The Embers of The October 2023 Eclipses

Nov 14, 2023 | Ascension

There s a major force shift here in November from the Eclipse Embers as well as the energies of late August and September. It’s a major shift point for the collective consciousness. The eclipses in October have already re-arranges a lot of the dynamic forces at hand.  We had certain ideals, we had certain preferences, along with our conceptions about where we thought we would be – what we thought we would do – but October and November will really change this – based on the unforeseen elements that come in energetically.

In November the main – active planets are Mars and Uranus –   we have an incredible Mars-Uranus opposition happening on Nov. 11th   (11/11) We also have a very strong Mars/Sun conjunction in Scorpio happening, which has not occurred for a very long time

Both Mars and Uranus deal with action and the unexpected events. I do think that a lot of unexpected thing will be happening on a large scale during the month of November. Also – some very fast and bold events will be happening. So this is not just being passive in the face of change – it’s not going to be “Wow – all of this stuff has happening – and I’m not going to face that” – or one can just sit in passivity – in response to all this change.  We’re really seeing many people hitting a breaking point – here in November – which brings in a very active and bold energy – of what we’re willing and not willing to have in our lives.

I’m seeing definitely some demanding energy coming up thus month – as well as an accounting happening – like karmic payments – some people will be receiving karmic payments now – people will be paying up – and throughout this kind of transactional energy – there will be receipts – some type of legal filing – along with change in some legal attributes for some people –

We’re seeing new businesses start up – for others divorces – for others, death of a loved one – as well as some kind of official action in response to chaos. People just will not be accepting chaos here, and that’s a big shift. I feel honestly that for many years people have been thinking or placing themselves in a passive way – in relation to chaos. However. There has been a big change – especially in the past few months of 2023 – and this is very new – where people are turning away from chaos and they are really trying to protect their own wellbeing and find their sense of personal peace and power.

November is going to ask a lot of people to bring back peace in their lives. The energies will ask a lot of people to think deeply about any source of chaos in their lives – and if they are willing to continue to accept that or not. This will bring a chain reaction – a cause and effect – dialogue – like “Okay – if I don’t accept this chaos – where does that put me?”   “Am I scared of wellness – and if I take an action towards wellness – or towards healing – peace or calm – will that generate some kind of backhanded chaos?”

So we have people really working with fear here in November – of course this is Scorpio season – and Scorpio rules all of these psycho-emotional complexes – like fear – worry – angst – what being afraid of something feels like– or being nervous about something – how that causes us to change our actions – or curl up in a fetal position – or not take any action.

Pay attention to anything in your life that is so polarized or there is such a feeling of chaos that you’re just being totally still or feeling paralyzed. Jupiter/Uranus retrograde in Taurus – is paralyzing energy.   However. the Mars/Uranus opposition on 11/11 is going to maybe bring some action back into the situation – so if anything in your life has been gridlocked – the energy could shift upwards around that point in time.  It may not be on a level that you want to go through because it will be out of your comfort zone – that’s Scorpio/Taurus energy. You may have to go through some discomfort; but things should work out for you. A lot of people are caught up in this turbulence right now.

On the Scorpio side of this month (November) we are dealing with a very swift and powerful energy. The Scorpio energies this year is not about vengefulness – retaliation – meanness – or the venom of the Scorpion. It’s about the higher minded – scorpio-justified-angelic energy this year.   These sharp=focused energies will really be rewarding those who can step into their peacemaker – higher self – the Eagle.

That’s in interesting to think about – the higher side of the Scorpion. If you want to rise above these energies of war and conflict – with your own level of sin, you are going to have to make the effort; and Scorpio can do it with focus and thrust. It’s not a passive or settling energy. What is peace and tranquility?  Is peace the result of gaining power?  Being right? Settling; or is there a new way?   Is there a new consciousness level that opens the door to achieve peace?

Very interesting.   Only you can manifest the answer.