Stargazing – Weekly Elements Nov. 30th – Dec. 6 '09

Dec 1, 2009 | Special Messages

Stargazing—Your Weekly Element Forecast
Week of November 30th to December 6th, 2009


The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The Sun doesn’t always shine, Air Signs! Inclement weather is a part of life no matter where you live on planet Earth, and rainy days are a common occurrence. This week you may encounter a few disappointments, starting on Monday, when Mercury squares erratic Uranus. Don’t get discouraged; just remind yourself that everyone encounters setbacks. You’re a clever Air Sign, and you know that life is a cycle. When you feel down, you’re sure to be back up again very soon. Don’t worry because you’re going to raise some eyebrows this week, and not just those of your family and friends, who will first notice the difference. No, you’ll startle your sweetheart when whatever crosses your mind will also cross your lips, in extremely unpredictable form. That goes for the rest of the week, too, but as of Monday, everyone who’s close to you will notice something a bit different about you. Now, since spontaneity is one of the traits you’ll be exhibiting—spontaneity of the most romantic kind, that is—your sweetheart won’t mind a single bit. By Thursday your good spirits and idealistic approach to life will be back in full swing, when the Moon in clever Gemini trines poetic Neptune in Aquarius. You’ll be able to focus on the future and visualize the lifestyle you know would suit you best. You never hesitate to push the envelope in your life and go after your dreams, no matter how farfetched and offbeat your goals seem to be to others. You know your own mind and heart, so feel free to pursue your heart’s desire and follow your bliss over the weekend. In fact, he or she will be delighted with your flashiness, so delighted that by the time the weekend arrives, you may be thinking of making some changes. Positive changes. Serious Saturn in an Air sign will contact loving Venus, the goddess of love, on Friday—and what a pair! If anyone could ever convince a mortal to make a promise and keep it, it’s these two. You’ll have no choice but to listen to them, too. Cerebral Mercury will enter Capricorn, Saturn’s own sign, on Friday, another indication that you’ll be primed and ready to think about promises—and maybe even vows.

Christmas_candles Your Love Week—Air Signs:
On Tuesday, a Full Moon arrives, Air Signs, and this one will be especially fun for all three of your signs! To start with, it will be in Gemini, the cerebral Air Sign. Just to be amusing, it will put absolutely everyone in the mood to be playful, quick, and witty. Since that’s your usual M.O., you’ll feel as if everyone around you is finally on the same page as you are—especially your partner, who you never, ever would have chosen if they weren’t your kind of person. Oh, and speaking of your kind of person, keep in mind that since the Sun, Mercury, and loving, affectionate Venus will all be in the sign of Sagittarius, someone you’ve felt quite close to and have probably been friends with for a long, long time may decide that they’d like to take your relationship a step further into the department of intimacy. You love tranquility and serenity, Air Signs. Of course, life isn’t always a ride on a long, cool river! This week you’ll experience energy shakeups starting on Monday, when Mercury in fiery Sagittarius squares unreliable Uranus. Your schedule will be upended, so bring along a good book if you have plans to meet a friend for lunch, since you may end up eating alone. On Tuesday, lovely Venus enters frisky Sagittarius and you’ll begin to alter the way you express yourself to others. Your style of speech is usually quite measured, and you’re normally very tactful. Now you’ll notice there is an edge to your voice if you’re irritated and you’ll become quite blunt, especially if you’re tired or out of sorts. You may surprise yourself and your associates with your new candor. You’ll give serious thought to hosting a family reunion over the weekend, when wise Mercury enters Capricorn on Saturday. You do enjoy throwing a party, and what better excuse for a social gathering than seeing family and friends? Smile Air Signs, because between Saturday and New Year’s Day, you’ll spend a lot of time together with your lover – really nice time.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This is really your time to shine, Fire Signs! Not only is the radiant Sun in Sagittarius but on Tuesday lovely Venus joins the mix when she enters the sign Sagittarius. You’ll discover that you’re the flavor of the week and your social calendar will start to fill up very quickly. You will certainly present yourself in a favorable light to others. However, anyone who mistakes you for a pushover as opposed to a fiery one is in for a surprise. Yes, you can be quite stubborn and want your own way at times. This week you’ll need to bend when you interact with your child or a young person in your life, when Mercury in Sagittarius squares rebellious Uranus on Monday. Remember that everyone has a right to his or her own opinion. Early this week is a great time to go after what you want from life and you can make a real splash in your neighborhood. You have a sunny disposition and you’re usually quite cheerful! You may decide to assess your wish list on Wednesday, when the Full Moon takes place in clever Gemini. You have evolved since the last time you first set down your goals, so pull out your list of desires from the back of the dresser drawer and read it over. You may find that you make quite a few changes! Your sibling or close relative will be especially supportive to you on Thursday, when the Moon in Gemini trines Neptune in Aquarius. Your relation will be willing to mend any fences that stand between you and want to make a new start in getting closer together. After all, you’re both family! You’ll make a real splash at a social event on Sunday, when the Moon in flamboyant Leo conjuncts dynamic Mars. You’ll show up in the latest fashion and be a trendsetter. You might have a tendency to overdo your consumption of food and drink. You’ll have to watch yourself or you’ll start to reach for second or even third helpings!

Christmas_candles Your Love Week – Fire Signs:
A merry trio of planets in Sagittarius this week will brighten up the skies, not to mention your heart, Fire Signs! So if you’re in the mood to have some serious fun (and when aren’t you?), call your favorite playmate and make all the appropriate arrangements. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You always manage to make even the most boring, humdrum day absolutely terrific. But with Mercury, the wittiest guy out there, and Venus, the goddess of love, both working together with the Sun, you’ll be even funnier, and the line of admirers who’ll want to spend time with you will extend around the block. The Universe has a wonderful week planned for you. The fun will start bright and early on Monday, when chatty, fun-loving Mercury in Sagittarius will meet up with unpredictable Uranus, creating the perfect atmosphere for one of your favorite things: surprises! Oh, and they’re going to be romantic surprises, too, because just a day later, Mercury will meet up with dreamy Neptune. As if that’s not enough to get the week off to a terrific start, keep in mind that Mercury will be keeping company with the Sun and Venus, the goddess of love. Well! Obviously, the surprises may be because you’ve arranged them or you may be the happy recipient, but either way, both you and your sweetheart will have a wonderful time. The fun continues on Tuesday, when Venus will set off for the Fire Sign of Sagittarius, bringing you close to someone who’ll actually appreciate your generosity, your kind heart, and your ability to talk to absolutely anyone about absolutely anything. They may appreciate you so much, in fact, that by Friday they’ll be giving you “that look,” the one that tends to make freedom-loving you a bit nervous. You know the look we’re talking about. It’s that “if I can’t have you….” Well, it’s that look. If you feel the same, fine. If you don’t, better put some distance between the two of you. And we haven’t even gotten to the weekend yet! When Venus contacts serious Saturn, you two lovebirds will be absolutely inseparable. If you’re single at that time, by the way, don’t be surprised if someone a bit older or younger than you crosses your path—and don’t bother to do the math!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You have tremendous inner depth, Water Signs. You often rely on your inner wisdom for guidance as you travel along your life path. In fact, you’re so intuitive that at times you get lost in your own dream world, and that isn’t always helpful for you. On Monday Mercury squares Uranus in Pisces and you’ll have a hard time coming to grips with a challenging situation in your life. Remember, you need to see people and events as they truly are and not as you wish they could be. Be careful while you’re driving, and don’t wander into any unfamiliar areas. You’re very perceptive and you usually instinctively know the right path to take in your quest for enlightenment, but this week you’ll discover that you’re on the wrong road and you need to take steps to alter your direction. On Wednesday the Full Moon takes place in clever Gemini, and you’ll realize that you aren’t satisfied with your current status quo. You know you need to change the way you live your life and now you’ll be compelled to seek out the lifestyle that suits you best. Happy hunting! You’ll need to take time with a relative or close friend when the Full Moon takes place in Gemini. Your relation is in need of a sympathetic ear, and luckily, empathy is your middle name! A new friend may come into your life on Saturday, when clever Mercury enters Capricorn. Your new companion will be someone who shares a lot of intellectual interests, and you may enjoy going to literary events together. Your urge to discover your inner author will emerge and you may start to write your thoughts in a diary or blog. As an added bonus, you’ll discover that venting through your written words helps ease your inner strife, particularly when you’ve had a hard day or have unresolved feelings and thoughts on a troublesome thorny issue in your life. Mercury will accelerate your urge to be social, so you’ll ring your associates for outings over the weekend.

Christmas_candles Your Love Week – Water Signs:
Heaven help anyone who decides to argue with you on Monday, Water Signs, because the emotional Moon will be in sturdy, stable Taurus as the week begins. So whether or not someone asks for your opinion, they’ll certainly have it. Warn anyone who’s not involved to step away from you two before the verbal bullets start to fly. After last week’s festivities, you’re hardly ready to begin preparing for this month’s parties, but you’ll rally, as per usual. You may need to actually learn the definition of power napping, but you’ll do just fine. If any problems arise, it will be because you haven’t listened to your world-famous antennae, which always let you know when danger is near. If they start twitching on Tuesday, when startling Uranus halts in his tracks, you’ll need to pay attention. This shocking planet won’t be stalled, so if you’re interested in someone, and vice versa, it won’t matter if either of you is attached (not to your hearts, anyway). What will matter is how you handle the situation, so resolve to be reputable and dignified about it, no matter how hard your heart tugs at you. After all, Saturn happens to be in charge of what we humans think of as karma, and he’s in Libra, the sign of relationships, so we’ll all be answering for what we do. But with his potent astrological power, you’ll need to be especially honorable. Of course, by the time the Full Moon late Tuesday really kicks into gear, you’ll be feeling right on top of the world—both of you—so whatever little spat comes up, you’ll be well over it. And then, of course, you’ll have a lovely, romantic Cancer Moon to help you become even closer on Thursday and Friday, working together with loving Venus and stable, sturdy Saturn, a team that never uttered a word it didn’t intend to make good on. To finish things off with a flourish, the Moon will enter lavish, dramatic Leo on Saturday, the kind of energy that can provoke absolutely anyone into making a grand show of emotion. Oh, go ahead! Your sweetheart will love it! And you’ll just love the perks!

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

You may decide to take off for parts unknown early this week, Earth Signs. On Monday, Mercury, in frisky Sagittarius squares unpredictable Uranus in dualistic Pisces and you’ll find it hard to settle down to your typical routine. After all, you love change and variety. If you can’t afford the price of a bus, train, or plane ticket, you may take off mentally by plunking yourself down in a comfy armchair at your local library and immersing yourself in a science-fiction novel. You value your privacy, Earth Signs, and you often need a lot of solitude in order to be able to think and sort through your feelings. Yes, you enjoy being with others and having a good time, but when you have a serious matter to resolve, you want to be alone in order to find the right solution. On Tuesday wise Mercury in Sagittarius in sextiles Neptune and you’ll be able to take time away from your many errands and activities and simply let your mind rest for a while. You may take a long walk or just gaze at the clouds from your window. When you’re finished, your brain will buzz along at a much easier pace. Remember, the more refreshed you feel mentally, the easier it will be for you to deal with your life events. You’ll tangle with an associate you feel throws his or her weight around too much on Wednesday, when the Full Moon takes place in Gemini. This person has a lot of influence in your social circle, and you’re getting tired of kowtowing to his or her wishes. Try to wait until the weekend before you confront anyone in a dispute, since your ability to convey to others what you really mean will increase on Saturday. Your thoughts will simmer down and you’ll become much more grounded in your approach to life when Mercury enters pragmatic Capricorn. Your anxiety level will drop considerably. Your sense of personal power will increase when the Moon in Leo sextiles Saturn, in Libra. You’ll discover that you have the boldness and daring to change your lifestyle in any way that pleases you, and you won’t need to ask for permission from anyone to be yourself, not even close friends or family.

Christmas_candles Your Love Week – Earth Signs:
You’ve got a lot to do this week, Earth Signs, but fortunately, most of it won’t involve work for a change. It will be great fun. On Monday, thanks to Uranus, Mr. One-Never-Knows himself, the lucky person you’ve been keeping company with will surprise and startle you by planning something wonderful and unexpected either at their place or yours. (Pretend you had no idea, okay? Don’t ruin it for your partner or for you!) Besides, if you play your cards right, the fun will continue all week. Monday’s Moon will get your week off to a fun, romantic start, especially since it will occur in Taurus, the most sensual sign of all. With that as the beginning to your week, and since that Taurus Moon will be working in concert with perpetually blunt Mercury in Sagittarius and shocking Uranus, well, there’s really no telling what you might say at the beginning of the week. Uranus will turn direct on Tuesday, basically stopping still in his tracks. Now, whenever any planet does that, it means it’s trying to make a point, standing there with its arms crossed, staring at you and tapping its foot. In this startling planet’s case, the point is to loosen up in the department of relationships, to let go and stop trying to control what’s out of your hands. That will go double once thoughtful Mercury enters earthy Capricorn, putting you in the mood to make a commitment. Yes, maybe even that commitment. On Tuesday and extending into Wednesday, the Full Moon in Gemini will illuminate work and secrets just as loving Venus slips into Sagittarius. Well, now! Even if you aren’t involved in some sort of romantic intrigue, it’s obvious you’ll be trying your best not to reveal what you know in order to save someone you love from being found out. Don’t let it distract you from your real mission this week, though, which is to prepare for Thursday’s Moon in Cancer, which will work together with communicative Mercury’s entry into Capricorn on Saturday to put you in the mood to make promises—but only the type you’ll keep.