The Holy Arc to the 5th Dimension — March 28th, 2023

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The March 28th, 2023 Arc lineup with the Galaxy

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.”

—Albert Einstein

“As we transit from one level to another, so we go from being big to little fish all over again. Yet—and this is one of the most curious aspects of living on planet earth—though we may move on internally in our spiritual awareness, externally we are all still humans.

Thus unlike at school, where transition of level means new classrooms or even buildings, here on earth we find ourselves rubbing shoulders both with those who are more advanced than ourselves and others who are still in Kindergarten.

As the second star-gate opens and our ‘airplane’ (the Earth) comes in to land, we, its passengers, must prepare to disembark and go to our separate destinations.”

—Adrian Gilbert
Hildenborough, England



We know scientifically that there are eleven dimensions, perhaps twelve, Universe disturbances, and black holes within our Universe. To break this down, there are seven levels to each dimension, and the Soul must pass through each and every level before crossing over to the next stage or dimension.

Sometimes the stages and levels overlap. Compare this to the stages of a Solar and Lunar eclipse. The Solar eclipse begins a new stage and the Lunar eclipse completes and finalizes the last stage.

The Solar eclipse always occurs before the Lunar eclipse closes up and finally seals the last stage. The Solar eclipse represents new beginnings and opportunities, while the Lunar eclipse brings us finality, endings, and death of a situation. This is Natural Law, Universal laws that are governed in every life form by an eternal, immutable law, which shows their distinction between what is just by nature and just by convention. These points of Light, coming from the center of our galaxy, is the way we will be accessing and entering The Fifth Dimension.

The same pattern is continued as Pluto moves into Aquarius. It’s in Aquarius for a few months, then moves back into Capricorn, and back and fourth again, until it finishes the clean-up job it’s meant to do, then stays in Aquarius for twenty years – until 2044.

Arc (topology), a segment of a path. Arc length, the distance between two points along a section of a curve. Arc (projective geometry), a particular type of set of points of a projective plane. arc.   the apparent path described above and below the horizon by a celestial body (such as the sun). — a sustained luminous discharge of electricity across a gap in a circuit or between electrodes.

And now, right after all the planet activity of March 2023 and the Spring Equinox, the Universe brings us a Holy Arc with power points that will be activated throughout 2023 through 2025 — to help us bring our physical bodies into harmony with our spiritual bodies.

The sense and awe of our great Universe never ceases to amaze and humble us, especially those involved with energetic healing. We are all on the brink of a great discovery as well as seeing the impossible become possible.

Humanity had been living in the Third Dimension until the 1960’s when we began to enter the Fourth Dimension, and this is not considered a long time. We are infants with all of this energy. The planet is continuing its process of turning inside out as it strives to align with a higher vibration within a new vision of reality. We have time to prepare ourselves for the coming energy changes, which have already begun. Many of us are downloading Fourth and Fifth Dimension energies on a daily basis.

Whatever existed in realities of the past, Third Dimension energies, or within a lower vibrating dimension, are becoming merely a past conception or memory now, and many of us are in fear, believing that there is very little left to hold onto.

In the past millennium we imagined a higher vibrating world or reality for ourselves, and this was called an illusion at that time, about love, cooperation, spontaneous healing, and helping each other within the Spirit of Oneness.

Now, since these have become the new reality, the illusion has become the old three dimensional ways of living and being. The old structure and the old systems of survival, like war, money games, starvation, illness, and a fight for rulership, are disappearing and being replaced with new concepts and ideas.

As we progress further and further into the higher realms, we have less and less of the old world to hold onto—the world as we know it. This can create a feeling of falling down a deep hole with nothing to grasp onto and no apparent anchor.

We may feel as though there is nothing surrounding us now which feels remotely right or good, or even, perhaps, that we are existing in a vacuum all by ourselves, like some kind of vortex of emptiness and detachment with no apparent connections to much of anything else. The vibrations are changing quickly, and with that experience we have chaos, destruction before reconstruction. SURPRISE: God and the Divine energies are about to lift us up into a new world of splendor!

All of us have the ability to become transformed and carry the new frequencies within ourselves. We can become natural healers, manifest our desires, and bring unconditional love to everyone we come in contact with. Only those who choose to open their eyes and see will move along with the tides of change and survive.

I can assure you that everything is right on track with our Spiritual evolutionary process. All is right where it needs to be for this phase of the amazing Ascension process we have chosen to be born into, undertake, and do our part to guide and move mankind forward.


There are 4 angels that were assigned by God to protect and keep the Ark of the Covenant and the “Tables of Stone,” contained therein. 

Arc of the Covenant

Little did anyone dream that over 2500 years later these angels would make their presence known again – and this Arc would be transformed into Light.

This is one of the strongest evidences that last day events are upon us and that we must be at the end of time, as we know it. On March 28th you will be able to view this event in the skies, Get out your binoculars and telescopes. Be sure to meditate beforehand, and play ARDAS in the background as you enjoy and drink in the new powerful energies pouring out from the center of our galaxy.

There are special dates throughout 2023 – 2024 – 2025 when powerful electric ascension impulses will be released from this Arc that will be revealed to me by Mentor at the proper time.   I will provide these dates in my weekly Stargazing reports and on my weekly radio show – “Let’s Find Out on – Sunday nights at 10:00 pm EDT. If you want to catch up with all of the astrology and prediction events – you can download the archives.

Thus the Lord has given graphic evidence that even up to the present time, He is still watching over the Ark and its precious cargo.  The four angels who were assigned to the Ark after Moses placed the tables of stone inside, are still on the job, faithfully watching and keeping the Ark safe until the time its contents will be revealed to the world.

Praise God for revealing this most incredible information of all time.  May we all be ready when this time comes, for the main purpose of these revelations is so people will prepare for what is ahead.  All who want to be ready have the opportunity now of preparing themselves. 

How is this done?  By seeking the Lord with all their hearts, seeking for an intimate, personal relationship with Him.  Asking daily for the infilling of His Holy Spirit through meditation and working with the NEW spiritual chakras.


The book is on


The Holy Arc to the 5th Dimension

Here is the astronomy information for you. (From Starwaalk,space)

All the planetary shifts of the past few weeks have brought about a renewed enthusiasm for life, creating a desire for adventure and trying new things. The entire week is bursting with positive, higher vibrational energy to a very high frequency. 

Thanks to a “can do” attitude there is practically noting you can’t do or accomplish. 

On Tuesday March 28th, the Moon moves into emotional Cancer and aligns with Mars. You can actually view the ARC set in the sky. This is the first quarter moon, which tends to challenge you to get moving as the energy builds towards the Full Moon on April 6th. Tend to projects and people close to home.

The saga of the planetary parade now rolls into the spring energies, along with everything else. As we cross the threshold from winter into the new growth season of 2023, five planets—Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Mars—plus the quarter moon are set to align on March 28th, forming an imperfect arc from low on the western horizon, heavenward toward the southwest.

In just days, looking due west shortly after sundown, the sky watcher will find Mercury and Jupiter, with a bright Light,  near the horizon in the constellation Pisces, marking one end of a cosmic convoy spanning a 50-degree section of sky. These two bright objects will hold a convergence here, one degree apart—about the same distance as two full moons. They may be a challenge to spot; luckily Venus will beacon brightly almost directly overhead, which you can trace to the setting sun to find them.

As both planets are so close to the horizon, observers will need a nearly flat western horizon, like a Texas sky horizon, free of obstruction and a clear sky to see them.

Next in the lineup, Venus will sparkle brilliantly in the constellation Aries with a brighter magnitude and easily be seen with the naked eye. Nearby, two degrees from Venus, the planet Uranus will appear very faint with a duller magnitude, requiring a strong pair of binoculars or telescope to distinguish it from the surrounding stars.

Lastly, high in the southwestern sky, Mars will join the alignment, glowing rust-red, accompanied by the first quarter moon slightly higher, located in the constellation Gemini.

One might notice that the lineup is anything but exactly lined up; it’s a buckled procession at best—with a rather lackadaisical parade marshal, it would seem. But by definition, these planetary alignments call for approximation rather than rigid, mathematical precision.

  1. A number of planets all gathered on one side of the sun at the same time, from a vantage point above the solar system; or
  2. A visual phenomenon where a number of planets appear in close proximity to each other in a small sky sector, from the perspective of the Earth.

In other words, planets do not have to line up exactly to constitute an alignment but merely be close, or appear close, to each other.

Why might that be, you ask?

In truth, both the laws of physics and common sense prevent our planets from forming a perfectly straight line in the 3-dimensional space we inhabit. How might they? For one, the appearance of an alignment depends on the position of the viewer, which isn’t fixed; so there is the problem of defining such an alignment.

Secondly, each planet has its own elliptic plane (or orbital plane around the sun), none of which is exactly the same as the others, though they’re roughly similar to each other and do generally follow Earth’s elliptic (the path the sun appears to follow in our skies). Thus, it’s physically impossible that they will ever align perfectly. Yet it’s because they almost line up that planetary alignments, as we know them, are so common.Meanwhile, “planetary parade” is a synonymous, looser, and more playful astrological term, meaning multiple planets located in the same zodiac constellation, according to starwalk space.

So, as frigid temps thaw and warmer weather prevails, come twilight on March 28th, cast a gaze westward from your patio or swimming pool lounger. Venus should shimmer brightly over the horizon, with Mars and dimmer Uranus heavenward and to the south. Given a clear horizon, you may trace the parade to the set sun to find the glowing objects Mercury and Jupiter lingering in the twilight.

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