The August Dog Days—A Sprirtual Approach

Jul 22, 2010 | Special Messages


The effects of the T-Square begin today, as the Sun moves into Leo. The Full Moon on Sunday, July 25th is at 3 degrees of Aquarius at 6:30 PM pdt. There promises to be a lot of upset and drama in the world as we walk through the first three weeks of August. Consider the last week of August and the first few days of September “clean up and clearing” time.

The electronic grid will come under a great strain and may bend with the energy demands over the next few weeks.

Any political appointee in late 2010-2011 will carry a death warrant. There is a short term span expected of elected high officials, who more than likely will not return to office. The Fear Wave coming has a specific goal, which will not be reached. The Media will lose control of their erroneous interpretations of what is happening. In mid-August there will be scandals and secrets revealed. This will be so large and no other country will offer us sanctuary. These secrets will sign death warrants to many leaders of the ruling class, as well as their media counterparts.  Much has to do with our financial situation and money losses. There are very dark and dire days ahead for the global elite. The November elections will be very different from what we are used to in this country. Look for the independents to surge ahead offering good, sound ways to recover.

The storms, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornado’s are also on the way. Expect at least three Category Five Hurricanes over the next six weeks. The populace will be put under extreme pressures. People with generators and refrigeration will reach out to others. PLEASE do what you can to stay safe and listen and move when directed for safety reasons. Make sure you have water and air conditioning when possible, especially the elderly.

It is intended for this to be a “heads up.” Do not hesitate to change your plans and stay put if circumstances warrant it. Spiritually, meditate, follow your instincts, and stay cool and quiet as much as possible. Relief comes in mid-September, after Mercury goes direct. Patience and tolerance is being tested over this time, as well as emotional losses and readjustment.

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