STARGAZING — Your Weekly Forecast – Feb. 4th — Feb. 10, 2013

Feb 5, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of Feb. 4th – Feb. 10th, 2013

With three planets changing signs, plus six more high-energy transits, all in its first few days, February is gearing up to be a sit-up-and-take-notice kind of month! Mars and Venus entered their new signs on February 2nd, with Mars diving headlong into Pisces and Venus soaring elegantly into Aquarius. Mars will immediately hit a wall, as sensitive Pisces never knows what to make of Mars’ aggression. Try directing your energies toward spiritual and artistic pursuits that will satisfy both Mars and Pisces.

This will be an exceptionally intuitive, blissful or confusing week due to multiple Pisces/Neptune influences. It’s a good time to get in touch with your feelings about love (and other areas), while striving for clarity while socializing. Mars collides with Neptune in Pisces on Monday, February 4th, making a sticky situation even stickier. Either Neptune’s influence will undermine your plan of action, leaving you anxious and in a panic, or Mars will light a fire under your dreams, helping you set sail. Remember; you’re the one to ultimately decide which way this week will go.

On February 5th, Mercury leaps from Aquarius to Pisces, when your intuition will kick in and bring answers to questions before you even ask. Mercury continues to keep you on your toes from February 6th through 9th, as it slides into a vague conjunction with Neptune, an argumentative conjunction with Mars, and a happy-go-lucky square with Jupiter. Not one to be outdone, Venus also performs a celestial dance, first partnering for flirtations galore with Uranus on February 6, then Jupiter on February 7th!

A mid-week fling should be a fun thing when romantic Venus harmoniously hooks up with spontaneous Uranus and adventurous Jupiter on Wednesday and Thursday. Breaking rules by revisiting an ex or connecting with an unusual individual is dangerously exciting. Adopting an experimental attitude is ideal heading toward a weekend with a New Moon falling in unconventional Aquarius. Performing spontaneous acts of rebellion may feel thrilling in the moment, but could leave you with some relationship regrets.

Although this weekend’s New Moon in Aquarius favors friendly gatherings, the serious and stubborn Venus-Saturn square may bring up an issue about commitment, solitude, or security. Meanwhile, due to Aquarius’ hesitancy toward intimacy, Venus doesn’t fit into the Water Bearer’s plans too well, either. Fortunately, Venus has the advantage over Mars when it comes to making the most of a difficult situation. Life may not be super-romantic, but you’ll find yourself drawn to lots of friends, parties, and fun! Best days for socializing: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

You’ll make an extremely favorable impression on others on Friday. It’s a great time to join a new group. A friend may ask you to mediate a quarrel on Saturday. Don’t get caught in the middle of this person’s battles.

You’ll be eager to strut your stuff before the world when the Moon in Libra trines the Sun on Friday. A new sense of confidence will boost your self-esteem. Review all of your insurance policies on Saturday. You may be paying for coverage that isn’t really needed. A secret admirer may finally become known on Sunday. This person has been smitten with you for a long time. Avoid the casino on Sunday. Lady Luck won’t be sitting by your side. Try to take it easy on Sunday. A little rest and relaxation will put you back on track mentally, emotionally, and physically.

If the Universe won’t give you romance, then perhaps you need to take matters into your own hands.

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Week of Feb. 4th – Feb. 10th, 2013

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Be careful when making a decision this week, especially if it’s linked with your career. You could be in a self-sacrificing mood and be easily persuaded to do something that isn’t in your best interests. On the other hand, your imagination plus a brilliant idea could earn you some praise. You might enjoy hosting a party or get-together. There are some upbeat transits that are perfect for any kind of social event. As a bonus, romance is also in focus. A meeting or the offer of a date could go well. The New Moon on the 10th is perfect for starting a new course, going on a trip, or beginning legal proceedings. Luck is on your side no matter what you’re up to. You seem to be very busy with a lot on your plate, but you’re happy about this. Your progress is positive and the New Moon is excellent for making changes at all levels. Reflect on what you want and as of Friday take the first step to make it happen. There’s also a lot going on in the financial department. It’s important to stay in control of your finances. Not doing so could cause difficulties at this time and down the road as well. The New Moon is excellent if you’re starting a new relationship. It’s also useful if you’re thinking of starting your own business and letting your inner entrepreneur out to play. You might need to pace yourself and be careful of allergies and sensitivities.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Your sharp wit and fast tongue are helpful for making a new connection or livening up a conversation with your current partner on Friday. Just make sure others know when you’re teasing because what’s funny to one person can feel like an insult to another. Settling down could be tricky this weekend, as your restless mind and body need to move. Clear your calendar of major responsibilities because the electrifying Aquarius New Moon rocks Romance for you Air Signs late on Saturday night. Having fun comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone, so take some chances by showing your quirky side. You know how to be flirty and friendly in a non-threatening way that attracts plenty of attention without looking like you’re desperate for it. It’s a weekend meant for singing, dancing and kicking up your heels. This New Moon is like a breath of fresh air for your personal life. You’re ready to start all over, which allows you to let go of old disappointments to fully engage in the present moment. You’re smart, funny and different in a delightful way that can fascinate other people. Acting like a true original may be uncomfortable for overly cautious folks, but makes you much more attractive to the interesting ones. If you’re bored, do something out of the box to spice up your personal life. Your creative imagination is your best source for fun.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Your thinking seems to be sharp and original now, Fire Signs. You’re able to come up with fast answers and resourceful ideas. Your social life is blossoming and looking good this week. Events encourage new connections that could be useful for business or romance. One very positive aspect hints at the possibility of a deal or lucrative contract. Events now might help to boost your popularity. It’s a good time to tackle affairs that require cooperation and mutual consent. Get togethers or parties should go down well and could be a hit when it comes to romance. With a focus on your joint finances, you may be in a generous mood or perhaps be moved to offer a gift to someone. Spending might not be wise if it involves overtaxing your credit. Make sure you stay in control of your finances or you could experience difficulties Your dreams might be very powerful at this time and have some useful guidance for you. The New Moon in Aquarius is helpful if you want to start an online business, begin that novel you’ve been thinking about, or roll out a marketing campaign. There’s a lot happening at home as well. It might be a good idea to investigate home security options. With a focus on Pisces energies, watch out for flooding accidents or mishaps. Entertaining should be great fun. Make a note of new contacts!

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: You are ripe for romance this weekend with the cerebral Aquarius New Moon. This unconventional energy is bound to spice up your love life by connecting you with a free-spirited individual or enlivening your current relationship with new and unusual ways to play. But keep things lighthearted and avoid coming on too strong because it’s easy for others to feel smothered now. Ironically, giving some space to those you love brings them closer to you in the end. Dating is likely to be a group activity with the quirky New Moon on Friday and Saturday. A more casual set up gives you the freedom you need to relax with your partner or to have fun with someone new. Saturday night’s energetic New Moon opens fresh channels of communication. You can see your life from a different perspective, which helps you to overcome obstacles in your present relationship. If you’re single, this is an invitation to strike up casual conversations that could lead to something more serious. Just make sure that you give the other person a chance to speak, as you may be extremely chatty now. Asking questions and actively listening to the answers demonstrates your willingness to give and take. Avoid packing your schedule, especially on Sunday, when energetic Mars is stretched to the limit by exciting and boundless Jupiter. An overly ambitious plan could provoke anger when fatigue sets in. Exercising a bit of moderation will leave you feeling comfortably satisfied.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Joint financial issues look positive and upbeat since a very lucky aspect may bring you an unexpected windfall or perhaps the chance of a loan or more credit. This week there’s a lot going on concerning travel. You may be eager to journey to places of spiritual power, or you could be journeying within and exploring the possibility of enhancing your awareness. Workshops or classes on spiritual or alternative healing might appeal to you. This might be a good time to add a new skill to your repertoire. Indications for home harmony are good this week as well. You could get some good news regarding money, perhaps in terms of an inheritance or family gift. The energies are helpful if you’re thinking of remodeling your home or starting a new home project. It’s also useful if you want to buy or sell your property, as it will smooth the way ahead. Romance may also blossom. You might find yourself falling head over heels for someone, which isn’t your usual style. This weekend’s New Moon in Aquarius is helpful if you want to learn how to meditate or take up some other spiritual discipline. It might also be a good time to start a dream diary. Your dreams have some excellent guidance to offer. A major focus on water signs may encourage you to go ahead with plans and projects that are meaningful to you. Try to fight the tendency to go with the flow. You could achieve a great deal with just a little focus and discipline.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: You could be feeling extra feisty on Friday when mischievous Mercury joins pushy Mars in Pisces. This confident attitude can be useful for getting things off your chest and being more direct in expressing yourself, Water Signs. It helps, of course, to tone down the tartness so that you don’t come across too aggressively. Sharing strong ideas and passionate emotions with a tender touch is a great way to repair relationship wounds or to get a new one off the ground. Saturday’s late night high-frequency Aquarius New Moon rocks your need for intimacy to rattle relationship patterns. You might attract an unusual person or share a strange experience that can be both weird and exciting. Adapting to surprises will be more rewarding than trying to stick to old traditions. Consider your connections as experiments where you’re free to explore different attitudes and approaches so that you can discover the best fit for you. Taking yourself lightly is an excellent way to be more appealing. The New Moon is in cool Aquarius where emotional intensity can be a turn off. Eliminating the pressure of expectations creates a relaxing atmosphere that another person will be happy to share with you. Forget your goals in relationships and try a different approach to love. You can find a surprising freedom that helps you let go of the past, drop concerns about the future, and fully enjoy the present. The evocative Moon slips into Pisces as well on Sunday afternoon, giving you the chance to escape into the magical realms of your imagination.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Your career and social life are both upbeat. An intuitive idea may help you close a lucrative deal or net a contract. A very special opportunity on Wednesday could also add significantly to your earnings; be quick on the mark, however. Your diplomacy could come in handy, Earth Signs, if you need to compromise and cooperate. However, don’t go too far and sacrifice your own needs for someone else. A focus on Pisces energies suggests you’re in a very giving and generous mood. Falling for someone’s sob story could deplete your resources and energy. Your finances seem to be in good shape. You could get a raise, a nice commission a fresh check, or other money coming through your job. The New Moon on Friday is excellent for making a start. If you want to consolidate debts or take out a loan, go for it now. There’s also a lot happening with your communications. Your imagination is at a peak, so consider writing that fantasy novel. Read the fine print when signing important documents. The New Moon in Aquarius helps you get new goals off to a good start. Socially, you have many opportunities to mix and mingle. If you’re looking for love, don’t turn down a special invitation. You’re in a romantic mood, and you’re an attractive option! These energies may encourage you to start a diet or fitness routine. If you catch the Moon tide now, you have a better chance of sticking with this new discipline.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Work can lead to play on Wednesday when flirty Venus makes beautiful music with enthusiastic Jupiter. Going out with a colleague or attracting attention while on the job might create some minor complications, but you’re more likely to find pleasure when you bend the rules a little. Break out of your shell and prepare to play in new and different ways this weekend. The unconventional Aquarius New Moon makes you more attractive when you feel and act a little strange. It’s time to adopt a casual approach to having fun, as if you don’t have a care in the world. This easygoing attitude is not only enjoyable for you but makes you a much more captivating companion for those around you. Let your hair down and shine your light for all to see. There’s an edge with relationships this weekend that’s sparked by a conjunction between the clever planet Mercury and passionate Mars. This cosmic alignment fires up your partnerships, increasing the chances for sparring with words. If you can take some teasing and give it back in a tender way, it will warm your heart and excite your brain. Avoid being picky since learning new ways to be with someone is more rewarding than sticking to your old standards. If you go too far, reality will put your feet back on the ground very late on Sunday night when responsible Saturn comes calling to realign your priorities. Careful now!