Stargazing — Your Weekly Update — Jan. 21st – Jan. 27, 2013

Jan 22, 2013 | Special Messages

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Week of Jan. 21st – Jan. 27th, 2013

The mental tone of life has shifted. Communications planet Mercury is moving through Aquarius for the next three weeks, beginning on January 18th. The Sun followed suit on the 19th and aggressive Mars is already in Aquarius through early February.

As if in a playful race, mischievous Mercury zips ahead of the Sun in Aquarius during the next several days, almost like it’s driven to win. First, Mercury aligns itself in a few fun-filled transits; then, three days later, the Sun follows suit. But the best news here is that you’re the one who really wins!

On January 22nd there is an alignment between Mercury and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius), so prepare yourself for a fountain of witty comments, vibrant conversations, and inventive ideas. A footloose and fancy-free mood will rule the day!

The next day, January 23rd, signals Jupiter’s turn to unite with Mercury, and you’ll boldly go where you may have never gone before: Perhaps into a potential line of fire to share your views on a matter of importance. But guess what? Your opinion will be well received, and you may even help boost morale!

Then, on January 25th and 26th, the Sun comes along to meet those same planets in that same order, delivering even more adventure and good news. You’ll feel tensions ease up, especially if you take advantage of this opportunity to pull yourself out of a rut and step into the unknown, even if it’s just a small step. New doors of opportunity will swing open before you!

Finally, Mercury squares Saturn on January 25th, bringing a few moments of frustration. Still, it won’t be long before you’re back to focusing on the exciting changes of the moment! With this much good fortune coming your way, you won’t want to let any mental blocks or fears slow you down!

The beauty of this energy for the next three weeks is to open your mind to new possibilities, new friendships, and inventing a new you. However, this can also put you into mental over-stimulation, so be certain to schedule in some do nothing time. Perhaps in that quiet you will invent the next software, pet rock, or thing the world just can’t live without! The esoteric vibration of Aquarius is associated with Jupiter, enabling love to show up in surprising ways.

High hopes and hard realities collide on Friday, setting the tone for a dramatic weekend. Saturday’s expressive Full Moon in Leo excites emotions while exuberant Jupiter expands them. Yet while hearts open wide, minds can shut down if communication becomes difficult. We fail to see opportunities for love if we get hung up on negative thinking. Demonstrating a spirit of generosity melts resistance and rewards us with joy.

Ideas or projects that got pushed to the back burner of your life get a chance to start moving again in the weeks ahead. But the full moon in Leo wants to make sure that your heart is engaged in whatever new projects you want to bring to the world.

Saturday’s Full Moon at 8 degrees Leo makes a challenging T-Square pattern to the planet Saturn. Like sitting on one leg, you must find your balance in an environment that is not very balanced. This requires that you open your heart to new possibilities, yet stay detached enough that you do not get sucked into the drama of the world.

SATURN the task-master planet began moving through intense Scorpio last October, 2012 and continues in this deeply emotional sign through 2014. It demands emotional integrity, and that means healing and/or getting rid of anything that is not part of the person you are becoming.

When a thought form in the world has become so crystallized that it cannot expand into a new and higher consciousness, that the old form must be destroyed first, often in ways that are highly uncomfortable. It is important to remember that the Universe is not out to get you, but that sometimes your cage needs to be rattled in order to expand beyond old, limiting thought patterns. We should not fear this, but understand that something greater is being offered, and the price is that it is time to move into a new paradigm of thinking. This is what is going on and it is being activated in the coming weeks through the end of March. Be sure to take comfort in knowing that you are going to an expanded way of thinking in the weeks ahead.