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Sep 6, 2010 | Special Messages


Week of September 5—September 12, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

If you’re single, you could encounter disappointment this week. Events in a budding relationship take a surprising turn and your hopes for the future of this relationship come crashing down with a resounding thud. This person doesn’t share your feelings, and it’s hard to swallow. This week’s Moon/Neptune opposition affects you directly, because Neptune and the Moon directly opposite, making your mood plummet. Singles, you’re obsessed with the idea of getting someone from your past, back. No one can make you see reason. If you’re one of a couple, your partner’s unable to cheer you up and the tension starts affecting your relationship. If you’re in a close relationship, a peaceful atmosphere fills your home. Your attention is on your children, or perhaps on the idea of having your very first baby. At work, you have to shift into high gear, to stay in the game and avoid falling behind. The Uranus/Jupiter duo creates trouble at the office and to move past it, all your flexibility is required. Venus is taking good care of your financial sector, which spells money coming in, and perhaps a nice lucky streak. Venus is adding her soft touch to events at the office. Your work days are calm and there’s a pleasant atmosphere that helps you relax somewhat. Jupiter and Neptune are retrograde creating a great deal of activity. Money comes in, but it’s not always easy to manage. The back door is also open and money goes out just as fast.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Monday gives you the first-date jitters. Be brave instead of vulnerable when the Leo Moon opposes Neptune and Chiron late Monday. The reward is worth the risk. Tuesday brings restlessness to nowhere relationships. Venus swings you between lust and dissatisfaction. Resolve this before it leaves your sign Wednesday morning or the New Moon could lock you into a very different beginning. That situation takes care of itself when Wednesday’s New Moon is quincunx Neptune. Partners expect more engagement from each other. Mars leverages you into a power position on Thursday, whether you’re coupled or single. Take care of yourself on Thursday, and make few demands on your partner. Trust and security return Friday. The Libra Moon brings a romantic. On Saturday, finding beauty in yourself lets you find beauty in others. Saturday requires time in the bedroom or playing active sports as the Moon conjoins Mars, enters Scorpio, and conjoins Libra. Relationship discussions become easier on Sunday.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

An emotional battle with a loved one or neighbor could break out this week. Someone for whom you had a lot of respect disappoints you, falling right off their pedestal. If you’re single, Venus in your twelfth house makes you yearn to be in the arms of someone who’s either not free, or is resisting your advances. In spite of the complications, you don’t want to let go. Couples, your relationship encounters turbulence this week. The Moon/ Neptune opposition brings doubts, the revelation of a secret or discovery of something—one of you would rather have not known about, that causes upheaval. If the foundations of your relationship are solid, you will come through it stronger than ever. If they are not, the distance between you grows and can even lead to a separation. Monotony is making your relationship rusty. It’s up to you to shake up the routine! Singles, you dream of tender embraces and two hearts beating as one, but there’s no one in sight to share this with. At work, Mercury retrograde and the Sun resurrect an old project. This time, its chances for success are better. To wrap up, your finances are in great shape thanks to Pluto retrograde, which is turning you into an excellent money manager. You can already feel the changes that are just over the horizon on the job, and you’re reflecting on your career path. Your finances look healthy, thanks to the Sun and Mercury taking good care of your zodiacal bank. Money comes in and there may be an important negotiation on the table, that’s settled to your benefit.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: With the Moon in Leo on Monday, explore your relationship or investigate your lover. Monday’s trine between the Moon and Ceres suggests someone is meeting your emotional needs, but on Tuesday you want an intellectual equal. On Tuesday you might feel like moving on. On Wednesday the New Moon conjoins the Sun, Venus enters Scorpio, and Jupiter reenters Pisces, inspiring vigorous, imaginative romance, although Fire Signs might also feel loss. Also, under Wednesday’s restless New Moon, Jupiter enters Pisces, detaching you from certain romantic realities through year’s end. Don’t overspend on your date, even though you feel responsible. Thursday makes you responsible for your actions. Confidence gets a boost on Friday. The Libra Moon brings out the best in Ceres and Chiron on Friday, combining relaxation and romance. Unless you’re involved with a Pisces, you get an active, exciting weekend. Once the Sun sextiles the Moon on Sunday, you’re ready to please someone else while pleasing yourself.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The Moon opposite Neptune at the beginning of the week pulls you out of your daydreams and sends you crashing back down to earth. Reality calls, and you’re required to face up to any obligations that you’ve been neglecting lately. If you’re single, the Moon passing through Cancer means delicious flirting, or a short-term love story or affair. Nothing lasting, but it does boost your confidence in your attractiveness. If you’re in a relationship, Mercury and the Sun call your attention to the necessity to communicate well. Any conflict between you is a gift; it sheds light on tender territory that has not been discussed, and allows you to clarify matters that are important to you both. A problem related to your home could come up this week, due to the opposition of the Moon to Neptune. Appliance breakdowns, conflicts with neighbors or landlord, however it manifests, the effects of this opposition put your nerves on edge and may make you want to take off in search of greener pastures. At work, the Moon gives you the chance to bring a little renewal into your daily life, and show off your best qualities in front of your bosses. If you’re single, Jupiter and Uranus retrograde in your love sector can send love-at-first-sight your way; you’re able to live passionate moments. Keep your eyes open! Couples, Venus is making you Water Signs tender and attentive. It’s a sensual time for your relationship. Finally, your finances look healthy enough for a little excitement and fun—why not surprise your partner with a gift? The atmosphere at work is calm, which gives you the opportunity to cut out early to take care of personal matters. Finally, all is quiet on the financial front. There are no worries to tie your mind or wallet in knots.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Monday brings both security and risk when the Moon trines Ceres and opposes Neptune. Will you take a chance on happiness? Do you need to clear away some debris or people in your life? On Monday the Moon trines Ceres and sextiles Mars, resetting your comfort and discomfort levels. You’re social and sexy on Tuesday, however, dissatisfied lovers face reality on Tuesday. Venus enters Scorpio at Wednesday’s New Moon, promising a two-week honeymoon. But when Jupiter enters Pisces during Wednesday’s New Moon, your romantic luck improves. A trine between Mars and Neptune on Thursday brings a confidence you haven’t felt for a while. Overdoing it would be easy as Jupiter enters Pisces on Thursday, so heed Pluto’s warning and back off. Friday is for quiet, gentle love, but the heat returns Saturday as the Moon conjoins Mars, enters Scorpio, and sextiles Pluto. If you want something from someone, say so. The Moon enters Scorpio for a weekend of finding and making love. Ignore any jealous undercurrents from others.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The Moon/ Neptune opposition at the beginning of this week can upset your plans for your work and throw you for a loop! It can give you a case of the blues; you’re overcome with fatigue, run down and plagued by minor aches and pains. The quality of your work suffers. You’re less concentrated and the errors accumulate. Stay positive, take breaks and try to rest up on your time off. Tension, unexpected obstacles or even family constraints can cause you to take radical decisions, which throw your plan ‘A’ straight out the window. If you’re single, you may meet someone that changes your point of view. Your hope meter rises, and you feel ready to give more. If you’re a single heart, Mercury retrograde and the Sun lead you like a magnet to someone you’d tried (and failed) to charm in the past; this is your second chance, don’t let it slip by! If you’re one of a couple, Venus joins forces with the Moon at the end of the week, creating tenderness under your roof. Your finances escape any negative planetary influences this week. They look stable and healthy and this means you really should offer yourself some new shoes or another treat. Couples, Jupiter and Uranus both retrograde make it hard to find time alone. Each of you is busy with your individual projects, which are eating up your free time. Financial matters require careful attention on the weekend. Payments coming in are late and unexpected expenses rock the boat.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: The Leo Moon trines Ceres and opposes Neptune, making adversarial relationships comfortable and fun on Monday. The Moon opposite Neptune gives night owls a blissful hour of talk or passion. Otherwise, the fun starts Tuesday morning when the Moon enters Virgo, trines Pluto, and conjoins Mercury. In business you could consider an amicable parting of ways on Tuesday when Venus is sextile the Moon and quincunx Uranus. Romance gets wild. Wednesday feels like an important beginning. Leap into new romantic adventures on Wednesday as the New Moon begins its next cycle. Whether you wake up alone or not on Thursday morning, your luck shifts after Jupiter enters Pisces. Lovers could overstay their welcome by Thursday. The Libra Moon keeps things friendly. When it trines Neptune and Chiron on Friday, everyone’s in the mood again. Take advantage of all things intense and beautiful when the Moon conjoins Venus on Saturday. Saturday’s energy ramps you up for Mercury going direct on Sunday. Feel yourself opening up and be willing to say what’s in your heart.