes that will be bigger next year. The year 2019’s eclipses are in Cancer/Capricorn, bringing us some reversals and changes to our way of living. Many of the comforts we have enjoyed as a nation, state, or community will possibly be removed and we will have ti begin all over again.
Cancer is associated with children and we have already has a taste of this energy in the news. Our children have been in the news due to immigration policy, the boys trapped in a cave, and by challenging adults to deal with gun laws.
Eclipses tend to be emotional, and Cancer being a water sign, has abundant emotions. Through daily meditation and connection to the invisible but helpful energies, creating balance between being in touch with and expressing your emotions you can avoid getting lost in emotional drama. Pluto, the planet of Death and Rebirth  is opposite this eclipse. This will effect the area in your chart that rules Capricorn, causing you to go to deep, deep into your emotional depths to heal and release old wounds or to deal with challenging emotional topics.
On the personal level, it would be great to nurture yourself now. Some people will be fixing up their home while others will be buying or selling a home in order to create the next level of nurturing and security. Cancer is associated with family and food, so this summer is great for family gatherings. The soul destiny nodes move into Cancer and Capricorn in November, so this is just the early appetizer of shifts to come. Housing and construction will be in demand, food prices may rise, but we could also begin to feed the poor and hungry will new innovations as we move along. Expect to see a reformation of how lunches are served in school. and the deterioration of fast food chains and the public becomes more aware of their dangers to the human body.
A Solar Eclipse usually represents new beginnings that come from connecting to and accessing your deeper, spiritual levels. Step aside from your ego and/or fear based-demands to really get in touch with what your soul needs and wants. Ask yourself if what used to nurture you still does, or is it time for shifting values and priorities to find something new.
Watch for news under the path of this eclipse in Antarctica, Tasmania, and southern New Zealand.
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