The Seventh and Final Pluto/Uranus Square—Monday, March 16th, 2015

Mar 16, 2015 | Special Messages

2015 has been called an epic and dynamic year. It is said that 2015 will be a year to remember, much like 1963 and 2001. What may be coming is a major change within the psyche of humanity. A major event is on its way. Because this energy echo’s 1939 and 1963, we tend to think of negative changes, but this truly may not be the case.

In 1939, Hitler marched into Germany, in 1963 President Kennedy was shot and in 2001, the twin Towers fell as a part of the Pentagon was destroyed, both by aircraft. Even if we don’t know what the events coming will be or how they may come about, we have a new generation coming into adulthood, the Pluto in Sagittarius kids. These people will take any event and make of it an excuse to reinforce their independence. They will be resistant to encroachments on their liberties, both by government and big business, and especially with any Internet regulations. They will not accept security and economic well being as a justification for someone looking over their shoulder.

In the world, 2015 began in a state of tension and instability. The general conception that the world is a “global village” where it is pleasant to visit other places and walk around has vanished. Government and social structures have crumbled. The danger of militant and terrorism has resurged in the threatening form if ISIS, who are a new organization operating beyond current national boundaries. The other old antagonism is Russia, who now seeks to establish control over the former territories of the Soviet Union.

Old myths and dreams are reactivated, the history books for children are rewritten, to serve nationalistic purposes. This is happening all over the world; India, Russia, China, Pakistan, and other places, showing the dissolution of trust in the validity of national explanations that is brought through in this energy.

This impact will continue for years, as it did with the mid-60’s through the mid-70’s cultural change. We will get a strong sense of what’s coming at the Full Moon in Libra on April 7th, although something drastic could also occur between the March 16th’ square and the March 21st eclipse. This Libra Moon is intended to bring in a cooling phase and harmony, but with the Sun in Aries and Uranus in Aries, pent up emotions could produce some shocking headlines.

This energy brings in ego-based justification for extreme behavior. Mixed up and confused thinking is present as well as closed minds and inhibiting communication.

The exact timing of Monday’s square is 7:53 PM – Pacific. A combination of emotional fireworks and cerebral discipline provide a favorable framework for this energy. This is a critical period to set the stage for political and personal transformation. Objectivity can help us to accept new and strange patterns that can rock our world, bringing us to new and different realities. If we trust ourselves, this transit can allow adaptability to changing conditions, but when our self-esteem is low, we naturally create resistance. We can all expect current obstacles to be presented that need to be worked before progress can resume.