World Peace – Is It Possible?

May 24, 2016 | In the News

Christ-WorldFor many years, during the time after the end of World War II and the decades of the Cold War, people grew up thinking that after the events of World War I and World War II that someday, World War III would follow. Many thought it would occur in the new 2000 Millennium. Those of us who were children in the 1950’s and early 1960’s may even remember crawling under our desks at school as a practice drill for what to do when the war came and the nuclear warheads began raining down on us.

Fortunately for all of us, the warring nations of that time had the sense to realize that aiming rockets at each other across a long distance (which they did not have the technology for) would achieve nothing and destroy everything, beyond any hope of repair. Once the hostilities ended in the 1990’s, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and tearing down of the Berlin Wall, everyone took a deep breath and began to relax, thinking that these issues and a nuclear threat were behind us.

Twin Towers In Memory Twin Towers BurningAs the 2000 years approached, people thought we were entering the golden era during which we could grow our technology, look ahead to exploring new frontiers, and finally that we could all get along. Then came 2001 and the attack on the Twin Towers in New York City, and the Pentagon in Virginia, just outside of our country’s capital, Washington, DC. Two other attacks had been planned on that day but were averted; the attack on the White House and on the city of Los Angeles, California. That horrid and destructive incident changed everyone’s life forever.

Eiffel TowerHowever, when a series of coordinated attacks took place in Paris, France on November 13, 2015, and later on in Brussels, more people have begun to really stop and think. Pope Francis I, leader of the Roman Catholic Church, declared that these attacks “could be the beginning of World War III.” That comment probably woke up many more people than the carefully coordinated violent attacks did.

The attackers were three teams connected to the radical group known variously as ISIS or ISIL (The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). The group members are driven by the beliefs of a particular jihadist sect of Sunni Islam that essentially declares itself at war not simply with the Western World, but with any other Muslim who rejects the EXACT strict version of Islam that they follow. By clever and sophisticated use of social media and even modern, slick, advertising techniques, they have been able to recruit people from all over the world to do their violent bidding. (Some of this involves child and teenage snatching and trafficking.)

In regard to such incidences and their possible future effect, the Pope was probably not trying to be prophetic as such, but as people want to know about future events, especially the disastrous kind, they might consult someone who they feel may have insight into them. One of the most famous seers in this area, who has been called the greatest astrologer of all time, is Nostradamus, a medieval French doctor.

His words, written in disguised quatrains, are still read today, and many people have spent hours studying them to see what the future will bring. In the days and weeks after the terrorists attacks in the USA on September 11, 2001, the words of Nostradamus were repeated often on Internet blogs and forums as people tried to come to terms on what occurred that dreadful day.

Nostradamus_by_CesarOne of the quatrains cited first two lines read:
At five and forty degrees the sky shall burn
To the great new city
Shall the fire draw nigh….

No matter how we approach these disguised quatrains, rather than accurate prophecies, we come up with further frustrations. When people are grief stricken they look for answers to unanswered questions.

It appears that for some of the French people, the shooting at the magazine headquarters in Paris had the same traumatizing effect of the tragedies of 9/11, even though the scale of the Paris attack was on a smaller scale.

As terrible as the incidents described above may be, we should also keep in mind two things. First, the governments and individuals around the world are responding to those events in a positive way in order to prevent such incidents occurring in the future, as well as trying to limit the conditions that caused them. Second, the astrology energy surrounding the events always ebb and flow and life ebbs and flows.

Flag&FireworksLooking at the chart of the United States of America on July 4, 1775 in Philadelphia, gives us an example of how things can change for the better. America’s collective sense of identity falls into the sign of the Sun in Cancer, representing home, family, and country. This is the foundation of the union that binds us together. Whatever faults we all may have, Americans are generous to others whenever possible. We have been blessed with fertile foods that allow us to grow abundant crops, which we have shared with people in poor and disadvantaged countries, as well as those countries that have been affected by natural disasters. Similarly, we also offer military aid to those endangered by wars or revolutions. Given these natural tendencies it is evident that the events on 9/11 and November 13, 2015 had a strong impact on this nation as a whole.

In many ways these events, along with many others, the Haitian earthquake, the Indonesia and South India tsunami, the Japan nuclear plant disaster, has taught us that we are all one. What affects one nation can and does affects all of us.

Memorial Day Taps playedReflecting on these issues this Memorial Day, what is ahead for the United States and the world? It doesn’t appear that our current struggles with the root of these attacks will produce a larger conflict. America’s status in the world and our friendships with other countries will be strengthened over the next few years. Both of these areas are being blessed with the luck and blessings of Jupiter.

world-peaceWith the planet of good fortune in our corner, not only is a major conflict less unlikely, but the cooperation that has been building among nations in order to handle the conflicts in the Middle East offers us a chance, worldwide, to bring about a peaceful era. Let Peace Begin – NOW – for everyone.