Stargazing – Weekly Update – Sept. 2nd – 9th, 2012

Sep 4, 2012 | Special Messages

Week of September 2nd – September 9th, 2012


September 2012 looks like a nice flowing month, except for the weather disturbances. The only real intensity is during the third week leading up to the Fall Equinox where there is plenty to focus on, work through, and talk about. Join my Subscription Pages for details.

September gets off to a pleasantly smooth start, and you’ll want to enjoy it while it lasts! Why? Because with Pluto and Uranus swinging back into action in the third week, well, let’s just say things won’t be going quite as smoothly by then.

On September 1, Mercury happily joins the Sun in Virgo, merging work and conversation. Get ready for a double dose of chattiness, inquisitiveness, and excessive opinions! That same day, Mercury soars into an opposition with Neptune, leading to mixed signals and un-received messages—but fortunately, no hard feelings.

Then, on September 3, a slight blip in pleasantries occurs when Venus squares off against Saturn, all while Mars and Pluto fall into a difficult alignment. This could cause a slow down – or a not so pleasant surprise on the job. During the messenger planet’s time in the shadows, Venus and Saturn get a quick tiff in taking some of the fun out your romantic life. Meanwhile, Mars and Pluto sneak in with a difficult alignment that will require great perseverance on your part.

On the positive side, Venus and Saturn will remind you to be more sensible and not quite so romantic and frivolous, while Mars and Pluto will supply you with the drive and focus to wrap up at least one major project. Watch your spending, and don’t put off completing any projects.

The game of love is getting louder, bolder and riskier this week as amorous Venus enters dramatic Leo on Thursday. A tendency to go over the top in what we do for attention is fine as long as we don’t take ourselves too seriously and give as much as we get. When romance is pursued with a wink and smile, good times are much likelier to occur than broken hearts. Leo can represent a large Ego, so make sure you listen to others while showing them how much you care.

Mercury just can’t sit still all week. The messenger planet, already known for its flightiness, takes hyperactivity to a new level over the next few days as it zips off in just about every possible direction. And there’s a good chance you’ll be doing the same. Remember, if you don’t focus you could bit off more than you can chew!

By September 4, Mercury is back and sidling up to Pluto, though in this case some profound insights could emerge as well as a few intense discussions. Finally, on September 5, Mercury takes its turn with Mars. At this time, you’ll want to make your stance clear on certain matters, so get ready to share your thoughts with gusto!

On September 6, Venus is back in high gear, soaring into Leo as it brings romance, parties, and all kinds of entertaining options. This excitement is immediately followed by the Virgo Sun squaring Jupiter on September 7th, and Mercury (also in Virgo) squaring Jupiter on September 8th. Squares are typically challenging transits, but when Jupiter is involved (as it is here), things take a turn for the mutually beneficial; Jupiter helps throw Virgo’s innate caution to the wind, while Virgo keeps Jupiter’s exuberance in check. You’ll feel extra friendly and chatty, while still remaining productive — all with a bit of good fortune thrown in!

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