Why Believe in Past Lives and Future Lives? — Explaining Your KARMA

Nov 18, 2018 | In the News|Special Messages

As some of you may know, I am able to write out some of your life Karma for you. Although I don’t go into future lives, I remind everyone that we set up our future lives by the way we choose to live this one. A Karma Reading is also a wonderful, insightful gift to others, and can open the Spiritual Heart to knowledge and a deeper understanding of how this Universe works. Below I have tried to explain karma, reincarnation, and what we experience in the afterlife. This information came from my out-of-body experience on the island of Maui, Hawaii in the late 1980’s. You can read the details in my latest book, Unlimited Realities.

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Belief in Reincarnation

Most of us do not reach the State of Being in one lifetime. Through reincarnation the soul is allowed to be born again, through multiple times, until it finally reaches The State of Being. Each lifetime brings with it lessons and challenges for the Soul to experience so it can repair its transgressions, and heal. This is the only way we can improve our character and life quality.

Belief in Reincarnation is necessary to,

1. Lead a life based on what we need to learn and experience to bring strength to the Soul, allowing it to ascend by changing it vibration levels.

2. Attain The State of Being


When we are leading a life based on the Laws of Karma, we often realize that people who are leading an abandoned life have a better standard of living. This is paradoxical because we are taught that God should reward us and punish sinners. However, the belief in Reincarnation enables us to explain this paradox. We can suppose that we have committed sins and made karmic mistakes in our past life, and the sinners, enjoying a better standard of living, comes from their past-life karma bank. If they could realize that living a life walking the spiritual path would enable them to create better living for the welfare of the society, they could choose whether to waste their good energy and not carelessly throw it away in their current lifetime. By throwing away their Karma earned, the next lifetime promises to be event more difficult and possibly tragic for them.

The State of Being — and Belief in Reincarnation:

Whenever our life is ruined beyond repair the best option is to start a new life. However, to attain The State of Being we must not make even small changes in our life style unless the opportunity is presented by Divine forces. The belief in Karma and Reincarnation enables us to work from within concerning the fluctuations in our life. We can block fluctuations in our current life with imaginary successes and failures in our past life and allow unemotional thoughts to enter our conscious mind. Absence of changes in life would enable us to discard the voluntary force needed to deal with a change; thinking, talking, and action. This would enable us to lead a life with pure involuntary force, by being “in the flow” and accepting the energies of the current moment or whatever the day brings to us — which is meant by living in the Flow with your Blessed Higher Self.

Reincarnation is real because when a person die’s he she or it will be taken from the dead body and put into a new Light body. The you ascend to either the level you departed from or a higher or lower vibration. “In my House are many mansions.” At the end of this lifetime you will withdraw your energy from the physical body, and the soul returns to its “pod school.” (That place from where it came at birth.)  Then, with your invisible guides and teachers, you go through a life review and assimilation process in preparation for your next round of learning by choosing to create another physical existence. You will, while in your Soul School, choose where, when, and in what kind of situation you need for what you choose to learn. These are your karmic energy choices based on whatever you could not learn or master in your current past life. This will build you new character traits. We all are born with character traits and that is the only thing we take with us when we drop the body, or pass into our new existence. This includes choosing your parents. This process will continue until you have reached the State of Being on the Earth plane, where all experiences, how they occur, and what they mean, are understood. When you can realize and hold the State of Being on the Earth plane, you will have no further use for a physical body or the subconscious mind to recreate your desires or store the accumulated understandings. This is what Jesus taught and accomplished. You can as well. The number of lifetimes it takes is unknown. 
Reincarnation — becoming  flesh again after death in this  world, is a very essential part of belief in God. The concept of reincarnation is important because some people say that this life is the only life there is, and are not open to any sort of discussion about past and future lives. However, as Shirley MacLaine says, “80 or 90 years are way too short for the Soul to learn and  process all that it needs to.” Some people believe that after we die, that we are reincarnated -which means that our souls are born again into another body. There are many ideas and theories regarding reincarnation.
It’s very presumptuous but there are proofs of reincarnation. It’s our denial state of mind that doesn’t accept this reincarnation theory. I read books authored by Dr. Brian L. Weiss and it changed my perspective and upgraded me with the knowledge of reincarnation…conscious…unconscious. (Many Lives, Many Masters) Edgar Cayce wrote about and recorded may examples of reincarnation. (Reincarnation and Family Karma)
There are those people/religions that will say that they have been re-incarnated or believe in it but there has never been any real proof. However proof and evidence are totally different concepts. Circumstantial evidence does exist in the form of carefully documented unusual childhood experiences. Recently a three year old girl firmly said to her mother, “Don’t you remember that I used to be your Mother is our past life?”
The Spirit only reincarnates, not the body, so you would not look like who “you” once were. Hardly ever does a spirit actually remember who it was as a person in a past life. Upon reincarnating the spirit gets a new body, and because of the physical realities of life, it develops a new personality and can even be a different sex. There have been some rare past-life regression information that has proven to be true, through ancestry research. (The Search For Bridie Murphy – 1956)