Uh Oh — Here It Comes — Hit The Floor Everybody!

Jan 12, 2017 | In the News

What follows is based upon Revelation – or ability to see into the future. I see this as a probable scenario, based on the planned demonstrations in Washington, DC on Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2017.(A day of Destiny)

But – probability is a strange thing. If someone says there is a 40% probability of rain tomorrow- you will look differently upon that if you are planning a picnic or parade, and probably much different if it is a prediction for a tornado. Something with a very low probability number – that has very high detrimental effects – such as the earth being struck by a large asteroid, or a nuclear war – should create much more concern – than probability of some event that is not so detrimental.

Some events are inevitable. Such as we all will die – someday. Human governments will fail – someday. The economy will collapse – someday. New war technology will be used – someday. The issue is how soon – or probable. My being elderly means – that I may die soon – is more probable than for a healthy young person.

The world and US economy – having the stress that has been put upon it – is now more likely to collapse sooner than later. BUT – individual judgments about these things greatly vary. That is why for every stock on the stock market – there is always a buyer and a seller.

How things will transpire – none of us know. In fact, an automobile accident can shorten any of our lives. However, we can look at circumstances about us – and see some possibilities that we will then assign a degree of possibility. That is why we all carry auto insurance. So, in these strange times we have come upon a set of circumstances that lead me to describe an imaginative scenario – that I feel has a probability of occurring, at some point.

In the United States in the next eight days there is planned to be the transfer of power – from one individual who is considered to be the most powerful man on earth – to another who will then hold that position.

Many forces are at work trying to prevent the transfer from taking place
as constitutionally planned. Various attempts to change the normal course have already been frustrated. The remaining options, are few – to the opposition.

Democratic Senate Minority Leader, Senator Chuck Schumer, spelled out one option to the President Elect Donald Trump. “I tell ya. You take on the intelligence community – they have 6 ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

One of those ways is which the CIA calls the “wet solution” or “termination with extreme prejudice”. It has happened before – but I am suggesting something a little more sophisticated. What we have occurring here is a battle between Three Factions of the Shadow Government.

Two of the factions are now cooperating in order to prevent the third from taking control. I will now describe what has become the classic solution. Suppose your police partner is being held at gun point with a pistol to their forehead – as a hostage.

We substitute into this scenario the three factions. The CIA (Faction Two) is the ‘good cop’ (in their estimation) Faction One (including Obama administration, is their partner). Faction Three is Trump (supposedly the terrorist) holding Faction One Hostage – by the upcoming transfer of power on Inauguration Day.

So – back to our original scene. What does the good cop do? The terrorist has the gun to his partner’s head. Why – he shoots his partner. Hopefully in the leg or something – so that the partner doesn’t die – but is no longer useful to the terrorist. In this case – Faction Two (CIA or whoever) shoots Obama the leg of Faction One – a relatively unimportant loss. The old Lincoln Syndrome – (yes, I am still on that – and will still be after the likely inauguration takes place).

Now – how does this accomplish anything? For Factions Two and One it accomplishes everything – as I shall now explain. The assassination event – would IMMEDIATELY throw the world into turmoil. The BLM (Black Lives Matter) segment of US Society – would not be pleased. The reaction would be immense in EVERY large American city. The only solution would be martial law. And who would be to blame? Why the Russians and Communists of course. Just as happened with JFK. Or maybe the Jews. The big 70 nation conference AGAINST Israel – took place today – and Obama has already at the UN, thrown Israel and Netanyahu under the bus.

Now, in Israel, Netanyahu is facing some charges (for some frivolous thing – like taking some cigars or something) that some speculate may be a CIA backed action – like many others that have taken place there – and elsewhere.

Americans are very distraught at the thought that any other government would meddle in THEIR elections or transfer of government processes – not that they haven’t done the same in almost ever Banana Republic in South America – including Chile – and of course throughout the Middle East – such as in Lybia and currently Syria – and of course in countries surrounding Russia such as the Ukraine. But never mind — such assistance to “regime change” is all done to benefit democracy, truth, and good — when done by the American CIA.

But to the current situation. The threat is Trump. He has been making nice with Netanyahu. The opposite of the Faction One program. Faction Two to the rescue. And behind it all – why the Russians / Communists of course – and there once again is Trump the Terrible, possessed by Putin – is on the verge of pulling down the government.

Trump has just fired all of the US Ambassadors — and this without according to the New York Times, at the very time stability is needed out in the world. He who has never otherwise been elected to public office – and with no experience in political office – bringing with him others of similar lack of qualification – could not possibly – such will be the message – restore calm when the American cities are burning – the banks and businesses are in total disarray – and he is considered the foremost enemy of those who have set the cities alight.

If Trump is the Trouble — then he too must be restrained — as the conscientious patriotic members of Faction Two (nominally the seventeen KNOWN intelligence agencies) have “six ways to Sunday” of doing for their restored partners in Faction One.

The threat of Russia and others raining upon the American Cities, weapons of mass destruction, would never have been so great — as Russia realized that the current confusion and distress in the American system presented a first strike opportunity such as was unlikely to repeat itself — and the development of a deteriorating destiny of destruction, world-wide, was likely to proceed from the situation, in any case. in the midst of all this turmoil — for Faction One to hand over the reins of control to Trump? NO way!

So, of what possible use is doom porn mumbo jumbo such as this? What has been outlined is possible — if not probable. Eventually, equally improbable events will overwhelm the world — and it is thoroughly rational and reasonable that one should be conscious of those possibilities, which in accumulation become the probable — or the new norm, or even the inevitable.

More than one million spectators will view the January 20th Inauguration in Washington, DC from the steps of the Capital Building and the “green.” Usually these large gatherings of people occur without serious problems. Occasionally the combination of inadequate facilities and deficient crowd management results in injury and death.

A mass craze within a crowd is a competitive rush to obtain some highly valued objective. Craze like group behavior has been created where participation in an event, or viewing of a public personage, is intensively promoted. Everyone, please be very careful of your decisions and where you tread, if in Washington, DC on Inauguration Day. Let’s all pray to have at least a no injury day!