Stargazing- Weekly Element Forecast-Sept. 7th

Sep 7, 2009 | Special Messages

STARGAZING—Weekly Element Forecast
September 7 To September 13
with Elizabeth Joyce


The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Get ready to cope with miscommunication, computer mishaps, and travel delays this week, Air Signs. On Monday Mercury, the mischievous planet that governs your mind and communication matters, turns retrograde in Libra the sign of the scales. A legal issue you thought was settled pops back up again. For the next several weeks, you’ll need to check that you have your travel documents in hand before you leave your house, and be prepared to encounter delays and alterations to your travel itinerary. Hold on to your inner resources this week, because you’re going to need to call on them frequently. You’ll find yourself experiencing a very dry patch in terms of inspiration. In addition, you’ll encounter a lot of mishaps with your computer and correspondence, not to mention when you attempt to communicate with others. For the next three weeks your best bet will be to corral your scattered energy a bit and make every effort to pay extra attention to your words and actions. This isn’t a good time to move to another residence or buy a vehicle. This particular Mercury retrograde period promises to teach you about patience!  Don’t believe everything a close associate says to you on Friday, as Venus in Leo opposes extravagant Jupiter in Aquarius. Your companion means well, but often has trouble distinguishing fact from fiction. This isn’t the person to confide your troubles to or ask for advice. Consider discussing your personal matters with a grounded and logical friend. Make sure you aren’t tempted to promise a close relative too much. Before you agree to paint your Aunt’s garage, make sure you fully intend to show up on time, paint brush in hand, or you’ll be dealing with a very disgruntled family member for quite a while. Your desire to have fun will overwhelm you on Saturday, as the Moon in Gemini trines Neptune. You may want to escape from your daily routine for a while and lose yourself in an activity that really holds your interest. Your sense of optimism returns as well. Make a wish over the weekend!

heart-loveYour Love Week – Air Signs:
You’ll find yourself in the hot seat with a loved one at the beginning of this week. This, too, shall pass. Have patience. Watch out for misunderstandings, as the planetary positions are perfect for misconstrued messages. Other people will take center stage, but don’t feel put out by this. Stay objective! Please don’t promote dependencies. Starting arguments will just summon up old heartache and make for a very emotionally chilly week. You can avoid all this with deep breaths and patience. Although you may disagree with your sweetie, you can learn to appreciate each other’s viewpoint. Your level of maturity has reached a point where you can do this, and it’s about time! If you’re single, don’t be surprised if strangers approach you this week. Use your intuition. This may just be the start of something quite interesting. Your boring streak is about to stop abruptly. If you’re seeking a new relationship, a friend of a friend’s friend could be your link to love. You know that blind date that your pal keeps asking you to go on? Well, this is the week to say yes!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’re a cheerful soul, you Fire Signs. You’re usually very optimistic, and you approach life from the perspective that your glass is half full rather than half empty, and that’s wonderful. However, you do tend to go over the top a bit and spiral into grandiose ideas and plans for yourself. You think of yourself as a very honest and outspoken individual, Fire Signs, thanks to your fiery and philosophical nature. It’s true, you’re usually able to face the real facts in any situation you encounter, even if the truth hurts you a bit. However, this week you’re going to discover that you’ve been lying to yourself on a very important issue. You may be in a state of denial regarding the real feelings and thoughts you have on this particular matter, and yes, it’s very important that you be true to your needs and wants. On Friday Venus in Leo opposes extravagant Jupiter and you may embark on a wild goose chase in an important area of your life. You won’t find what you’re looking for, and in fact, you may end up with egg on your face. Be sure that you bring your dreams and goals down to earth a bit. You’ll set new priorities in your life on Saturday, as stern Saturn is quincunx nebulous Neptune. You’ve had a very perplexed by a dilemma in your life and you’re experiencing a mini-meltdown emotionally and mentally. The Universe wants to help you turn your current confusion into a learning experience, but you need to do your part. Stop being so proud and ask your friends and family for a bit of help right now. You’ll be galvanized to claim your personal power on Sunday, as the Moon in emotional Cancer conjuncts dynamic Mars. You want to get along with the people in your life, but the time has come for you to make some bold decisions for yourself, even if your choices upset some of the people close to you. More than ever before, you’re ready to work for your own satisfaction and contentment.

heart-loveYour Love Week – Fire Signs:
Lovers and money were a poor mix last week, so get ready for a 180-degree difference!  Surprise someone with flowers Fire Signs. Your niceness will come back to you threefold in the coming days. Don’t delay because this week looks superb for anything pertaining to love. Reenergize a committed relationship, if need be, or own up and ask that new autumn sweetheart to join you for a date. Get ready, as you’ll be up for a night on the town with someone sexy. Have a ball, but remember: party hearty, love wholeheartedly, but get up for work in the morning. This is a positive time for you romantically, so pull those covers from your head, put your best foot forward, and make that call. By Wednesday you’ll need to regroup, because some serious discussions will take place later this week as far as relationships are concerned. This will require all the energy you can muster. The urge to splurge is intense this week.  Don’t overspend! Good luck!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You certainly love change, Water Signs, thanks to your ability to go with the flow. This is your favorite motto, and you’re very sincere when you say that. On Monday you’ll get the opportunity to put your favorite saying into action as mischievous Mercury turns retrograde in Libra. You’ll reflect on your past experiences. Luckily, the wise perspective you now possess will greatly aid you as you come to terms with your past life events. Your sense of security is very important to you and you need to establish a safe environment in which to live. This week you may decide to review the methods you use to protect yourself and your property. You’ll check that your fire alarms are in good working order, that you have deadbolts on your doors, and that your windows lock securely. You’re prone to worry, so knowing that you’ve taken safety precautions will help you sleep more easily at night. By the time Mercury turns direct again in three weeks, you’ll have a new life blueprint and be moving toward more self-awareness. You may hear from a relative you haven’t seen in a while on Thursday, as the Moon in chatty Gemini trines Mercury retrograde. Your family member has been very busy with his or her own life, but that doesn’t mean you’ve been forgotten. You may have a difficult encounter with a close associate on Saturday, as the Moon in Cancer opposes powerful Pluto in Capricorn. You’ll find yourself engaged in a power struggle with your friend, who may become rather demanding of you and your time. You’ll need to stand up for yourself and your own needs more than you usually do when you interact with your companion. Your emotions will be in overdrive over the weekend, thanks to the entry of the magical Moon in Cancer on Saturday. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and get angry with extra intensity. This isn’t the best weekend to make decisions or choices for yourself, since you’ll be too emotional to think clearly.

heart-loveYour Love Week – Water Signs:
It’s important that you step into the shadows initially this week. Don’t let that irritating Capricorn push your buttons. Relationships, whether with friends or lovers, can inspire you, although you’re apt to be a bit wary of newcomers. No need to worry; this skepticism will pass quickly. Go out somewhere social to alleviate the tension. Does it feel like people are drawn to you lately? Are you attracting men and women alike? It’s no surprise, as the planets assure your magnetism and everyone has noticed. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Listen very closely to what this person has to say and watch the body language intently. Someone is testing your patience and it’s having a deleterious effect on your love life. Simply walk away from this, for it will pass. It’s not worth opening old wounds by being a sour puss around your sweetie. In fact, a flash of insight will allow you to understand your sweetie’s recent anger. There is much to learn in the realm of love.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Slow and steady is your usual course of action Earth Signs. This week your speedometer will be especially sluggish and you’ll encounter a number of delays in your schedule when Mercury, the planet of communication, turns retrograde in Libra. You’ll encounter an enormous number of glitches in your normal schedule for the next three weeks, so be prepared to have appointments canceled at the last minute and to encounter delays as you run your errands. Remember that any decisions you make now may be reversed after Mercury turns direct on the 29th. Don’t get stalled now. You’re moving along rapidly in your quest to get your life in order, but you’ll run into quite a few delays and obstacles that will cause you to hit pause, stop, or even rewind in your life plan. This is the time to reassess your motivation in several important projects you have in front of you. It’s certainly true that you Earth Signs have an analytical nature, and you always go over your reasons before you take action, but now you may be afraid to make any decision at all. That isn’t good or in your best interests. Your sense of frustration with someone close increases on Wednesday, when the Moon in Taurus squares Venus in Leo. Your partner or friend isn’t going to see the situation you’re both dealing with from your point of view and you need to accept that. After all, you’re quite stubborn yourself, and you have no desire to change your opinion on this particular matter. On Friday you’ll find it challenging to deal with another situation that crops up in your life. You may be at a crossroads of sorts and unable to gauge the right way to turn in this matter. Since you don’t have any clear roadmap right now, do your best to rely on your instinct and follow your inner hunches. Remember, you are your own best guide in any circumstances. By Sunday you’ll be in a mellower mood, and your sense of peace and serenity will return.

heart-loveYour Love Week – Earth Signs:
Your social life is moving into high gear this week Earth Signs, and things are looking up. If you’re single, get out and meet people. It will be super-fantastic. Remember, first impressions can be misleading, so be yourself. That’s the personality that everyone loves and appreciates! Use the current planetary configurations to spice up an otherwise mundane existence. This could lead to something really groovy! If attached, your honesty and endearing behavior will make for great energy between the you and your beloved this week. Tonight, celebrate this new understanding that you share. Tomorrow, go on a picnic. The next day, surprise him or her with flowers. See where this is going? The unresolved love issues that you’ve been mulling over recently will iron themselves out throughout the month. By the time mercury turns direct on the 29th, you’ll both be snuggling up together again!