Stargazing — Week of Jan. 29th through Feb. 4th, 2024

Jan 29, 2024 | Stargazing, Stargazing

The week begins with the Moon in Virgo. Don’t get into perfection. With Mars in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, you may hear, “Baby, I’m gonna make you a star!” This energy can take the second row chorus girl and turn her into a sensation. So, go on line or get out there and network professionally. One never knows who you might contact.

Monday can be a serious day, organizing and straightening up around the house.. Since the Moon opposes Neptune, make sure your not going overboard.

Tuesday is a deep thinking day. Intense and you may begin to think about getting your tax information together. It’s a great time to look at any security issues you may have, and how to stay safe.


On Wednesday, the last day of January, the Moon moves into Libra and conjuncts the North Node. This is an important time when you can go within and make some important discoveries and decisions about what you need to change in your life and your world. These last 3 days of January are the luckiest days of the month.

While the Moon is with the North Node, look into your spirituality and your heart center. Maybe it’s time to read that book and broaden your thoughts about spirituality. Practice some new meditations. You could receive some beautiful insights and spiritual awareness that will be very helpful for you. This is why we are here on this planet. So meditate and come together with some “old feelings” and begin to heal. Come together with your feelings, your hurts, your inner pain; look at it and then let it go. What a perfect and healing way to close out the month.

Thursday, February 1st brings in some laid back vibes. Get all of your important chores done the first three days because if you can get out of your comfort zone, you will jump hurdles and spontaneously make things happen.

If you’re single the early part of February is not especially god for dating; petty arguments and angry spats could erupt.

Venus enters Capricorn January 23rd – February 16th. Although this is not a comfortable sign for the goddess of love, it can be highly productive in manifesting your needs and desires in the material world. Uranus ends his retrograde cycle on January 26/27 (It’s been retrograde since August 2023). Inventive ideas and new ways to increase your freedom that have been on hold begin to get traction. Finally, all the outer planets that have been retrograde are back in forward motion. It is time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, including meeting new people.

Friday is a good day for artistic projects, but anything of a practical nature could get out of control. You just don’t want to buckle down and focus.

Saturday is magical as love is in the air. It’s the perfect time foe romance, physical passion, and sweet courtship. Poetry and intellectual pursuits win out. Choose your strong point and enjoy the exchanges with a loved one.

Sunday is a good day to sleep in and relax. Recoup from the scattered week, and put off errands and housework for another day.

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