TODAY'S VENUS TRANSIT —Preparation for Raising Soul Counsiousness

Jun 5, 2012 | Special Messages

June 5, 2012
An Historic Venus Transit

The Time We Have Been Waiting For

June will be a powerful, disruptive month, but today brings the promise at the end of the Rainbow. This Venus transit is historic, as it completes an 8 year pause in the movement of Venus retrograde between the Earth and the Sun. Today marks the preparation for raising Soul Consciousness and the soon to come reversal (June 27th) as her new cycle begins.

The period from the 8th through the 11th may see a lot of changes in both politics and finance, with some notable and costly mistakes coming to the Light. There will be a resignation or two hitting the headlines. The Sun is making a hard and extremely difficult square to Uranus and Pluto on the 29th, so expect more disruption between the 21st and 29th of June. This time is likely to be more serious, bringing power plays from Congress, authority maneuvers by the executive branch, and unpopular decisions from the courts. Remember, we always have destruction before reconstruction.

The first part of the disruption will be essentially financial, because Sun-Venus conjunctions are found in the charts of people who seek great wealth. The gaming aspect (stock market) is an attraction as well as the ease that money can bring along with buying and selling “Financial Contracts” and such. (This energy could involve Europe and the fate of the Euro dollar.)

Another avenue are the people who feel they can come out on top more often than not, and that the means to an end is not important. They cut corners to get what they want, and this includes people. Bending the rules is allowable and those who either let greed get a grip on them or perhaps bet themselves into a corner can be very tempted, and in fact liable, to cross over the line.

A stock market crash? No – this transit is too short for that – but a dip in the market. People who are placing their bets and winning will feel the need to cash in, and some who feel they are losing more than they have, or have already lost by selling or betting on margin, may be looking for a way to get out quickly.

Near the 11th there may be quite a stir in the political realm. This energy is the instigator of “foot in mouth” disease, or shooting oneself in the foot. People who wreak havoc by speaking off the cuff by saying something offensive or way to frank for most people’s tastes. This can produce incidents that lead to resignations. Many a politician’s career has floundered under the planetary energetic combinations like this.

The June 29th aspect, which includes Pluto, is an entirely different matter. This energy affects the powers at the top. This tends to be around when a president, king, prime minister, or in some cases a court, takes action that seems to override legal authority. (Such as a Court dismissing the Prime Minister or the Cardinals dismissing the Pope.)

There promises to be a dramatic ending to June 2012 as well as the beginning of July. The effect in our personal lives could be a break-up, losing a friend, betrayal, a run in with the boss, someone who is ill passing away, or a cop stopping us in traffic. We deal with it and move on.

On the UP SIDE – today – JUNE 5th is a great day — get out your notebook and write down your intentions for the future. What do you want to create and bring into your life? This is the time we have been waiting for throughout history. We chose this time to be born, and we get to LIVE it, experience the new Fifth Dimension energies, and expand and ascend in ways we have never known before!

Continue to process, do the inner work necessary that prepares you to take fuller advantage of the inner awakening. Take time today to meditate on your life, your Soul journey, and what new experience you would like to manifest within this new potential. It can be ALL YOURS! Create a Vision Board – see it, feel it, choose it, talk with your Guides/Angels, set a condition, and then watch it unfold over the next six months, in the most perfect way for YOU!

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