Stargazing-Weekly Elements: 10-12 to 10-18

Oct 13, 2009 | Special Messages

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STARGAZING—Your Weekly Element Forecast
Week of October 12th through October 18th, 2009
with Elizabeth Joyce
The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

This is going to be a week of happy coincidences and productivity for you, Air Signs. You’re very self-sufficient Air Signs, and you’re able to cope very easily with your life events. Of course, you also grow attached to the people you interact with on a daily basis, and you can easily develop a fondness for the place in which you live. Recently a friend moved away, or you were compelled to change your own residence, and now you’re suffering from a bit of homesickness and nostalgia. You may get the chance of an interesting deal on Monday, when you will be in a very businesslike mood. Jupiter also turns direct, which will bring more opportunities and lucky accidents your way. Watch for those coincidences that may lead to an interesting opening for you. Venus moves into Libra on Wednesday, encouraging you Air Signs to look further afield. It is time to find the balance between taking on board new ideas and consolidating the progress you have already made. Mars moves into the sign of Leo on Friday, which is going to stir up relationship issues. If there are any problems that have been pushed to one side, they are going to come out into the open, and this will be your chance to clear the air. If your relationship has been stagnant in any way, this influence will bring the life force back into it. A New Moon in Libra on Saturday is perfect if you are about to go away on vacation or begin a course or class. If you are starting a legal battle, this is a good time to get the ball rolling. Also, on Saturday, you may decide you’re ready to care for an animal. Make sure you consider all the responsibilities of pet ownership before you rush out to bring a new four-legged friend home, no matter how cute that friend is. Get ready for some unexpected good news from a sibling or close relative on Sunday. Your loved one will be bubbling over with excitement!

fallleafYour Love Week – Air Signs:
Air Signs, the really big astrological news for you this week is Tuesday’s meeting of loving Venus and serious Saturn. They’ll get together in earthy Virgo, setting you up for a promise of the most confidential kind. You’re not usually fond of that sort of thing, but with this type of astrological influence working for you, you’ll be more than happy to either settle down with someone new or let your current partner know exactly how happy you are with your choice; that is, if he or she doesn’t beat you to it and spoil you in some way before you have a chance to. An engagement is possible for some of you Air Signs. You’ve got a terrifically romantic week ahead. Lucky you, Air Signs! Love is in the air. There are all kinds of planetary happenings going on, but your week will be influenced by the doings of one particular planet, none other than loving Venus herself. As of Wednesday she’ll switch signs, moving from Virgo into Libra, the sign that most loves love itself. Her presence in this Air Sign will turn you into a veritable magnet, but when she makes contact with sexy Pluto on Thursday, well, it’s easy to see that you’ll have plenty of invitations for the weekend, all of them amorous and quite wonderful—and that goes double for Friday, when red-hot Mars will set off for amorous Leo. Then on Sunday, the New Moon in Libra conjuncts Venus, the sign that’s most fond of one-to-one relationships. If you’re single as the week begins, you certainly won’t be as it ends. Not if you don’t want to be, that is. Obviously, with the heavens’ most influential envoys on your side in the Air Sign of Libra, there’s no way you won’t spend the weekend in the arms of someone you love.


The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Make sure you turn on a light before you walk into any dark rooms this week, Fire Signs, since you definitely need to see where you’re going! On Monday you’ll need to pay attention to all your actions. After all, your exuberant energy can cause a bit of carelessness and clumsiness! It’s a good idea to keep your eyes peeled when driving, especially in unfamiliar territory. It’s cleanup time for you this week! On Wednesday, you’ll get busy organizing your living space. Be sure you buy extra trash bags, since you’re ready to get rid of all the old and outdated items you no longer need or want that are cluttering up your residence. You may be blessed with a very prophetic dream on Thursday. Make sure you write down your nighttime reveries as soon as you wake up so you don’t forget all the details. You may decide to pay a visit to your relatives on Saturday. You enjoy maintaining close ties with your loved ones, but you’ve been so busy lately that you simply haven’t had the time to get in touch with your nearest and dearest. Now you’ll make sure your family knows what you look like by showing up on their doorstep! You want to encourage your family member to become more active in the community and help out more than he or she currently does. Remember, you can’t make anyone have social consciousness or force your loved one to share your generous spirit. Try not to overwhelm them with your daring plans. Yes, you’re ready to push the envelope in your life, but your companion is a bit more timid than you are, and hesitant to join you in your adventures, so be sure to keep that in mind!

fallleafYour Love Week – Fire Signs:
It’s been a while now since anyone truly interesting – by your standards, at least – has crossed your path, Fie Signs. Not to worry, though. All that means is that it’s time for at least one very “different” individual to come your way. In fact, one particularly remarkable person will be brought to you this week courtesy of loving Venus, moving into cordial Libra. She’ll contact several planets from Monday through Sunday to keep the romance lively. The fun starts on Wednesday, when she arrives, but things will definitely pick up speed on Thursday. At that point, Venus will square off with sexy, intense Pluto, who’s never happy unless he brings some intrigue along with him. That may mean there’s a bit of jealousy on the menu, but it won’t be anything you can’t handle with your famous gift of humor. Fire Signs, the star of the show for you now is Mars, the hottest planet out there, who’s decided to storm into the sign of Leo on Friday. Putting your sign together with a planet like this, one with such a longstanding and well-deserved reputation for being assertive, aggressive, and forceful, well, it definitely isn’t going to be boring for any of us—But for you Fire Signs? In your case, it’s definitely going to be quite lively. In fact, you and your current sweetheart are going to want plenty of time alone, whether you’ve been together for two days, two weeks, or two decades, and you’ll enjoy it, too. Between Mars and Venus, if you’re attached, you’ll enjoy your partner like never before. If you’re single, you’d better be careful. You may not want to get caught, but the Universe is definitely setting you up for it. By Friday, one never knows who may turn up, and they’ll undoubtedly have something fascinating and attractive about them. It will either be an accent or some past history with you that they’d just love to reignite.


The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Listen to your intuition all through this week, Water Signs. Jupiter turns direct on Monday, which may put you more deeply in touch with your intuition and sixth sense. If you have been working at developing your spiritual awareness you may begin to see some results. You’ll discover that you’re extremely oversensitive, and you’re already a very emotional being, thanks to your being a Water Sign! You’ll find yourself laughing and crying very easily, and you may become extraordinarily touchy, imagining insults and slights from associates even if none are intended. Do your best to pamper yourself during the early part of this week. Consider getting a massage. Do everything you can to rest and relax your mind, body, and spirit as much as possible. You may be at odds with your partner early in the week, but this feeling will dissipate a few days later. Venus will move into Libra on Wednesday, and it is time for you to balance your accounts and get your money working harder for you. You may also be thinking about asking your bank manager for a loan or for extra credit. You just may be lucky. It is also possible that you will want to merge your resources with those of someone else, either in a business sense or perhaps by deciding to get married. Mars moves into Leo on Friday, and this extra burst of energy may encourage you to get started on that diet, or begin exercising more regularly. Your tempo changes to an upbeat tune on Saturday. Your aura will be charged up with very positive vibrations, and you’ll display an extremely pleasing persona to others. You may seriously consider getting a new hairstyle or upgrading your wardrobe a bit. Your sense of self-esteem will rise considerably in the days and weeks ahead, and you’ll discover that yes, you are your own best friend and you do like yourself! The New Moon in Libra on Sunday is great for applying for a loan or mortgage, or starting a joint business venture.

fallleafYour Love Week – Water Signs:
Bright and early on Monday, Pisces, two planets will come together in an action-oriented sextile to wake you up to what’s going on around you romantically. Sexy Mars will get together with serious Saturn in Virgo. And Saturn is the kind of planet that loves to make and keep promises. Between the two, there’s no way that you’ll say a single word you don’t mean, which is just as it should be. And that’s just Monday’s agenda. By the time Tuesday rolls around, loving Venus and Saturn will get together, too, asking you to stop fooling around and get serious with whomever you’ve been seeing. If you’re not seeing anyone now, this would definitely be the week to get out there and resume the pursuit. Be careful with the secrets you’re told now, Water Signs, because revealing even a part of one could be extremely dangerous—emotionally speaking—to someone you care about. At the very least, it could make things very uncomfortable for you, especially if whoever is involved finds out that you were the source. This warning applies in particular to Thursday, when loving Venus in relationship-oriented Libra squares off with intense, private Pluto, a pair that’s all about romantic intrigue. If you’re already attached, there’s nothing to worry about, especially if you keep quiet about any recent “indiscretions” that have been shared with you. In fact, you two will most likely use this combo pair to become far closer, intimately speaking. If you’re single, however, and you know something you probably shouldn’t about someone who’s in the same circle of friends, resist the urge to play games with it. It wouldn’t be fair and you wouldn’t like it if someone did it to you. Keep quiet. You’ll earn some respect in the eyes of the person you have the goods on. On Friday, when Mars enters romantic Leo, you’ll be absolutely irresistible. If you’ve been flirting with someone at work, the situation may come combust over the weekend. Don’t be shy. Ask him or her to dinner or lunch. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. Just getting together will be enough, and he or she will be delighted to say yes. You may even spend some quality time alone together this weekend.


The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Make way for a new beginning in your life this week, Earth Signs! You Earth Signs often keep your real thoughts and feelings hidden, even from yourself. That isn’t always wise, since if you repress your true emotions, they’ll try to emerge one way or another. On Monday you may discover that you’re experiencing unpleasant dreams when you go to sleep. If you look closely at an issue that’s bugging you and face it squarely, your nighttime reveries should become more pleasant. As both Venus and Mars change signs this week, you’ll be hit with a blast of new energy that encourages you to move forward and stop looking back! Your emotions will be especially heightened early this week, so make sure you unwind and soothe your jangled feelings in a way that suits you best. Consider taking a long walk in a safe spot where you feel comfortable, or applying your green thumb to a gardening project as a way to return to your mellow self. When the Moon enters Leo on Tuesday, your desire to explore the unknown will accelerate. You may decide to investigate the tarot, check out numerology, or practice meditation. You’ll experience new vibrations on Wednesday, when lovely Venus, enters Libra. You’ll notice that your intuition increases quite a bit. As you couple your new insight with your practical common sense, you’ll be able to solve any dilemmas that come your way for the next several weeks. You may also discover that you’re much more inclined to be cynical, and yes, you will certainly question the motives of the people you interact with. Your analytical ability will kick in very strongly on Friday. Your ability to discern others’ motives will increase, and you’ll be able to read between the lines in any situation you’re dealing with. Allow your logic to work overtime as you attempt to solve a very perplexing issue in your life. Remember to follow your hunches this weekend!

fallleafYour Love Week – Earth Signs:
It’s time for you to get serious, Earth Signs. If you play your cards right, you’ll manage well at both work and romance. The trick will be to keep working hard even while you’re keeping your personal life stable. The good news is that on Monday and Tuesday the Universe will be on your side and provide you with all the ammunition you need to get through the week on a lovely secure wave of not just romance but stability. To start with, assertive Mars in emotional Cancer will step up to the plate when he contacts responsible Saturn. These two will lay a foundation that’s perfect for constructing a relationship of the long-term kind. The next day, loving Venus will also get together with Saturn, the next step for you two toward making something permanent. Remember, however, that you’ll have no choice but to keep any promise you make now. Be sure you’re sure about every word you utter. Saturn and Venus, the goddess of love, has been traveling together for weeks now. The two of them represent long-term relationships, great financial deals, and trustworthy friendships. They’re in the Earth sign of Virgo, and they’ll bring you all that and more this Tuesday, just before Venus takes off for the sign of Libra, which, indirectly, will be just as good for both you and your sweetheart. You may need to work harder—on the job, that is—as of Wednesday, but all that overtime won’t come your way for free. You’ll end up being paid well for your time, which translates into a few extra dollars to spend over the weekend. And speaking of the coming weekend, if your wallet is bulging just a bit, have some fun. Talk your favorite playmate into stepping out for an elegant evening, dress appropriately, and impress everyone you meet. You’ve definitely paid your dues, Earth Signs. It’s time for the rewards.