Weekly Update and The Truth About Dec. 21, 2012

Dec 18, 2012 | Special Messages

Week of Dec. 17th – Dec. 23rd, 2012


Here we are at the end of the Mayan Calendar and a 26,000 year Era. It’s the renowned December, 2012! As if having the Sun and Mercury in the Holiday Air isn’t enough, Sagittarius now gets Venus, too!

On December 16th, Venus joins the fun loving, positive group in the sign of the Archer, where it will remain until January 9th. Venus in Sagittarius wants you to make sure your partner is not only the love of your life, but also your best friend. The timing couldn’t be better, as this pairing is sure to up the ante for all things social and bring a fun dynamic to parties, the Holidays, and anything you pursue. If you’re looking for a fitting way to take advantage of this transit, try something — anything — that’s particularly adventurous! Also on December 16th, Venus runs headlong into a square with Neptune, an aspect that will make for beautiful daydreams, though you may find yourself hoping for more than is realistically possible.

Mercury, with an enthusiastic boost from Sagittarius, opposes Jupiter on December 17th, sending a chatty burst of energy soaring across the Universe. Words will unknowingly tumble out of your mouth; conversations will be rapid-fire and witty, with little regard for feelings, truth or fact; promises made with the best of intentions will never be fulfilled. Fortunately, however, everyone will be too entertained to care!

Venus, still under the Archer’s influence, shows up yet again on December 19th to send a flirtatious wink to Uranus. You’ll have no time for jealousy or restrictive relationships at this time because you’ll be too busy partying and having a great time!

There’s a taste for adventure and a tendency toward excess this weekend with alluring Venus’ opposition to expansive Jupiter on Saturday night. It’s wise to be aware that over-indulging or over-estimating is possible; but this same joyful abandon can also give wings to our hearts, encouraging a spirit of generosity and hope heading into the holidays.

December 21, 2012 — An Energetic Analysis

This Arc information is not in any books because it’s new information this year.  (Based on Ascension—Accessing The 5th Dimension)

There are 3 Angelic Arcs – just like there were 3 waves of new Fifth Dimension energy on 12-5-2010 – 3-11-2011 – 12-9-2012

The first Arc began on June 21st and ends on Dec. 22nd – the Center being Sept. 22nd – this Arc activates on all the power days. First the beginning or removal of the negative energies – arching on Sept. 22nd brings the beginning of the Influx of Light from the Double Helix of the 5th Dimension.

At the second Arc on Dec. 9th we experienced the Third Wave on energy to accept the energy and to begin structuring our Universal Bodies. While opening the Crown Chakra and new 8th Chakra to the new energies — this arc ends at midnight 12-23-12.

Then at midnight on the 21st – the third Arc begins – at the first second – midnight of Dec, 20th, 2012. It Arcs on the 22nd – the full matrix of power is noontime – CENTRAL time – and the meditation is for 8 minutes.

By Christmas Eve the new energy will be solid on the planet — here to stay. It’s like fog and will penetrate everything — everywhere — nothing will remain untouched.

The strongest time to transmit – the strongest time will be Dec. 22nd at Noon — Central Time. Meditate for 8 minutes to absorb this new, magical and uplifting energy into your body and Universal Body.

Then do one more meditation and opening to the energies on Christmas Eve at 9 PM Central Time – to complete the Arc.

NOTE: The energy is being shown on TV – From the Southwest USA to the tip of Argentina – covering Central and South America – becoming dense over the top of the Andes – this is where the energy comes in. (Taos – Santa Fe, NM) The sky is already flashing solar flares – with many more expected. It is really so very awesome.