Stargazing — Week of March 25th through March 31st, 2019

Stargazing — Week of March 25th through March 31st, 2019

This last week in March is a time when relationships, finances, security, and communications begin moving in a new direction. Mercury turns direct along with Venus and Mars moving into new signs.

Allow extra space in your schedule on Monday and Tuesday, because a Sagittarius moon needs a lot of space and hates a schedule that is too tightly packed.  

It all begins on Tuesday, when relationship planet Venus moves into Pisces until April 20. Romance is favored as long as you know the difference between fantasy and reality – however perhaps it’s time to make some dreams come true. Venus is at its high point in Pisces and the trend towards creativity and spiritual awakening will last into May. The virtues of Venus will be at play; compassion, forgiveness and creative productivity.

Mix business and pleasure on Wednesday under a friendly blending of Venus and Uranus, with a practical Capricorn Moon providing grounded support. This may be a good day to get those taxes done.

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle in time for Thursday morning’s rush hour. Allow extra time as this planet moves forward. Watch as miscommunications clear up, the disturbance in your mechanical devices begin to fade away, and your information networks will get back to normal. Now you can complete your paperwork, sign contracts, and make travel plans.

Friday evening through Sunday is highlighted by a friendly Aquarius moon. Meet new people or do something out of your ordinary routine.

Mars is in focus on Sunday, the last day of March. Mars leaves stable Taurus and moves into airy Gemini until mid-May. This energy flow brings fresh, new, experiences and new ideas. Don’t allow yourself to get scattered, because with this air sign everything moves faster and new options arrive daily, if not hourly. So take a deep breath, meditate, pick the best option, and above all, stay focused.

STARGAZING -— Week of March 18th through March 24th, 2019

STARGAZING -— Week of March 18th through March 24th, 2019


This week brings us a Super Full Moon at 0 degrees Libra (New Beginnings) as well as the Spring Equinox.

The kickoff begins Wednesday March 20th. which brings the annual Spring Equinox and then a Full Moon in Libra. This complicates the energies for the coming three months, just a bit. The Spring Equinox has the Moon still in Virgo, and that means it is time to cleanse your body and your closets. It’s time to get organized and be more efficient. Virgo wants you to accomplish numerous practical tasks.

The Full Moon happens on the same day that the Sun moves into Aries, which can have some powerful effects over the next three months concerning whatever area Aries is located in your birth chart. Since it’s at the point of new beginnings, it’s a great time to check in with your subconscious to help bring your business and important relationships to a good conclusion.

The Sun in Aries brings a new and fiery energy to the planet over the next few weeks as it brings us Passover, Easter, and the first season of the year. With the light and darkness in perfect balance during the Spring Equinox, it’s a Stargazing reminder to check and see if your own life is in balance as well.

A third event occurs on March 21st as well; Mars moves into a harmonious alignment with Pluto, making the day a positive power day when, for real, mountains can be moved. Be careful now because shortly after this alignment, Mars squares Venus, which can bring tamper tantrums, and love-hate situations.

Friday can bring healing as the Sun conjuncts Chiron, the comet that represents our deepest wounds and brings the possibility of healing them. At the same time, the Libra Full Moon wants to be social and participate in relationships and live a life of ease and luxury. As if that isn’t enough, analytical Mercury continues to be retrograde until the 28th and is in alignment with psychic Neptune.

Get ready for some misunderstandings and communication snafus on Sunday March 24th, when Mercury retrograde joins up with Neptune. Watch out for your drug and alcohol intake.

Ideally, you open to a higher intuitive vision and then make an adaptable plan to bring that vision into reality. Or maybe you just want to sneak away for a short retreat. Be certain you know the difference between fantasy and reality under this dreamy combination. Working with your meditation practice can be very positive now.

Stargazing — Week of March 11th through March 17th, 2019

Stargazing — Week of March 11th through March 17th, 2019


This is a week when you can get a lot accomplished. With Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus we can welcome a note of stability on these troubled times. A Taurus moon on Sunday and Monday support sensual pleasures and accomplishing tasks that have tangible results.

On Wednesday the 13th, it is better to tend to all your “must do” tasks early because the later afternoon into early evening has you feeling tired and perhaps even a bit at odds with the world.

The Thursday morning, the 14th has Mars making a helpful trine to Saturn, and that supports efforts at long-term projects. This harmonious pattern brings energies of “good Cop” to Saturn in the first of two trines this year; you can work on your physical health, financial objectives as well as your career goals.

Although Mercury is retrograde for most of March, it makes several alignments this week that have positive effects on communications.

Thursday marks the halfway point of the Mercury retrograde cycle, so for the rest of March, you can begin working on new and incoming projects, but do not carve them in stone until we get out of the shadow of Mercury retrograde in April.

Knock off early on Friday if you are able. Mercury squares Jupiter in the afternoon, and that is not conducive to traffic or clear thinking. This is a day when you’re looking on the bright side of life.

Saturday, March 16th is a pleasant day as Mercury sextiles Pluto; your thought processes will become deeper bringing a greater curiosity about what lies beneath the surface for you in the upcoming months. The Moon moves into heart-opening Leo in the evening.   (It's my Birthday)



On Sunday the Moon is bright and in Leo for St. Patrick’s Day, a time so great for sharing with friends and family. Communications speed up and with all this help from Saturn and Pluto, Mercury retrograde may not be so bad after all.

Stargazing — Week of March 4th through March 10th, 2019

Stargazing — Week of March 4th through March 10th, 2019


Changes are coming in March, make no mistake about it. A mantra for you is “I am safe, it’s only change.” The major change of the month is Uranus moving into Taurus for the next seven years. Then, on the 5th, Mercury retrogrades until March 28th and we turn our clocks back on the weekend. Whew! It’s not a good month to sign contacts or begin something new.

When Mercury goes retrograde it brings us the gift of review, revise, and renew. It’s our chance to review our projects and focus over the past three months, figure out what we need to do to adjust matters and make it better by getting back on track. It’s also a time of lost articles, luggage, and missed appointments. People out of the past can re-enter your life to settle matters, and you could reconnect with old friends again.

During Mercury retrograde it is important to get your ego out of the way and to remember that there is a higher power operating in your life. In other words, you need to be reminded that you cannot control everything. With Mercury in Pisces, the focus is on the film industry, spiritual matters, artistic projects and — most of all — forgiveness.

Venus just moved into Aquarius until the 26th. This energy is great for making new friends, connecting with existing friends, and opening to new groups and organizations. Aquarians like to participate in community projects. It’s time to enhance the friendship side of your relationships.

Monday opens with the friendly Aquarius Moon from the weekend, urging you to try something new and fresh. Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday in psychic Pisces, bringing a time to open to a new and higher spiritual vision and open your heart. Take the time to meditate for your dreams to form and come true

The New Moon on March 6th is at 16 degrees Pisces. This is an interesting New Moon, and it is anyone’s guess how it will play out. There is a great deal of energy in Pisces now, which helps you practice forgiveness and compassion. It also guides and invites you open your intuition and higher vision.

At the same time, analytical Mercury just turned retrograde in space cadet Pisces until the 28th. A good use of this energy would be to take a short trip to a watery place to go beyond the veils of this material world, connect to the powerful universal energies, and determine where you higher self wants to take you next. Or maybe you just need to turn your brain off for a bit!

The other exciting and major factor this week is revolutionary Uranus moving into Taurus, the sign of security and money This energy will be with us into 2026 and signals an economic and financial revolution that will influence our world leaders and global markets for the next seven years. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was in the 1930’s, which brought about the Great Depression that preceded World War II. This time the shift could bring positive new changes in our currency, new ways of banking as well as amazing new technology that will revolutionize our world of transportation, hospital and healing, and better digital devices. We received a preview of this energy during the summer of 2018.

The Uranus sign shift joins the Pisces New Moon occurring at the same time, which adds extra juice to this startling and powerful energy. Your value system is being shaken up to make room for innovative new concepts, and that includes new people coming into your life; and many are leaving or have left in the past several months. The seeds planted by Uranus move into Taurus reminds us to follow the Golden Rule — Do unto others what you would want them to do for you,

Vow that for March, you will take stock of what is important to you and do what needs to be done to released and make room for something fresh and new.

Get physical from Thursday afternoon through Saturday under an Aries moon. It is good for taking on projects, but don’t make them too big as Aries has a bad habit of not finishing everything it starts; great beginnings and lousy endings.

The Moon is in its quiet void of course phase all day Saturday which is not the best time for important purchases or starting new projects. It is great for introspective work, although Saturday does have good social planetary aspects. On Saturday night-Sunday early AM, this change-packed week ends with the ending of Daylight Savings time, Spring ahead and Fall back. Remember to set your clocks forward one hour before turning out the light Saturday night. 

A Taurus moon on Sunday and Monday brings sensual pleasures and possibly accomplishing tasks that have tangible results.

STARGAZING—Week of February 25th through March 3, 2019

STARGAZING—Week of February 25th through March 3, 2019



Except for Venus changing signs, this is a quiet last week of February.

Last weeks Full Moon in Virgo energy is helping you let go of whatever approach in your life is counterproductive to you becoming the best version of yourself. Any hard habits to break will melt away under this energy. You'll have no trouble releasing what you know is unrealistic in order to finally produce the results you've been looking for all along. What a cosmic relief!

From Monday afternoon and Tuesday, the Moon in Sagittarius is good for friendly interaction and presenting your expansive ideas.

On Wednesday, February 27th it’s time to make things happen both at work and in your personal affairs. Wednesday’s dinner time would be nice to share with a friend.

On Thursday February ends under a Capricorn moon, helping you tend to practical matters.

On Friday, March comes in like a Lion with the first of three Venus - Uranus scuffles. Get ready for some conflicts between your desires and your quest for security. After Venus enters Aquarius you seek freedom, and your focus changes from material to being detached, non-committal and much more innovative with your creativity.

With Venus moving through Aquarius in March, you may want to strengthen your relationship with your finances by discarding your old habits and establishing a clear sense of where your money goes. Go easy now, and take your time. No need to throw out the baby with the bathwater. As you learn new ways and grow, you will become more self-confident in time.

The primary astrological influence in March is Mercury retrograde in Pisces, an intellectual planet in a psychic sign. It’s time to rethink your higher vision, or perhaps re-set some of your long-term goals. With on-going upsets everywhere around you, March is definitely a month that calls for some deep meditation.

Stargazing – February 18th – 24th, 2019

Stargazing – February 18th – 24th, 2019

This week bring practical vibes and a sign shift that brings in some significant changes.

Monday is a bit mixed, but not in a bad way. The Sun makes a gentle harmony with friendly Uranus to support sharing with friends, groups, and organizations. At the same time, love and money Venus is aligning with serious Saturn early on the USA President’s Day holiday. This is probably a better business combination than personal, but it does support down to earth conversation.

On Monday evening the Sun moves into the watery and dreamy sign of Pisces, so expect your emotions to be up on your sleeve for the next thirty days. Your intuition is strong, but don’t allow your emotions to run the show. The Moon in Leo opens hearts and creative pursuits.

As Venus merges with Saturn and Pluto, you’ll be looking realistically at your finances and thinking about how the practical elements of life can affect a relationship. Commitment may also be on your mind.

Your intuitive and creative energies are accentuated with the big, bright Super Moon Full Moon on Tuesday, February 19, at zero degrees Virgo. This is the second Full Moon at zero degrees for 2019 and is a reminder that things have gone full circle and you could be starting over again.

Expect to work on multiple levels, or between the worlds now. Virgo is analytical and wants to cleanse and organize your life. It opposes Pisces, which is a psychic sign that wants to go beyond the veils of this material world to experience something higher and more meaningful.

Stay aware because this Full Moon carries a mysterious earthy energy filled with deep, emotional undercurrents that can change your status quo and derail your life if you don’t understand or accept that this is a time of endings and bringing matters to their natural conclusions.

Communications planet Mercury is aligned with dreamy Neptune in Pisces as well as a sextile from Saturn that can produce imaginative and productive ideas, especially if you’re a writer or filmmaker. This energy helps you open your imagination and intuition. However, you must know the difference between higher vision and fantasy thinking.

Adding to this practical vibe, the Super Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday will trigger your need to get ahead in your career or at least establish some goals. Remember — it’s comes in a 0 degrees, which is rare and signals new beginnings.

At the same time, there is a close alignment in down-to-earth Capricorn between love and values Venus, “sacrifice for the short term for long term benefits” Saturn, and burn your bridges behind you Pluto. By combining these energies: part of you wants to fly off into the cosmos, and part of you wants to tend to your material world. Rather than feeling split apart, allow these different energies to support both your practical life as well as your spiritual life. This is also a Super Moon, so emotions will be bright and flying high. Since the energy only lasts for a few days, take a deep breath and be sure to stay out of the deep end of the pool of life.

Friday, February 22nd, is a bit complicated, so it would be great if you could run a light schedule or even take the day off. The part of you that wants to get things done challenges the part of you that wants to escape to some grand adventure as Mercury squares Jupiter. Then, Venus aligns with Pluto by evening, which is not the best time to force your opinion in relationships. However, delving into deeper and more vulnerable levels in your close relationships is supported; just know when to stop.

Saturday morning is good for sleeping in from all the intense emotions of the week, along with running quick errands and short conversations.

A Scorpio moon on Sunday is good for privacy and focused research. Your attention will turn inward this weekend as Moon in Scorpio illuminates your past. Meditate as much as you can for clarity.

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