Stargazing- Weekly Element Forecast—Oct. 19 -25, 2009

Oct 19, 2009 | Special Messages

Stargazing – Your Weekly Element Forecast
Week of October 19 to 25, 2009

Air, Fire, Water and Earth

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You’re very tolerant, Air Signs. You can always walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, and your forbearance is legendary! However, this week you need to consider your own needs first and foremost, especially where an associate is concerned. You don’t respond well to pressure. Yes, you’re very clever, because you are Air Signs, and you can usually think your way out of any dilemma you encounter. However, your little gray cells stop working whenever you’re under a lot of stress or have to cope with exceedingly difficult people. On Tuesday the Moon in ruthless Scorpio squares hazy Neptune in Aquarius, and you’ll finally realize that you’re allowing someone to take advantage of your good nature. This toxic association isn’t helping your own emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Remember that it’s a good idea to surround yourself with people who are good for you and to you! Then the Moon moves into blunt Sagittarius and trines militant Mars in Leo. You may tell off someone who’s giving you a hard time. You’ll feel better, but you won’t make your situation any easier! Consider trying tact with this challenging person. You may decide to solidify your standing in the community on Friday as the radiant Sun enters powerful Scorpio. Your interest in the environment is strong, as is your desire to make the world a better place both for you and others. You may be ready to tackle a big community project and become the chairperson of a fundraising event. As a bonus for all your community activism, your neighborhood volunteer work will bring a lot of new friends and associates into your life. On Saturday, Mercury, in diplomatic Libra trines Neptune in Aquarius and you’ll be amenable to bridging any gaps between you and your companions. If you have a difference of opinion with someone close to you, you’ll be more than willing to air your differences and seek a solution that will allow you to remain friends. You may find yourself engaged in metaphysical pursuits on Sunday as the Moon in Capricorn sextiles eclectic Uranus. You may take up numerology, check out palmistry, learn some energy healing work, or explore the tarot.

Lovers_KissingYour Love Week – Air Signs:
A long-distance friend or lover you haven’t been in contact with for some time is about to bridge the distance between you, Air Signs, maybe even in person. Don’t ignore your e-mail or let the machine answer the phone. If there’s a knock at the door when you least expect it, don’t hide. That message or knock could be a certain someone you’ve been dying to see for a while and thinking about a lot lately. Remember, there’s no such thing as a coincidence. When we start thinking about someone, they’re usually thinking about us, too. The week will be off to a wonderful start for you Air Signs, thanks to an entire cast of planetary characters who will be more than happy to help you weave a spell on whomever you so choose. If you’re in love at the moment, of course, all you’ll really want to do is make your current partner happy—really happy. That won’t be tough, especially since the emotional Moon in outgoing Sagittarius will be shining from Tuesday until late Thursday, putting everyone in the same wonderful, generous mood you’re famous for. Also on Tuesday, chatty Mercury will meet up with Jupiter, the Santa Claus of the heaven, both in Air Signs. Between the two, you’ll be able to talk absolutely anyone into absolutely anything. If that isn’t enough to talk you into having some serious fun with your partner and letting go of everything that’s bothering you. If you happen to run into him or her after Tuesday, you two may be sitting across a table, looking into each other’s eyes once again by Saturday, when Mercury contacts dreamy Neptune. If you’re attached, however, not to worry; you won’t be tempted to stray, well, not enough to make a difference, anyway. Be honest with your sweetheart. Tell him or her what there was between you and your ex. Then tell them how much more you have now. Honesty is the best policy, especially with a little sugar sprinkled on top. Once Saturday arrives and thoughtful Mercury comes together with dreamy, woozy Neptune, you’ll have no choice but to give in and enjoy a romantic, lovely evening with the person you love. Why not start on Friday and make it an entirely amorous weekend?

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’re usually buzzing with enthusiasm, Fire Signs. It takes a lot of challenging events to get you down in the dumps; in fact, your friends and family come to you for pep talks and encouragement whenever they’re in need of a tonic of good cheer and positive affirmations. You normally pursue your goals with a very single-minded determination. However, early this week you’ll be lost in your own mental landscape and pay no attention to reality. Mercury in wavering Libra trines idealistic Jupiter on Tuesday, and you’ll be filled with grandiose plans for your life. You may need to temper your idealism with a bit of practicality or you’ll discover that you’re just spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast. You’ll be especially positive and raring to go as dynamic Mars in Leo trines the Moon in fiery Sagittarius. You Fire Signs will be willing to lead the way in any endeavor you find yourself involved in. An associate may look to you to provide him or her with leadership, guidance, and an overall helping hand. While you’re happy to lead the way, remember that this person needs to learn how to stand on his or her own two feet, so try not to manage all of your associate’s problems yourself. Circumstances may prevent you from moving along as rapidly as you want in a certain situation on Friday as the Moon in Capricorn is quincunx Mars in Leo. You want to be able to leave this particular situation behind and move ahead, but you’ll have to endure a bit of a delay before you can finally make your escape. You’ll be on your way as soon as you iron out all the details, so try not to get too disgruntled or cranky as you cope with some of life’s limitations. After all, remember that not every event can run smoothly. You’ll need to call on your sixth sense on Saturday as you attempt to solve a very perplexing issue. The Sun in Scorpio sextiles powerful Pluto, so you’ll have all the insight you need in order to resolve your confusion.

Lovers_KissingYour Love Week – Fire Signs:
When the Moon enters your sign on Tuesday, you’ll automatically have at least two days of fun-filled attitude ahead of you, Fire Signs; better still, two days’ worth of everyone else finally being in the same mood and having the same fun-loving, freewheeling mindset that you were born with. Don’t waste it. Invite someone special to join you, whether it’s for an evening or a day. In fact, consider this: on that same day, chatty Mercury will get together with the generous, outgoing planet, Jupiter, who’s the heavens’ equivalent of Santa Claus. Talk about a great day – to talk! These two will set the stage for you to be even more liberal with your conversation than you usually are, which is really saying something. That influence won’t go anywhere, either. If you’re attached, you two will be virtually inseparable, thanks to chatty Mercury, outgoing Jupiter, and dreamy Neptune. This cosmic team will work together all week to bring you everything you’ve ever dreamed of, romantically speaking. All you really have to do is show up—oh, and be your usual fiery and charming self. The Universe will work out the details. The fun will start when Mercury and Jupiter come together, just after the emotional Moon enters Scorpio. Obviously, if ever there was a time to chat about your feelings, this is it, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re already attached or you’ve just met someone who’s really made their way into your heart. By Saturday, when Mercury enters into a lovely trine with woozy, dreamy Neptune, you’ll be all set for a terrific weekend. What you do with it, of course, is up to you. As if that’s not enough, Mercury will also get together with woozy, dreamy Neptune, who also just so happens to be helping you with your Love relationships. No one needs to tell you that it’s going to be a terrific weekend. It’s up to you to be sure your companion is happy, and if anyone is up for that task, it’s you! Since you’re famous for spontaneity, you probably won’t even know where you’re headed until you’re on your way. What fun!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Be sure to tap into your inner wisdom and put your detective hat on this week, Water Signs, as you are confronted with a perplexing life situation. Yes, you are very intuitive, thanks to Neptune, but you can get lost in your dreams and illusions at times. Tuesday, the Moon in perceptive Scorpio squares Neptune, and you will need to look beneath the surface of the circumstance you are dealing with. Remember, you may not know the full truth in this important matter. Make sure you rely on your inner wisdom early this week. Caution needs to be your keyword on Thursday, as the Moon in Sagittarius squares erratic Uranus in Pisces. Watch your footing if you engage in any home repairs, especially if you plan to use a ladder, and only walk in safe and well-lit areas. On Friday and you’ll be blessed to have the Sun’s energy in a water sign, Scorpio, for the next several weeks. Yes, this is truly a time for you to celebrate! Your sense of who you really are will be activated as you discover more about your own needs and desires. You’re at your highest mental, emotional, and spiritual level right now, so be sure you make good use of all the positive energy surrounding your endeavors. You’ll start off with a strong cosmic kick on Saturday, as the Sun sextiles powerful Pluto. You’ll be a powerhouse of drive and determination over this weekend, and your sense of self-esteem and confidence will be very high. You Water Signs are prone to self-doubt at times, but now you’ll easily be able to blow your fears away as your belief in yourself carries you along your life path. Watch how quickly you overcome any obstacles you encounter this week. A friend from a far-off locale may visit you over the weekend. Your associate might want to stay for a while, so if you have a roommate, make sure you receive his or her approval before you allow your associate to settle in on your couch for an extended visit.

Lovers_KissingYour Love Week – Water Signs:
The heavens have decided to turn things in a very intense direction—your direction, Water Signs. In fact, when the Sun enters Scorpio Friday, you Water Signs will turn into a magnet for the attention of sexy, attractive others. That wonderful gift will last for a full month. You’ll just be getting started now, but between now and then you and your partner will have a lot of ground to cover, emotionally speaking. While all of it will be intense, a lot of it will also be secretive, which will be at least half the fun. You know how much you love operating behind the scenes, sharing secrets, and being privy to knowledge that others don’t have. Be cautious because on Tuesday, as cerebral Mercury contacts Jupiter, who never was too good at keeping secrets. That’s your first challenge, especially if someone you care about has confided something in you. Your second challenge will arrive on Saturday, when someone you love will give you a valid reason to spill the beans. What a dilemma! Only you will be able to make that call. Water rules the emotions. You’re famous for being ultra-sensitive, but what most people don’t realize is that you’re also known for absorbing what those around you feel. Basically, you’re like a human sponge, so you need to guard yourself against the negativity of others and get away from anyone who’s putting out vibes that aren’t helpful to everyone else. That goes double for this week. Cerebral Mercury, will come into contact with generous Jupiter on Tuesday, and then on Saturday, Mercury will contact dreamy, woozy Neptune. If you’re attached, pretend you’ve hung that sign on your doorknob and don’t let anyone disturb the two of you. If you’re single, don’t be surprised if someone new makes his or her way into your heart—and your home—in record time. It’s time to hibernate, in good company. You can go out and play next week! That is, if you want to.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Earth Signs, you’re ready to update your life this week. You’re very down to earth, and you’re usually very honest with yourself about your true needs, wants, and desires. However, this week it may be hard for you to face the facts in a certain situation you’re dealing with. You may be unable to admit the real truth in this difficult matter. You have many big dreams, but as the Moon in emotional Scorpio squares extravagant Jupiter on Monday, you may be at a loss as to which one of your goals is practical and which one is a bit too farfetched. Consider if the Universe is telling you to put aside your sensible self for a bit and allow your idealism to soar. Remember that it’s alright to pursue any goal you have your heart set on as long as there’s a safety net beneath you as backup in case you stumble in your quest. Remember also, that it’s in your own best interests not to go into denial mode. On Saturday your ability to look at life in a positive way skyrockets as Mercury, currently in clever Libra, trines idealistic Neptune in Aquarius. You’ll be filled with optimism regarding life in general. In fact, you may decide to make the world a better place by offering your services to a volunteer group for a cause you believe in. You’ll make a lot of new friends during the course of your service to others, and you’ll gain a lot of new life experience. Your boldness will kick in on Sunday as daring Uranus in Pisces sextiles the Moon in grounded Capricorn. You are very solid Earth Signs, and your temperament this weekend excites your wanderlust and desire to explore all that life has to offer. This energy will take center stage. You may decide that it’s okay to branch out of your comfort zone and take a peek outside your normal habitat. Yes, you’re ready to emerge from your cocoon now and that’s great news! Also on Sunday your attention turns to art, music, and dance as your creative side kicks in. May I have this dance?

Lovers_KissingYour Love Week – Earth Signs:
You’ve been working hard—too hard, Earth Signs, if you ask your partner. You’ll have a chance to catch a bit of a break now, though. All you have to do is take advantage of it. If you’re homebound, unplug everything electronic that might distract you from the company of your companion. The really big astrological news for your sign this week is the Sun’s entry into Scorpio, the sexiest, most intense sign out there. This sign/planet combination focuses on every single word you utter, which will charm the socks off of anyone who hears it. Be very careful not to get too close to the edge when you’re chatting in what you think is a casual way, because it may not be interpreted as you mean it. Without knowing it, you could end up with a fan you weren’t seeking. On the other hand, if you’re happily attached, your partner will be just delighted with the tone of your voice, your subtle innuendos, and your expression when you glance at him or her, even if it’s in a very public situation. And when you two get home, well, that’s when you can make good on all the promises you made without saying a single word. Expect things to get “hot”, if you’re with him or her on Tuesday or over the weekend—or you might decide to make a week of it! If you’re on the road, don’t you dare take anything with you that will make a single electronic sound! That means no beepers, no cell phones, no iPods or PDAs. Nothing! Your partner will demand your undivided attention and they’ve certainly earned it, so why not hand it over? Besides, when Saturday arrives, and thoughtful Mercury in romantic Libra forms an easy trine with dreamy, romantic Neptune, you’ll be in the mood for romance—period. Once next Monday arrives, if you haven’t heard the sound of beeping at the wrong time, you’ll be delighted that you didn’t allow anything to interfere with your time together.