Stargazing – Weekly Elements DEC 7th – DEC. 13 '09

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Stargazing—Your Weekly Element Forecast
Week of December 7th to December 13th, 2009


The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The start of the week brings a time of deep reflection as you think about your career and career path. Don’t try to make things happen if they aren’t ready. It’s all in the timing. Everything should sort itself out satisfactorily if you’re prepared to wait. With Saturn in an air sign, you aren’t in the mood to suffer fools gladly. You’re like a person with a mission, making sure you stay on track. You aren’t going to be easily deflected from your cause. Your social life is looking very positive. You’re anxious to organize events for others to enjoy, but you’re also being invited to numerous occasions, as you’d expect during the holiday season. You seem to be the life and soul of the party and always ready to reach out and make new friends. The Sun and Venus in Sagittarius make it easy to brainstorm and spin a tale. You’re going to have a good week if you work in sales. Needless to say, this is a great time to network. Your list of contacts will increase many times over.

heart-loveYour Love Week—Air Signs:
If you have plans to travel and you haven’t nailed down the details yet, wait just a little while. Monday and Tuesday aren’t the perfect days for you to finalize travel plans of any kind. Saturn will square off with Mercury in Capricorn, his own sign, a kind of double-whammy that’s insisting you take your time, look at all the fine print, and be sure the trip is well planned, whether you’re the one going or you’re receiving company. Don’t stress about it or worry that you’re cutting it too close. By Thursday the heavens will clear up and you’ll have some wonderful planetary allies to help you, the kind who just love to travel. For instance, the Sun in Sagittarius, famous for long-distance adventures, will meet up with impetuous Mars in lavish Leo. Sag is also quite a lucky sign. So if you make flight plans then, you may get bumped to first class! And speaking of first class, no matter what your plans are for the season, you’ll be doing it up in style. Relax until midweek. Since per usual, Saturn is running the show, he’s being especially diligent in your case, Air Signs. Saturn is the king of no-nonsense, serious behavior, and he’s only been in an Air Sign for two months. That means that this respectable, responsible guy is at the very beginning of a trek that will last two and a half years. Now that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have any fun—far from it. But you will be feeling extremely down-to-earth and serious from now until the end of 2011, so get used to attracting the same type of admirers. The good news is that you’ll be in the mood for nothing else. You won’t even give frivolous suitors as much as a nod, but what about that part about still being able to have fun? Start this Thursday, when the Sun in lively Sagittarius will contact Mars in passionate Leo, urging you to make the cares of the world go away when it comes to being serious. Just have some serious fun!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

It looks as though you’re going to be involved in some major organizing. You may be left with the task of making the holiday season go with a bang for a corporation or large company. If this isn’t the case, you seem keen to gather all your friends together and make sure they have a ball. In essence, you’re the one preparing to shoulder the responsibility for all the fun. Thankfully, you’re in a great frame of mind, ready with a quick quip, and with a constant smile playing around your lips. You’re ready for plenty of dynamic action, Fire Signs, full of energy and feeling fulfilled and happy. This contagious outlook will get you everywhere. If you’re the entrepreneurial type, your luck is in. You seem to be opening doors and closing deals everywhere you go, with Thursday being particularly positive in this respect. Your love life also continues to be very exciting. Whether you’re dating or in a long-term relationship, it’s all fun and laughter. New love affairs get off to a great start over the Holiday Season. You’re always attracted to those who are full of life and adventure. Truly, this season will not be a lonely one for you Fire Signs!

heart-love Your Love Week – Fire Signs:
As the week begins, Sagittarius, you’ll be mulling over a major conversation that you’ve been trying to put off for a while. On Monday, however, Saturn will step in and make an executive decision—his specialty—and bring circumstances that will no longer allow you to keep silent. Yes, it’s time to have a chat, most likely about money. If you’ve been overspending or allowing someone to take advantage of your resources, and he or she has been abusing the favor, well, it’s time to put all that to an end and quickly. Fortunately, Mercury in your house of finances is wearing Capricorn, a very serious, no-nonsense kind of sign that has absolutely no regard for sentimentality. In short, you’ll have no feelings of guilt when you take away the plastic or the checkbook. If you’re the one whose overspending needs to be reined in, however, that could be tough, after all, ’tis the season to overspend. Still, if you overdo it now, you won’t have anything left to play with as the month goes on and the holidays draw closer. Think about that and it won’t seem like such an awful chore to tighten your belt for one teeny little week. The warm-hearted Sun and loving Venus have teamed up in your house of lovers, Leo, and they’re both done up in the merriest sign of all: fun-loving Sagittarius, the perfect sign for picking up mistletoe, buying extravagant gifts, and choosing dates for perfectly delightful parties. If you’re attached, you two will have an absolutely terrific week making plans for the coming weeks. There’s just no doubt that you’ll be attending and playing host to some absolutely wonderful gatherings. On the other hand, if you’re single, there is also no doubt about something else: if you don’t want to stay that way, you could most definitely meet someone this week who may change your status. Permanently! Of course, you’ll have to work for it. During the early part of the week, you’ll need to deal with a co-worker who will be a bit testy, someone who may even go behind your back with some false information just to undermine you. Not to worry, though. Your work performance will speak for itself, as will the obviously underhanded tactics of anyone who tries to harm you.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

There are no limits this week, Water Signs. As Mercury moves to conjunct Pluto on Monday, you may be involved in intense discussions with friends or associates. You may be thinking of leaving groups or clubs you belong to and joining elsewhere – perhaps so you can connect with people with whom you feel you have a greater rapport. It is entirely possible that you will be holding an intense conversation with a friend that could have repercussions at a later date.  Be bold and take that next step on your career path. With both the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius, you’re looking for a challenge that will bring you opportunities to travel and a flexible schedule. Meanwhile, there is plenty going on that is encouraging you to dream big and take a step forward on your career path. You are looking for a challenge that will bring you opportunities to travel, as well as provide a flexible and adaptable schedule. Thursday may be of particular interest as the Sun trines Mars, which suggests that an interview may go well, or that you may be chosen for a promotion. Even if you have to step into someone’s shoes for the day, you will make a suitable impression that won’t easily be forgotten. Jupiter and Neptune continue to encourage you to meditate and pay attention to your dreams. At week’s end you seem to be busy doing a lot of organizing, which is putting you at the heart of community affairs. Wherever you are, you seem to be at the center of all the activity and making sure that everything is running smoothly. You may have to make a decision on Monday when Mercury conjuncts Pluto. If you really can’t decide, wait until your next step becomes obvious. Mercury’s activity makes it an excellent time for planning ahead. You’re certainly going to need this inner knowing ability in the run up to the holiday week, and it will Fire Signs.

heart-love Your Love Week – Water Signs:
Speaking of secrets, something you’ve been avoiding may be about to surface in a very big way as soon as Monday. That’s when chatty Mercury has meetings scheduled with two very heavy astrological hitters. First he’ll contact Pluto, who was never famous for inspiring us to accept anything halfway. When Pluto is involved, you’ve got to either give a situation your all or back out entirely. This connection with Mercury means it’s time to put all your cards on the table – every one of them. On the same day, Mercury will also have a sit-down with Saturn, currently on duty in Libra, whose reputation for responsibility and respectability is well earned. This team will likely influence you to feel duty-bound to tell someone something you feel they really should know. Before you do, though, do some intense self-examination and be very sure about your reasons for revealing the truth. If there is anything even slightly self-serving in your purpose, don’t do it. Hang on as long as you can. The first half of your week will be focused entirely on relationships, and “focus” is definitely the operative word. To start with, the emotional Moon will set off one-to-one relationships on Monday afternoon, where she’ll stay until Wednesday evening. That can’t help but be marvelous, especially since you were both probably out and about last weekend with friends, and a little quality time alone is just what the astrologer ordered. Monday’s astrological agenda also calls for Mercury in permanence—loving Capricorn to meet up with serious Saturn, so your sweetheart may want to have an equally serious chat. Don’t worry about that spoiling the mood. This sturdy, responsible pair will probably bring you two even closer; in fact, that’s especially true if you’ve been thinking about taking this thing one step closer to an actual commitment. By Thursday, you’ll be in the mood to play and your co-workers will likely be your playmates. Don’t refuse any after-work invitations. If you’re single, you could strike up something wonderful with a co-worker’s friend who “just happens” to be there – that is, if you believe in coincidences.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

You seem to be deep in thought on Monday, Earth Signs. Perhaps you have an important decision to make. You won’t get anywhere if you’re too hung up on doing the right thing. Relax! Mercury will also square Saturn on Monday, so you may experience some conflict with someone in authority. A major aspect between Saturn and Pluto meant that you might have had to cut your losses recently. Some of what you’re experiencing now could be linked to this matter. You really want to succeed, but don’t sabotage your own best interests at this critical time. The Moon, early in the week, is helping you get your act together and make the right choices. This may be especially important on Monday. This will be associated with risk taking, love affairs, children, and creativity. You may need to make a decision associated with one of the above, and your finances may also be part of the issue. However, any problems may melt away by themselves if you wait a couple days.

heart-love Your Love Week – Earth Signs:
Mercury has only been in Capricorn for a few days, but you Earth Signs can already feel yourself standing up straighter and taking things a bit more seriously. That’s not a bad thing, of course. This is the time of year when we all feel obligated to overspend, but in December you’ll be using your head, and that’s a rare and beautiful thing. This doesn’t mean you won’t be doing any shopping, that there won’t be any wonderful parties to plan or attend, or that you may not be doing a bit of traveling. All those things are entirely possible. The difference is that you’ll be shopping for the best deals while most of the rest of us will simply be handing over our credit cards without a thought for the future. And speaking of being thoughtful, you really will need to be congratulated. The gifts you choose and events you plan will be done with an eye toward quality not quantity. You also won’t be destitute next month because there is a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn coming up. It seems like you and your current partner have suddenly begun to talk a lot more seriously than before, so don’t question your sanity. It’s just that kind of week. Most importantly, Mercury is in Capricorn, the most serious sign out there, where he’ll set up shop for an unusually long stay. While this communicative planet is in the neighborhood, you’ll notice that you won’t be able to have a single chat that doesn’t turn serious. That goes for every conversation from friendly talks to romantic “state of the relationship” chats, but doubly so during the early part of the week. In fact, every syllable you utter will bring back an intense response when Mercury will join hands with Saturn, who owns serious Capricorn, and Pluto, who won’t play any game unless it’s for keeps. The good news is that by Thursday that dark cloud will clear away and you’ll be ready to play, thanks to the Sun helping you along. Oh, and loving Venus will be ready to lift your spirits for the weekend.