Stargazing—Weekly Update—The August Blue-Full Moon

Aug 28, 2012 | Special Messages

Week of August 27th – September 2nd, 2012


The Weekly Update

The sensitive spiritual destiny points called the Nodes of the Moon end their 1.5 year journey through Sagittarius and Gemini as the month comes to an end, on the night of the Pisces Full Moon. During this time, you have had to look hard at your beliefs and ideas. You are finding the old paradigm you used in the past doesn’t work anymore, so the Nodes of the Moon have been operating on a subtle level to help you look at new possibilities.

Now, on August 31st, the nodes move into Scorpio and Taurus (also paving the way for Saturn entering Scorpio on October 5th, as Mars just did on August 23rd). Simply stated, all of the possibilities that have been running through your mind are reaching a choice point in the months ahead. More will be said on this as we approach the Autumn Equinox, but know that Scorpio makes firm choices and there is no going back. Taurus has to do with your values and where you are willing to work hard to manifest your needs and desires.

The Full Moon on August 31st is a Blue Moon (9:58 AM Eastern-at 9 degrees Pisces). I don’t know of any astrological significance to a blue moon except it happens rarely, about every two years or so, hence the saying, “Once in a Blue Moon.” One thought on where the term came from was when the volcano Krakatowa erupted, the ash turned the sky blueish. This time there will bee a bluish tinge to the Full Moon as well.

This Pisces Full Moon asks you to create a healthy balance between your worker self and your dreamer self. You can bring your higher vision into a practical reality if you are willing to come out of fantasyland. Of course, there is a part of you that wants to drift through the cosmos for just a little longer as summer starts to show signs of winding down. That’s okay, as long as you make room for your earthly responsibilities and mundane requirements.

The other event that goes with this Full Moon is that the spiritual destiny points or the Nodes of the Moon are now moving into Scorpio and Taurus for the next 1.5 years. These subtle energies , known as your karma points, realign your value systems to help you touch a deeper-feeling part of yourself. Pay attention to your emotions now, even though some of the spiritual messages will come in a very subtle way. By October, these subtle hints will become not so subtle! The three weeks before the US Election will be fast, furious, difficult, and wild, bringing unexpected events, surprises, and possible loss.

The Full Blue Moon appears in Pisces on Friday, August 31st. In the dance between intellect and emotion feelings come out on top this weekend. Friday’s Full Moon in imaginative Pisces overwhelms logical thinking with desires to connect with others and to escape the world of work and reason. Yet allowing dreams to overcome reality can lead to an abrupt awakening with disruptive lunar aspects on Sunday adding a bit of shock value to our lives.

September 2012 looks like a nice flowing month, except for the weather disturbances. The only real intensity is during the third week leading up to the Fall Equinox where there is plenty to focus on, work through, and talk about. Join my Subscription Pages for details.

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