STARGAZING—Week of October 26th through November 1st, 2015

Oct 25, 2015 | Special Messages

Full moon with TaurusThis week’s Full Moon ushers in Halloween and a return to standard time. Even though the sun is now traveling through Scorpio, a great deal of organizing Virgo energy is present, since Venus, Mars and Jupiter are moving through this hard-working sign. You can accomplish a great deal if you are willing to be humble and get down to the simple tasks of life.
On the 25th Venus and Jupiter get together for their third meet-up of 2015. Although this is usually a positive combination that brings opportunities to eat, drink, and be merry, remember that both planets are in prickly and critical Virgo, where neither planet is very comfortable. It’s best to enjoy the positive earthy pleasures this duo has to offer, and eliminate the anxious side of Virgo that criticizes and obsesses over the small stuff. Focus on the big picture (Jupiter) and trust that everything will be all right.
A Full Moon in Taurus ushers in Halloween on the 27th. The Taurus Full Moon is a potent time for winding down projects and recycling or getting rid of people and situations that no longer have any benefit in your life.
GhostThe party day for Halloween is Friday the 30th under a social Gemini moon. The moon moves into safety-oriented Cancer for the actual holiday, which is still a good thing, just a little more protective and likes staying closer to home.
There isn’t any scary celestial weather scheduled for Halloween on Saturday, but this fun holiday is the celebration where we sugarcoat death for the benefit of our children, and remind ourselves that this it’s okay to laugh in its face. The ritual of children assuming another identity, usually more powerful that their everyday selves, as we reward their efforts by giving them candy, treats, and acknowledge one of the most important Scorpio truths; although change and transformation may be dark and scary, the final reward is worth the fear.
Mother Mary in circleWe are reminded of this on the following day with the celebration of All-Saints-Day. The autumn days are getting shorter, with fewer hours and sunlight. As October comes to a close, Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 am Sunday morning, November 1st. It’s always Spring ahead and Fall back. Remember to set your clocks back one hour.

sleeping man disturbed by alarm clock early morning
Sleeping man disturbed by alarm clock’s early morning buzz, as we lose an hour’s sleep.

Mercury is moving into Scorpio next week so our though patterns will move away from fair-minded Libra into a more instinctive level that probes the depths of our psyche to discover what is hidden underneath to uncover. This promises to bring forth some scandals in Hollywood and politics. Scorpio finds the hidden matter, mulls it over for awhile, and then brings it forth at a later date. Your communication is no longer on superficial topics, but favors deep conversations with an obsessive like, laser-like force. The next three weeks of November are an optimum time to explore mysteries and intrigue by using investigative and research techniques. Now, just sit back, as November opens, and watch what happens.