STARGZING week of Dec. 3rd – Dec. 9th, 2012

Dec 3, 2012 | Stargazing

Week of Dec. 3rd – Dec. 9th, 2012


Here we are at the end of the Mayan Calendar. It’s December, 2012! We have experienced an intense couple of months now that Saturn has moved into Scorpio, and this promises to continue throughout 2013. Now that we are finished with Mercury retrograde and two eclipses, you are wondering just what’s up next! The good news is that December looks fairly calm in comparison to the past several months. We are at the end of the Arc that began on June 21st and completes on December 21st.

This first week in December gets off to a playful start with the Moon in outgoing Leo as we’re heading into the holiday season. This week activity is like being in the planning stages, making it good for getting into the flow of all that needs to be done. Make a list of gifts to prepare, cards to send, and decorations to put up. The moon moves into social Libra for the weekend. This is a good weekend for pre-holiday parties, either attend one or give one.

On Friday a lunar shift into sociable Libra continues this convivial mood. But there could be some edgy moments that evening with surprises sprung by a shocking Moon-Uranus opposition. There’s also a little sharp tension as well on Saturday evening, so avoid conflict by keeping teasing or sarcasm on the sweet side. The Moon slips into the murky waters of Scorpio on Sunday afternoon, inspiring us to explore our hearts to solve the mystery of love.

The ongoing Uranus square Pluto challenge between June 2012-March 2015 brings something shocking or surprising every month, including strange weather patterns. This pattern has a fated tone to it, where you may feel compelled to go somewhere, but not quite sure how to get there. Sagittarius and Capricorn energies bring feeling of play, fun, and productivity as well. You need to find a balance between your responsibilities and your fun.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Communication may be one of your strong points this week, Air Signs. If you feel that a recent conversation, inquiry, or negotiation failed to get the desired response, it’s worth giving it another try. Say yes to invitations, or maybe extend one. You may have an opportunity to make some useful contacts. You have extra energy to invest in a relationship or entertainment plans. You can strengthen any important ties at work this week as well. You have a remarkable ability to maintain high spirits even through a mini crisis. There could be possible worries concerning money, health, or misguided communications. If you’re socializing over the coming days, you may discover a business link that could be fortuitous in the future. If you find yourself under stress at work, it’s best to keep busy, exercise, and understand that a little humor keeps everything lighter and brighter. Concerning your career, anything hidden may come into the light. The question will be how to handle this week’s revelations. It’s possible that a loss may be turned into a gain. On the home front, you seem to be busy clearing out clutter, decorating, or perhaps remodeling. Any hard work you do now could pay off further down the line. Consider the time spent a worthy investment. Your detached perspective enables you to assess each situation carefully and make the right choices. You might even find that adopting a pet brings a new kind of happiness.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Breaking out of routine situations is a must this weekend. You’re usually the first one willing to explore unfamiliar territory, and that’s especially true now. You could be in for a yummy weekend with the charming Libra Moon on Friday and Saturday. Expect an exciting but not necessarily orderly and predictable weekend. The Moon in Libra is heightening your emotions and casting you in the spotlight. But planetary connections with revolutionary Uranus provoke unusual events and unexpected feelings on Friday that could knock you off stride. Nevertheless, if you can relax and go with the flow you could find yourself in some delightfully surprising circumstances. This is your time to shine by being a gracious host, creative artist or perfect partner in pleasure. Though this seems like a light and frothy period, you still may settle into a deeper conversation with someone special. Be careful because trying to stuff your feelings to appease others could backfire. Sure, compromises are necessary in any relationship, but if you give too much ground now, the outcome might not be pretty. Have an exit plan in case you need to make a sudden getaway. Addressing your desires more honestly reveals the truth of who you are and makes real intimacy possible.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Whether it’s because friends are preoccupied or some other reason, you could feel a bit left out this week Fire Signs. Don’t despair if your social life isn’t all that you’d hoped. Sometimes spending a little time alone has its advantages. Subconscious tension could plague you if you can’t find the right focus. Hard work may be called for. There might also be difficulties with family or relatives, possibly health concerns. It seems to be up to you to comfort, care for, and be responsible for such situations. Although this may be trying, family members seem to be looking to you as a source of support and strength. There may be job changes in the works or perhaps a new business deal. You seem to be making an effort to get ahead in your career. With Mars on the prowl it helps not to clash with the boss. Try to negotiate instead. Try not to let your emotions rule you when it comes to spending even if you’ve set yourself a budget. You may be selling yourself short when it comes to earnings, too. Focus on what brings you the most value and happiness. A tender feeling of romance might feel right, but it isn’t all clear sailing. There could be opposition to face and difficult people in your way. It’s possible that your ego could be challenged, too. A friend’s company may be most welcome later and a romantic ambiance could make you very happy. Don’t forget exercise and outdoor activities to help you relax over the weekend.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Your weekend should be hot with the mood-setting Moon in lovely Libra. The Moon on Friday and Saturday encourages you to go out with friends or connect with others through an organization as a positive way to use this energy. Just be aware that excitement could suddenly get out of hand with some reckless behavior. Breaking patterns and trying new activities are fine as long as you don’t take foolish risks. Keeping your sense of humor in the midst of heated conversations could be your key to social success. The gracious Libra Moon brings charm and diplomacy, which are held in high regard. Sure, you may encounter combative individuals with ideas that oppose yours, but if you can’t carry on a polite discussion, it’s probably wiser to walk away than to allow the conflict to escalate. A tense square to rowdy Mars could stir up discontent on Saturday. You need physical stimulation to release your stress; move your body, explore new places and put some more spice in your personal life. Be playful in a light and easygoing way to create sparks, but avoid becoming too competitive or you could end up on the sidelines alone. You may need to recover and relax on Sunday so give yourself some peace and quiet while you can.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

This week, financial news could bring good feelings and hope for the future. Be careful about making commitments, especially if money is involved. You may not have all the information necessary to make the right decision. You seem optimistic, but perhaps not that well grounded regarding a question of values. Helpful, creative ideas come out of the blue as long as you’re open to them. Harnessing skills and talents could bring a way to earn money from a small business. Stay focused or any efforts may peter out. Generally, you seem much more ambitious, but don’t take on so much that you feel pressured. It helps to pace yourself and have a strategy for achieving those bigger, more challenging goals. There could be some dishonesty hiding the truth of an issue. Ponder business deals before moving ahead. If someone derails a cherished dream, perhaps you should consider it a blessing. On a social level, invitations may result in a favorable response. It pays to be proactive at this time and make efforts to network. You’ll see the results over the coming days and weeks. Try not to fall prey to any power games that people might play. It’s better to make a show of strength right away. Regarding love, someone lets their guard down, making it easier for you to get closer. A visit may turn out to be pleasurable, relaxing, and eye opening on some level. Take time to pamper yourself or try a new look on the weekend. You’ll feel better for it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Your Love Week—Water Signs: The weekend begins on a weird note with a lunar opposition to unconventional Uranus on Friday that’s likely to rattle your cage and shake up the status quo. If you’re insistent on sticking to your plans, you may be scrambling to maintain control and will miss out on all the fun. The Moon is in accommodating Libra on Friday and Saturday. Ideally, this tunes you into your partner’s needs and allows you to get closer. However, there’s a risk of relinquishing your own desires and making sacrifices that won’t work to your advantage. Sometimes it’s better to stand alone than to lose yourself to please a person. Just listen to your heart and you won’t go too far off track. A willingness to let go and accept what arises reduces stress and opens you up to new and different experiences. There’s no need to cling to the past. Heading toward the future with an open mind and a positive attitude is the only way to go. You may be more comfortable staying away from the crowds most of this weekend. Spending time alone or with one undemanding individual gives you a break from the social whirl. The mood changes on Sunday when the evocative Moon moves into Scorpio and aligns with dreamy Neptune to offer you both peace and passion.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

This week try a fresh approach and think outside the box. Being original will help you stand out. You might not have to go far to benefit from lucky opportunities. Make up your mind to turn new encounters into positive connections. Touch base with old friends when the urge to share secrets, talk, and discuss ideas may be strong. There are times that might call for common sense or moderation, especially where your love life or business affairs are concerned. Don’t be surprised if certain items of news or gossip are difficult to digest. A buoyant mood may be short-lived unless you can tackle these issues at the source. You’ll also find it useful to keep your thinking upbeat and positive. With your financial situation looking better, it might help to ask for a raise if you feel you deserve it. Be prepared to show facts and figures if you want to be taken seriously. You’re still on a roll in your career. You and your partner may be able to rethink your financial plans for the better. The more willing you are to get started, the sooner any anxious feelings will dissipate. Socializing is a plus and could provide unexpected advantages or a helpful direction, thanks to a new meeting. A long-range dream may seem even more distant and perhaps out of reach. But even if you have to scale back, you still have plenty of options. A hint of approval feels good. However, don’t let “easygoing” turn into “indulgence.”

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: There’s nothing wrong with a little midweek passion since the Moon is in Virgo Wednesday and Thursday. The former is ideal for mixing work and pleasure but the latter is made for pure play. Reward yourself for taking care of business with a little self-indulgence. Making your needs a priority puts you in a stronger position to express yourself in a current relationship or while pursuing a new one. The sociable Libra Moon on Friday and Saturday brings a time where you can earn bonus points by being helpful to others. You’re the social director this weekend, assuming the impossible responsibility of keeping everyone happy, Earth Signs. However, that’s not a job that leaves you much time for yourself, so do your best to avoid taking on more obligations than necessary. You will have more fun if you don’t try to control events all on your own. The chances for surprises are good and a lack of cooperation from others might be likely, which means flexibility is needed now to reduce stress and enhance pleasure. Giving a little more now or putting in a bit of extra effort pays off in the near future. In fact, you might even experience some of that joy on Sunday when the Moon shifts into sexy Scorpio, enabling you to end the week with some intense play and passion.