The Nodal Axis shift on July 18, 2023.

Jul 11, 2023 | Ascension

The Nodal Axis shift on July 18, 2023


The North Node is the most important point in the astrological chart because it represents where we are moving to, in other words our future. The nodes have been in Taurus/Scorpio for the last 18 months and have focused on land, real estate, finances, and our values.  Many of us have changed our belief systems and values during that time. This experience was reinforced by Uranus – also in Taurus – until 2026.

All of us collectively are changing our values – from work for profit – to sharing with the group. Sharing our resources – sharing our love – with the group. As the North Node moves into Aries – we will begin to take action from our new values. Any action we take has to be rooted in our values.

Where are Aries and Libra in your chart? It’s important to know the Houses these nodes fall in – because they go very deep and are karmic as well as powerful.  In this article I will teach you the basic orientation of your birth chart and house rulership so you can understand this energy for your own life. The nodal axis moves along with the Moon’s orbit.

The opposing house to Aries is Libra and will create the energy of me vs we. Me –Aries vs We-Libra, especially if this is falling into your 1st and 7th houses.  It doesn’t matter which one falls where; the time will focus on relationships for you over the next 18 months.

I suggest you go back into your life – from December, 2004 – to June, 2006. That was the last time that the North Node was in Aries and the South Node was in Libra. What was happening with you? Was it relationships? Career and home? Finances and taxes? The elderly parents and their living quarters ?  Your child left home for school or work?  That will poke at your memory about that time era for you.

Where the Nodes shift to – is where the eclipses will fall over the next 18 months. Eclipses can only happen when the New Moon or the Full Moon occur close to the nodal axis.The nodes affect the area of action, particularly the North Node, in our own birth chart, which is where we are headed.  It holds the qualities we are meant to develop – by sign – by house – in order to get Soul satisfaction. That’s what we are meant to be doing in this lifetime.

In your birth chart you should know what your North Node sign is and which house it’s placed in. This is your compass – your beacon of light! I have often been asked what planet I think is the most important in the astrological chart, and to me, it’s the North Node. The rest of the planetary spread support the North Node’s soul direction; where the soul is headed in this incarnation.

Let’s look at the properties of ARIES, and where we all are headed for the next 18 months. 

The LOWER expression of  Aries:

Anger – aggression – assertion – warlike – impulsive – impatient – impetuous – selfish – me – me first – me and my needs – I don’t think about other people. It can be very focused – driving – aggressive – this are the lower energies – very immature.

The HIGHER energies of  Aries:

The more evolved – for all of us – these energies will be playing out :

Stepping into your sovereignty – your inner authority – your sense of independence – self-sufficiency – courage – your sense of being a leader and a hero in your own life – . Independence – being a pioneer – initiation – having the confidence and faith to say YES, that’s what I’m going to do – that’s where I’m going to go – not in any ego-based  way – but in a very strong sense of center – and power – not throwing any weight around;





What Aries has – very strong – is a clear sense of Self .  Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac, often called the baby or child. Aries is simple and uncomplicated. “Yes – I know who I am and know what I can offer to the world. “ Aries tends to be very present and lives in the present moment. Well of course, that’s where our power lies!

If we’re spending all our time in the past – we’re leaking power – if we’re anxious about the future – we’re leaking power. The only place we have power is right now, in the present moment.  ARIES energy is really good at that; probably the best in the zodiac for that strength. The Aries energy is also very single minded. it’s has simple, direct energy. Example: Oh great, there’s a lake. I’m hot. I’m going swimming.

Aries energy has a strong physical presence and immediacy  a vitality

  • a love for life
  • of being alive

It very much sets a single minded intention. It’s great at goal setting. It’s takes a single minded and focused energy, and in that sense, Aries can be great at achieving because it doesn’t leak any part to any side.

Well – how does that fit into community and groups? As many groups have been forming over the past two years, on Zoom, etc. each person is starting to develop a clearer and clearer sense of Self.

Yes – these are my gifts

Yes – I know who I am

Yes – I know what my piece of the puzzle is

Yes – I know how I fit with other people

Everyone has a role to play in their group community from grass roots up. Remember, Aquarius energy is where we are headed, and Aries energy doesn’t contradict the Aquarius energy. It actually strengthens it, by each person having a sense of Self and a unique role to play . That’s so important! With Pluto moving gradually into Aquarius, we are moving forward. Pluto is solid in Aquarius in January 2024, for the next 20 years, until 2044.

Aries and Libra energy are very much the signs of relationships. Relationships are going to be highlighted, no matter what houses the nodal energy falls in your chart. Because we are moving towards this sense of Soul Tribe; the right group for you, your family, your frequency is gradually moving,  either in person or on line, to gather your tribe.  The people we are on the same wavelength with; the people we resonate with; they have the same values, which you have worked out for yourself over the past 18 months. These are the people  with whom we are moving forward with, into our future.

You may find, with the South Node in Libra, that relationships of all kinds will change; whether it be your present relationship, a friend, your business partner, a neighbor; that, because you’re no longer working on the same frequency, some of those relationships will just fall away. There is less and less common ground between you to hold the relationship together.  We are evolving so rapidly!  

The South Node represents the areas we have already covered, particularly in your own natal chart.

What’s familiar

– what’s safe

  • what’s your comfort zone?

In areas and qualities that we have already developed, we can let those go now and focus more fully on that compass point of the North Node.

With Libra in the South Node position, it tends to express itself not in a positive way.   It can be that we’ve been

 a people pleaser

  • we’ve compromised
  • we’ve become kind of passive yoga
  • to make sure that we don’t rock the boat

The two signs that hate confrontation most are Pisces and Libra; they just hate it

Libra has a need for balance – everything nice – smiley – to keep the harmony – that’s why may Libra are called “Fair Weather Friends”. They agree with both sides and they will go to great lengths to defer to the other. The default action of Libra is:

“ well. If that makes you happy – that makes me happy. or “Whatever you decide.”  Or

“If that works for you – that works for me.”

People around Libras with that aspect are usually happy because they get their needs met.  

However the Libra person doesn’t get their needs met because of always deferring to the other.  That energy is what we will be shedding more with this nodal change. Going along with the system; Libra is a very conventional sign – it wants  to be agreeable – not rock the boat – not challenge . There’s a sense of conformity; “ everyone else is doing it and I don’t want to rock the boat, so I’ll go along with it. Libra has to do with a pact or agreements that we’ve made; it represents the scales of justice. 

We will be questioning those energies as we move forward. We will become much more critical in our views, in a positive, discernment way critical.  We may ask, “but is that working now; for the community and for me?”   Or is it redundant? I only went along with it not to rock the boat. That will become quite a strong viewpoint and emotional feeling.

Also, there will be relationships you’ve outgrown. Many people have felt that there is a Chasm increasingly appearing in relationships that we thought were going to be in our lives for a very long time.  We are evolving so quickly and those gaps, those holes, that lack of connection, is appearing more and more. 

2023 thru 2024 from July on will be very intense and powerful because Pluto in Capricorn squares the Nodal Axis.  This crates a vice-like evolutionary squeeze on us as humanity.  There is a constant struggle and pressure.  We really are moving into a new episode, a higher frequency, and one of the big themes with this T square. Pluto moving thru the last degrees of Capricorn is very much linked to: government authority

  • top-down ruler ship
  • Authority – governments – monarchy – institutions – institution(colleges and schools)
  • having power over people

But  ARIES is at the other end of the circuit of energy. It brings us

Inner authority – not external – inner

  • my own sense of power – my own center – politely – not violently.  
  • YES I know who I am – I know what I am – I know how I serve – super clearly

The nodal shift into Aries/Libra moves us into authority with the cosmos, and once Pluto settles in Aquarius next January, 2024, it will be very strong. By the acceleration of moving into your special community, with each person having a crystal clear focus of their role and their uniqueness within the community, the positive change  will be very apparent.

From July 2023 on we are really in our individual time-line. There is no judgment within this. Now all of us have our new, individual soul contracts. We can go at our own speed, do the best we can, walking our individual time lines.

There is so much to say about the nodes; especially because of their past life influence.  For you now, the important thing is to know where they fall in your chart and what planets they aspect, and at what degree, for your individual timing. 

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