Stargazing — Your Weekly Forecast – Jan. 21st – Jan. 27th, 2013

Jan 22, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of Jan. 21st – Jan. 27th, 2013

The mental tone of life has shifted. Communications planet Mercury is moving through Aquarius for the next three weeks, beginning on January 18th. The Sun followed suit on the 19th and aggressive Mars is already in Aquarius through early February.

As if in a playful race, mischievous Mercury zips ahead of the Sun in Aquarius during the next several days, almost like it’s driven to win. First, Mercury aligns itself in a few fun-filled transits; then, three days later, the Sun follows suit. But the best news here is that you’re the one who really wins!

On January 22nd there is an alignment between Mercury and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius), so prepare yourself for a fountain of witty comments, vibrant conversations, and inventive ideas. A footloose and fancy-free mood will rule the day!

The next day, January 23rd, signals Jupiter’s turn to unite with Mercury, and you’ll boldly go where you may have never gone before: Perhaps into a potential line of fire to share your views on a matter of importance. But guess what? Your opinion will be well received, and you may even help boost morale!

Then, on January 25th and 26th, the Sun comes along to meet those same planets in that same order, delivering even more adventure and good news. You’ll feel tensions ease up, especially if you take advantage of this opportunity to pull yourself out of a rut and step into the unknown, even if it’s just a small step. New doors of opportunity will swing open before you!

Finally, Mercury squares Saturn on January 25th, bringing a few moments of frustration. Still, it won’t be long before you’re back to focusing on the exciting changes of the moment! With this much good fortune coming your way, you won’t want to let any mental blocks or fears slow you down!

The beauty of this energy for the next three weeks is to open your mind to new possibilities, new friendships, and inventing a new you. However, this can also put you into mental over-stimulation, so be certain to schedule in some do nothing time. Perhaps in that quiet you will invent the next software, pet rock, or thing the world just can’t live without! The esoteric vibration of Aquarius is associated with Jupiter, enabling love to show up in surprising ways.

High hopes and hard realities collide on Friday, setting the tone for a dramatic weekend. Saturday’s expressive Full Moon in Leo excites emotions while exuberant Jupiter expands them. Yet while hearts open wide, minds can shut down if communication becomes difficult. We fail to see opportunities for love if we get hung up on negative thinking. Demonstrating a spirit of generosity melts resistance and rewards us with joy.

Ideas or projects that got pushed to the back burner of your life get a chance to start moving again in the weeks ahead. But the full moon in Leo wants to make sure that your heart is engaged in whatever new projects you want to bring to the world.

Saturday’s Full Moon at 8 degrees Leo makes a challenging T-Square pattern to the planet Saturn. Like sitting on one leg, you must find your balance in an environment that is not very balanced. This requires that you open your heart to new possibilities, yet stay detached enough that you do not get sucked into the drama of the world.

SATURN the task-master planet began moving through intense Scorpio last October, 2012 and continues in this deeply emotional sign through 2014. It demands emotional integrity, and that means healing and/or getting rid of anything that is not part of the person you are becoming.

When a thought form in the world has become so crystallized that it cannot expand into a new and higher consciousness, that the old form must be destroyed first, often in ways that are highly uncomfortable. It is important to remember that the Universe is not out to get you, but that sometimes your cage needs to be rattled in order to expand beyond old, limiting thought patterns. We should not fear this, but understand that something greater is being offered, and the price is that it is time to move into a new paradigm of thinking. This is what is going on and it is being activated in the coming weeks through the end of March. Be sure to take comfort in knowing that you are going to an expanded way of thinking in the weeks ahead.

Week of Jan. 21st – Jan. 27th, 2013

The Air Sign
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Relationships, friendships, and romance could all be hot topics this week, in a positive way. You seem to be buzzing with energy. You’re looking for ways to manifest your creative ideas. Communication seems to be the key. The desire to explore new options and get away from it all is stronger than ever. If you haven’t yet taken your vacation, this might be a good time to plan to get away for a well-deserved break. The cosmos is encouraging you to leave daily routines and explore new places and perhaps new faces. Current influences may be excellent for business trips since this week’s upbeat aspects seem to hold the potential for success. Social connections could aid your progress, too. Expect a meeting out of the blue that could lead to a creative partnership or budding romance. You’ll notice a definite chemistry involved that inspires you to take things further whether for business or pleasure. One of these connections may also encourage you to broaden your horizons and see life from a new perspective. You could be glued to your gadgets for much of the week as well, since you seem to have so much to share. Romance is another possibility – actually, you may get two opportunities. Both could prove to be interesting, so see how it goes. The Full Moon over the weekend could bring up a lot of emotion. Channel it into doing something fun with your sweetheart. It’s party time!

 Your Love Week—Air Signs: Engaging in a serious discussion to work out a misunderstanding may slow your social life on Friday. But if an intervention isn’t necessary, taking a hard, cold look at your romantic aspirations is a useful way to refine your personal plans. It’s great to be optimistic about people but there’s a risk of over-estimating someone. Being attracted to a person and buying into what he or she says is appealing now, but things could fall short of your hopes if you’re not careful. Picking and choosing who you spend time with and what you do is not about satisfying others’ desires, but it’s the best way to take care of yourself. Exercising a little bit of cautious self-restraint will go a long way toward keeping you safe and sound. A sassier you returns on Saturday with an audacious Leo Full Moon. Your ability to entertain others and to strike up conversations anywhere and at any time makes you the life of the party wherever you go. Saturday night should be special. You are craving adventure and looking for a romance that will rock your world. Make this a memorable time with your partner, if you’re lucky enough to have someone who loves you in return. The joy the two of you share can warm your hearts for a very long time. If you’re single, be brave and dare to express your feelings with passion instead of playing it cool. You will never know what might happen if you don’t put yourself out there and try.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

It’s an upbeat and positive time for you this week, Fire Signs, with lots of socializing and fun on the agenda. Networking is one of the best things you can do right now, so keep it up. Fabulous aspects over the week suggest you’ll be busy making new connections that could be very lucrative for you. Relationships seem to be fast paced and exciting whether linked to business or romance. The connections you make are encouraging you to explore a new direction. Someone may give you a tip that could expand your horizons, open new vistas, and suggest fresh possibilities. There is also a connection to your social life and networking that adds to the fun and upbeat energy of the week and its many promises of good things to come. All kinds of associations and relationships work for you now. The people you meet or talk to may share information that’s vital in helping you secure a job, contract, or move one step nearer a goal. There’s also the possibility of a romance that happens out of the blue. There’s a lot of chemistry in the air bringing folks together buzzing with excitement. It’s also a good week to work on your latest online marketing idea. Travel or making travel plans is a possibility. You may also be in the mood to splurge, but you might be restrained by your credit limit. The Full Moon promises parties and lots of fun, so enjoy it! The Full Moon in Leo over the weekend encourages drama, partying, and fun.

 Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Don’t wait for the weekend to play because Monday and Tuesday look like wonderful days for having fun with others. The chatty Gemini Moon joins the lucky planet Jupiter on Monday night, making it easy to end up in a fascinating conversation. This communicative trend continues the next day when you gracefully bounce from a sharing a humorous moment to intelligently discussing more serious matters. Others can’t help but notice the way you sparkle when you talk. Thursday and Friday are relatively quiet days, but then you get a blast on Saturday that is bound to heat up your love life. This could be a memorable weekend with Saturday’s scorching Full Moon occurring in the dramatic sign of Leo. Emotions are flowing with passions that will not cool until you’re finished expressing them. Those strong feelings tend to run the gamut from anger to ecstasy, requiring some self-control on your part to manage them appropriately. This bold Leo Full Moon lights up your fiery personality. You’re ready to take chances, express your feelings without restraint and attract all the attention that your heart desires. Giving generously to others is the best way to get back the affection and appreciation you desire. Putting yourself in a safe and acceptable place where you’re free to play, dance, and shout with joy is an ideal way to celebrate being alive during this celestial high-energy event.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You might be in a more reflective mood this week Water Signs. Your inner life is important, and that includes your self-talk, hopes, dreams, and fantasies. If you want exciting and positive things to happen for you, then start creating them in your head. You might get ideas about how to make more money or make your living space homier. You could be entertaining this weekend, or have family and friends come to stay. It’s also possible that you’ve started spring cleaning early and decided to tackle the décor, too. Go for it! There’s definitely a buzz in the air, with financial sparkles promising some positive new contracts and potential business deals. Your intuitive hunches may play a big part in enabling you to be in the right place at the right time. There is a chance of some excellent news – again, career related – which should put you in a good mood. There seem to be lucky events or news associated with the home. It’s possible you might get money out of the blue, perhaps from a family member. If you’re freelancing, you could get an exciting new contract and a chance to earn some good money. Go with the flow. Don’t second-guess a romantic offer of a date. Go for it and see what transpires. The weekend may bring a desire to shop. Pick up some hot bargains. However, the Full Moon in Leo could encourage you to indulge. Take it easy!

 Your Love Week—Water Signs: The promise of romance grows stronger with the cuddly Cancer Moon’s presence from Wednesday night until Saturday morning. Breaking away from routine tasks to enjoy the pleasures of life is healthy for you now. If you’re in a long-term relationship, this is a perfect time to spice it up by surprising your partner with something special. The evocative Moon on Wednesday night puts you in a reflective mood. If you’re attracted to someone, you should feel comfortable enough to make the first move. But when you encounter a person who doesn’t feel right, pulling back into your shell is completely appropriate. If you’re single, pleasing yourself will make you even more desirable to others. On Saturday morning, the energy changes dramatically. The lively Leo Moon inspires you to play for the rest of the weekend, wearing a colorful look and a confident attitude. However, You are not likely to be in a casual mood when both intense planets Mars and Pluto clash on Saturday. It’s better to be choosy about your company instead of trying to cooperate by agreeing to do something that’s not in your comfort zone. You might find yourself in the spotlight for a while, but you will probably be more content in a quiet corner. Focus your time and energy on one task you enjoy and one person who really matters.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

It’s an excellent week to make progress at work and on career goals, Earth Signs. You may feel as though you’re in the zone as one good piece of news after another brings positive change. Career possibilities look very promising this now, too. This might be a good time to consider looking for a new job or going for interviews. Either way, the news could be uplifting, especially as you seem to be on a roll. Finances look very rosy, with more than one opportunity to make extra cash. Finances are looking perky, with a chance to get more earnings. You might be in the mood to buy extra gadgets for the home, perhaps a new computer or something else that helps make life easier. The more the merrier as far as you’re concerned. You could be given a raise or find that you’ve been given additional responsibility at work for which you’ll get more money. The Full Moon over the weekend suggests you might want to do some serious shopping. Expect the unexpected since the best deal may come out of the blue. You could be living on your nerves and perhaps burning the candle at both ends. There’s so much to do that you’ll be busy all hours. Don’t ignore a vital piece of information in your haste. Finances may improve, too. Finally, the Full Moon in dramatic Leo could add a touch of drama to your weekend routine, so don’t get sucked into the frey. The weekend is excellent for entertaining.

 Your Love Week—Earth Signs:  If trust issues are a concern in your relationships, then Thursday is an excellent day to address them with others. You have an almost ideal combination of sensitivity and logic that can help you to iron out differences in a partnership or enable you to get off to a solid start with someone new. Sharing your vulnerable side won’t make you look weak now; quite the opposite, it can make you appear much more attractive. You’re almost irresistible to your admirers when you can be both strong and soft. Friday is an excellent time to tackle tough emotional issues with a partner. Different values and expectations need to be ironed out to maintain harmony. If you’re single, a talk with a trusted friend will provide practical advice about your potential prospects. You might feel like you’re on the fringes of the action this weekend. This cosmic break is better for enjoying quiet time alone or with one easygoing individual rather than putting yourself in the middle of a crowd. Your home could be the most fun place in the world this Saturday with the enthusiastic Leo Full Moon supplying you with tons of excitement and energy. Your comfort level rises when you play host or hostess even if it takes some creative effort to put on a good show. Restoring passion to your current relationship comes when you put your heart fully into it or a new one grows with your display of playful self-confidence.