Strange Things Are Happening – Part One

Dec 14, 2012 | Special Messages


For the last several months I have been writing my new book. That effort has consumed me from August until now, actually I began the book in March 2009. In the meantime my website went through a major change and upgrade. It was certainly needed, but not in the way that it occurred. The Visions of Reality website was sabotaged by my site handler just as I was in the middle of the new design. It became a horror and nightmare, so much so that I went to the feet of the Divine Mother, Ammachi, to ask for help and guidance. Of course I received it, in hearts. (I cannot say “in spades“ because what manifested was so beautiful.) The new people hosting my site, Sitecats, are located right around the corner from where I live, and are experts in Joomala, which is a new process I’ve had to learn: Another small miracle from Amma.
I just could not write these political pieces anymore, I had to put the book first. The message in my new book, Ascension—How To Access The Fifth Dimension, The Truth About 2012, is overpowering. The heart of the book rings so true that it is a must read if you are interested in the information leading up to 2012. My experience writing this book is another story in itself. Spirit worked through me as never before.
I have learned that instead of fixating on any future event, we need to realize that any positive transformation, whether in 2012 or after, will only be the result of conscious choices made by human beings in the present. Despite the intensifying evolutionary pressures we face and the timeframe in which progress and change now occurs, we remain a half-awake, half-conscious species. Some of us are not awake at all, and refuse to become so. As individuals, we tend to be vain, fragile, self-serving, ego-centered. The organizations and institutions we create reflect our individual flaws. These are the attitudes that will need some severe adjustment in the coming months. We are about to get our socks knocked off throughout humanity, never mind the Earth changes or the planet!
Andromeda Galaxy This much is inarguable: We find ourselves in a window of opportunity where we MUST either radically change our direction as a species or face devastating consequences. Examining trends in climate change and species extinction, scientists now think there could be 150 million people left alive at the end of this century. As resources such as fuel and fresh water become scarce, it is quite likely we will see even more horrific wars, masses of refugees, famines, droughts, pandemics, and revolutions. Unfortunately 2010 looks to be more of a strain and downward trend than 2009 was. Loss of jobs, the drop of the dollar, unemployment, no medical caring, loss of housing, and food scarcity faces everyone. It all begins in January with two eclipses, one on New Years Eve in Cancer and one on January 15th in Capricorn, the two toughest Cardinal Signs of the Astrological Zodiac.
Mother Mary Holding the Earth Although the outlook from a purely empirical perspective looks bleak, the good news is that science has ignored some crucial factors. One is the possibility that human beings, through an evolution of consciousness, could develop a regenerative culture that contributes to the health of the biosphere. In the 1960s, the design scientist Buckminster Fuller proposed that society could be redesigned to be “comprehensively successful” for everyone on earth. In the short term, we could become far more flexible and resilient, instituting a global program that re-localizes basic essentials, such as growing food, producing energy, making clothes and shelter, while liberating knowledge as a free resource and commonwealth. We could institute “cradle to cradle” manufacturing practices, and use techniques to stop the spread of economic and unfair distribution disaster. We could replace money, as a basic instrument, by new systems for exchanging value that support collaboration and trust over competition and self-interest. Despite the system’s inertia, we have the capacity to restore the natural systems we have corrupted, and create a new planetary culture based on communality of interest. The new energy healers have begun to do just that! While the Earth is accepting and adjusting to the new Fifth Dimension energies coming to this planet and Solar System, the teaching of adaptation has begun. While all we have known in the past concerning statehood, rulership, and corporate structure may be destroyed, torn down and rebuilt, remember this is necessary. We have been crying out for this rapid readjustment for centuries!
Ammas_entrance-01-01Another factor ignored by science and the mainstream is the reality of paranormal phenomena, psychic energy, or the powerful energy of the Fifth Dimension. There is much evidence for the existence of all sorts of extraordinary psychic effects, and many people have direct experience of such phenomena, especially when experiencing focused energy healing such as The Reconnection, or while in the presence of fully realized Saint like Ammachi or Sai Baba.
As an analogy, we can consider the recent discovery and application of electricity. Once engineers learned how to conduct and store electricity in the Nineteenth Century, we transformed the entire earth in a blink of evolutionary time. If we discover a reliable means to access, utilize, and channel psychic energy, we might participate in an extremely rapid evolution of consciousness and society. Our future culture, in this twenty-first century would be “psycho-technic,” applying our modern technical capacities to the realms of the psyche that modern society lost contact with in the last centuries. Dr. Deepak Chopra and other teachers have been showing us these ancient techniques for some time. Now comes the nine steps to accessing the Fifth Dimension energies as described in my book.
The possibility for a rapid regeneration of human culture is predicated on a great awakening happening quickly—before ecological meltdown leads to systemic breakdown. People need to awaken spiritually, to realize the many dimensions of life beyond those accepted by modern society, and at the same time, bring those realizations down into the daily lives and social practices. There are specific ways to make this happen as well as specific ways to begin this inner process NOW! We desperately need to prepare ourselves and begin our inner adjustment to these energies so that we don’t “burn up” in the process. One thing is certain, no one can prevent this from happening.
Spiritual realization needs to be integrated with social commitment and direct action. Since the biosphere is now directly threatened by our post-industrial civilization, retreat from society is no longer possible or desirable. No matter whether we like it or not, each one of us is, inevitably, a social and political conduit whose smallest actions have a direct influence on other people and the world around us. Our current culture enshrines irresponsibility, greed, and waste. If the human species wants to survive, the civilization that replaces this one is going to have a different set of values and a revamped operating system. The sages have been teaching this truth for eons, before the time of Abraham, as well as in Atlantis lost. Meanwhile few have listened and few have cared. They have been too busy aligning their pockets with gold.
While it is conceivable that 2012 may see some sudden quantum shift in human consciousness, it is also possible that we have a much longer struggle ahead of us. In that case, the end of the Long Count may be significant as the hinge of a transition in our species’ awareness. An ever-growing segment of humanity is becoming conscious of the culture of domination that has degraded the biosphere, annihilated local cultures and animal species, and locked us in a prison of constricted awareness. As more and more of us realize this, we will unify our intention to undertake the difficult work of surviving, teaching, healing and superseding it.
penandinkI do hope that we can begin our “Comment Community” again. It was flowing well, and although the new program is a bit different, your comments will be posted, unabridged, except for the correction of grammar and spelling errors. I am beginning with my annual insight and predictions. (Although you will still have to subscribe to the magazine Psychic Visions—Plus to read my monthly and annual predictions.)