VIRGO 2015

Aug 16, 2015 | Monthly Astrology

Virgo-The Corn MaidenVIRGO


My private time allows me to renew my creativity.


sphinxpawsSeptember, 2015 brings the time to be the observer and live in the moment

We give you a vision now of your brethren, kneeling around the altar in the temple of the Eight Pointed Star. With the body in the lotus position, they are worshiping the ever-glowing light of the jewel of the White Lotus Blossom.  This White Lotus glows in the glory of every heart.  The jewel within this lotus – the glow of the Sapphire – is pure and still. As you meditate on this you will learn real wisdom. You will learn to go directly to this jewel hidden deep within you, and here, in a timeless flash, you will comprehend the truth. Not with your mind, but with your heart.

(E. Joyce-Giza, 9/27/96)

May God grant me Health, Protection and Guidance.

The Sun has entered VIRGO

 VIRGO energies bring focus and directness. This is one of the Luckiest years for you because Jupiter has now moved into your sign. This signals the beginning of hard work, of renovation, and reinvention in your business and relationships. By the end of this cycle you will have redefined what moving forward and up means for you in your life. You may find that your old ways of relating and doing business no  longer work for you, Virgo. Tradition is likely to take a back seat to what really works in a free-thinking way. It is not likely that you will throw away all that you have, but more like that you will realize that a new form is more useful, or simply that your old ways must die. This may be experienced, for instance, when you or your partner starts traveling more, or your last child leaves home and the reasons to stay tied down and close to home are erased. It is only when you resist the change that it becomes difficult, because Uranus is realigning your life and heart’s path and Jupiter brings you the opportunity ti really make some positive life changes. Drawing  on your Virgoan common sense and flexibility will bring you through these changes carefully. Powerful events related to this new avenue can be expected around October, and November, 2015.

Virgo, symbolized by the Corn Maiden, accentuates the path of personal service and purity. It represents work and service to mankind of the highest order. Through dedication to physical fitness and holistic  healing, your body can become a sacred temple for the spirit within, allowing it to emerge into your everyday life. Don’t expect miracles overnight, and most Virgo’s don’t as they are quite practical. Be gentle with yourself as you eliminate those nasty habits of doubt, criticism and worry. Reawaken the wonder of learning and the satisfaction of simple joys, but turn away from the fanaticism that fosters a workaholic temperment or leads you into a hermit-like existence. Efficiency and industriousness are your twin assets, leading to complete success at this time, the harvest cycle of the year.

Virgos usually receive the Zodiac’s backlash. They are detailed, organized, methodical, chaste, and very insecure. Very critical of themselves, they seem to expect the same from others, which can cause resentment and jealousy. However, they do make up for this with their charm, as they are of the most unassuming variety. Virgo’s approach is usually subtle and surprisingly tender. Their standards are high, but they ultimately can accept differences and flaws once they get to know and trust you. With a Virgo, trust is never given, it has to be earned.

Based on the Rune The Unknowable and the Animal Lynx, September brings strength, success and abundance for 2015. Do not force confrontations, meditate for direction, and remember that Mercury retrogrades on September 17th. Keep your Spirits up and work with the energies. That which is not rushed will have the best outcome for you. Broaden your sense of Self beyond the horizon and remember to share your good!

From: Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson, published by Bear & Co.

ANIMAL: LYNX — Secrets


You know the secrets
So very well,
The dreamtime and the magic,
But you never tell.

May I learn to hold  my tongue,
And observe like the Sphinx,
Powerful, yet silent,
The medicine of the Lynx.

It is said that if you want to find out a secret, ask the Lynx. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get the silent Lynx to speak. To be confronted by the powerful medicine of the Lynx signifies that you do not know something about yourself or others. (On a larger scale, it could reflect secrets of one of the presidential candidates, Bill Cosby or someone else, or the government coming out into the open.)

Lynx is the keeper of secrets of lost magical systems and of occult knowledge. Lynx has the ability o move through time and space, and go into the Great Silence for knowledge to unravel any mystery. Lynx is not the guardian of secrets but, instead, the knower of secrets. The problem lies in getting the Lynx to choose to instruct you. He or she would rather be off chasing a bird or kicking sand in your face rather then running an instruction class or running circles around you.

Lynx medicine is a very specific type of clairvoyance. If this medicine is strong in you, you will receive mental pictures concerning other people and the exact things they have hidden, either from themselves, from others, or from you. You will see their fears, their lies, or their self-deception, (or Ego.) You will also know where they have the hidden treasure, or if there is any. You never speak of these revelations or of how you know of them – you just know!

The only way you can coax information about yourself from the Lynx medicine person, (in case you have forgotten where you hid the treasure), is to respect the practices of his or her traditions, and honor the knowledge given. If you go to a Gypsy with Lynx medicine (knowledge), you must pay respect by giving them money after the reading. If you go to a Choctaw medicine person, he or she will reach into your mid-section, or use other traditional methods to help you. A blanket or tobacco should be given in exchange for the medicine they have performed for you. This operative is known as the law of the Lynx people, or an equal exchange of energy, to create a lasting balance, and is practiced by Native American, Gypsy, Sufi, Hindu, and Egyptian cultures, among others.

The Lynx medicine permeates the month of September 2015, and you can be sure that secrets are afloat. This is the time to meditate and listen to your higher self. Be still and pay attention to the messages your receive either in the form of mental pictures or of singing or whispering into your ear. Perhaps you will receive this information in the form of omens. You can be sure that Mother Earth will be signalling you in some manner.

When Lynx shows up at your door, listen up! Brother or Sister Lynx can teach you of your special personal power and many things you have forgotten about yourself. Lynx can lead you to lost treasures, and lead you to forgotten brotherhoods or sisterhoods.

Some people believe that the Sphinx of ancient Egypt was not a Lion but a Lynx. This Lynx does not speak very much; rather, with an enigmatic smile, the great cat watches over the sands of forever.

SEPTEMBER CRYSTAL:      Tourmalene and Sapphire

sapphire  SAPPHIRE: Strengthens heart and kidneys. Activates pituitary gland, thereby aiding entire glandular system. Aligns body/mind/spirit. Stimulates psychic ability, clarity and inspiration. Enhances creative expression, loyalty and inner love. Aids connection with your Blessed Higher Self and your Spirit Guides. Strengthens will. Removes confusion and expands awareness. Excellent stone to hold during meditation.

tourmali  TOURMALINE: Aids in balancing of endocrine system. Aids with sleep cycles. Strengthens, vitalizes body/mind. Aligns subtle bodies. Dispels fear and negative conditions providing a strong, protective influence. Creates inspiration and helps with focus and concentration. Enhances sensitivity and intuitive understanding. Powerful healer, highly electromagnetic. The various colors of Tourmaline  will activate and align the corresponding Chakras.   (Black – Root Chakra,  Watermelon, red-green – Root & Solar Plexus Chakras,  Green – Solar Plexus Chakra,  Blue-Throat Chakra,  Red/Pink – Root & Heart Chakras)

RUNE of the Month – Unknowable — Odin

The Blank Rune

Blank is the end, blank is the beginning. This is the Rune of total trust and should be taken as exciting evidence of your most immediate contact with your own true destiny which, time and again, rises like the phoenix from the ashes we call fate.

Odin can portend a death. But a death is usually symbolic, and may relate to any part of your life as you are living it now. Relinquishing control is the ultimate challenge for the Spiritual Warrior.

Here the Unknowable informs you that it is in motion in your life. In that blankness is held your undiluted potential! At the same time pregnant and empty, it comprehends the totality of being, all that is to be actualized.

With the Blank Rune appearing in September of 2015, the energies will bring to the surface our deepest fears as the problems and results of the lies and cover ups coming out into the open. Will I fail?  Will I be abandoned? Will it all be taken away? Will I make it through this upsetting time? Yet, within that blankness, within the center of our fears, is our highest good, our truest possibilities and all of our fertile dreams.

Willingness and permitting are what this Rune requires, for how can you exercise control over what is yet not in form? Whatever is coming can never arise from the known! Once again, this Rune often calls for no less than an act of courage to be willing to jump into the void of the unknown. September 2015 will surely be lived as an act of faith for many, as Pluto wields it’s dark power to unveil whatever has been hidden.

If  Karma  represents the full total of your soul vibration and lives thus far, everything you have ever done, the limits on what you are and will become, then it may be useful to see this Rune as the path of karma. Yet, from the spiritual perspective, even the very depths of old karma shift and evolve as you shift and evolve.  Nothing is predestined!  There is nothing that cannot be avoided.  If, indeed, there are matters and secrets hidden by the powers that be, you need only remember, what beckons to you is always the creative powers of the unseen and unknown.

Whenever this Rune appears, take heart. It is the source from which flows the energies for self-change. Know that the work of self-transformation is progressing within the world and within you.

Don’t be afraid to make the leap or take the chance.



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(We have had thousands of responses. Keep the Prayers going for all concerned!)


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September 13th New Moon in Virgo brings a partial Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees is considered to be highly stressful. In the sign of Virgo, it represents over work and health concerns. This is the time to avoid stress and surgery, if at all possible. Make your plans to start something new, but wait at least a week after the eclipse to begin.

The September 27th Full Moon in Aries brings a total Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees. This is an extra special time. It’s a larger than life Supermoon as well as a total Lunar Eclipse. This unusual combination brings two special effects. The first is that the Moon appears to be bigger than usual and the second is the gravitational forces it brings. With 50% stronger forces, we can expect flooding, storms, high tides, and serious hurricanes. Those with birthdays at this time – 5 days before and 5 days after will feel the effect with one to one relationships.

VIRGO: Polarity: Feminine Sign: Mutable Element: Earth
Planetary Rule: 6th House/Mercury Body: Lower Intestines

FOCUS: I allow changes to bring my work and compensation up to higher levels.

Adaptable, discerning, service oriented, loves animals

MERCURY retrogrades on September 17th for three weeks




Aries (3/21 – 4/20)

September brings a mood for a whole new beginning. It’s a fun and exciting time. When Mercury retrogrades on the 17th, you’ll have the opportunity to retrace your steps regarding relationship issues. If you’re not happy with some of the decisions you’ve recently made, undo them. Remember the Mercury retrograde three “R”s; Review, revise and renew.


Taurus (4/21-5/21)

Although you are unusually patient, you will not be willing to take “No” for an answer. If you have to lure someone behind closed doors to successfully coax them into keeping quiet, you’ll do a fine job of it. You may be flirting with a client or co-worker and want to continue. Remember, you still have to work together, even if it doesn’t work out. Are you up to that challenge, Taurus?


Gemini (5/21-6/20)

September brings you a no-nonsense attitude as you are charged up to pursue your goals and associate with others who are on the same page. Don’t ignore a sibling or neighbor who wants to introduce you to a friend at month’s end, Gemini. Also, if you have something to get off your chest with a friend or family member, do it now.


Cancer (6/21-7/22)

All your dealings with your boss and family members should be quite good in September. You will now be able to straighten out any recent financial misunderstandings. An argument with a higher-up at month’s end may seem like the end of your career, but in reality you will need to stand up for yourself. You need and deserve respect, so don’t back down. It will all work out.


Leo (7/23-8/22)

September asks you to retrace your steps regarding love and romance, Leo. Prepare yourself for a drastic turn around. Ready or not, it’s time to give your final answer to someone who’s been more than patient. You have the chance to plan some long-distance travel at month’s end.


Virgo (8/23-9/22)

September brings a necessary review of your financial situation. Reevaluate exactly what you’re willing to do to earn your keep, and what you’re not willing to do for others who are not pulling their weight. Be firm! It may be time to move forward without any regrets. Think of this as completing a cycle.


Libra (9/23-10/22)

September brigs you some fortunate stuff, Libra. Regardless of your status, you’ll meet up with successful others you can help you with your professional goals. Enough of looking back and any regrets. Let it all go! Anything is possible now. What is it you really want? Write it down. Month’s end brings a giant leap towards achievement.


Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)

You are now willing to speak your peace, even if it’s in front of a large group, Scorpio. You probably are doing a lot of good for a cause that’s dear to your heart. A loved one reappears mid-month and you have great memories about what you both shared in the past. Be sure to remove your rose-colored glasses before you go back to it. Make sure your financial statements are in order at month’s end, from credit cards, checking, to The Books, if self-employed.


Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)

September shows you that if you’ve been dating someone casually, expect things to turn extremely passionate very fast. You may put a good amount of time and energy into straightening out financial matters. This is a month of letting go. Whatever that entails, you’re better off without it.


Capricorn (12/22-1/19)

You are very good at taking care of your debts, so a solution to a work-related decision becomes quite clear, freeing you up to move on. It’s time to show off for others, which is not your style. But for now you’ll enjoy the attention, recognition, and community trust.


Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

September brings love, Aquarius. However, if you’ve recently been through a bad breakup and aren’t quite ready to begin again, then don’t. Develop your strength and self-esteem by realizing your creative side, and independence. If you’re with someone, it might be nice to treat them to a special evening or lavish romantic weekend., because you can. Finances may in entangled mid-month; don’t run from it. Remember the lessons brought. It’s all good.


Pisces (2/19-3/20)

September brings a time to possibly re-connect with the “one who got away.” If that’s what you want, then fine. Why not give it a second shot? Just be sure to have some new solutions to the old problems. As for money matters, buckle up and prepare for a bumpy ride. The good news is that when it’s over, you’ll be equipped with a new attitude which helps you find a new way of earning your supper.