The Great American Eclipse

Aug 17, 2017 | In the News

The Positive Energy Coming and the Perils in the Sky

And in the last days before the Eclipse, God will give to His chosen children the gift of sight, healing, understanding, and visions in dreams along with the inner understanding that God has chosen them to bring transformation and deliverance to the Planet Earth. These are His Light Workers who are prepared to bring the world into the new earth plan for love, peace, and harmony.

There is not a man upon the earth that can show the timing of these coming events: therefore there is no king, lord, nor ruler, that asks such things nor any magician, astrologer, or psychic, and no other human form.

Now is time to see if this much talked about Great American Eclipse packs any punch. A solar eclipse is thought to bring deeper, soul level priorities to the surface, and then bring them out into form to use in your life — over time (rather than rushing out). So it represents Endings and New Beginnings.

Be aware that this sensitive degree of the zodiac, twenty-eight degrees, is being hit by other planets in the coming month, including talkative Mercury, ambitious Mars, and love and money Venus. Look to wars, rumors of wars. New, powerful inventions and technology, new babies, and break-ups of relationships and governments.

Put some action to your ideas and desires in order to improve love and/or money in your life. Of course, the purpose of a solar eclipse is to have your desires and ambitions be in harmony with your spiritual purpose mission, and that comes before love and money (but no reason they can’t work together!). 

Also note that Mercury is retrograde in Virgo and Leo, through September 5th. It is a great time to pull back from the world for a short time. Do a body or closet cleanse as well as tend to small projects before the season changes. You can also begin simply to put some early effort into future projects that will develop later. Write down your ideas for new beginnings and review them at the Fall Equinox.

My Predictions – what will the Full Solar Eclipse bring to the world?

The Eclipse on Monday brings a change in worldwide leadership.

Last June 2016 on Coast to Coast, and before that time, I had predicted that Prince Charles had a life threatening disease and would never take the throne.  Well is wasn’t cancer – it’s Alzheimers.

One of the changes will be that the Queen makes Prince William king as Charles steps aside. Then Charles and his wife will divorce.

From now through October 26th – Turbulent September and Tearful October.

During these months – there will be confusion, financial upsets, and subterfuge. September will be most difficult, especially with severe weather.

This energy brings:
Hurricanes – major category 5 ++
Volcanic eruptions
Earthquakes – in mid-America (Kentucky, Tennessee)
But mostly in the Philippines – Japan – Indonesia –
Violent weather – high winds, hale, tornadoes – especially in the South
Three rivers come together – splitting the US – Missouri-Mississippi – Ohio Rivers
More Hot car deaths

The sky will darken and the ground will shake – this eclipse sets the pace of things to come. The people outside watching this event will feel panic, please be careful. It does you no good to panic and run for your car. No good at all. All of you – just kneel and pray – for your country – its leaders, and your safety.

This powerful energy affects World leaders and World Events. Yes – there have been other eclipses – but not in this sign – with this astronomical set up. Remember Leo rules kings and leadership, and also children.

We can feel as if we are in quicksand – nothing can move forward – feeling stuck

Around August 25th – the energy takes hold and begins –its flow bringing setbacks – delays – problems – frustrations

Oil prices will probably rise – the economy shifts strongly in early September.

Secrets – government – corruption – are uncovered and crime will rise in September. Also – deception – lies – cheating – comes out to the light

More Fake News:
Start asking questions re the mass media – research it yourself to find your answers – don’t accept everything you hear – find the TRUTH for yourself.

There will be so much fear about the economy – the market begins to take a plunge

Remember how credit cards began to work? Everyone doubted they would ever grow in importance.

Bit coins and etherium – grows – and leaves out banks (the beginning of enslavement)

Bit coins – split – and “old” bitcoin and a new bitcoin.

I had said this will be financially lucrative change – when bit coins began.

Invest in oil – prices change – going up

Watch the stocks with motor companies – Tesla _ is where to go – electric cars and solar power.

A big uproar in world leaders – in coming in most countries.

Obama will be in the news very soon. Something very important will be uncovered and revealed.

Many of us are projecting their ideas onto other people – this tendency grows – leading to serious disagreements. Judgments, ridicule, demonstrations, that are harmful to all who participate. One is never “heard” with warring behavior.

The US will begin to fall in power – a massive change of the world power structure is coming – because the USA becomes ungovernable.

Political corruption – rise of the elite – unbalanced lives – civil and racial unrest – incompetent government rule – cannot fulfill its role in the world effectively – failure of the social system – China will rise – makes bold moves to address the world unbalance – going into 2018 – massive conflict over global warming – causing a hot war – biological warfare may be utilized.

Russia and Ukraine sign a peace agreement – embraced by the EU. US will oppose this truce while Germany embraces it – Italy faces financial hardship – Latin America reorganized – causing civil unrest.

2017 Solar Power becomes the desired energy – all over the world – clean energy – especially in Europe.

The Apple Cloud disappears – it will vanish – losing many computer files. They will not be retrievable.

Commercial space flights could begin – space travel –

Trump will not complete his full term – leaves office with business ruined in the Northern and Southern states – his removal is unprecedented – Impeachment? Resignation? Ill health?

Muslims will invade Europe – and widespread destruction by extremists. This great war began in Syria (2013) (my prediction) this is a brutal regime. This effects Spain – China and parts of North Africa.

Muslims invade the USA via Canada. A violent act of terrorism happens in Canada.

Skin cancer grows quickly into an epidemic – a new melanoma – white men is the highest risk group.

North and South Korea begin to join forces. The leadership of the North Korean’s is in flux – the common North Korean government will fall.

This has been a distraction against the growing escalation in Pakistan and India. Focus on that area with your prayers. This may be the first place where there will be a nuclear exchange – although my Angels claim it cannot happen – especially with thousands praying for peace.

This is what I mean by leadership changes over the next eighteen months or so – after the Eclipse.

Ask yourself this:

What is it in you – that you can change and correct – to make your life better? We need to heal our inner issues. We all need to find and reflect inner peace.

Pay attention to what you can see about yourself. When you can see what you are blaming others for – or yourself – then you can see what you can begin to do to heal, change and move forward.

Single Candel

Eclipses help us see our dark side – so we can “put a light on it” and heal and remove our blocks, This will bring you transformation and the possibility of growth. Ascension – is the only thing worthwhile to work towards.