Stargazing – Weekly Elements Nov. 23 – Nov. 29 '09

Nov 23, 2009 | Special Messages

Stargazing—Your Weekly Element Forecast
Week of November 23rd to November 29th, 2009

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You seem to be in good form this week, with plenty of activity to bring out the best in you. This is an easygoing week that will bring you many opportunities to make good progress. The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius highlights all kinds of relationships for you Fire Signs and encourages you to reach out and talk to others. Meetings work out well, especially if you’re exploring new ideas or trying to see the bigger picture. Your social life is buzzing and your networking activities are surely paying off. You and your business associates seem very willing to collaborate on all kinds of enterprises. This goes for your friends, too. Thursday and Sunday are excellent for many reasons. It’s time for exploring ideas and coming up with a viable action plan for 2010. If you’re entertaining over the Thanksgiving weekend, you’ll have a great time and everything will go well. If you’re holding important meetings, this is the moment to get the big picture and determine what you want to achieve. You aren’t ready for the planning stage, but brainstorming will be very productive. Meanwhile, Venus is making this a good time to connect with the right people in key positions who will enable you to reach your goals. Don’t overstep the mark on Monday. You may feel overconfident, which could work against you. Wednesday brings an opportunity out of the blue to earn more money. You may land a new job or contract when you least expect it; when Venus trines Uranus, a meeting with someone may bring a fabulous opportunity to take the next step on your career path. This may not be something you can anticipate, so be ready to grab that chance. Be a little more circumspect on Thursday if you need to sign any important documents. Make sure you understand what you’re getting in to before you agree to anything. Check out those hidden clauses in the fine print. Mars is going to be in the sign of Leo for a long time, giving you Fire Signs plenty of time to spice up your relationships. If you can find a creative compromise, you may be very pleased with the final result.

Lovers_Kissing Your Love Week – Air Signs:
The emotional Moon and generous Jupiter will get your week off to a lively start, Air Signs. The emotional Moon will get your show on the road bright and early on Monday, when she comes together with generous, outgoing Jupiter to bring you anything and everything you could possibly want, need, or desire. Between the two – oh, and loving Venus in sexy Scorpio will be quite active this week, as well – there’s nothing you can’t have if you set your mind to it. It may be so lively, in fact, that by Thanksgiving you’ll be ready to surrender the actual cooking of the meal to someone who’s really anxious to do it. If you’d decided to make a feast to impress someone, don’t let that get in the way of what you really need, which is a nice, easy time-out with your sweetheart. Besides, by Wednesday and Thursday, when a co-worker (who may even be a higher-up) finally decides to let you in on the secret that they’re interested in yours truly, well, you may be willing to let go of anything you were planning just to spend some quality time alone with this person. That will go double on Wednesday and Thursday, especially since Venus will make contact with both startling Uranus, the king of surprises, and dreamy Neptune, whose specialty is casting romantic spells. In a nutshell, if you meet someone you’re attracted to and you’re both available, well, you won’t be for long. By the time the weekend arrives, you’ll be an item. If one or both of you is currently attached, the plot will definitely thicken, but you’ll be able to work it out as long as you’re both honest with all parties concerned. That’s primary, since Thanksgiving is coming, complete with respectable Saturn in partner-oriented Libra. No matter where he is, he absolutely will not stand for anything less than the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but. “Quality time,” by the way, will most definitely include Sunday’s meeting of chatty Mercury and generous Jupiter, who will get together to turn a platonic relationship into a romantic one. Ready or not, here it comes! Basically, you should be prepared for just about anything.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Now that the Sun has moved into lucky Sagittarius, you Fire Signs are in a much lighter and happier mood. You feel as though you have wings and are ready to explore new options, expand your horizons, and travel. Although November may not be the usual time for a vacation, it could be perfect for you. With Mars in the Fire Sign of Leo, you’re ready to get out and have some fun. The week ahead is relaxed and laid back, giving you a chance to catch up on any backlog and perhaps take some time off. Venus is also making some interesting aspects that may be linked to financial dreams. The Sun and Mercury are pushing you to go ahead with those plans and projects that may have been on the back burner for a long while. It’s time to step into the unknown and explore new territory, something that’s quite natural for you anyway. The week ahead is going to be a fairly happy one with very little to challenge or distract you. Be prepared to listen to your intuition on Monday; it could pay off handsomely. Venus aspects Jupiter, which may encourage you to take a gamble; a friend may have an idea that seems potentially viable. Venus also aspects Uranus, which may be contributing to a restless feeling that’s causing you to want to break free of any limits and restrictions. A deal may be struck on Tuesday that seems like a solid and ongoing arrangement. You can trust this person to deliver the goods. Wednesday may have a strange energy about it that may take you back in time to a past situation and the very powerful feelings that went with it. Because of this, you may have an opportunity to break free from a repetitive situation for good. When Mercury trines Mars on Thursday, you’ll feel a real surge of enthusiasm that’s excellent for taking a step in a new direction. This may be the time to buy that ticket to an exotic location. Both Thursday and Sunday are excellent for planning trips abroad or getting ahead with academic work. If you’re on vacation, you’ll be having a ball. Saturn in your social zone is testing your friendships and encouraging you to befriend those who may be older and wiser than you.

Lovers_Kissing Your Love Week – Fire Signs:
You’re the luckiest sign out there, Fire Signs. In fact, most of the other signs are jealous of you because you’re so darned lucky, and yes, that does go for matters of the heart. Oh, and on Monday, when loving Venus squares off with red-hot Mars, you’ll be even luckier in all departments! That doesn’t mean you should run out and buy thousands of lottery tickets, but if you and your sweetheart are out and about that day and you really feel lucky, you could invest in just one. Talk about a holiday! Three fiery, fast-moving planets will set you up for quite the week. The cast includes impulsive Mars wearing romantic Leo, along with the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, all urging you to be sure that your passport is handy, current, and ready to be stamped. Once you’re in that far-off place, of course, the sky’s the limit. You’ll do exactly what you want to do, whenever you want to do it. If you can’t leave now, the least you can do is to satisfy the urge to travel by making your plans ASAP. If you can leave now, have some fun with this. Be mischievous. Tell your sweetheart when you’re leaving and returning, have him or her pack for every occasion, and be sure your partner has a passport handy, too. He or she will be so delighted, there won’t be any questions. Just show up smiling, keep on smiling while you two board the plane, and both of you will probably grin the whole way while you’re watching the in-flight movie and then the progress of that little plane across the screen during the night. Speaking of investing, all the time and energy you invest into romance will reap quick rewards on Thursday. You two will have wonderful conversations thanks to chatty Mercury. You’ll also spend some lovely, amorous time together on both Wednesday and Thursday, courtesy of Venus in Scorpio. Wednesday’s agenda also calls for a lovely surprise, either brought to you or delivered by you, but inspired by startling Uranus, the “one never knows” planet. Prepare to do some serious chatting with your sweetheart this weekend, too, about anything and everything. Think of it as “getting to know you” time.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Mars is going to remain in Leo for many months more, until early June 2010, which is quite unusual. It means that both your job and health are areas in which you’re willing to be a lot more proactive. It’s time to ring in the changes, Water Signs. You are encouraged to take stock and reflect on where you want to go next. This may be the time when you feel moved to apply for jobs that hold fresh challenges, or perhaps think more deeply about running your own business. You’ll want to expand your options whatever the scenario. Venus is currently acting like a magnet to draw certain people your way. Something about you seems quite irresistible. When Venus squares Jupiter on Monday, you may wonder whether to experiment with an idea for a party that promises to be both unique and quite risqué. If it feels right, go for it. Saturn has recently moved into Libra, which suggests that you’re currently entering a period in which you’ll work to let go of those conditioned patterns that have governed your external circumstances from behind the scenes. Tuesday brings an opportunity to reflect on your values. Do you need to rethink your approach to certain areas of your life in order to develop a more open relationship with them? Wednesday holds potential for love and romance, especially the kind that happens out of the blue. If you’re an entrepreneur, you may get an unexpected and very exciting opportunity. When Mercury trines Mars on Thursday, talks with your boss or other professionals may have an impact and help you conceive of a way to make progress. Another wonderful day awaits you when a job interview may work out in your favor or you get promoted, bringing in much healthier earnings. Venus in your travel zone and in the sign of Scorpio suggests that you’ll have a wonderfully romantic time if you go away on a short weekend vacation, whether or not you go with a partner. There is also the possibility of spiritual awakenings and realizations if you decide to go on a retreat of some kind. On Sunday you may plan to spend some money on your home as an added investment. Right now, the world is your oyster, Water Signs!

Lovers_Kissing Your Love Week – Water Signs:
You’ve been dealing with shocking Uranus in the water sign off Pisces for months now, Pisces, even years. Speaking of new solutions to old problems, (which is what we were working on at the end of last week), here’s a thought: How about you spend just a bit of time thinking over some entirely new options, maybe even in the company of your sweetheart, who probably has some extremely valuable advice to offer? Just give your partner a moment to speak his or her mind. You may actually hear some options that you hadn’t considered, options that the Universe has been trying to toss your way for a while but you’ve been unwilling to hear, or at least consider. As of Tuesday, when the emotional Moon will join hands with Uranus, you really should prepare yourself for anything, and we do mean anything. The good news is that for once it won’t just be you who will be ready to do anything and everything to startle others. The entire population of the world will feel reckless, and some of us will be ready to play reckless games with you. The even better news is that we’ll all be on the same page. That certain someone you’re attached to will finally be ready to play the game by your rules, which includes, most especially, friends who want to be lovers. They’ll make things quite interesting for you this week, courtesy of several planets in sexy Scorpio, including Venus, the queen of love and romance. Of course, they may urge you two to take a trip together, but hey, it could be worse! As of Thursday, possibly because of the variety of companions who will surround you, your mind will open up to all kinds of possibilities. Or perhaps it will be because of cerebral Mercury in expansive, outgoing Sagittarius contacting imaginative Neptune. It won’t matter why or how it happens. The point is that by the time the weekend arrives, you’ll be more than willing to change your ways in order to make the relationship you’re currently involved in work out, and your other half will either be the inspiration or a most willing participant!

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

There is going to be a lot of activity in your life and karma, Earth Signs, because Mars is going to stay in Leo until early June 2010. It’s time for some inner work that will help you release negative patterns of thinking and open you up to spiritual truths. You may want to take up meditation or perhaps some other discipline that will help you to do so. Venus in Scorpio is excellent for negotiating in difficult situations and brings you many opportunities to help ease others’ pain and troubles. As an Earth Sign, you’re a natural healer, and this week it’s the power of healing conversation that could make a huge difference in someone’s life. Spirituality an awareness of energies seem to be playing a major part in your life. Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius are encouraging you to take a look at your current practices and how far they’re helping you feel more at one with your life. This also extends to your current financial situation, where Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius are helping you to understand that money is spiritual in nature. Once you get that there is infinite abundance and more than enough to go around, you may find that your approach to money matters begins to change. Venus trines Uranus on Wednesday, bringing interesting meetings that may open new doors for you. A meeting of minds may result in an interesting collaboration. Saturn in Libra means you’re ready to bring your dreams to life. Venus also squares Neptune on Thursday, so do be careful when signing important documents or committing to anything. Read the fine print and watch out for hidden and potentially expensive surprises. On Thursday, be sure to follow your intuition, since it may lead you to ideas for a new stream of income. There is a lot of activity in your home zone, making this the perfect time to entertain. Invite your extended family around and relax for a change. Sunday is an excellent day for any social occasion so—tune in and be inspired. Your love life is quiet this week and for some time to come, which actually gives you more of an opportunity to make the kind of changes that you want to see. Venus is also encouraging you to mix and mingle with those higher-ups who pull all the strings.

Lovers_Kissing Your Love Week – Earth Signs:
Someone may ask you to speak on his or her behalf this week, Earth Signs, and you’ll be only too happy to help out. Just be sure you aren’t getting involved in something that could be a problem for you down the road, especially if the request arrives on Monday, when Venus in intense Scorpio (who can often be a tad intimidating) squares off with mighty Jupiter in unpredictable Aquarius. Of course, these two can also produce some terrific effects, such as a stroke of luck, or love at first sight. Friends, lovers, and secrets, that’s what your week will be all about, Earth Signs. If you aren’t attached, keep on eye open for someone new and wonderful on Monday, Wednesday, and Thanksgiving Thursday, when Venus will meet up with Uranus, the god in charge of sudden events, and then Neptune. Yes, dreams are on the agenda. The kind you’ve been wishing would come true for years and the kind you’ve just thought of today. And all that, by the way, is just what is going to happen during the week. Depending on how you handle it, a friend could actually switch places, that is, become more of a lover than a friend, at least if they have their way. If you’re game (and you may be, by the weekend), you should definitely make sure that no one will come between you two. No ex, no current admirers, nobody. Why let anyone ruin what you’ve got going if you’re interested in each other? That goes double for Wednesday and Thursday, when loving Venus in sexy Scorpio will contact unpredictable Uranus and dreamy Neptune. Between the three of them, you may be confused, but you definitely won’t be bored (the worst of all punishments for you Earth Signs). Once the weekend arrives, you’ll be under the guardianship of the emotional Moon in impulsive Aries – a very fiery energy—and an easy sextile between Mercury and Jupiter, the planets of communication. The weekend brings us the emotional Moon in sensual Taurus, which is great for lovers. Once she arrives in the company of chatty Mercury and outgoing Jupiter, you’ll be all set up for a lovely, romantic time in the arms of the one you adore. Just don’t tell him or her how much. Not yet. Enjoy!