Stargazing – Weekly Elements Nov. 9 – Nov. 15 '09

Nov 10, 2009 | Special Messages


I will be in Mahwah New Jersey between November 13th and 16th giving Reconnection Healings and The Reconnection.

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Sunday is the Psychic Fair in Saddle Brook, NJ at the Holiday Inn between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm.
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Stargazing—Your Weekly Element Forecast
Week of November 9th to November 15th, 2009

Air, Fire, Water and Earth

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Your work and lifestyle seems to be in focus, so you may find yourself questioning your place in life. Do you feel contented and purposeful, or not? Events may be encouraging some profound introspection and a chance to take a fresh look at your goals. Mars continues to stir up your relationships on all levels. It acts as a catalyst and encourages you to get those hidden issues out into the open and clear the air. It will influence love relationships, business partnerships, and friendships, but it will also bring more energy to your interactions. Saturn has moved Libra, which is a real relief after a long period in Virgo when you’ve experienced a few crises. Now you can relax and take it easy for a while. Saturn in this sign coincides with a desire to study and explore, all for a reason and a purpose. You won’t find yourself globetrotting without a plan. You may combine travel with study or research, or even work abroad. When Mercury trines Uranus on Wednesday, you may feel even more determined to find a job or livelihood that honors your unique talents while also giving you the freedom you desire. Don’t be misled by one offer on Wednesday that may seem excellent but that could turn out to be another get-rich-quick scheme that’s going to end up costing more than you’ll earn. The best way to work through the challenges presented to you is to listen to your heart. Do what feels right. However, Wednesday may also bring a lucky break your way. Grab it before it disappears. Mars continues making you Air Signs a lot more determined to say it like it is. Saturn moves to square Pluto, and the energy can be quite a challenging and stressful aspect that begins on Thursday. You may find yourself pushed into taking a course of action that seems painful at first. Later on, you’ll realize why it was so necessary. It’s time to let go of anything that is no longer working for you. This square is exact on Sunday, and may bring tensions to the surface. You may be in conflict with yourself; it does happen. Your conscious mind wants one thing and your unconscious has another agenda. It’s time for some detective work. You’re busy plotting your career path and taking action to fulfill a particular dream.

Lovers_Kissing Your Love Week – Air Signs:

Well, Air Signs, it’s easy to predict that this week won’t be boring – not even close. To start with, there are two mighty astrological powers coming together. Generous Jupiter and Neptune, the queen of altered states. These two combine to produce something called “Las Vegas Syndrome,” the feeling that no matter what you do – or don’t even bother to do – doesn’t matter. That everything you want and need will work out just wonderfully. In fact, these two often convince us that things are already just terrific, even if the facts say otherwise. They’ll both be in contact with the Sun, communicative Mercury, and affectionate Venus this week, which will make their power even more potent. It’s time for you and a co-worker you’ve been eyeing for some time now – someone who’s been looking back, by the way – to actually talk to one another. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Sun and Mercury will bring you a lovely, romantic surprise that will have you completely persuaded that your love life couldn’t be better. That may be the case, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask a true friend if that’s how he or she sees it, too. If your friend isn’t quite as confident, listen – even if there’s someone in the back of your mind who really doesn’t want to hear any truth that might be unpleasant. You’ll be brave enough to make the first move yourself between Monday and Wednesday. If you feel the need to wait, Thursday’s Libra Moon in your house of love affairs would be the perfect time to bring the issue to the surface. Either way, don’t let the issue go past Saturday, when the emotional Moon will enter sexy, intense Scorpio, giving you the push you need to move forward, no matter who’s involved in the situation. Oh, and expect a terrific surprise on Saturday, too, thanks to startling Uranus, currently on duty in your house of professional matters and forming an easy trine with the Sun in your house of work. If you’re single, a co-worker may also decide that it’s time to bring your relationship to another level. You’ll have quite the exciting weekend whether you’re attached or still looking.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This week highlights karmic issues and spiritual perspectives, Fire Signs. You may be looking to deepen your current experience of meditation or perhaps try another version that is more suitable for you. You may find that karmic incidents and meetings seem to be more plentiful on the ground than usual and that life has taken on a distinctly weird energy. Right now you’re very open to the subtle side of existence, and this can bring you extra guidance, powerful dreams, major intuitions, and a taste of being a part of a larger reality. Mercury in Scorpio makes an interesting trine to Uranus in Pisces, which may bring a few inspired thoughts about your place and purpose in life and why you were born into the family and location you were. Mercury also squares Neptune, which suggests that you’re moving into fantasyland and coming up with a wealth of ideas that you can turn into business schemes at a later date. Don’t rush to sign up for any get-rich-quick schemes, because they may not work. Saturn squares Pluto, which suggests that your changing values are turning out to be very different from those of your friends. Also, you may want to make a few changes to your lifestyle, health, or habits. You’re beginning to see that if you want to achieve your goals and feel good at the same time, you need to let go of those actions that are no longer life affirming. On Tuesday you may want to invite someone special back to your home for a meal or coffee. A new friendship may be in the cards. For much of the week the focus seems to be on your home and your ability to let go of power issues and battles over control. The tendency to want to rule the roost may be very strong, but you need to give others a chance to be themselves and make their own choices and decisions. Mercury trines Uranus and squares Neptune on Wednesday, which suggests that you’re looking for a way to move past limiting situations in your life. Your intention may be to explore psychological patterns that seem to be blocking your progress. Partners may tell their truth, but it may not be your truth. That is what you’re hoping to find. Have patience, all will be clear to you by year’s end.

Lovers_Kissing Your Love Week – Fire Signs:
The headlines of your own personal astrological newsletter read like so for this week, Fire Signs: “Impetuous Mars Runs Show – Leads Fire Signs Down Exciting Path Toward Romance.” No, we’re not kidding. Red-hot Mars will most definitely be in charge of your week, but don’t worry one bit about him pushing you toward anger instead of passion. With loving Venus on duty in your house of emotions wearing passionate Scorpio, you’ll have absolutely no choice but to make nice with your sweetheart, even if occasional jealous flare-ups occur – and you really should expect them whether you’ve been together forever or for a week. A clandestine affair? You? Well, maybe. You aren’t fond of them, but there are exceptions to every rule. Secrets aren’t your specialty, but where your emotions are concerned, you feel absolutely everything to the nth degree or not at all, so you’re always ready to either dive in headfirst or not even put your toes in the water. With a team of three potent, intense planets in equally powerful Scorpio you’re thinking about some “Privacy, Please!” this week. You might be tempted to do whatever it takes to see the person you’re absolutely desperate to spend time with, no matter what the consequences. If one or both of you is attached, the plot will definitely thicken and you’ll need to be very careful, to say the least. That means being careful with your activities together, of course, especially around Tuesday and Wednesday, but you’ll also need to be careful with your emotions. A tad bit of jealousy may surface on Monday, in fact, but it will seem more like a compliment than a problem. Watch out for that, though, and watch carefully, because it could turn into a problem when you least expect it, especially on Tuesday or Wednesday, when the Sun and Mercury will square off with Jupiter, whose specialty is making mountains out of molehills. The fun will really start on Tuesday, when Venus, the goddess of love herself, will contact sexy Pluto, a contriving pair of planets who just won’t take no for an answer. The Sun and startling Uranus will hook up with romantic, dreamy Neptune by the weekend, and you’ll be willing to do whatever it takes to be together. Again, be careful! Not to worry; startling Uranus and romantic Neptune will help you smooth over any little problems, and once you’ve chatted things over, turn those problems into long-term solutions.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Saturn moves into the Libra, which means it’s time to dive deep and explore your psychological processes, Water Signs. Saturn suggests that you need to find some kind of inner balance. This is how you function best. Issues may come to the surface that encourage you to release negative feelings, bitterness, and resentment so you can get back on an even keel and feel more at ease with your life. It’s also time to take full responsibility for your financial affairs, especially any debts you may have. Work out a plan so that you aren’t living under a continual cloud of stress. You seem to be busy initiating all kinds of schemes and activities, and enjoying the process. You’re very determined to succeed, and you may even decide to bend the rules a little in order to make sure that you get what you want. While you generally like to operate under the radar without others knowing what you’re up to, you’re still in the spotlight. Mars in Leo is bringing you publicity whether you like it or not. Those in key positions are watching you and assessing how useful you might be to them. If you’re in a managerial position, you’re likely to want to make a clean sweep, with a few major changes being introduced. If your company has been slow in getting results lately, you’ll be even keener to take action in order to get the results you’re after. Saturn moves to square Pluto in Capricorn, which suggests that you may clash with a friend over a sensitive issue. It’s possible that the friendship may end as a result. Talking things over is an option, but it may already have gone too far for that. This may be a good week to plan or go on a vacation. You could do with a break and a chance to take in different sights and sounds. Saturn squaring Pluto this week is the first in a three-part process. I call it a play in three acts. You may find that events beyond your control seem to prevent you from exploring new ideas and beliefs. You may doubt yourself when you really need to have faith.

Lovers_Kissing Your Love Week – Water Signs:
This is going to be one of those weeks, Water Signs. You’ll either want to travel—in the worst way—or beg someone you haven’t seen in far too long to please, please come and see you. Either way, you’ll have some hurdles to cross at the beginning of the week, but by the weekend you just may have your wish. For starters, Monday’s meeting between affectionate Venus and demanding Pluto will put you in a mind to either extend or accept an invitation—with a serious resolve. In other words, if you know you two should be together and there’s no one else in the way, you’ll absolutely find a way to get to them, or to get them to you. If you’re doing the traveling, try to leave on Wednesday. Your trip may be marked by unusual events, thanks to movement-loving Mercury and startling Uranus. If you have romance on your mind, you’ll have Mercury and romantic Neptune to help you along the way. You’re on a serious roll now, a roll of the nicest kind, because there’s passion and intrigue involved, which just so happen to be your favorite conditions in the world. The culprits behind that lovely roll are an equally lovely team: the Sun, chatty Mercury, and Venus, the goddess of love herself. This trio will be on duty for the week, which prompts us to make the following suggestion when it comes to the department of romance, passion, and infatuation: go for it! Yes, with this team on duty, you’ll already be a veritable magnet. Add in Uranus, the kind of guy who just loves to inspire irreverence, impulsiveness, and impetuousness—all at once, of course—and it’s easy to see that absolutely no one could possibly refuse you, no matter what you ask of them, where you are, or what the consequences might be. The weekend looks to be even more surprising, if you can believe that one. Even though surprises aren’t your forte, you’ll definitely learn to love them—and soon! . If you need to delay meeting until Saturday, expect startling Uranus to work together with the Sun to get you off quickly, and on Sunday, for Neptune to bring you together like never before. Oh, and if you’re already together—well, that goes double!

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Saturn moves to square Pluto this week, which may bring about a crisis that needs some urgent attention for you Earth Signs. Saturn has recently moved into Libra, which means that it’s time to take full responsibility for the way you handle your finances, including any debts you might have. As the square between the two planets becomes exact, it may coincide with a need to pull out of a project or other activity because of the expense involved. This is how it may seem on the surface. But if you look a little deeper, there may be another dynamic at play whereby you can begin to release the block to creative success. Relationships seem to demand a lot of your time and attention. You may want to reassess your various associations and connections on all levels, since it could produce some valuable insights. You may also be looking to change your beliefs about relationships and about the way you feel they “should” work out. You seem just as keen to explore your interactions with friends or your boss as with your lover. Friends also offer a chance to get out and have some fun if you’re feeling overwhelmed by any aspect of your life. Mars continues to move through Leo, encouraging you to clear out clutter and catch up on those DIY jobs that have been awaiting completion. The most challenging aspect of the week is when Saturn zone squares Pluto. You may find it necessary to let go of a job or lifestyle that may no longer be suitable for you. If your health has been suffering due to stress at work, or if a lifestyle choice is making you sick, you’ll be made very aware of the need to take action. Don’t think about it; just take that first step to freedom. There is a powerful focus on the sign of Scorpio, which also helps you get to the heart of ongoing issues by being willing to talk about them. If you act defensive, you may make matters worse. If you’re prepared to talk heart to heart and reveal your true feelings, you may be able to create a miracle. Expect plenty of intense conversations. Mercury moves into Sagittarius on Sunday, which will help lighten the atmosphere around you and your family.

Lovers_Kissing Your Love Week – Earth Signs:
Communication, and your ability to cut to the chase in particular, has always been your specialty, Earth Signs. However, you’ll be positively deadly with no fewer than three cosmic advocates working hard to help you make every syllable count this week. Heaven help anyone who decides to start an argument with you, because you’ll most definitely finish it in grand style. The Sun, lovely Venus, and conversational Mercury have partnered up, Taurus. They’re all wearing sexy Scorpio and waiting for the Moon to join them there on Saturday. In the meantime, all it will take is the three of them to turn you into a dream come true for absolutely anyone who crosses your path, whether they’re single, you’re single, or either of you is involved. And there lies the rub. On November 10, the Sun will team up with generous Jupiter to give you a big sendoff, no matter where you two are going, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll be going somewhere. Jupiter loves travel, especially of the long-distance variety, but he also loves to be extravagant. So don’t cut any corners when you make your plans. In fact, if anything starts up on Tuesday or Wednesday, do all innocent bystanders a favor and warn them in advance to step out of the line of fire, because you won’t allow anyone to say or do anything that offends you. You’ll be even more defensive about the ones you love, always your main concern. By Friday, however, a peace-loving Libra Moon will help you calm down a bit, and the weekend looks good. In fact, outside of the possibility of you throwing your weight around a bit—and it’s about time, isn’t it?—you’ll be quite peaceable, and your happy companion will be delighted to note that his or her blood pressure has returned to normal. Better save your pesos, though, because even with the holidays coming and all those gifts to buy, you’ll need to put a bit aside to spoil your sweetheart. Oh, and on the weekend, you’ll have your hands full of surprises in the romance department, courtesy of a benevolent Universe and a very pleased partner.