The Dreaded Mars-Saturn Clash – April 2/3, 2018 – How will it affect you?

Mar 15, 2018 | In the News

The next major astrological transit that you need to plan for is the conjunction of Saturn with Mars, which would begin in the early hours of 18th March 2018 and continue till May 17th 2018. To help you realize the effects, you need to understand the energies of Mars and Saturn. Mars is an aggressive ball of fire in the zodiac, second only to Sun in energy and heat. Mars is many times more aggressive than any other planet. Because of this intense energy, Mars causes sudden and unexpected events. Mars is associated with anger, accidents, surprising events, both losses and gains. On a positive side, dynamism, charisma, and high energy to help remove competition and bring others to your side in a helpful way.

The planet Saturn is nearly the opposite. It is stone cold, slow moving while holding deep, long term grudges. It punishes when angry and teaches when happy with you. The positive side of Saturn is patience, focus and persistence that enables a long-term vision, bringing mass acceptance and executive ‘power’.

The conjunction of Saturn and Mars comes once in about two years, but only once in every twenty-three years in Capricorn, and there is always difficult learning, repayment of karmic debt, deep seated changes in your life, and a compulsive move or change in fortunes. This happens is because these planets simply cannot work together.

(Keep an eye out on world events because this is a do or die energy.)

Mars and Saturn are essentially two opposite energies that cause turmoil in your life. The energy generated is not always negative. After all, you could win the lottery or inherit fortunes to free you from your restrictions. Beside the challenges and old situations, which were becoming a burden, you could also get shut out or removed from your same ‘ole, same ‘ole and be forced to leave your established way life. You can experience a sudden vibrancy in your career as you are able to find a level playing field once again to move ahead.

Mars & Saturn can build up as well as dissipate wealth when they conjoin. It is usually a challenging transit for family and relationships, as the older, worn-out elements get challenged. All in all, remember that whether for good or ill, your life will change for you with this transit. (I call this the Universe doing that which you cannot bring yourself to do.)

Mars/Saturn can bring in unexpected attacks with guns, aircraft, bombs, shootings, as well as bad, unprecedented weather. Think back to 1991-1992 when Mars conjuncted Saturn in Capricorn. What life changes occurred for you then? My mother died in 1991 and my son married and began his Residency at Vanderbilt University. As for the karma part, my first-born son faced his real father in 1991 and completed the karma with him. Very interesting.

In the world, it was marked as the final year of the Cold War that had begun in the late 1940s. the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics fell, leaving fifteen sovereign republics in its place. India also abandoned its policies of socialism and began extensive neoliberal changes to its economy in July 1991 which would increase the GDP but also economic inequality over the next two decades. authorized coalition force from thirty-four nations fought against Iraq, which had invaded and annexed Kuwait in the previous year, 1990. The conflict would be called the Gulf War, and would mark the beginning of a since-constant American military presence in the Middle East. The clash between Serbia and the other Yugoslav republics would lead into the beginning of the Yugoslav Wars, which ran through the rest of the decade. This is an example of what I am talking about. This time the actual rapt conjunction takes place on the 2nd and 3rd of April and many events will begin to build up towards this conjunction.

Mars, being a fiery planet, the primary element of Fire related to the direction southeast comes into importance. Saturn relates to the primary element Air and brings into importance the direction of the northwest. Both these are powerful energies that can cause enough distress to the birth signs. Both the planets are bigger malefic and capable of causing sorrow and pain. Constant delays and obstacles may also create stress and be extremely frustrating for you. If you invite any conflict or legal battle into your life at this time, you might regret it later. Mars is a powerful energy representing, the younger generation; aggressiveness, anger, differences, and arguments. Saturn, on the other hand, like the elder generation, is identified with suffering, difficulties, hindrances and harms.

The impact of this conjunction will also be heavy on people born in Moon signs and ascendants of Cancer, Aries, Libra, and Capricorn. Mars controls blood, bones, bone marrow in our body while Saturn controls metal objects used by us. Mars Saturn Conjunction in Capricorn 2018 causes frequent injuries while using metals, driving etc. Saturn indicates wounds by metals while Mars indicates loss of blood. People born with this conjunction or mutual aspect in their birth chart should take enough care while driving, crossing the street, and working in the kitchen etc.

On positive front, this energetic force produces capacity for hard work, endurance and resourcefulness. If anger is controlled somehow, energy can be used constructively. Actually, this energy is a dynamic combination of hot and cold. Mars gives you ample energy to execute any task, while Saturn uses sensible control (but not obstacles). This is how you should go ahead on an individual level. There is plenty of scope of hard work and productive results, provided you pass on small frustrations in-between. You are being confronted to develop a firm and planned approach to your physical activities and learn to pace yourself according to the demands of each situation. This will often indicate a time when you have a heavy workload and more responsibilities, forcing you to prioritize your schedule.

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