Stargazing-Weekly Elements: 10-5 to 10-11

Oct 5, 2009 | Special Messages

STARGAZING—Your Weekly Element Forecast
Week of October 5th through October 11th, 2009
with Elizabeth Joyce


The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Be strong and create renewed faith in yourself this week, Air Signs. Don’t become disappointed early in the week, or you will throw yourself off your stride! Normally you go with the flow, and take life as it comes. However, when you don’t receive the results you want in a certain situation, you may get into a bit of a funk. You Air Signs are usually everyone’s best friend, thanks to your easygoing disposition and desire to be a team player. However, not everybody you know is on your side. This week you may find you have an elusive foe. Remember, you need to be aware of your associates’ hidden motivations, even those of the people on the sidelines of your life. Luckily, your ability to be discerning is greatly enhanced when Mercury changes signs mid-week. You’ll notice that your inner wisdom increases substantially. Thursday, Mercury conjuncts stern Saturn in Virgo, and you’ll do some serious thinking about why you haven’t achieved your biggest goals yet. Yes, you are giving your all, but you might have to redesign your wish list for yourself to make it a bit more realistic. On Friday, Venus is quincunx deceptive Neptune and you may be blindsided by the actions of someone you’d normally consider a friend. You might also be the subject of rumors from an acquaintance you barely know but who is jealous of your standing in the community. On Saturday Mercury in Libra squares powerful Pluto in Capricorn and you’ll be able to outwit anyone who comes between you and your goals. You are great visionaries, and you will be hit with a flood of new inspiration as the radiant Sun in Libra trines lucky Jupiter in Aquarius. You will have the renewed faith in yourself that you need to continue to disregard society’s norms and to rely solely on your own wisdom and instinct. You know that you dance to your own inner music, and this weekend you will discover that quite a few of your associates want to come on board and dance along with you. By Sunday you’ll be ready to take time out and indulge your domestic side as the Moon in cozy Cancer sextiles Venus. Enjoy!

fallleafYour Love Week – Air Signs:
You Air Signs have been blessed by the presence of generous, outgoing Jupiter in Aquarius for most of the past year, but he’s nowhere near done passing out favors to you, as this week will prove. Of course, loving Venus has also been working very hard to help you with all matters romantic from her position. This is going to be a wonderful month for you, Air Signs, and the fun starts right now! The Sun is already in the charming, partner-oriented Air Sign of Libra, and urging you to get out there and socialize, which just so happens to be your specialty. With all the upcoming holiday parties your friends and admirers have planned, if you’re single, that situation definitely won’t last for long, unless you want it to, of course. You can certainly afford to be choosy at this point. In fact, by Friday, when chatty Mercury enters Libra, you’ll be center stage no matter where you go. Jupiter and Venus are the two most benevolent planets in the heavens, so with this team on board you can’t help but have a wonderful weekend, especially since Venus is ready to launch a surprise for you, and Jupiter will join the Sun to take over on Saturday morning. And what a weekend! Generous, outgoing Jupiter brings all good things your way, especially in the department of romance. Oh, and since Jupiter so loves to travel, you may even be off for a day or two with a lovely companion. If that’s the case, do what you do best: Leave the travel plans open and let the Universe handle the details. Spontaneity is always your best bet and what you enjoy most. If you’re already happily attached, you should probably just take off with your sweetheart and spend some much-needed alone time together. Leave the phone, the PDA, the iPod, and anything else that might distract you at home. You won’t be bored; concentrate on each other

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire Signs, you’re usually the most optimistic person on your block, but as the Moon in realistic Taurus squares your ruler Jupiter on Tuesday you’ll be uncharacteristically downbeat and cynical. You may begin to look at life with a jaundiced eye as you come to the realization that serious issues are part and parcel of your daily journey and that life is more than just a game. You’re very strong-willed, and you know that! To tell the truth, you do enjoy having your own way in matters that are important to you. On Monday, the Moon in stubborn Taurus trines powerful Pluto in Capricorn and you’ll be tempted to take charge in a situation you confront regularly. You may want to become the chairperson of a volunteer group you’re part of or perhaps head your neighborhood association. After all, who else knows how to run the show but you (at least in your opinion)? On Friday wise Mercury, the planet of the mind and imagination, enters clever Libra, and you’ll start to look for the rainbow behind every cloud. As your ability to put a positive spin on life events returns, you’ll count all your many blessings. After all, you Fire Signs have a marvelous ability to see any glass as half full rather than half empty. Your sense of hope is a guiding light to your associates, so keep that in mind! Your brain will spin with bright ideas and new notions on how you can make your life the best you know how. For the next several weeks your little gray brain cells will be bursting with knowledge and you’ll easily solve any problem that comes your way. This is a great time to let your writing ability shine forth, so pick up a pen or sit at the keyboard and start typing a novel, short story, or poem this weekend. On Sunday the Moon in intuitive Cancer, trines eclectic Uranus in Pisces, and you’ll explore dream and handwriting analysis or check out numerology and the tarot as vehicles for self-knowledge.

fallleafYour Love Week – Fire Signs:
You’ve been working hard lately, Fire Signs, too hard. You’re always fun loving, in fact, that’s what you’re most famous for. So now, after all the hours you’ve put in, it’s time for you to take a break and enjoy the company of someone whose only consideration is to see that you’re entertained and amused. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Jupiter, has in mind. He’ll be working together with the Sun in charming Libra all week to ensure that you have a wonderful weekend. The invitations will likely start to arrive around Wednesday or Thursday. Give yourself some time off to enjoy the spirited company of someone fiery and considerate. Several planets will be making their way through your chart this week, Fire Signs, all of them wearing the charm of Libra. You’ve never, ever needed any help in that department – charming someone, that is – but if you were irresistible before, you’ll be positively lethal now. That said, be kind. Don’t flirt with anyone you’re really not interested in. It wouldn’t be fair. You know that you’ll ruin them for any lesser suitors, and break their heart in the process. Besides, if you’re already with someone, putting all your time and attention into that person would be a far better use of your captivating energy. You’ll bring a smile to their eyes and gladden their heart, and when your partner is happy, you’re happy! If you’re still looking for the right one, however, remember that they’re probably looking for you, too. When the Sun in loving Libra and generous Jupiter get together this weekend, you’ll be able to quickly weed through that list of admirers. After all, you know what you’re after and you can usually tell whether someone has what it takes after just a few minutes of “interview” time. You’ll definitely be ready for some recreation by the time Friday rolls around, when Mercury enters delightful Libra, your plans will be off to a great start.  As soon as Saturday morning, when Jupiter steps in to get the real fun started, you’ll be glad you decided to relax. Your lucky companion will also be delighted that you chose to spend your time with him or her!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The week is about resolving some life issues, Water Signs. You are allowing one of your life issues to slide, and no, the matter isn’t going to resolve itself! You need to step in and take charge of your life dilemma this week, especially on Thursday, as Mercury conjuncts stern Saturn in Virgo. You will be confronted with a problem that has grown unmanageable due to your refusal to face up to the facts in this particular circumstance. You can still salvage this matter, but you need to get busy making phone calls and working with experts to bring this matter under control. Make sure that you do not delay any longer, since your time is running out where this issue is concerned. Startling Uranus has brought you some quite “interesting” times over the past few years in the department of romance. In fact, you’ve probably gotten to the point where you automatically expect all prospective suitors to be folks who will dash through your life without leaving much of a trace. This week, however, loving Venus in earthy Virgo will see to it that things settle down nicely. If you’re attached, something will happen to make you quite proud of your choice, something that will convince you that you are right where you should be. If you’re single, Venus will bring you at least one potential candidate for a long-term relationship. Give him or her a chance. Don’t dismiss them as just another false alarm even if they’re a bit on the unusual side. Oh, and if your current partner seems to be jealous this weekend, not to worry. Thoughtful Mercury will square off with Pluto, Mr. Intensity, whose can often inspire jealousy. Remember, though, that as long as it doesn’t get out of hand, jealousy can be a compliment, a way of letting you know that you’re cared for. Reassure your partner and move on. Friday it’s important that you pay close attention to your actions, especially while driving. Don’t wander into unsafe areas, as Venus opposes erratic Uranus in Pisces. Carry your cell phone with you, and a map, just in case you get lost. A new way of expressing your inner artist will occur to you on Sunday, as the illuminating Moon in Cancer trines Uranus. Get out your oil paints or watercolors!

fallleafYour Love Week – Water Signs:
Get ready for turbulent emotional weather this week, Water Signs! You know better than to expect each and every day to be a smooth ride. You’ll be able to deal with the commotion you experience, and that’s certainly good news. On Monday the Moon in aggressive Aries squares volatile Mars in Cancer and you may discover that your vacation plans need to be changed. No, you won’t be a happy camper once that happens. Try not to allow your unexpected travel issues upset your emotional and mental equilibrium or you’ll be out of sorts for most of the week. Startling Uranus has been bringing you all kinds of admirers for several years, but to be honest, they’ve mostly been the unusual kind. Over that time you’ve become used to just about any kind of person and any kind of mood from your current partner, too, if you’re attached. Basically, at this point, it’s tough to surprise you. However, this week the Universe has something up its sleeve, so even if you think you’ve seen it all, prepare yourself. On Wednesday or Thursday a situation that may seem to be just plain old irritating will turn out to be one of the best things that could possibly happen to you, courtesy of Saturn and communicative Mercury. These two are working to surprise you and this gift may arrive through someone you meet at a gathering. Don’t turn down any invitations around that time or over the coming weekend, when the real surprise will appear. On Friday Venus in Virgo is quincunx Neptune and you may learn that you need to address some significant home repair issues. Your roof might be leaking and need to be replaced, or a plumbing issue could get out of hand and leave you with a flooded basement. Remember, it’s okay to ask family and friends for help when needed and to call in your favors. After all, you aid your associates and now it’s your turn to ask for help! Also on Friday, loving Venus will get together with Uranus, bringing yet another “unusual” admirer. This time, however, he or she may have a certain something that truly appeals to you.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

All systems are go for you early this week, Earth Signs, and your thinking cap is firmly locked in place. However, be sure you make any long-term decisions before the weekend begins! Your mellow side is in full force on Monday, thanks to the entry of the shimmering Moon in steady and stable Taurus. Your emotions will be grounded and you’ll be able to work with any situations you encounter. You’re often the voice of common sense, and your friends and family usually turn to you whenever they’re dealing with predicaments of their own. On Thursday clever Mercury in Virgo conjuncts steady Saturn and you’ll have enormous mental resources at your disposal. This is a great time to redesign your life plan or activate your pet projects. If you’ve been putting off tasks, you’ll have the stamina to see those chores through, even if your task involves a brush and paint! Your industrious side will be firmly in place for most of the week, so use all your productive energy. Expect to be called upon to help smooth over a close associate’s temporary emotional upset on Friday, as Venus, your ruling planet, opposes unpredictable Uranus. Your lover or friend requires a listening ear and sympathetic shoulder. In fact, you may need to clear your schedule for him or her for the next several days! You’ll also undergo a huge energy shift when Mercury, enters indecisive Libra. You may begin to waver on your life issues. You find that you’re uncharacteristically lost when you try to plan your daily or weekly agenda, so remember to be tolerant of your own uncertainty for a while. After all, you’re only human, and yes, you Earth Signs do make mistakes, so keep that in mind. By Sunday your thoughts will turn to your own needs, when the Moon in Cancer sextiles Venus in Virgo. You may decide to alter your to-do list over the weekend and put yourself and your own needs and wants in the first, second, and third places on your agenda!

fallleafYour Love Week – Earth Signs:
Talk about a busy week! You, Earth Signs, have quite a cast of planetary characters to work with and all of them will help you get out there and find what you want – and maybe even who you want, if you’re single. First of all, the lovely lady Venus is still in Virgo, where she’ll stay until October 14. With the goddess of love on board, you’ve probably already been amazed at the amount of attention you’ve received, but it’s only going to get better! If you’re single, your date book is definitely chockfull of offers, some of which you may not be able to keep. Do your best, but since the Universe has decided to give you so many options, weed out anyone you know just isn’t right for you. Spend the time you have available with admirers who actually have what it takes to keep your inquisitive mind occupied. As you know, the only way to get to your heart, Earth Signs, is through your mind. If you’re attached, expect your sweetheart to be especially attentive and present you with a lovely surprise this weekend! Maybe it’s time for whispers, for secret thoughts and tender, romantic exchanges. Loving Venus, herself, has a surprise arranged for you. You know how much she loves romance, so prepare yourself for romance this week. You’ll definitely need some privacy; well, to be honest, you’ll need a lot of privacy, thanks to this lovely lady’s plans. Someone you’ve been thinking about has been thinking of you, too. Together with some startling news from Mercury, the master of communication, who will enter Libra on Friday, you two may actually be able to get together and share those thoughts. The two of you will lay the groundwork for the weekend, which means there’s a wonderful time en route for you. If you and your partner do venture out on Saturday or Sunday, be on guard for a bit of insecurity or jealousy to possibly emerge, but don’t get too upset about it. With benevolent Jupiter on duty that same day, there’s no way the end result can turn into anything other than some lovely “making up” time. Not to worry.