The Unfulfilled Doomsday

May 28, 2011 | Special Messages

The Unfulfilled Doomsday—Beyond Mind Over Matter
Elizabeth Joyce

What is the rapture? According to most, our bodies are going to be lifted up to Heaven by the Lord, and we will dwell with Him forever. Many thousands thought this would be the case yesterday, and they prepared for what they call The Glory. But what is the pathway to true transformation? You are to be a part of the elite, the “me only” people, rise up, and leave everyone else behind to die in the horror and fury of hurricanes, earthquakes, fire, and brimstone? Is that Christian, is that Love? I think not. I call this Spiritual Arrogance.

We are in the process of a greater event at this time, and maybe this “staged” disappointment can be used as a tool to awaken people to how mankind has a fabulous opportunity to evolve and promote well-being so that everyone can experience Divine love and life in all of its richness.

As 2012 approaches, we are entering a time of personal and Soul evolution, not revolution. We have the rare opportunity to become attuned with other parts of ourselves, expand our thinking, grow in love and compassion, and reach out to the world, our galaxy sister and brothers, as well as our expansive Universe. As we move ahead and witness the veil between science and spirituality disappear, we enter into a “biological evolution.” (The Purposeful Universe—Carl John Calleman, PhD)

So let us stop for a moment to contemplate the momentous place in time in which we find ourselves. Life, and especially human life, has evolved to a high level but we have a few steps to go, and the walk has already begun. You will not be able to escape its effects. Can you relate to the feeling of needing to stop and catch your breath? Do you feel the Ascension happening inside of you? Are you prepared for the ascend to the top? To the highest level of existence on this planet, the Fifth Dimension? We are now on the way and climbing to the ninth and highest level of life. Everyone has to prepare for this momentous opportunity. There is no room for hate, selfishness, or wanting to hurt and abandon others, for that is considered negative or evil.

We all chose to be born at this time and participate in co-creating a wave of unity throughout the world. It will not be easy to give up the thought patterns of ruling over others, taking advantage, neglecting the weak and downtrodden, and making sure we come first. Was that not the premise of yesterdays ridiculous feat?

Dannion Brinkley, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and others teach that we now can actually manifest for ourselves and support life, our loved ones, and the world, through co-creating Unity Soul Consciousness. It is now time for us to follow up, and actually manifest the Unity Soul Consciousness that is the intention of these times. The meaning of the unity wave that has now begun is for us to co-create healing, support, security, purification, along with health and happiness.

The energies of 2011 and 2012 call upon us to adapt to the new frequency of the Fifth Dimension and shift completely from asking for things for ourselves and what we as egos or individuals may want—to what our egos may do to serve the delivery of the Divine Plan. Service to others to balance the unbalanced. The ninth wave of unity is calling for a complete shift in our way of being, to manifest unity consciousness, which is the intended end result of the cosmic plan. This is our Ascension. As this shift, this rapture happens it calls for extraordinary cosmic energies to fulfill the cosmic plan. In fact, maybe this Ninth Wave will be a Judgment Day that will save the world. Everyone that is, not just the “chosen few!”