STARGZING — Week of January 7th — January 13th, 2013

Jan 8, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of Jan. 7th – Jan. 13th, 2013

Love takes on a somber tone as we’re challenged to grow up and face reality in relationships this week. Amorous Venus’ entry into ambitious Capricorn on Tuesday night rewards people who are committed to learning from the past and intent on setting clear goals for the future. Earning loyalty and respect will be the result of honesty and hard work. Venus has such a reputation for romance, it’s easy to forget that this planet isn’t always about love. Right now, Venus wants to remind us of something different!

January 7th looks frustrating when stick-in-the-mud Saturn puts up roadblocks against Mars, creating setbacks and delays. Venus’ shift away from romance begins on January 9th, when it says goodbye to party-loving Sagittarius and hunkers down in serious and ambitious Capricorn. Any romantic focus you had up to this point will switch to wining, dining, and boosting your social status. Given Capricorn’s tendency to remain emotionally reserved, you’ll just have to deal with being steady, cool and sophisticated! Happily, the stars bring a pleasant shift to your mood. Yes, cool sophistication will rule, while climbing the social ladder will be of utmost importance.

On January 10th, Venus merges happily with Neptune to spark your hopes and dreams; however, most of them won’t be grounded enough to come true. Still, this is a pleasant transit, full of haziness and maybe even a few whispered sweet-nothings thrown in as well.

Then, on January 11th, the New Moon, also in Capricorn, steps into the spotlight. If you haven’t yet made your New Year’s resolutions, it’s because you’ve been waiting for a practical, take-action day such as this. And if you do have a list of goals, you might want to check it twice. Symbolized by the fearless mountain goat, Capricorn provides you with the skills and courage to scale new heights, but only if you put your mind to it. This New Moon is ideal for reassessing and perfecting your plans, so use the energy wisely.

When Venus squares Uranus on January 13th, you can bet that lots of flirting and fun will follow! Just don’t expect anything to last, given Uranus’ urge for independence. As Venus comes back into focus, albeit in a difficult square with unpredictable Uranus, this can throw a wrench into the works of anything too loving and dreamy. Your relationship may feel a bit unstable as a result, so be sure to tread cautiously, as the breaking away or freedom you seek now may be something you’ll regret in two days.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The first full week in January you need to pay attention to your health. Make this the year when your efforts bring rewards in terms of energy level and vitality. You could be restless and finding it hard to focus. It helps to have a plan. You also need exciting activities to punctuate your days. Spirituality and the search for inner peace could be a current interest. Pluto’s long-term influence is transforming, but you may also be interested in meditation, yoga, or any other spiritual discipline. Too much boredom drives you to distraction. You might become more introspective, with an opportunity to explore your inner world. Your love of chat could turn you into a wise therapist, someone friends come to for help. You may want to splurge on a new project or plan only to find you’re restricted by funds. Shared resources and joint finances could be on your mind. This is a good time to restructure debt or talk with a financial adviser to find ways to make your money work harder. You’ll resolve this easily if you’re resourceful. You seem to be putting pressure on yourself to achieve big things in your career. Romance and creative endeavors are hot for you now, Air Signs. There seems to be a lot happening with the family at home. Aside from Pluto encouraging change and transformation, you might be considering using your home to earn money, redecorating, or getting things shipshape. Mars in Aquarius suggests the possibility of a new affair. It might not last long, but it could be fun while it does.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: This looks like a week of serious decisions in relationships. If you have a compatible connection with your current partner, it’s time to deepen your commitment and put in more effort to make it work. Taking time to look back this week will help you to untangle some relationship knots, freeing you up for the future. If you’re single, knowing what you want and persistently pursuing it shows off the ambitious side of your personality. This direct approach could be what it takes to make magic happen. Being choosey may seem to limit your options at first, but you have to be selective to find the right person. Your tendency to put others first is one of your most attractive traits, yet letting someone else lead your social parade is probably not the best way to go this week. Take a chance by coming on strong now that Venus is in bossy Capricorn. However, this is not a cosmic invitation to be a bully or to run roughshod over anyone’s feelings. But knowing what you want and being willing to climb over obstacles to get it is very likely to make you even more desirable now. Friday’s sobering Capricorn New Moon helps you wind up some unfinished business, which can bring up unpleasant memories from the past. These are not temporary distractions to be ignored, but signals of the lessons you need to learn. Doubling back emotionally can actually be the fastest way to get ahead in your desire for love and intimacy. Ties can grow stronger over the next few weeks, after you release the past.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You seem focused on both money and spirituality this week. On the one hand, you could be more introspective than usual and eager to explore the world of dreams and intuition. On the other, financial issues seem both fun and demanding. The desire to spend may increase, but you’ll need a good budget. Partnerships get lively as Mars encourages you and your sweetheart to clear the air. Set goals for the future. Make them exciting and you’ll enjoy fulfilling them. Relationships continue to be upbeat and fun, and your social life reflects this. If you’re looking for love, you’ll have no shortage of opportunities. Mars encourages communication, so speak your mind. A detox regimen after the Holiday festivities might help you feel better, and improve your complexion. Make it a habit and your energy level will increase. Work issues could be complex and demanding, but if you apply yourself you’ll succeed. Work and health are in focus. Although you’re still in rebel mode and eager to follow your own star, current energies are encouraging you to be disciplined and get your act together. This could be a positive time for your career, especially with the influence of the New Moon in Capricorn. This is the time to take vital steps toward your main goal. Start now and things may begin to happen sooner rather than later. . Use the New Moon for a fresh start in both work and health. Meanwhile, your social life continues to buzz, making this the best time to network.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Don’t let frustration get in the way of love this week. You may run into walls but they are just signals to slow down and be more controlled and committed in your actions. Taking care of business should be a pleasure later this week with the industrious Capricorn New Moon on Friday. An on-the-job romance, or a spark that ignites when you help someone is a great way to begin a relationship. Pleasure can come in surprising forms when you find the patience to take a second look at your motives and your judgment of others. Trusting yourself is a key that opens the door to your heart and gives you the courage to handle whatever comes in. If you already have a partner, finding new ways to assist him or her will be a surprising source of satisfaction. You may be playing a supporting role but it can make you feel like a star in your heart. The effort will surely pay off!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Self-restraint is not your usual style because going all out in everything you do makes you feel so vibrantly alive. But holding back a little now could be the key to heating up your current relationship or making you more captivating to someone new. Partnerships of all kinds become a big deal, and this includes business, romance, and friendship. Applying intelligent thought and discussion to relationship issues could bring about a transformation that seems miraculous. This week is particularly good for selling your goods and services, marketing online, and generally getting your business message out. Saturn encourages ambition and a determination to reach important goals. You’re in the mood to achieve, and this could be ongoing. At the same time, your mental patterns could be transformed by the presence of Pluto. Planets are pulsing through pragmatic Capricorn these days, which produces pleasure and approval when you manage your emotions and play the game of love more cautiously. The New Moon on Friday is the perfect time to launch a website. Mars encourages you to clear out clutter at home and think about doing some entertaining. This New Moon in Capricorn is helpful for making a fresh start, perhaps when deciding to get engaged or married. It’s also useful for creating a business partnership or closing an important deal. Joint financial issues could be stirred up so keep your feet on the ground and act with care.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: It is possible to discover romance and friendship in one relationship this week. The key to making this happen is to share common interests. When you work toward the same goals with someone you love it’s easy to feel supported and to help them without sacrificing yourself. You can make major steps toward relationship fulfillment now. Friday’s Capricorn New Moon brings teamwork to a deeper level and a current connection or helps you strike up a new one. This calculating New Moon pumps you up with clarity and confidence, Water Signs. If you encounter a bully, don’t roll over and give in. This is your time to take the lead in romantic matters and it takes a secure person to follow through. Fortunately, you’re an expert at making others feel safe, which is why you have so much to offer now. A mature conversation can lead to a relationship breakthrough this weekend. Friday’s New Moon brings a constructive time for clearing the air with someone you care about. This planetary event also makes your serious side sexy since speaking with clarity and authority can be a turn on to your admirers. Do not hesitate to speak your truth now, as long as you’re kind to others and genuinely understand the subject you’re talking about.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

This week you seem to be at the center of the action, with a desire to initiate ideas, plans, and perhaps relationships. You could be in talks to sort out your next move or in negotiations to remove hurdles to future success. It seems you’re busy going places, perhaps physically in terms of travel or mentally in terms of studying or upgrading your skill set. Business travel looks very promising, giving you a chance to apply your skills to clinching a deal. Don’t get into an argument with a heavyweight on Monday, as you may not win. Is it love, romance, or obsession? It could be a mix of all three. Love affairs and new liaisons could be heavy and demanding now. Things could get even hotter once Venus moves into Capricorn on Thursday. Pace yourself and try not to get involved in something you’ll have to battle to get out of. Your entrepreneurial spirit could come to the forefront. The New Moon in Capricorn on January 11 might be the best of the year for you Earth Signs. You can use it to make a fresh start in any area of your life you choose, whether love, business, health or friendship. This New Moon brings a chance to start your own business. A Capricorn New Moon is perfect if you’re planning to go away or thinking of starting a class. You seem very much on the ball in your career. Your social life is important and networking vital. Mars encourages you to exercise, eat well, and resist junk food. Listen to your intuition.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: You can be tough and tender in your approach to relationships this week, which is a very compelling combination. The alluring planet Venus enters authoritative Capricorn on Tuesday night and quickly slides into a sweet sextile with imaginative Neptune. Addressing practical matters with compassion and creativity weaves a web of intimacy. This is your week for a makeover, either of attitude or appearance. You’re ready for a fresh start that begins with taking care of yourself. This isn’t about being selfish because healthy habits for your body and in your relationships will ultimately make you a stronger and more generous partner. This magical aspect might also inspire romantic dreams of travel or spark an attraction to someone from a faraway land. You are so ready for a fresh dose of fun with Friday’s earthy Capricorn New Moon. Planning a party or an elaborate outing is a good way for you to run the show. But leave some room for surprises because pleasure could come from an unexpected source. Your ability to relax and adapt to changes will make the difference between a joyous feeling of freedom and frustration due to a lack of control. Focus on what you need to do to empower yourself and the love you share with another will then flow more freely.