Stargazing — Week of February 19th through February 25th, 2024

Feb 20, 2024 | Stargazing, Stargazing

Stargazing — Week of February 19th through February 25th, 2024

The new relationship cycle beginning now is tied to the February 24th full moon in purifying Virgo. In esoteric astrology, Virgo is a goddess tied to service and the Moon is associated with harmony through conflict. Consider how you can help people raise their value system so they can live in their center in spite of a chaotic outer world. Several planets in Pisces either help you bring a higher vision into the world, or drive you to step away from the outer world in order to separate from people who love drama.

Pluto makes changes to your life and the world, and they are changes that you wanted (even if you didn’t know it!). The quicker you let go and allow the Universe to show you a new way, the easier it will be on you. Although changes and shifts in consciousness can be messy and difficult at times, you are better off when you get to the other side.

Monday and Tuesday are highly productive days when work ethics and inspiration join together in harmony. However the energy shifts on Wednesday. Relationship planets Venus and Mars align with each other on February 21st 22nd.

Idealists could but heads with the more macho players; beware of  manipulators who appear to be smooth operators, especially in the romance department.   Both days hold a perfect Date night however suitors who rush in to sweep you off your feet may not be as charming and wonderful as they seem.  Best to remain emotionally detached until you have time to get to know them better.

Mental Mercury enters psychic Pisces on Friday, February 23rd through March 9th. Write down your inner, higher vision and make a plan to bring it into manifestation. The weekend may begin with mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion, so go slow Friday evening and Saturday.

Saturday’s Full Moon in Virgo opposes the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune in Pisces, and also tines Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus.  This Full Moon will help reveal any false friends or lovers who are feeding off your kindness, allowing you to return to a place of stability.

Plan a spontaneous outing on Sunday when an “up for anything” electrical energy fills the air .A new adventure off the beaten path will help to recharge your batteries. Aquarius is good for the friendship side of relationships. While Mars-Pluto in Aquarius is good for sex, love and money, Venus followed Mars into Aquarius on February 16th until March 11th, and also aligns with Pluto, blending love and friendship. With so many personal planets aligning with Pluto, something has to change!

Now it’s time to take action with the Mars energy. Create win-win situations for the collective good. Negatively, avoid “my way or the highway” conversations. Mercury is in idealistic Aquarius until February 23rd, and ambitious Mars remains there until March 22nd.