The UFO's are Here—As Predicted.

Sep 28, 2010 | Special Messages

October 2010

There is finally proof of UFO’s and alien activity – all for the good. The UFO’s have disabled our nuclear weapons, as predicted years ago by Hilda Charlton, and myself on the air last fall. I predicted the new would produce proof of aliens by the end of 2010 – and that occurred yesterday, September 27th, at a news conference in Washington, DC.

Yesterday, (9/27/2010) Robert Hastings held a press conference at the Washington Press Club with former members of the United States Air Force who, provided affidavits, de-classified documents and their own testimony, that UFOs monitored US nuclear weapon sites, even disabling missiles in their silos.

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Week of September 27—October 2, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Watch your emotions, Air Signs. You won’t always be feeling in tip top shape this week. Neptune continues its retrograde motion, favoring fatigue, stress and thin skinned emotional reactions. It’s hard to keep your thoughts clear, especially regarding love matters. You could be taken for a ride and believe empty promises that are indeed too good to be true. and be greatly hurt by the experience. The Sun and Saturn Libra give you high energy which you have no problems channeling this week. You’re organized and efficient. Venus is lighting up your career sector. Your confidence sky-rockets when one of your bosses makes you an offer that’s up to par with your ambitions. As for your finances, Uranus and Jupiter are making sure that they’re stable and healthy. On the job, you’re tenacious and you don’t hesitate to stand up to your bosses and insist, when you know you’ve got a good idea. You may also decide to begin some new training, which will add to your value at the office and on the job market. Go for it! If you’re single, you’re aching to express yourself and be funny and attract the admiration of someone who counts for you, but it’s just not happening. If you’re single, you’re aching to express yourself and be funny and attract the admiration of someone who counts for you, but it’s just not happening. If you’re in a couple, your partner tries all week to cheer you up and finally, by the end of the week they succeed. The good news is that in spite of this tense atmosphere, in the end they’re eating out of the palm of your hand. Finally, your finances are being taken care of by Venus, who’s generously filling your bank account. You take her cue and spend it a fast as it comes in.

 Your Love Week—Air Signs: Monday night, you finally win someone’s love or keep him or her interested, but it’s a delicate balance. Find romantic clarity Monday night after the Moon trines Neptune. On Tuesday, love flowers from patience, but Wednesday’s Moon-Venus quincunx implies secret affairs and wounded honor. Tuesday and Wednesday, Mars is tempting you and Venus is keeping you in line. The positive influences of Neptune and Chiron protect you from Thursday’s tense demands and expectations. On Thursday Air Signs hosts an awkward ménage a trois between the Sun, Saturn, and the Cancer Moon. Maybe someone grows up, moves on, or makes a serious commitment. If you aren’t involved with a Gemini or Virgo, love carries you easily to mid-Saturday, when the Moon enters Leo and romance heats up. Unless you’re actively avoiding love, Sunday is your lucky day. On Sunday evening, the Leo Moon dances again with the Sun and Saturn, now joined by Mercury. Partners have no choice but to talk openly about the future.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Mercury joins forces with the Moon at the beginning of the week, influencing finances and activities. This alignment favors money coming in, just when you need it. Congratulations! Venus may make you secretive this week. Do be careful with your intentions, because they may not always be clear. In love, for example, beware of getting someone’s hopes up too high. You may be looking exclusively for pleasure, but the other person’s feelings are likely to run deeper. If your heart is free, the Sun and Mercury are liable to bring someone from your past back into your life, and you discover the flame is still there. Be careful though, a deception could follow, that causes you to fall off your little cloud of happiness. If you’re already in a relationship, retrograde Neptune makes you distant, on the suspicious side and not very demonstrative. In addition, the reality of day-to-day living just isn’t as exciting as your dreams. Wake up! Keep in mind that life isn’t a fairy tale and expecting your partner to meet an unrealistic ideal can only make them suffer. If you’re in a couple, temptation comes to you on the job. A pretty face has your desire rushing to the surface. Be sure to think of the consequences, before launching any seduction operations. On the job, Pluto retrograde places an opportunity that had passed back on your desk. This time, seize it! Professionally, Mercury is on your side, inspiring you to find the right words to convince others of the quality of your work and contributions. This could lead to a contract signature or an agreement with a potential partner. Your finances are still subject to Pluto’s restrictions. Be careful with how you spend your pay packet.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs Desperation has no place in your Monday night plans. The Moon sextiles your ruler Jupiter just as a wave of optimism strikes. The Taurus Moon makes you selfish on Monday, which you don’t realize until after it squares Neptune. The Gemini Moon trines the Sun, easing seductive conversation on Tuesday. Seduce only the right person!  But Tuesday and Wednesday warn you against overdoing it. Keep one foot in reality, especially when the Moon enters Cancer on Thursday and everyone is sensitive or suspicious. Everyone chills out Wednesday as they cautiously approach Thursday. The Moon enters Cancer and opposes Pluto, but you can’t afford mistakes. If you’re with a Virgo, Friday feels like therapy. On Friday, you’re attracting positive attention with a Mercury-Jupiter opposition, and your hopes soar after the Moon enters Leo on Saturday. You deserve some of the love that’s in the air Sunday. Just know that the Leo Moon sextiles the Sun on Sunday. Sincerity matters, whether you’re committing to the moment or for life.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You’re in excellent shape this week. Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, a Water Sign, have you raring to go. The only thing to watch out for, is letting excessive energy make you too high strung for intelligent decision making. Venus in Scorpio puts you in a light-hearted mood and sends waves of luck your way. But be careful: she could also give you a taste for excess, whether that means going overboard on dessert, or tackling an adrenaline-laden adventure. On the job you’ll have a tendency to count your chickens before they’ve hatched and gloss over details that end up being important. Try to slow down so that you can catch all the errors. Concerning love, all this vitality works for you. You’re able to break out of any shyness and unleash a charm that doesn’t go unnoticed. Professionally, you get noticed by using flattery and other clever tricks you’ve got up your sleeve. You will stay healthy. Couples, your partner has every reason to be happy, because you’re making room for quality time, and showering them with attention. Your union could be a bed of roses! If you’re in a couple though, you’re insistent that your partner agree with your ideas and follow your plans, and they’re not necessarily in the mood for this. Singles, you’re hungry to feel desired, so you’re testing out your charm right and left, over and over…You get a few bites but since you’re not playing for keeps, be careful not to break their hearts! The Sun/ Saturn duo are keeping an eye on your finances. They’re working to consolidate your assets and improve your general money situation. October should be a more relaxing month, Water Signs.

 Your Love Week—Water Signs:
Enlightenment strikes Monday evening when the Moon-Neptune square clarifies your feelings. On Monday the Moon’s hard aspects with Chiron and Ceres suggest your impulse toward conquest or revenge is about power, not romance. Wild emotions threaten Tuesday’s party. Someone who gets this signal could turn Tuesday into a bright, passionate moment. Apologize by Wednesday. Fantasies clash with reality Thursday once the Cancer Moon opposes your ruling planet Pluto. Love shines on you early Thursday, but the Cancer Moon’s usual nurturing is unlikely this time around. The Sun, Saturn, and Pluto generate personal crises that may or may not affect you. Friday is for healing if you accept Mercury as your therapist. On Friday Mars and Venus hook you up with someone on your emotional wavelength. Aquarius and Sagittarius see through you on Saturday, but you’re golden with everyone else. Your partner wants more from you on Saturday night. Sunday’s romantic reward is worth that effort. A love/hate relationship tips toward love.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The week ahead promises to be interesting for you Earth Signs. Numerous planetary aspects are influencing your essential life sectors, and they’re delivering some wonderful opportunities on a silver platter. Venus to start with is taking tender care of your relationships sphere: divers outings, fun and new faces are all in store. At the beginning of the week the Moon links up with Mercury, and the result is that you can hardly sit still. You want to try something new, organize an outing, even a short trip- anything to break out of the daily routine. On the job, there’s no question of becoming prisoner of boring, repetitive tasks. There too you’re searching for novelty and change, and you’re not concerned with looking good or running after approval like some of your colleagues. Venus is also working for you on a professional level. A transaction could come through mid-week, which helps your career evolve and gives wings to your ambitions. The only hiccup this week could come from Neptune, whose retrograde movement can create trouble with your cash flow. Keeping your budget in balance will be tricky business. Concerning love, if you’re single, you don’t yet feel ready to commit. You’re happy with a tender friendship or a light-hearted flirt that doesn’t tie you down. Singles, this can be especially beneficial for you! Couples, this won’t threaten your union at all: you will enjoy this social trend together and what is more, the party’s likely to be at your house. If you’re in a couple, you’re staking out your personal territory and sticking up for your rights. If your partner upsets you or says anything that hurts, they’ll pay dearly. You make your limits known. To wrap up, your wallet benefits from the support of the Sun, which neutralizes the negative effects of Saturn.

 Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
No matter who’s making the decision, a Moon-Neptune square means that minds could change before Monday’s end. Monday’s Moon-Mercury trine helps you share what you think are your feelings. On Tuesday, waiting for love becomes intolerable. passion. That could change by evening. By Tuesday, you struggle with politeness. Venus steers you toward discreet behavior by Wednesday. Thursday the Moon enters Cancer and opposes Pluto while the Sun and Saturn confuse you. However, Saturn won’t act until Thursday. It conjoins the Sun and squares the Cancer Moon as you make plans to improve or leave a relationship. Luckily, Mercury removes you from emotional chaos on Friday, and breaks harmful ties on Saturday. Chaos seeps in when the Moon enters Leo mid-Saturday. Pluto and Saturn fight again, but sex drive trumps logic on Sunday. Why should this be a surprise? You’re human. Maybe you’ll get some peace of mind when Mercury changes signs Sunday.