Surprising Galactic Events along with The Biggest Event Of The Century

Aug 9, 2023 | Ascension

The Lion’s Gate Portal arrived yesterday, on Aug. 8th but the energy is still with us.  This comes from ancient Egypt and is when our spiritual Sun, Sirius, and the Orion Belt come into alignment.  In ancient Egypt, this was the time the River Nile rose which was very meaningful then because it brought fertility, water for the crops and abundance.  It represented “new life” coming back to the people.  This event was always welcomed and celebrated.

In a spiritual sense, the Lions Gate opens a gateway to Galactic energy, which is pouring onto the planet Earth at this time. . It opens the portal to higher consciousness and greater spiritual awakening.  Most of you Light Workers can already feel this energy, and it’s been much discussed on Social Media. Really take the time to meditate and take in the energy. It will come in very strong, both this year and next.  It’s a peak energy much like the equinox and solstice, and opens a clear portal to higher consciousness.  This will give us a leap and a jump in our Consciousness and brings us a very different perspective on our reality.

August is unusual month year because it has 3 lunations.  The Aquarius Full Moon on August 1st, the Leo New Moon on August 16th, and the Pisces Full Moon ( the Blue Moon) on August 31st.  It’s very interesting that just a few days before The Aug. 1st Full Super Moon in Aquarius, which was very much connected to the galactic center and aviation,  that we had a lot of UFO disclosures in the USA.  We had a series of US Congressional hearings about these disclosures which is very  exciting. We know that we are star children and made of stardust.  We came from the greater Galaxy and we are beginning to step back into our Galactic citizenry.

This news will be coming out more and more over this next year. As you may know there are many people who channel Galactic beings; whether it’s the Palladians or the Arcturians, and they come through with a great deal of love for us. As I understand it, the evolution that the Earth is going through is key;  a crucial part of the evolution of the greater galaxy.  This is why the galactic beings have an interest as to where we are as a humanity. They are supporting our evolution – which is wonderful – and from many invisible forces, we can feel that love coming through.

One of the biggest, life changing events is going on right now!  I am shocked that the entire world is not embracing it and talking about it.  What I said in my January predictions on Coast to Coast AM, was that there was something huge happening in the summer months that would change the world forever; that 2023 and 2024 would be the years of proof that ET’s were real and exist. 

Do you realize that they’ve had hearings in Washington DC where they have admitted that alien life exists and they have the bodies of some of them?  They admitted they have known about this since the 1930’s. 

The Roswell Incident was a big cover up. People of authority and knowledge have come forth and said “This is real.”   Pilots, people in aerodynamics, and others have said the ships they have been tracking are doing things that are impossible for us humans.  I worked in aviation and I heard constant stories when I was at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.

We can’t understand what they are doing; their rate of speed; they go unto the oceans and then back out again. They are prevalent in South America, the middle East, our desert areas in the US, and parts of Europe. All of this activity has been tracked. This information is coming from our top scientists and is not a conspiracy theory any more.  This is happening now!

BUT what is our world concerned with?  All the other junk; politics, politicians. who’s done what to whom,  who’s corrupt, who’s illegal,  abuse of power, financial upsets, that’s what people are focused on; or something like the movie “Barbie”.  This is what our media is bringing to our world.

No one is recognizing the biggest discovery, it’s proof, or that the truth has come out . We have the facts.  You may say, “Well, I already knew that we have Aliens. The government has more than one craft that has crashed here. I have given you proof with my astrology reports. The opening of the galaxy –

the arc that formed in March –

the new spiritual chakras –

and many good astrologers have written about this.

When Roswell happened in New Mexico, the astrology showed it. Now, in 2023, once again, the Moon will be at that same position that it was at Roswell many years ago,  and Saturn will be crossing over it two more times in the next 3 months. The alien proof is here and will be glowing all through this time period.  The physical proof is here, and the time period as well.  It’s all part of our ascension, our transformation, and the future of humanity. 

The Aliens are here now!  It’s all come out! The facts are unveiled; and no one is even talking about it. I always thought that when this came out, and many people have given us the proof, not just one, that we all would realize how life changing this is.  

The news media doesn’t want to put it out there because they’re worried that the public will react is a crazy way. They can focus on the dumbest, most ignorant things, well this NEWS is amazing. 

Back to the astrology.  Yes – now is the time. This is all coming out. It’s destiny, it’s planned, and it’s time.  The Facts – the truth – alien life. What Coast to Coast has been talking about for years on their radio programs.  Alien life is here on planet Earth.

Glorious – what can we learn from them? They have never proven to be aggressive.  We need to open our minds. There has been connection. We do have proof that people have seen them, both the aircrafts and the aliens themselves.

Scientists have tracked the ships and their speed along with so many people that work in the aviation industry.  The cats  out of the bag. It’s all here NOW! With Pluto moving into Aquarius in 2024,  can you imagine all that we will be learning in the next twenty years? With Saturn moving across the US Moon, that’s gives us the timing.  

Aquarius deals with the heavens – astrology – astronomy – it’s the Sky Watcher – These transits of Saturn and Pluto have brought the reality and the truth.  Everything out into the open. We have Aliens on this planet. This fantastic truth, and this information does change the world forever.   It’s out – it’s here – we all know – this is fabulous!