Classes Begin on September 24th, 2015

Aug 16, 2015 | Special Messages

Developing Your Intuitive Insight,
Psychic Sensitivity & Soul Development
with Elizabeth Joyce

Thursday evening – 9/24/2015 — 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM
For a 10 classes course
TO BE ANNOUNCED after you sign up

In the Doylestown, PA area


Nationally known Clairvoyant, Elizabeth Joyce, named one of the World’s
Greatest Psychics and The 100 Top Psychics of America, will teach a group of
workshops beginning on Thursday evening September 24, 2015 at 7:00 pm to
8:30 pm for a period of ten classes. The classes will show how to develop and
use your Intuitive Insight – Psychic Sensitivity. These are “How To” workshops,
based on her best selling books, teaching you how to open yourself up to receive
the higher frequencies and energies and develop your inner wisdom and

Learn how to develop your intuition with The Chakras, Dreams, Basic Astrology, Angels, Soul
Mates, Akashic Records, working with your Inner Divine Helper, and best of all,
the Seance. There is information, meditation and exercises to help and guide you
through these experiences. What to do and what to look out for, the basics of
opening up from within and working with your 6th Sense!

The Abundance
Exchange is $35/week – or $350 total.

 A book list will be provided. You cannot take individual sessions – the classes are a process.
Checks payable to Visions of Reality – Visa-Master Card accepted.
Classes held in the Doylestown area.

The classes are based on Elizabeth’s books: Opening to Your Intuition and
Psychic Sensitivity: Books Two and Three. It is recommended that you read
Return of the Bird Tribes by Ken Carey, Ascension: Accessing The Fifth
Dimension by Elizabeth Joyce, and The Immortal, by JJ Dewey,
if you can, before the course.

Expect miracles, music, healing, and deep meditations.

Session 1: Review of Level One – White Light and Chakras –
How to prepare yourself to work with higher frequencies.

Session 2: Dreams – Your dreams reveal who you are. Reveal the
meaning of your dreams.

Session 3: Astrology – How does it affect your Soul’s Blueprint?
The basics only.

Session 4: The Spiritual Chakras – Opening the Ninth Chakra
The Circle of Light

Session 5: Finding Your Room -Guided imagery to bring in
positive life experiences. Using your DNA and gaining special
access to your Inner Divine Helper and your Karmic Timeline.

Session 6: Meeting Your Guides and Angels – Welcoming highly
evolved invisible assistants to help you access the entrances to
creating and manifesting your future life. The Guides and Angels
that assist your personal Ascension.

Session 7: Out-of-Body-Experience – Soul Projections – walking
in your Etheric Body to do the service of the Divine. Listen to the
advice of your Blessed Higher Self.

Session 8: Soul Mates and Groups – Bask in the joy of finding
your Soul Partner. You may feel alone but you are not alone. Your
Future Self, Clarity, Others, Love

OCTOBER 25 (Sunday afternoon, 2:00 PM)
Session 9: Past Life Therapy -An alternative healing therapy that
releases present life trauma and disease through past life
regression work. Introduction into Soul Travel.

NOVEMBER 1 (Sunday afternoon, 2:00 PM)
Session 10: Seance and Soul Travel – bring a fresh flower (Rose).
Breath work, trance states, soul travel.

Classes in Beginner’s Astrology & Tarot Lessons available.

After you register you will be sent a verification e-mail with further instructions.

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