Stargazing – Weekly Elements No. 25 – Nov. 8 '09

Nov 2, 2009 | Special Messages

Stargazing—Your Weekly Element Forecast
Week of November 2nd to November 8th, 2009

Air, Fire, Water and Earth

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

This week brings the Air Signs clarity of vision. You have been lost in the clouds recently, but you will float back down to the ground this wee. You are very self-sufficient and you’re able to cope very easily with your life events. Of course, you also grow attached to the people you interact with on a daily basis, and you can easily develop a fondness for the place in which you live. Recently a friend moved away, or you were compelled to change your own residence, and now you’re suffering from a bit of homesickness and nostalgia The illuminating Moon in Gemini is quincunx the Sun in perceptive Scorpio on Wednesday, and you’ll begin to take the necessary steps to recover from the recent loss. Now you will have the ability to focus and concentrate more than you have recently. Your new clarity of vision will certainly help you solve your life issues, especially one very thorny dilemma that has been bothering you for quite a while. Get ready to sweep the cobwebs from your life this week! You will need to utilize all your inner resources on Thursday as you come up against a very determined adversary. The powerful Sun, the ruler of your sector of rivals and competitors, conjuncts wise Mercury in Scorpio, and you may discover that you have a very formidable opponent to deal with. You may be involved with your rival in an activity as innocuous and harmless as a gardening competition, but your opponent will still pull out all the stops to win first place! Make sure you do not lose all perspective in your rivalry with this very intense individual, or you might sink to his or her level, and then you truly will be the real loser. Venus enters Scorpio and your sector of pets on Saturday, and you may decide you’re ready to care for an animal. Make sure you consider all the responsibilities of pet ownership before you rush out to bring a new four-legged friend home, no matter how cute that friend is. Get ready for some unexpected good news from a sibling or close relative on Sunday, when the Moon conjuncts Mars in sunny Leo in your sector of communication. Your loved one will be bubbling over with excitement!

Lovers_KissingYour Love Week – Air Signs:
You may be in the middle of an emotional tug of war now, Air Signs. The culprits who may make life tricky for you at the beginning of the week are the Sun and Moon, who’ll get together to form Monday’s Full Moon in Taurus, a sign that most definitely plays for keeps. These two will illuminate your family matters and career issues, and you’ll have to make decisions in those departments all week. The thing is that if you’re attached, your sweetheart may be less than patient with all that overtime you’ll be asked to put in. Your house of lovers will be in a very, very tender place from Monday through Saturday, thanks to loving Venus, the goddess of love herself. She’ll be all dressed up in partner-oriented Libra and working nonstop to get you fixed up with someone just perfect for you. If you’re already with someone special, then you should definitely plan to enjoy Monday’s lovely Full Moon together, especially since Venus will team up with dreamy, woozy Neptune that night to make it an incredibly romantic evening. So be sure to come home from the office in time for a sexy dinner for two. If you can’t, but it won’t be possible until late Saturday when the Moon will set off for romantic, fiery Leo. Either way, if you can hang on that long, you’ll be fine, and so will your lover, who will realize just how lucky he or she is to have you by their side. The Moon will join Venus in Libra on Wednesday, and love will be even more potent. If by some miracle you’re still single, get yourself dressed up and get out there. You’ll have your choice of admirers. All you’ll have to do is choose wisely. The Moon will also contact Jupiter on Thursday, and Jupiter just loves bringing long-distance friends and lovers into our lives. If there’s someone who’s been away for far too long, this team could coax him or her back, and soon, too.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Make sure you turn on a light before you walk into any dark rooms this week, Fire Signs, since you definitely need to see where you’re going! On Monday the Full Moon takes place in Taurus, and you’ll need to pay attention to all your actions. After all, you’re filled with exuberant energy and a bit of carelessness and clumsiness! It’s a good idea to keep your eyes peeled when driving, especially in unfamiliar territory. It’s cleanup time for you this week! On Wednesday the Moon in active Gemini trines industrious Saturn, and you’ll get busy organizing your living space. Be sure you buy extra trash bags, since you’re ready to get rid of all the old and outdated items you no longer need or want that are cluttering up your residence. You may be blessed with a very prophetic dream on Thursday, when the Sun in insightful Scorpio conjuncts wise Mercury. Make sure you write down your nighttime reveries as soon as you wake up so you don’t forget all the details. You may decide to pay a visit to your relatives on Saturday, when lovely Venus enters Scorpio. You enjoy maintaining close ties with your loved ones, but you’ve been so busy lately that you simply haven’t had the time to get in touch with your nearest and dearest. Now you’ll make sure your family knows what you look like by showing up on their doorstep! Your idealism may spill over into your relationship with a close relative on Sunday, as Mercury in Scorpio squares Jupiter, in visionary Aquarius. You want to encourage your family member to become more active in the community and help out more than he or she currently does. Remember, you can’t make anyone have social consciousness or force your loved one to share your generous spirit. Try not to overwhelm a friend with your daring plans when the Moon conjuncts dynamic Mars in Leo. Yes, you’re ready to push the envelope in your life, but your companion is a bit more timid than you are, and hesitant to join you in your adventures, so keep that in mind!

Lovers_KissingYour Love Week – Fire Signs:
A secret that a co-worker has shared with you may emerge now. Although you’ll take it to your grave if you promised to keep quiet, you know you won’t enjoy it. As Monday’s Full Moon shines its light be prepared for anything and everything to emerge. Here’s what could be the tough part: if you’ve been flirting with someone at work, and if one or both of you isn’t quite available yet, you may be put in a tough and tempting position. You’ve never been good at lying; in fact, you’d rather tell the whole truth immediately and take your lumps than play games. Once you’ve gotten through that emotional time, however – and you definitely will – your only mission will be to deal with all parties concerned. You’ll be working hard as the week begins, but don’t think that you won’t be having any fun in a matter of days. Monday’s Full Moon will definitely pull you in two directions – between taking care of your family matters and your career. It may not be fun, but the rewards you’ll receive in the long run will make it all worthwhile. If one of those involved happens to be someone you care for, Wednesday’s Moon in Gemini will help you out. She’ll be spreading that lovely magic around to help you make nice with absolutely everyone. Plus, when the weekend rolls around – which will start on Thursday, for you – you’ll be able to afford to take your sweetheart just about anywhere he or she wants to go. Of course, that might not include Paris—at least, not right now—but travel plans just like those could be on the agenda soon. In fact, if you make those plans now and put a bit of cash aside from all the overtime we’ve been talking about, you’ll be able to go in the spring, if not sooner. On Saturday there will be more secrets on deck, though, so take a deep breath and handle it. Your main mission this week, however, is to plan a wonderful three-day weekend, and the Universe will be happy to help.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You’ll feel as if you’re walking on air as the week begins, Water Signs! On Monday Venus trines Neptune, your lovely ruler, and uplifting energy will surround you. You’ll feel so good that all your current dilemmas will seem to shrink a bit and become more manageable for you. Excitement will run high for you this week, and your emotions will be heightened starting on Monday, when the Full Moon takes place in Taurus. You’ll discover that you’re extremely oversensitive, and you’re already a very emotional being. You’ll find yourself laughing and crying very easily, and you may become extraordinarily touchy, imagining insults and slights from associates even if none are intended. Do your best to pamper yourself during the early part of this week. Consider getting a massage. Do everything you can to rest and relax your mind, body, and spirit as much as possible. Your sense of personal power will rise on Wednesday, when the Moon in versatile Gemini trines steady Saturn in Libra. You’re ready to discover your real motivations and desires in life. You may begin to read self-help books to enable you to understand yourself better, or take a few workshops or seminars on the subject of self-analysis. After all, the more informed you are about your real needs and wants, the easier it will be for you to make the life choices that suit you best. Your tempo changes to an upbeat tune on Saturday, when lovely Venus enters Scorpio. Your aura will be charged up with very positive vibrations, and you’ll display an extremely pleasing persona to others. You may seriously consider getting a new hairstyle or upgrading your wardrobe a bit. Your sense of self-esteem will rise considerably in the days and weeks ahead, and you’ll discover that yes, you are your own best friend and you do like yourself! A friend will need a helping hand on Sunday, when the Moon in Leo conjuncts Mars. Your associate may require more than just a listening ear, so be prepared to get busy with a broom or mop!

Lovers_KissingYour Love Week – Water Signs:
You aren’t usually as outspoken as your friends, Water Signs, but this week you’ll startle several people who’ve known you forever. Talk about lethal! You’ve got quite the potent astrological arsenal in your corner this week. Since you’re already sexy sign, you’d better hire a bodyguard to help keep away the fans. Monday’s Full Moon in steady-handed, stubborn Taurus will demand that you say absolutely everything that’s on your mind, regardless of the consequences. That may mean you’ll raise your sweetheart’s eyebrows at least once, especially on Monday or Tuesday. The Full Moon will, if you’re a single Water Sign, urge you to get out there and find your soul mate. If you already have yours by your side, spoil him or her like never before. Whoever the lucky person is you end up spending your time with, they’ll be treated to a buffet of the heaven’s finest, most intense, most passionate energies, including the Sun, conversational Mercury, and loving Venus, all of whom will glide seductively through Scorpio this week. Of course, you’ve never needed any help keeping someone’s attention and this week, you may just need help keeping them away! Oh, and if you’re already attached, this would be the perfect weekend to plan a spontaneous getaway for destinations unknown. From Wednesday through Friday morning, you may begin to feel unsure, and your partner will, too. Just don’t let it get to you. It will all work out fine. And once the weekend arrives, with the emotional Moon in Cancer, no matter what came up between you two this week, it will work out just fine. Of course, the added benefit is the lovely “afterward” of arguments: the making-up period, which just so happens to be your specialty. Oh, and on Sunday, if you’re tempted to overspend just to prove how sorry you are? Don’t. Keep your plastic in your wallet and just be nice.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Make way for a new beginning in your life this week! The Full Moon takes place on Monday in Taurus and you’ll be hit with a blast of new energy that encourages you to move forward and stop looking back! Your emotions will be especially heightened early this week, so make sure you unwind and soothe your jangled feelings in a way that suits you best. Consider taking a long walk in a safe spot where you feel comfortable, or applying your green thumb preparing the garden for the winter months, as a way to return to your mellow self. You’re Earth Signs, and you often keep your real thoughts and feelings hidden, even from yourself. That isn’t always wise, since if you repress your true emotions, they’ll try to emerge one way or another. On Monday the Moon in Taurus squares Mars in Leo, and you may discover that you’re experiencing unpleasant dreams when you go to sleep. If you look closely at an issue that’s bugging you and face it squarely, your nighttime reveries should become more pleasant. Your analytical ability will kick in very strongly on Thursday, when the Sun in perceptive Scorpio conjuncts wise Mercury. Your ability to discern others’ motives will increase, and you’ll be able to read between the lines in any situation you’re dealing with. Allow your logic to work overtime as you attempt to solve a very perplexing issue in your life. You’ll experience new vibrations on Saturday, when your ruling planet, lovely Venus, enters intense and perceptive Scorpio. You’ll notice that your intuition increases quite a bit. As you couple your new insight with your practical common sense, you’ll be able to solve any dilemmas that come your way for the next several weeks. You may also discover that you’re much more inclined to be cynical, and yes, you will certainly question the motives of the people you interact with. Remember to follow your hunches this weekend! When the Moon enters Leo on Sunday, your desire to explore the unknown will accelerate. You may decide to investigate the tarot, check out numerology, or practice meditation.

Lovers_KissingYour Love Week – Earth Signs:

It’s going to be an especially passionate week, Earth Signs. The Universe has already seen to that. To start with, bright and early on Monday, the Full Moon will illuminate and turn you into a veritable magnet for the attention of admiring others. Obviously, you’d better be careful where you toss those flirtatious comments, because whoever hears them will take you quite seriously, and that goes double for the rest of the week. It’s all about communication and travel for you now, Earth Signs, and for your partner, too. The Full Moon on Monday will get that show on the road, urging you to take a break and change the scenery so that your point of view changes, too. If you’re attached, you absolutely must consult with your partner about where and when you two will be going. But not to worry; they’ll be so delighted that you’re actually going to take some time off from work that that the details won’t matter. If you’re single, things will get a little more complicated but even more intriguing, especially once the weekend arrives, with several sexy, captivating planets in Scorpio ready to do your bidding in the department of communication – and siblings. And speaking of siblings, no matter what happened the last time you let one of your brothers or sisters set you up on a blind date? Forget about it! This time though, the odds are good that you’ll end up with a very good friend at the least, and at best, with a soul mate. Give it a shot! The Sun and chatty, sociable Mercury, followed by loving Venus on Saturday, will all be wearing sexy Scorpio energy. They’ll be dressed up in formal black and making you even more attractive, thanks to the fact that they’ll be holding court to improve your relationships. This is powerful stuff; so again, be careful not to toss it around lightly. If there’s someone you’re interested in, however, you’ll be able to communicate that fact without exerting yourself much. In fact, a single glance should do it.