STARGAZING —Weekly Update — Oct. 29th to Nov. 4th

Oct 29, 2012 | Special Messages

Week of Oct. 29th – Nov. 4th, 2012


 This week, for the first time in 30 years, and Saturn, the planet of discipline and karma, often called the hand of the father, is in Scorpio, making it more important than ever to take action and add a strong discipline and seriousness to your work. Why? 

At the most basic level, karma, defined as an action or choice, is the root cause of an entire cycle of events. Good or bad, karmic energy is all around us, influencing the outcome of life’s choices and challenges. Right now with both the Sun and the task-maker Saturn in Scorpio, opposing the Full Moon in Taurus, you can take control of this energy and get to the root cause of whatever issues you’re facing. Make this powerful and rare time work for you!

Expect the unexpected and you won’t be disappointed this week as the powerful Taurus Full Moon on Monday night sets the stage for more unpredictability to follow; the East Coast hurricanes Sandy – and the West Coast earthquakes – BOTH at the same time, with more to come. Intense feelings and unfulfilled desires kick up powerful emotional storms on Saturday when sweet Venus squares off with provocative Pluto and the safety-seeking Cancer Moon runs into hard aspects with both Pluto and explosive Uranus. Adapting quickly to sudden changes of circumstances reduces stress and makes profound breakthroughs possible

A whopping seven planets will make their moves on the cosmic dance floor in the coming few days, sending tremendous bursts of energy and excitement through you — so much that you’ll be itching to move and groove as well!

On October 28th, Mars settles opposite Jupiter to immediately put you on your toes. You’ll brim with overconfidence, impulsive tendencies, and feelings of self-righteousness, as well as the urge to want something for nothing. And that’s just how this dance begins! That same day, Venus moves into its ruling sign, Libra. This pairing will add a charming backdrop of elegance and harmony to anything you have going on at this time. Venus’s position will also serve to soften the more challenging transits to come.

The Full Moon on Oct. 29th is in Taurus and Scorpio. That brings on the Karma big time! It is no accident that the Stock Market has been forced to shut down! Do an inward check to see if what you are doing in your external world is in harmony with your emotions. If not, the coming Mercury retrograde cycle beginning on November 6th, Election Day, is a good time to make some revisions, as emotions that are out of alignment have a way of disrupting everything else.

This is all compounded by warrior Mars (in Sagittarius) on the opposing side of the chart of philosophical Jupiter (in Gemini). Your outer world actions need to align with your belief system, or it will be more difficult to get anything done. If you can carve out a short break, do so. But this will be easier said than done, because Mercury retrograde has you feeling like you had better take care of some of the details of your life.

The saving grace part of this is diplomatic Venus moving through her favorite sign, Libra, from Oct. 28th — Nov. 21st. This helps you improve your relationships and bring your life into balance, even as other planetary patterns are trying to pull you apart. Don’t try to make life perfect right now; instead, create a workable solution to the upcoming stress and upsets.

Mercury moves into fiery Sagittarius on October 29th, signaling an ideal time to dream big and put your plans together. The more stars you aim for right now, the better your chances will be that you’ll hit at least one! Also on October 29th, the Full Moon in Taurus rises opposite the Scorpio Sun, bringing down the feverish tempo and leaving you struggling to decide between following your excited feelings and applying a more practical train of thought. Part of this may be because of a power outage on the East Coast, which forces all of us to slow down.

Finally, October 30th sees action between the Sun and Pluto, when an alignment between the two indicates that you’ve successfully maneuvered through these days of spirited and forceful cosmic activity. Now life will feel that much easier! Of course, this rundown only scratches the surface of what’s to come before December 21, 2012.

Stay warm and safe everyone. Call me if you’re bored – for your personal 2013 Reading – 201-934-8986.