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If there is any truth to the saying “the calm before the storm,” then we could say that about February, 2015 because it is the month before the seventh and last pass of the Pluto/Uranus square. This series of conjunctions has been moving us along since June of 2012.

These two trouble makers, and strong energies for change, came together for the sixth time on December 15th. Uranus, Pluto is no ordinary combination, and is apt to cause your past actions to explode in front of you.

Although February may not be an active month, it promises to begin to get bust after mercury turns direct on the 11th. Think of this as a slow leak in your tire on the car, or a small hole in a bag of sugar on the shelf. All is quiet, and then, bang! The tire is flat and the ant hill in the pantry seems unmanageable.

In terms of our private lives, all this will prove to be inconvenient than disastrous, but in worldwide events, it could become a different story. The world will have more to deal with than is expected.

The deciders at the top of the ladder will be called in. That is the president and the Supreme Court, not the House and the Senate. Why? Because the Supreme Court can lay down a law quickly and decisively in the way that other branches of government cannot. Congress and the Senate argue about everything, and usually get very little done. The President can lay down an executive order and commit combat troops into long-term combat situations in foreign lands.

Whoever and whatever country we are talking about, this seventh and last aspect of Uranus squaring Pluto often produces events involving action by the insiders who are at the top of the government. Also, actions can be brought to these insiders such as, demonstrations in the street, rebellion, and assassination attempts.

We could experience an historic event during this time, the dates being the Feb. 3rd Full Moon, Feb. 11th, last Quarter and mercury turns direct, New Moon on Feb 18thth and the First Quarter again on Feb. 25th, especially with Venus in the mix. This energy could effect the Stock Market, Housing, overtaking a country, or at the very least someone taking a stand to make a point. Whether the point is for good or for ill is another matter entirely.

Heart-WorldOur World Wars and smaller wars have, so far, has seemed like one long war with millions upon millions of people losing their lives, their livelihood, their homes, their families, their children and any sense of justice, security and peace in the world. The cost has not been in just the lives, but also in economic costs because a small fraction of what has been spent for destruction could have provided for every person on the planet a standard of living that far exceeds the present American standard.

But, the greatest cost of all has been the spiritual cost that has turned the world psyche from the principles of Christ and Universal Love about being peacemakers, blessing those who persecute you, and being concerned about the poor. Instead, many American patriots glorify the skills of war and take pleasure in killing as in the book/movie American Sniper. The damage to the psyche of American veterans is that more die from suicide than from engagement itself.

The increasing world conflicts are not on just the military and economic fronts, but also on the world monetary scene. To explain this would require a separate newsletter, but in synopsis, The Powers That Be behind the monetary forces in the Western World are about to collapse, whether intentionally or not, the US Dollar. They have a backup plan in place. It is called the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) the Board of Directors for which is controlled forty percent by the French, but the US has leveraged control of actual actions that is a multiple of four times that of the French. The collapse of the dollar will mean that all bank accounts, investments, retirement funds, credit cards, etc. will be worthless, but no matter because while there are great schemes and plots afoot – when everything crashes – everything will crash.

The forces that are bringing this crash are very visible to those who watch such things. The leveraged derivative exposure which has been up/up/up will leverage down/down/down even more quickly. Practically instantaneously. The debt volumes and ratios to production are now about to go negative. All the financial signs have reached extremes never witnessed before. It has all been up/up/up but will topple and collapse all at once. America has been the bulwark – but as Germany found out when it wanted some of its gold back – the vaults are actually bankrupt. Most people do not see or understand the significance of all this – but those who really study it, understand that it is unavoidable and can now occur anytime – instantaneously. In will happen like a thief in the night.

The final thing to expect, as physical wars increase, as the economies falter, as the financial systems disintegrate, and the monetary system collapses – will be increasing racial conflict. It will not be just in the US, but here it will be especially intense. The events of the last two years will be replicated with ever increasing intensity, not just with black and white, but with Muslim, Jew, Asian, youth and elderly, and anyone who appears different than the neighborhood “norm.”  On another note, there is a concern as to where the parallel of the perceived Obama/Lincoln similarities may go. There have already been more assassination attempts on Obama – than on any president in history. He is undoubtedly the most intensely hated (although loved by others) of all presidents in history. There are repeated stories, such as have never been about any other president, of incidents involving the Secret Service which provides his security detail.

Things are cool, even cold at the moment, on the Eastern coast of the US, but they will heat up in more ways than one, during the coming summer. It is too cold now to be standing out on the street at night – for long hours – demonstrating. These days one can be assured something will happen to trigger events – when the weather is right – and eventually the greatest of all triggering events perhaps could be the fulfillment of the Lincoln Syndrome.

But alas, the exact order of events is not a given. The exact nature of events is not a known. It really never is, as there are many things that can happen that will be shocking and surprising. The exact timing of events is not predictable. Nevertheless, it is all increasing at an accelerating rate.

It could come to a head today. I think more likely in six to nine months. The answer to financial collapse is war. We have WWIII started already. The answer to social collapse is repression. The police have already been militarized for that purpose. The answer to impending defeat is the Samson option. It is in place for all sides – and only one side anywhere, facing defeat will need to activate it, and it shall be activated for all.

As immense and horrendous has been what has occurred, so far in this century of death and destruction, it is nothing when compared to what will occur in The Last Great Nuclear Battle of Armageddon and The Great Catastrophe that shall follow. What will the world have to do in the aftermath. Many think there will be no world to worry about – but that is not my position.

January 2015



This information is packed with wise, intelligent knowledge. Read and study it at your will.



The Valdai speech by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the President of Russia is the most important speech given so far this century.

The Pakistan presentation by James G. Rickards, CIA’s Asymmetric Warfare Advisor, on why nuclear World War Three will start between Pakistan and India.

The speech in the following two videos: first this one and then this one by Muslim Minister Louis Farrakhan, speaking at Morgan State College, delineating the current race situation in the US.

In recent newsletters I have quoted Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, Former General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, who said this month, that we may not survive the conflict over the Ukraine, and Henry Alfred Kissinger, former US Secretary of State for three administrations, remark that we are approaching nuclear war with Iran, and that we have made a fatal mistake regarding Russia and the Ukraine. I have also in the past presented the views of Russian, Chinese and American generals that World War Three is inevitable.

I often pass on the remarks of Max Keiser (38 hours). I am especially impressed by the consummate insider– retired United States Army Colonel Lawrence B. “Larry” Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, former United States Secretary of State. I think Col. Wilkerson to be one of the most insightful analysts regarding geopolitics (21 min – and many other presentations).

I daily monitor some of the MSM and read Stratfor when I am in their cycle period for free reports. Particularly, I go to at least a half dozen links, probably more like a dozen, daily from Western Journalism to follow what that thought pattern is saying. I am more appreciative of links that come to me from sources like the Christian Science Monitor. Daily, I also scan all three formats of Lockheed Martin’s FP summaries and usually read several articles from Gary North’s Tea Party Economist. I often see the remarks of Matt Drudge, Alex Jones – Prison Planet, from Coast to Coast, and maybe an average of a half dozen videos or other sources sent to me each day by you the readers with a far ranging spectrum of interests, such as Pastor Lindsey Williams‘s video (somewhat far out, many and lengthy) about the collapsing economy. I DO HIGHLY RECOMMEND Chris Martenson’s Crash Course (38 min.).

Most people in America, especially among the young, voluntarily restrain their current events knowledge to pop culture about sports, Miley Cyrus, and such ilk. In China, most people voluntarily restrict their Internet surfing to appropriate and approved channels, because they know they are closely watched. In many other parts of the world, such as North Korea, they do not even have that choice. I tell you all this so that you will know that I am exposed to a very wide spectrum of news and information sources compared to most of the public in our society of a vaunted free press and alternative media, and so that you will know when I refer you to two additional articles published THIS WEEK, that I think are VERY IMPORTANT, that opinion is based upon a very large smorgasbord of sources from which to make that judgment call.

The first article that I would have you listen to is by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary in the US Treasury Department, so he is well positioned to know what he is talking about in the financial world. (18 min).

The second article is about the Double Helix between China and Russia, and comes to us from The Vineyard of The Saker.

The Saker is a bird of prey and a nom-de-plume taken by an anonymous highly placed former military geopolitical analyst. He says of himself:

I therefore want to ask you for your understanding and patience with me. Even if I do quote the Scripture or make religious references, please judge what I write at its face value and don’t let your past experiences obscure my message… I am just a guy who happens to be very religious and whose religion is really ancient and different from anything you have seen in your life. I am not asking you to endorse or accept that religion of mine, only to let me speak the way I normally do, without trying to look or sound like somebody else. In other words, let them be them and let me be me. I am a Russian Orthodox Christian, of a very traditionalist kind of persuasion and I have nothing, really absolutely nothing at all, in common with the rest of them. Please accept me as I am and judge me for what I do. That, I think, would be only reasonable and fair.

The article that I would have you read is published anonymously on his blog by Larchmonter 445, another nom-de-plum, probably of an individual, I should say an extremely knowledgeable individual. (The Saker thinks in China, but I would more suspect in Russia).

The article is The Double Helix: China Russia. This is a 27 page article. The provided links permit you to either read on screen or download in one of several different formats. I have spent over twenty hours studying this article and have sent it on to others. It would take you a couple of hours to read it seriously.

There is so much happening so fast, that I can’t keep up with it. SO MUCH SO FAST

UN Troops Captured

In Syria three batches of UN troops have been captured/attacked by ISIS. This could be a game changer.

Thousands of people reportedly being slaughtered by the Islamic State.This comes to me not only through the news, but now a second source forwarded eye-witness Christian missionary email. Hasn’t stirred much response here because until now there haven’t been that many Christian children. This may stir something up (like the Iraq incubator thing – if you remember that).

Arming Assad in Syria

Massive loads of armaments being flown into Lebanon. Reports that some going to Assad Loyalists to help stave off what used to be called ISIS. US fighter planes also assisting by bombing ISIS in Syria. One day one is on one side of the gun and the next day on the other. For Bashar Hafez al-Assad, I would call this an improvement in position. Nothing strange here. One day Germany is your enemy – the next your ally. Same with Japan, etc. Oh, well, so long as there is SOMEONE to fight, the arms manufacturers will do well. Tanks, Humvees and weapons manufactured in the US are being used to fight Humvees and weapons manufactured in the US. No irony in that!

Russia on the Run (I think not.)

Speaking of keeping track of which side of the net the ball is on, Russia and the US on the same side during World Wars One and Two – and now this week Putin telling the US that Russia DOES HAVE NUKES. (I didn’t know that was a secret.) Anyway, NATO (think US) getting ready to move 10,000 troops up to the Ukrainian front. Russians have already. Both just barely putting their toes over the line. You know the dance. First you put your big toe in – then you take your big out – and you shake it all about. There is lots of shaking with the ultimatums being given today, by the US, Russia, China, Iran, the Islamic State, and many others.

Malaysian Airliner

Refusal of the committee to release to Russia the black box data about the Malaysian airlines raises – (I hate to say it) conspiracy theories that even other governments are responding to. This is a really weird agreement that has been entered into by the withholding countries.

Baby, It is Cold Outside!

And it will be cold inside too for much of Europe, if Russia shuts off the gas this winter. I am concerned about getting heated for our one little house, because my intuition tells me that it is going to be an exceptionally cold and snowy winter. Glad I don’t have to worry about a whole continent, like some European leaders must/should be.

France May Go Into Economic Free-Fall

I can’t begin to explain that. I don’t even begin to understand it. Just repeating reports that I have received. Look to October to be the month of financial confusion worldwide.

China Chipping Away

At most everything. Hong Kong in big demonstrations because China is revoking the democratic trends there. Most everyone around them feels like Big Brother is waving the Big Stick. The new weapons they are demonstrating are quite frosting the Americans and then there was the tussle with the US surveillance aircraft 135 miles outside China’s borders. I am sure that the US wouldn’t mind China parking surveillance ships and aircraft 135 miles off its coast.

The Current State of Things

Maybe I should mention that I am getting all sorts of “heads up” about the UK, some sectors of the US government, Israel and others all going on high alert. Some tied to upcoming 9/11, some tied to October dates, and some to other things. Whatever happens, October promises to be some month!

Okay, I could go on and on about all sorts of stuff – but I won’t. Everyone reading this can see what is happening in the world.

The Great Final Battle Begins

Part I

On the Economic Front

The wars between nations proceed upon two fronts – First the Economic Front – and then secondly the Physical Front.

The Two Great Antagonists in this battle are the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China)

The BIS represents the NWO (as designated by George Bush the 1st) which is supported by the US, UK, EU, NZ, Israel, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and which has imposed its will upon the world since the end of World War II and the establishment of the US dollar as the World Reserve Currency. Besides the BIS the above have used the Security Council of the UN to impose their will upon the world.

The world government, such as it has been, has been referred to as a mono-polar world centering around the US, with its military force exceeding the combined forces of all the other countries in its world Carrier Diplomacy. Carrier diplomacy, just as Battleship diplomacy before it, has now become technologically obsolete. The ending technology of the preceding war becomes the frame technology of the next – but as has always been said – the Generals prepare their strategy based up the preceding war.

At the end of the Second World War the BRIC nations were technologically inferior to the US, and for a period continued to be so as the US built up its former enemies, Germany and Japan – to become technological leaders, alongside it, in the post-war world. However, the power of the four most populated nations finally broke through, and they combined now control not only half the world’s population but also half the GDP.

The West may form its G-7 collectives, but it is a losing game, just as carrier diplomacy is a losing game. The old World War Game is dead and there is no strategy that will win the New World War Game. Nevertheless, the game is on. With last month’s Sea Change the poles have shifted. Let us look at what is happening with the BRIC as June opens.


Brazil has always been solidly in the BRIC camp, to the chagrin of the US. Its preparation for the World Cup dominates Western Media regarding Brazil (although even the significance and comprehension of that is off the screen of football and basketball oriented Americans). It is the Brazilian role in the BRIC military alliances that has upset the applecart. Russia, leading through Brazil, is now the largest arms supplier to the Governments in Latin America, while Brazil, and its oil diplomacy, is the leading advocate in the Western Hemisphere of the dump the dollar parade.


Russia has picked up the gauntlet thrown by the US support of the overthrow of the legitimately elected governments of the Ukraine, Syria, and Iran. While the US scoffs at Russia about it being a regional rather than world power – Russia replies that it is a Nuclear Power that is fully capable of destroying the US.

While Russia may not need to physically intervene in the Ukraine it has the economic power to bring it (and the EU) to their knees. “Gazprom said earlier Tuesday that Ukraine had until June 2nd to pay $1.6 billion owing or Moscow would halt supplies. In addition, from June 3rd, Gazprom will only supply gas for which Ukraine has paid for up front.” The supply of one third of the EU heating oil and gas comes through these sources and next winter will not be a pleasant one for the EU NATO countries.

The US may scoff at Russian power but it extends all the way into space. “Russia will bar the United States from using Russian-made rocket engines for military satellite launches, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin stated, retaliating for sanctions on high-tech equipment which Washington has imposed over the Ukraine crisis. He also said Russia would reject a U.S. request to prolong the use of the International Space Station beyond 2020.”


Third in line behind China and the US in the production of GDP, and projected to become first in the world in fifteen years, was once thought to be solidly in the Western World with its language and parliamentary traditions inherited from the UK. But no more – its ties to BRIC strengthen continuously.

The election of Modi is a prime example. While Obama, Kerry and company have all sent him congratulatory notes, he will not soon forget that he was barred from getting a visa to visit the US and UN. A similar affront to India a in April, when a low level Indian diplomatic figure to the UN was declared persona non gratis and had to return to India. Modi represents an overwhelming majority in India of fundamentalist Hindu belief that is vociferously opposed to the Muslims which are the occupants of most of its surrounding countries. The latter repeatedly forewarned that the election of Modi would lead to nuclear WW3.


China is becoming increasingly in conflict with the US on every front. A decade ago it was only regarding Taiwan, but now there is open conflict with Japan, Vietnam, and such other allies as the US had in the Asian Circle. While it and all the members of the BRIC have been excluded from the G-7 (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States) one can question just how relevant the G-7, the Builderbergers, et al, really are when productivity has been greatly increasing for decades among the BRIC, the standard of living improving for its masses, and its total GDP now surpassing the BIS which is suffering from massive unemployment and whose standard of living for its middle class, especially in the US, has been in steady decline for decades.

The BIG NEWS for this was Putin’s visit to China on May 20th. There he inked a MASSIVE oil and gas export to China agreement (take THAT EU and Ukraine) and proposed a new method of international settlement that does not depend upon the US dollar. (Take THAT US – he says, and while you are at it quit using Russian rocket engines in your rockets to send things into space.)

Russia and China have repeatedly told the US that they were no longer going to accept a monopolar world dominated by the US and the US dollar. That while the US has spat in their faces by ignoring their vetoes in the Security Council regarding Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya and so forth, there would come a point where they would no longer submit.

This may well be where the rubber hits the road – the dollar becomes no longer the sole reserve world currency and the charade of the Western Economic/Financial system collapses. World Diplomacy has always been a two step dance. The Financial Fight and then the Diplomacy by other means – which we call war.

This war will be different. There has never been the collapse before of a world reserve currency – so this will involve all the nations of the world and there has never been the start of a war before where the predominant weapon was nuclear missiles. Those who cannot see that the future can be different from the past – are truly always in for a surprise.


Yep, as June, 2014 opens, there has been a Polar shift. I am not talking about a magnetic or physical planet pole shift – but rather about a geopolitical economic polar shift. Russia, China and India, and Brazil have been complaining for years about the Unipolar power center – that has revolved around the US in world affairs – for the last couple of decades, but they are saying “No more!” Obama pokes fun at Russia – saying they “think” they are a world power – but that they are really only a regional power. Russia responded – “We are a power with nuclear weapons.” Their actual words.

The US came in and destabilized their neighboring / buffering country – the Ukraine. The US upset one of their major clients (Syria) – by supplying arms to infiltrating revolutionaries. The US is leading a movement in the UN – to bring Syria before the world court – although it is just about to have new elections. Russia and China have said they will veto that action.

While that should be the end of it – the US has ignored vetoes before. A similar situation exists with Iran. The US used to be able to get away with it – but no longer. The BRIC is coming together – brick by brick. There was a BIG meeting with Putin going to China. BIG agreement about oil – and oil purchases – that sounds the death knell for the dollar – as a world reserve currency.

Putin frankly uses the phrase that Russia and China are no longer going to buy into the NWO envisioned by Bush (and the Bilderbergers). Mind you Russia has lots of problems – with the debt that the Ukraine owes them for oil – and all the other mess taking place there – and the reality is that China is their biggest geopolitical threat.

CHINA too, having immense problems – with dissent internally, and conflicts with Vietnam, Japan, North Korea, and other neighbors. The BRIC members are trying to put on a happy face – such as between India and Pakistan – with Pakistan Prime Minister attending the Modi inauguration in India.

However, the destabilizing factors that the BRIC (just like the US) is involved in throughout so many parts of the world – (Iran, Syria, Palestine, North Korea, Taiwan – and it is a long list including throughout Africa and South America) represent so many kindling points – so many sticks of dynamite (to mix metaphors) that a single match in any one of dozens of places – can set off WW3.


All around the world the problems continue to intensify. The quality of life for most individuals in every continent continues to deteriorate and the conflict between nations continues to accelerate.

In Brazil there have been massive “Bread versus Circus” demonstrations protesting the billions being spent on the Soccer World Cup – while so many are in poverty.

In China the number of demonstrations is greatly accelerating to levels unknown since the Communist takeover.

Throughout many parts of Europe there have been taking place large street political protests because of the unemployment situation.

The most violent protests are most usually in Arab countries, amounting effectually to civil war in: 

  • Libya
  • Syria
  • Egypt
  • Lebanon
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • South East Asia

Monumental clashes in Vietnam and International Governmental clashes between China, Japan, and China and Vietnam. The Ukraine is in a civil war of its own.

To recount all the trouble spots in the world at this moment would be very long. It is not always so. The situation at the moment is exceptional. These are not necessarily all problems waiting to attack the US but they are waiting to attack each other. Most are just sparring with each other at the moment but when the flag goes up they will be released from the cages and attack each other, ferociously.

It is a world conflagration that is about to occur – and none shall be spared.

The build up of weapons of fearful destruction has never been so immense. One plane, one warship of the present day equals one hundred of the Second World War. There exist weapons today that were unimaginable then – and the destruction they will reek is unimaginable now.

For the most part, however, those about us are oblivious to the worsening social conditions, the breakdown of morality, the impoverishment of the human soul, and all the factors financial, economic, geopolitical that are leading to this Last Great Confrontation in what has been the Armageddon Century of Continuous World War.

The water boils. Our frog is cooked. The decisions coming out of this administration have not been supportive for these upsets. They seem to either not hear the possibilities or refuse to believe this can happen.

No matter the immediate cause of WW3 nor where it may be designated to have begun, I expect the first nuclear exchange to take place between Pakistan and India which will then be the trigger for the use of nuclear weapons the world over on the basis of “use them or lose them.”

Prior to the largest election in the world’s history, and the landslide victory this last month of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whom Islamists had declared would be the trigger for war between Pakistan and India, Arun Jaitley, who has now been appointed the Indian Minister of Defense, was reputedly considered the party’s military hardliner. Admittedly, Mian Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, attended the Indian inauguration ceremonies – but many people consider this merely symbolic because the “Deep Power” in Pakistan, the military who are the holders of the nuclear keys, highly objected.

The US supposedly has a plan, in case of confrontation between India and Pakistan, to rush into Pakistan and disable the nuclear capabilities. Not likely.