Jun 12, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of June 10th – June 16th, 2013


THE beautiful ROSES bloom in June! So just what does the cosmos have in store for you this next week? So just what does the cosmos have in store for you this next week? June is a quick month with Mars moving through speedy Gemini and at the same time, romance oriented Venus spends most of June in nurturing Cancer.

Relationships may get off to a rocky start this week as amorous Venus clashes with suspicious Pluto on Tuesday and rebellious Uranus on Wednesday. Mistrust and uncertainty can rattle partnerships and alliances, yet breaking old patterns that keep us from fulfilling our deepest desires is well worth the effort. Frankly questioning our values and realigning our expectations are tangible steps toward positive change. The earthy Virgo Moon gently reminds us to be rational this weekend when it comes to matters of the heart.

The dance of planets transiting Gemini and Cancer is headed for a Grand Trine in mid-August. Until then, expect the unexpected. Anything can change at any time, and quickly. Your life promises to be full of surprises, both good and bad. Most of us resist change and no one likes it when their status-quo is interrupted.

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The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

This week you’re in charge and you know what you want to do, so tackle any challenges with confidence. The world seems to be your oyster, so gather your resources, be shrewd in your dealings, and pursue your goals with determination. Social influences could pique your interest in getting out and doing something different. It’s a great week for a gathering of friends and some fun times out and about. Your charisma may be peaking, attracting new admirers and providing a chance to heat up your love life. There’s an option for lots of fun and romance, and perhaps a chance you might want to make a deeper commitment. You seem to have plenty of ideas in the works now. If any involve savvy financial planning, you could make decisions that help you get ahead. Someone you date could be very much on your wavelength, which you’ll find heartening and uplifting. Pay attention to your health and diet. If your exercise routine needs tweaking, go for it. The more active you can be the stronger your health! Try not to worry about it if an authority figure seems to spoil a financial plan or spending spree. You might have a few responsibilities or secrets to attend to – the sooner the better! A friend’s advice may be worth more than its weight in gold when a friendly tip puts everything in perspective. A desire to get away from it all might encourage you to plan a trip at week’s end.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Intense relationship issues may suddenly arise when the key planet Venus opposes controlling Pluto on Tuesday and squares volatile Uranus on Wednesday. This one-two punch of shock and awe provokes powerful feelings and impulsive actions. Yet these cosmic waves can also deepen your passion and provide the motivation to break stale partnership patterns and release beliefs that keep you from finding the romantic fulfillment that you desire. Embrace change and the rest will follow. Wednesday could feel like a relationship thrill ride with the audacious Leo Moon. The dramatic touch this lunar energy brings to your life is cranked up another notch with a reckless and romantic Venus-Uranus square thrown in the mix. The love planet’s tense connection with your electrifying ruler could trigger unexpected attractions and suddenly alter your attitude or shake up your social plans. The Moon moves into practical Virgo on Friday afternoon to add a serious tone to the weekend. You still can have some fun, but it’s best to be cautious about what you say and try to stay modest when making plans. Discussing delicate personal issues probably isn’t your idea of a great time, but investing the energy to clarify your feelings is worth the emotional effort. Combining compassion with critical analysis is the sweet key to success. Stretching boundaries is fine, but try not to break too many rules in the process.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You start the week with a lighthearted and playful spirit, but there could be a tense aspect surrounding certain issues. There are plenty of options for discussion, doing business, and making new and lucrative connections, but someone you meet or work with might want to take control, putting you in a spin, especially early in the week when sensitive feelings could cause upset. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and this week certainly has a social aspect to it. You seem to be brimming with positive energy and happy thoughts. Relationships may grow stronger if you communicate with total honesty. Be careful you don’t ruffle someone’s feathers at work if a relationship needs careful handling. Maybe you can find a compromise. The desire to kick back and relax could conflict with an urge to move outside your comfort zone and explore new options. You might be ready to cut loose and give full rein to your need for creative and social expression. Friends and your sweetheart may help you to view yourself in a positive, upbeat way. The charm of your personality steps up, making it easier to enlist cooperation and support. You might even want to help this trend along by changing your image or enhancing your look. Later, the pleasure principle may guide you to have fun with friends, or you might prefer do your own thing. Financial matters may move forward, but check your motives. You could unconsciously fear success.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Radical thinking increases your options for finding more pleasure in relationships this week, but risky actions are best done after carefully considering their consequences. Your taste for adventure spurs you to take some social chances in the middle of the week. Excitement over a new person or experience can get your heart beating quickly, but this might also be a sign that you’re restless and ready for a change. If you can manage to take a couple of days off this week, Wednesday and Thursday are meant for play rather than for work. The lively Leo Moon inspires an adventurous attitude that’s ideal for putting more love into a current relationship or showing off your charming personality to someone new. The weekend, though, is a bit more sedate as taking care of business can overlap with pleasure. Yet working on a project might lead to a special heart connection if you keep your heart open. A more cautious approach is recommended for the weekend, once the Moon is in refined Virgo. Don’t lose your sense of humor, but use it selectively to avoid irritating a sensitive individual. Letting someone else take charge when it comes to the logistics of romance might be your best move.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Luck may be with you this week, but don’t expect it to announce itself in a big way. Be positive and seek out opportunities in chance encounters, helpful tips, and lucky coincidences. Someone new in your life could change the game plan. If you aren’t involved with a partner, invite someone over for a meal or drink, or call up a friend. Although you might be content to enjoy some downtime in the privacy of your home, events could conspire to draw you out of yourself. Thoughts of romance, pleasure, and the company of good friends may be too much to resist. However, you might not be pleased if a partner or someone else goes on a power trip and demands you go along with their plans. You may need to be very diplomatic in order to avoid a scene. You’re moving through a phase in which it would help to slow down and take stock of your priorities. A stroke of genius or some inspired advice may help your financial situation improve dramatically. Before accepting a favor, find out if there are strings attached. Make time to meditate and develop peace of mind. Doing so could positively affect your health and energy levels for the better. Long-range planning could entail putting thoughts to paper. Mind-expanding influences could encourage you to learn new things and reach out for all that is novel and different. Finding a mentor or life coach could be a positive game changer.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: The evocative Moon slips Virgo on Friday afternoon to put partnership issues on the front burner this weekend. Working out the details of practical matters may not sound romantic, but still could be required before you can really relax and have some fun. If you’re single and looking, don’t be shy about asking tough questions of prospective partners. It’s better to know who you’re dealing with than to just close your eyes and hope for the best. Listen to your heart, but check in with your common sense before saying yes. Friends and organizations have a great deal to offer you this weekend. The Virgo Moon’s is excellent for meeting someone new when you’re playing with pals or working as part of a team. Volunteering for a cause not only shows that you’re a good citizen, it also makes you a more captivating partner. If you feel a chill in the air, it’s only meant to cool emotions long enough so you can take a more practical view of your relationship life. It’s not easy to be logical when feelings are always running the show, which is why a bit of detachment from them is quite useful now. Being clear with a current partner about your needs or thinking about ways to satisfy your desires if you’re single are challenging tasks, but consider them as essential elements for ensuring your happiness. Sharing common interests and demonstrating a capacity for cooperation provide a solid foundation for a happy relationship.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

There is a possibility of an upset earlier in the week, but you may be able to turn the situation around with smart thinking. There could be a renewed motivation to get a relationship into a better place. Share a new idea with colleagues or fellow professionals and someone might think you’re brilliant. Your thoughtful nature might want to help everyone out this week, and you have loving and compassionate feelings for others. By all means be kind, but don’t make a sacrifice if it isn’t really going to help or you could end up feeling resentful. Trust your intuition because friends and colleagues will appreciate your sensitivity. A brand new idea or direction that takes hold could lift your spirits. Don’t be afraid to try something different. You might find that good luck or the kindness of others gives you all the courage you need. Give and take and sharing ideas, resources, and tips may mutually benefit you, your friends, or partner. Ideas could be fruitful and the kind that open doors for you. An invitation may boost your outlook and hopes for the future. On the whole, relationships seem to be upbeat and positive. Things work out generally better if you don’t try to control and instead go with the flow. Only forge ahead with a plan if you get feedback or sensible advice from someone experienced. Good friendships and stimulating company leave you with happy feelings. A health problem may be on your mind, so go easy on yourself.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: There’s a sweet but subtle aspect this week that allows you to be romantic and sensitive without losing sight of reality. Tuesday’s harmonious trine between practical Saturn and magical Neptune suggests that your dreams may come true. Putting love in a frame that’s both solid and soft can restore your faith in relationships. Sweet planet Venus can throw you for a loop early this week as she connects with fierce Pluto and shocking Uranus. Power struggles, buried secrets, and self-worth issues that surface on Tuesday may spark surprising shifts the following day. Dealing with uncomfortable emotions helps to facilitate constructive change. A lovely lunar landing on Friday afternoon, though, is likely to put relationships back on solid ground this weekend. Friday afternoon, brings unexpressed feelings straight to the surface. Noticing flaws in your relationships or in yourself does not require that you try to fix them immediately. Forgiveness and acceptance are not signs of surrender, but are necessary actions to reduce the pressure so that adjustments can be made with love and kindness. A positive lunar connection with Saturn on Friday night should get the weekend off to a promising start. Open your heart and see what happens. Gently taking the lead with others builds trust, bringing you closer to experiencing the kind of intimacy you secretly crave.