STARGAZING –YOUR WEEKLY FORECAST — Week of May 20th–May 26th, 2013

May 21, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of May 20th – May 26th, 2013

So just what does the cosmos have in store for you this next week? This week will pack a cosmic punch because we’ll experience the revolution of Uranus square Pluto and a potent Lunar Eclipse all within a few days. You might not feel steady with the entire significant energetic shift happening, however the Universe doesn’t want you to stand in place. Sometimes, the Universe needs to light a fire under us to remind us to get moving. This will be one of those weeks, although admittedly it may be difficult for you to see past the smoke and sudden changes at first.

Relationship dynamics can’t help but be a little shaky with the unpredictable Uranus-Pluto square hitting its exact mark on Monday. Luckily, the Sun shifts into flirty Gemini on the same day to add a little lighthearted fun to the week. We are rewarded with a dreamy Memorial Day weekend, which is better for indulging in fantasy than keeping things real. An adventurous Sagittarius Full Moon late Friday night raises hopes but reduces good judgment. Be careful on the roads and other drivers.

This Lunar Eclipse on Friday squares imaginative Neptune, teasing us with a taste of Divine Love. Yet this spiritual connection will take time, testing, and commitment to make it more than just a passing fancy or a figment of our imaginations.

Eclipses usually come in pairs, and they usually happen twice a year; but this year we have three eclipses in a row in the Spring 2013. Eclipses always occur on the new and full moons, and these eclipses are: a Scorpio lunar (Full Moon), a Taurus solar (New Moon), and then another Sagittarius lunar on May 24, 2013.

Eclipses bring changes, and most of us find change uncomfortable and usually unwanted, to say the least. No one likes the upset of the Status Quo. When the Sun and Moon line up exactly with respect to the Earth, their gravitational pull is always stronger. It is said that an eclipse has ten times the power of a normal New or Full Moon. Eclipses can stimulate relationship breakups, business failures, sudden accidents, babies to be born, and the elderly to pass over. They can also bring positive changes like new love and promotions at work, however most of us will experience extra challenges in our paths during the energy of an eclipse, which can have a lasting effect of up to six months.

The eclipse on May 25th will be a Full Moon lunar eclipse. This eclipse is subtle and may require an expert to recognize the energetic change. This lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the fringe of the Earth’s shadow. Even though this eclipse is one of the “weakest” of all the eclipses, this one in Sagittarius will still make us stand up and take notice, because the Pluto-Uranus square will hit its peak just a few days before the eclipse. This promises to effect world affairs.

It is very likely that we will experience the effects of this eclipse up to a week before the actual event. But, the day of the eclipse, Thursday evening and Friday, could be especially difficult as well. This time the Moon will be in Sagittarius, while the Sun is in Gemini, and these two mutable signs are going to line up with Neptune in Pisces to make a nasty T-square.

When Neptune is afflicted, we often turn to our addictions for comfort. Many will be overindulging for this eclipse, and misunderstandings and acts of stupidity are possible. If you want to come through this eclipse relatively unscathed, think like a Gemini, and be flexible! Let go of your agenda, and let the Universe take you through the energies, moment by moment. Again, be sure to use extra caution driving, and watch out for the drunk driver.

It would be good to take a little adventure at the end of the month. The USA Memorial Day holiday on the 27th has Mercury aligning with Jupiter, and the beaches and lakes open up for the summer. This is a great time for a short trip into nature.

There is another of the seven Uranus square Pluto aspects that are occurring between June 2012 and March 2015. Because this challenge between “throwing a revolution” and “playing it safe” is going on for so long a period, you may not notice it. However you will see it in the way the US Congress and the Washington delegates behave, as well as in other countries political systems. Upsets and revolts have been threatening and demonstrating this power game for some time. Expect to see some sudden and surprising events over the next few weeks in the news.

It would be useful to create new ways to increase your freedom and still be responsible. Be social early in the week under the Libra moon. The energy becomes more emotionally intense on Wednesday as the moon moves into Scorpio bringing in another lunar eclipse.

The Lunar Eclipse is on Friday, May 24th in Sagittarius and Gemini. The majority of the planets are now in the adaptable signs of Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces. This is the third of three eclipses in a month, so take some time for yourself if you are feeling emotionally raw. Because this eclipse energy is caught up in a challenging T-Square, the ability to be flexible comes with the requirement that you must be adaptable now. When T-Square energies pull at you from three directions simultaneously, you must find a way for contradictory things to work together in your life.

  • Visionary Neptune is asking you to stop and meditate in order to create a higher view for your life.
  • Several planets in curious Gemini are urging you to try new things, and their busyness is just too, well, busy take the time to stop to meditate.
  • Your emotions represented by the Full Moon in Sagittarius just wants to escape into a new adventure and not be bothered with the needs of your little world.

The solution comes through ambitious Mars in Taurus. This sign is known for working hard to bridge the gap between the pioneer and the cultivator. Take actions in the months ahead that help you pioneer new paths, without forsaking the parts of your life that are still working.

The adventurous Sagittarius Full Moon continues on Saturday with the morning being more supportive of activity and adventure than the evening. Enjoy a quiet day on Sunday, because the Moon moves into hard-working Capricorn on Monday the 27th. Since this is the USA Memorial Day holiday weekend, a small obstacle is created. Part of you wants to be responsible and accomplish practical matters, but quick-paced Mercury aligns with freedom loving Jupiter on the 27th. You may just want to sleep in and then go to the beach. The best solution is to mix business with pleasure on Monday.

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The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Break out the balloons and noisemakers, Air Signs, when the Sun enters Gemini on Monday! Invite some friends over for a party. Go slowly on Monday. If you zoom through a red light, you’ll get a ticket. Call on your inner guides when Mercury sextiles Uranus. You might receive the answer to a very perplexing problem. If you’re single, you may fall in love at first sight when the Moon in Libra trines Venus on Tuesday. If you’re attached, your lover will shower you with affection. You’ll radiate charm on Tuesday. It’s a great time to mingle with others. A unique opportunity will come your way on Wednesday. You’ll regret it later if you let this prospect slip through your fingers. Be discreet at work on Thursday. If you share personal details with a colleague, that person could blab them around the office. Your self-confidence will kick up a notch on Friday. Don’t be afraid to test your limits. Create a new priority list. Make time for activities that interest you. Choose your battles wisely on Saturday. Don’t waste energy in a fight that you can’t possibly win. You might decide to spend time alone on Sunday. Look for a quiet place to reflect on your hopes and dreams. An associate could have a hidden agenda on Sunday. Look beneath the surface when dealing with others this weekend.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: The week starts off right as the radiant Sun moves into Gemini, the sign of The Twins on Monday, shifting the spotlight onto the sparkling personality of Air Signs. This could be an exceptional weekend with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius. A desire for uncomplicated relationships is triggered by idealistic Neptune’s square to the Sun and Moon. But common sense is easily lost in a cloud of adoration or a delicious fantasy. Enjoy the magic of the moment without any expectation that it will last. It’s just a glimpse of something special to inspire you to put more faith into love. Filters may fall away this weekend with an exuberant and expressive Sagittarius Full Moon late on Friday night. This optimistic event encourages an open flow of philosophical ideas and stimulating conversations. Speaking your truth is generally a good thing but your message could easily be misconstrued at this time. If you have something vital to share, double-check to make sure that what you’re saying is clearly understood. Friends and groups can be sources of fascinating inspiration and intriguing new connections now. Friday night’s Lunar Eclipse triggers strong feelings when you’re hanging out with pals or working in an organizational setting. However, idealizing others or buying into stories that are less than honest can drain your time and energy. Cultivating camaraderie is great, but don’t let unfounded faith in people take more from you than you plan to give. Group teamwork over the next few months should work out well for you.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Safety first should be your motto when Uranus in Aries squares Pluto on Monday. Don’t leave the house without locking the door. Your timing will be off as well. It wouldn’t be wise to ask the boss for a raise. Open your eyes wide on Tuesday. You could be looking at a certain situation through rose-colored glasses. Take charge of a certain situation on Thursday. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate your leadership skills to others. There could be some office politics to contend with on. Avoid conflict by keeping a low profile. A lover will want to make future plans. This person may suggest moving in together! You may discover there aren’t enough dollars in your bank account on Friday. Consider taking a part-time job to generate extra income. Powerful energy will surround you on Saturday. Put the potent vibes to good use by ending a bad habit. A friend may ask to make amends for a misdeed. This individual regrets offending you. This relationship will need your attention. An honest talk with your loved one might put the partnership back on track. You Fire Signs may become overly dramatic when the Full Moon Eclipse occurs in Sagittarius. Don’t turn a minor dilemma into a catastrophe. The urge to escape reality will be strong when the Sun squares Neptune on Sunday. Remember that you can’t stay in fantasyland forever!

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: This weekend could mark a turning point in your personal life. Late on Friday night the Sagittarius Full Moon lights up your inner Identity. This Lunar Eclipse squares squishy Neptune, which can empower you to let go of outdated issues about your image and your relationships. Nevertheless, the process of elimination is much easier when compassion is present. Keeping your heart open is the key to a healthy transition and a source of future inspiration. Complications arise this weekend as the passionate planet Mars creates some intense aspects. While others are floating in the clouds of illusion, your passions are being pushed by powerful Pluto, and your desire for freedom is provoked by restless Uranus. Being adaptable to shifting circumstances reduces stress and aggravation. If you’re intent on improving your current relationship, be gentle when asking for changes that affect others. Unplugging and connecting with nature at this time gives you the chance to discover what your heart wants. Friday night’s Lunar Eclipse encourages Romance and Play. This fiery Sagittarius Full Moon brings you the energy to take more risks and express yourself creatively. However, a dash of discretion is recommended with dreamy Neptune’s square to the Full Moon in the mix. Your imagination is running wild, inspiring colorful dreams. You need to keep in mind that others are extremely sensitive to aggressive words or actions, so tread lightly as you go.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

An earthshaking event could rock your world on Monday. Be prepared to go with the flow. A partner might be angry. Give this individual plenty of personal space. You could undergo a mystical experience on Monday as well. Feelings of déjà vu may occur when meeting a new acquaintance. Look at the funny side of life on Wednesday. Go to a comedy club and laugh for a while. Put on your detective hat on Thursday. You’ll need to dig for the truth regarding a certain matter. Take a different approach to a longstanding problem. The same old tactics just aren’t working! An associate may press your buttons when the Moon in Scorpio opposes Mars on Friday. Don’t let the antics of others provoke you to anger. You may be asked to a family reunion when Mercury conjuncts Venus on Friday. Get ready to greet your nearest and dearest! You may decide to change your job when the Full Moon Eclipse on Saturday. Look for a position that utilizes your abilities. Sugarcoat your words to a friend on Sunday. This person can’t handle the blunt truth. Generate good karma by visiting an elderly neighbor on Sunday. This person could be lonely and in need of companionship. A friend will give you a hot stock tip on Sunday. Do your homework before investing in any financial enterprise.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: The Moon slips into sexy Scorpio on Wednesday to pump up passion in your personal life for the next two days, Water Signs. The Moon warms your emotional tendencies on Wednesday and Thursday this week, bringing your deep feelings straight up to the surface. Whether you show it to others or not, you’re likely to be more intense about your relationships. If you want someone to know what’s in your heart, find a safe and quiet place to talk. But if you’re still processing your emotions, you’re under no obligation to share anything personal. You don’t have to be showy to get attention when a subtle look in the eyes and a smoldering smile will tell the whole story. The weekend could be weird with a Sagittarian Lunar Eclipse square surreal Neptune on Friday night. This Full Moon is challenged by a square from fuzzy Neptune. Fantasies can run amok and plans might go askew, so prepare to adapt and adjust accordingly. This cosmic atmosphere can create a surreal fantasyland where what you see and hear may not be what you get. Still, if you’re seeking a romantic escape from reality, this weekend could do the trick. Just don’t overburden yourself with too many responsibilities or a plan that’s so rigid that you can’t make any last minute adjustments to it. Slip away to create magic, even if only in your imagination. Before the weekend is over you should find a way to creatively express yourself.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

You might confront a life challenge when your ruler Mercury is quincunx Pluto on Monday. Don’t worry. You’ll overcome any obstacle you encounter. It’s a great time to share your thoughts and feelings. Be a team player on Tuesday. Show the boss that you work well with others! Your social calendar will fill up when the Sun enters Gemini on Monday. Get ready to be inundated with invitations. Don’t delay doing an important task on Wednesday, however your vitality may hit a low point. Build up your strength by eating more healthfully. Communicating with others will be a breeze on Thursday. Making a decision will be easy when Mercury conjuncts Venus on Friday. Your heart and mind will be in sync. You may arrive at a fork in the road on the eclipse. Choosing one path over the other will be difficult. A loved one may ask you for a loan on Saturday. Consider if this person can repay the debt before you write out a check. Also, Household repairs may be needed on Saturday. If you can’t fix a leaky faucet, call the plumber! If you don’t do the laundry, you’ll soon run out of clean clothes. A friend might take advantage of your good nature on the weekend. It’s time to set boundaries with this person. You may get cabin fever on Sunday. Going for a leisurely walk will banish claustrophobia.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: If you have incomplete emotional, business, or unaddressed issues from the past, this is an excellent week for dealing with them once and for all. Intense interactions are likely on Wednesday and Thursday with the deeply emotional Scorpio Moon. Yet it’s best to step back from making any major commitments with a wispy and wild Full Moon Eclipse occurring late Friday night. This is a time to let go, relax, and forgive yourself and others if your love life falls short of your expectations. Escape reality for the moment to find fresh inspiration for restoring your hope in relationships. Your appreciation for realism and pragmatism may be tested more than once this weekend with a Lunar Eclipse shaking up the world. Late on Friday night the enthusiasm of the Sagittarius Full Moon is expanded and blurred by a challenging aspect with diffusive Neptune. This is awesome for indulging in fantasy and creating romance, but not ideal for practicality or reason. This Lunar Eclipse squares gentle Neptune, enabling you to face disappointment or fears with compassion and hope. The companionship of a kind and spiritual person can be very helpful if you want to work things out together. Otherwise, spending time alone in a safe place enables you to do this important obstacle-clearing work on your own. You can be happy if you simply relax and accept this period as a delightfully learning playtime without expecting anything serious to develop in the end.