Stargazing-Weekly Element Forecast – March 8th-14th

Mar 8, 2010 | Special Messages

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MARCH 8 to 14, 2010

The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You certainly dance to your own tune, Air Signs, and your head is up in the clouds now that Mercury, is in hazy Pisces! You never hesitate to state your case, and you don’t shy away from controversial subjects. On Monday you may offend someone with your remarks and have to make a hasty apology. On Tuesday you’ll be more grounded than you have been, as the Moon in steady Capricorn sextiles impish Mercury. You’ll be able to concentrate and be productive. You’ll be in a feisty mood on Thursday, when the Moon in Aquarius opposes militant Mars in forceful Leo. Exercise caution as you interact with others, and choose your battles wisely this week. You’ll have difficulty making yourself understood by an associate on Saturday. This individual will have no idea where you’re coming from, so keep that in mind. You might overestimate your chances for success in a particular matter on Sunday. Don’t set the bar too high for yourself or you’ll make your goal impossible to reach.. You will catalog your life priorities. Time with friends will immediately go to the top of your list.


Your Love Week—Air Signs:

There’s something on the agenda that you were never expecting, Air Signs, and surprising you is no easy task. Lately, ever since last week, in fact, you’ve had the sneaking feeling that you might have been stricken by love at first sight. You’ve always been voted the chattiest, friendliest, and most outgoing of all the signs out there, Air Signs. You’ve never been afraid to say exactly whatever is on your mind. Also, you’re quite good at saying whatever that happens to be in a most entertaining fashion, too. What’s in your heart is another matter, however, and that’s what friends are for – to help translate what you’re thinking. Besides, air signs need trusted company in which to confide. Even though you’ll be more than happy to express your feelings to anyone for the next couple of days, what you’re really after is not a round of applause but a confidante. Fortunately, the Universe has the perfect one ready for you. You’ll know for sure by Tuesday, when loving Venus in impulsive Aries meets up with serious Saturn, who will either give you the go-ahead or help you to decide that whatever you’re involved in isn’t going to work. Then on Thursday, she’ll touch base with Pluto and make you ready to take on whatever the heavens toss your way. Of course, you’ll have to prove yourself to your loved ones, which may not be easy, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. No, you’ve never believed in that sort of thing before, and you weren’t planning on starting to believe in them soon, but at the moment someone new, someone you’ve just met, may just convince you that love at first sight really does exist. Pluto, loves nothing better than clandestine meetings and secrets, and the two will definitely bring along the very thing you seek. Be careful, though. Someone who seems to be the perfect person for you to speak with may be less than discreet. Trust your instincts above all else.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’ll need to tame your wild side this week, Fire Signs. On Monday the Moon in spirited Sagittarius squares volatile Uranus, and your emotions will be turbulent. You may have an urge to engage in activities that are very risky, so keep that in mind. Whew! You’ve battled under difficult conditions and watched your energy level slide downward while Mars in Leo has been retrograde. This week you can shout a big “hurray!” since Mars finally turns direct on Wednesday. Your vim and vigor will return to you in full force. Your desire to see the world will accelerate as active Mars turns direct you may plan to travel. You might embark on a long trip very soon. A relative will need your attention this weekend. Make plans to visit your family and check in on your loved ones on the weekend. Your desire to transform yourself will heat up on Sunday. You may decide to undergo a makeover and change the way you think, feel, or act. You’re certainly ready to revamp your lifestyle! A mentor pops into your life this weekend to offer guidance on your life alteration.


Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

Well, Fire Signs, what do you think? Might it be time to shift gears? If you think so, then stop working. Heaven knows you have put plenty of time into your work, and since you love to play more than just about anyone, it certainly hasn’t been easy. It’s time to put down the legal pad, the calculator, and all work-related tools. In fact, don’t just put them down—put them away—far away. You need some serious recreation, but with that hardworking roll you’ve been on lately, you may also need some help loosening up a little— a shoulder rub, maybe, or just a good, long chat with a friend. You’ve always chosen your friends with great care, Fire Signs. In fact, you’ve always been very choosy when it comes to companions. And even though you’ve always had a whole lot of both, giving your heart to someone only happens if the person is intelligent, witty, and entertaining, not to mention trustworthy. So when a friend totally surprises you this week—and he or she will—with an amazing display of affection, it’s going to be an especially delightful moment. The first delightful moment will likely occur on Tuesday, when loving Venus will contact serious Saturn and give you the urge to get serious with someone you care about. And whenever Saturn is involved, promises made are promises kept. Of course, Venus in Aries, a Fire Sign of course, will set up shop, and she loves laughter, which has always been your best friend. On Thursday, she’ll contact Pluto and bring a focus to your money matters. Seeing as you’ll have a bit of cash to toss around, why not find a playmate, the type that might actually stay with you for a while? Since squares promise activity, and Pluto is nothing if not passionate, you can expect either jealousy, infatuation, or both, Regardless of which occurs, you’d better slip some tissues into your pocket. The emotions you feel for your dear ones will be running on high this week.

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You have been very lackadaisical recently, Water Signs, and your energy level has plummeted, too. You may feel a bit lost this week. On Tuesday you won’t be sure of the right way to proceed in your life journey when Venus opposes stern Saturn in Libra. You’ll need to regroup and take a break from your regular routine. It’s time to enjoy a mental health day! Luckily, dynamic Mars finally turns direct this week and your pep will return to you on Wednesday. You might embark on a new weight-loss program or take up a new hobby. This weekend you’ll allow your inner voice to guide you as you make an important decision for yourself. On Saturday you’ll be in domestic mode. You’ll be happy to tend to your household projects and chores and you won’t want to stir out of your nest. You might decide to paint your living room or whip up a new recipe in your kitchen. You’ll experience an emotional turning point in your life on Sunday, when the illuminating Moon in perceptive Pisces sextiles potent Pluto in Capricorn. You will have a great sense of personal power.


Your Love Week—Water Signs:

It won’t be easy, Water Signs, but if you can hang in there and keep your faith just a tiny bit longer, you and your significant other will be able to learn a very valuable lesson together, at least one lesson, that is, from the week’s events. That goes double for Tuesday and Thursday in particular. Intimacy is your business, Water Signs. The planet Pluto virtually invented it. His influence has also given you certain inner knowledge, including the knowledge that getting close to someone is infinitely more difficult when you’re smart enough to know what real intimacy involves, which, again, no one understands like you Water Signs do. But even though you’re quite familiar with all the highs and lows of truly personal relationships (and you’ve had some that have left you a bit scarred), you’re still absolutely game to take the chance again. Let’s hope the lucky contestant knows what a huge compliment this is. Of course, with Saturn in Libra, you may need to keep things quiet for a while, especially if one or both of you is currently involved with someone else. But once Venus in Aries meets up with Saturn on Tuesday – and remember that any planet in Aries isn’t famous for being shy – you’ll be able to muster up the courage to let everyone know what’s going on. That will go double on Thursday when she contacts Pluto, who has never been shy about anything. Your first quest, however, is to find a way to divide your time and energy between the highly emotional situations Venus in Aries will bring you on Tuesday and Thursday and the end result you’re objectively pursuing, which won’t occur until Sunday, when the Sun and Mercury get together. Between this pair and your own sentimental, nostalgic self, you’ll be amazed at just how emotional you can be, even more so than usual, that is, which is really saying something. Not to worry, though. The emotional Moon is in Aries, a Fire Sign, on Sunday, is a lady who always brings luck to those who listen to their instincts, which is always your specialty.

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Be careful what you wish for, Earth Signs, because you just might receive your request. Watch your step! On Monday you might slip and fall or have some sort of accident if you aren’t careful. It isn’t the time to zone out while you’re driving, so make sure you get plenty of sleep before you get behind the wheel of your car. On Tuesday the Moon in Capricorn sextiles extravagant Jupiter and you’ll be convinced that you’ll be in bliss mode if you could obtain your heart’s desire. Reflect on what your life would really be like if your wish were granted. On Thursday the people you associate with may irritate you. Try to vent your disgruntlement in a healthy way by taking a walk or writing down your thoughts in a journal. Your bold side will kick in this weekend. The radiant Sun conjuncts Mercury in perceptive Pisces on Sunday, and you’ll give yourself permission to change an important aspect of your life. You’ll keep busy with friends all weekend, and you’ll be in a more positive frame of mind. Remember, you have every right to explore your life options and to live your life in whatever way seems best to you.


Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

If you’ve been wondering about whether or not you did the right thing in a recent work situation, Earth Signs, you should definitely wonder no more. You’re about to receive a very direct hint from the heavens telling you that with your recent actions you’ve not only headed down the right path but also aimed directly at making a cherished dream a reality. Just when you thought you might actually be off duty, temporarily, at least, you’ll be asked once again to go above and beyond the call of duty. This time out it will be loving Venus who requests your attention, a lady who’s hard to refuse, especially when she’s in cahoots with both serious Saturn and sexy Pluto. She’ll oppose Saturn on Tuesday, asking that you help a family member take up a trade, or at least put in a good word for him or her on the job. A higher-up will call you into the office on Tuesday or Wednesday and ask for a long discussion. Since both generous Venus and serious, authoritarian Saturn will be working together at that time, you’ll be able to speak your mind with no problem and no shyness whatsoever. On Thursday, Venus will once again intervene for you when she contacts intense, no-nonsense Pluto, who’s in your house of love affairs. So whether or not you’re emotionally interested in your boss, there will definitely be a sort of magnetism between the two of you that will work quite well on your behalf. Your mission this week is to pay attention to where you are and realize that you’re only a few steps from where you’ve always wanted to be. Then she’ll contact Pluto, which will just about demand that you become far more deeply involved with someone you had only thought of as a friend in the past. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to forget your plans for the weekend, though. Play your cards right, as per usual, and you’ll be quite able to tend to both your professional and personal needs, and maybe even sneak in a power nap at the same time.