Jul 31, 2012 | Special Messages

August 1st Full Moon In Aquarius

After July’s seemingly endless roller coaster ride, the peace, calm and pleasure of August will surely be a welcome relief! You can add zest to your life this month and perhaps even find love, inner peace, or an exciting new interest. August has two Full Moons. The first one is on August 1st/2nd in Aquarius and the second on August 31st in Pisces. When two Full Moons occur in one month, the second is referred to as a Blue Moon. This occurs once every two to three years, hence the phrase Once In A Blue Moon means a very rare occurrence.

As early as August 2, expect positive energies to rain down from above. On this day, the warmhearted Leo Sun enjoys a sociable exchange with Jupiter, bringing confidence and luck. Meanwhile, the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1st prompts you to find a balance between friendships and romance. Five days later on August 7th, Venus brings further serenity to your home when it moves out of spirited Gemini and into the homebody sign of Cancer.

Mars spends the first three weeks of August in Libra, where Saturn also resides. This duo can test your patience, for these two planets carry very different energies. Mars represents speed, boldness, and fearlessness, while Saturn represents caution, restraint, and self-discipline. When these two planets come together, you feel as if you are driving eighty miles an hour with the breaks on. You must learn patience!

But August 8th is the day we’ve all been waiting for, as Mercury finally turns direct! Conversations will run more smoothly and everything will suddenly seem to click back into place. Then, on August 9th, Venus moves into Cancer, this time partnering with Neptune in Pisces to boost family relationships with extra kindness and sympathy.

Things should continue to run smoothly through the middle of August, when a few blips add a bit of spice to an otherwise peaceful month. The first speed bump is a Mars-Saturn conjunction on August 15th, for when these two planets collide, tensions soar and tempers flare. Be especially careful at this time, since this planetary pairing tends to make everyone more accident prone. This awkward Mars-Saturn conjunction on August 15th brings you a sharp reality check. This energy urges you to face issues and deal with them in practical ways. Venus also brings a few ups and downs when it meets first with Pluto, then with Uranus. You’ll go from passionate, possessive and jealous on August 15th to just letting the chips fall where they may the following day.

The August 17th New Moon in Leo invites you to bring more fun into your life and your creative work. Fortunately, by this time the Leo Sun perks up Saturn, while the New Moon in Leo pops up to offer a fresh start. You’ll also have a chance on this day to get your sensible plans off the ground!

August 22nd sees the Sun leave playful Leo and move into workaholic Virgo, just before Mars swings into ultra-determined Scorpio on August 23rd. Together, these two transits will help you put your nose to the grindstone and get some work done. After Mars enters Scorpio on the 23rd, you can move forward with your plans and projects.  Neptune throws a couple lazy-day distractions your way on August 24th and 26th. Perhaps it time for a spiritual retreat.  However, on August 30th, the Sun fights back with Pluto to help you regain your focus and put you back on track.

The month closes on a dreamy note with a Full Moon in Pisces on August 31, reminding you that hard work is more effective when you let your imagination get involved! This August 31st Full Moon in Pisces (the Blue Moon) invites you to look inward. Find a quiet place where you can do some Soul searching. Because this Full Moon is in a Water Sign which triggers your emotions, it will effect you mainly on an emotional level. If you are not pleased with your life or the way it is going, figure out ways to improve your attitude or situation. Then get started!

This August forecast is only a taste of what’s on tap this month. The weather conditions begin to change from very dry to way too much water!  Hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, and tsunami’s begin their visit, especially on the West Coast. For all of my monthly predictions, join our on-line magazine.

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