Raise Your Vibration
Change Your Life

The program consists of three 1 hr. tele-training calls. Participants receive graphics, resource materials, and guidelines for meditation exercises that are discussed during the calls.

Transition Into Abundance, Success, and Peace Series

Call 1:  How Using White Light Affects You – Oct. 18
Call 2:  Raising Your Vibration for Health and Manifestation – Oct. 20
Call 3: Spontaneous Manifestation and Healing – Oct. 23

Other Metaphysical classes will be planned through tele-training shortly. They will consist of 2-5 calls. This program consists of three 1 hr. tele-training calls.  Participants receive a reading list, outline and guidelines for exercises that are discussed during the calls, forty-eight hours prior to the first call.

Each class is $25.00. You will need to register for each phone call in the series. After doing so, you will receive an e-mail with the phone number to call and ID Code to enter. You will also receive materials for the class discussion. Please register as early as possible in order to have time to review what will be discussed. To register, click here.

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